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I wasn’t planning on writing anything for a long time, but I had some ideas.

Special Thanks to sm7in and Yougts for inspiration.


< Introduction – Part One >

Guy sat on the sofa of his boyhood home.  God, I’m horny.  I’m so fucking horny.  No, I have to control my thoughts… or I’ll start to shrink.

            He waited anxiously holding his sweaty palms together.  His mother was in the other room.  And his sister?  Well, she was going to arrive any minute.  Guy was 19 and his now 16-year-old sister, Laurissa, hadn’t seen him for 4 years.  That’s because Guy had left to go to an all-male school shortly after the uncontrollable size loss first began.  It was known as the shrinking disease.

            It wasn’t always like this for Guy.  He used to think sexual thoughts about girls at school or look at sexy pictures of women online without it reducing his height.  Before he got the disease, he was a typical teenager — he even had a shrinking fetish.  How’s that for ironic?  And it was a fetish he had shared for the longest time with his younger sister.  The only thing was, Laurissa enjoyed imagining that she was the one shrinking the boys...  she was the giantess.  Whenever there was something on TV, a movie or a cartoon, or a video game that had shrinking in it, Guy and his sister excitedly talked with each other about what they saw or experienced.  It was a hobby they were both enthusiastic about — they even explored role-playing with each other by co-writing stories about male characters that shrunk down or female characters that grew.

            Guy’s mother, Carol, looked out the window.  “Your sister should be here any minute.  I don’t know why you’re acting so nervous.”

            He looked over at the plump, pleasant woman in her mid-forties.  His mother never had an effect on making him shrink, because he was not sexually attracted to her.  That’s not to say she wasn’t beautiful… she certainly was… but more in a kind parent sort of way.

            “Mom, I’m only a little nervous… because you told her just yesterday about my disease — less than 24 hours ago.  It’s not like she’s known for years like you and me.”

            “Your sister was very understanding when I spoke to her on the phone.  Actually, she seemed very knowledgeable about your disease.  Though… I’m not completely sure she believed me when I said you have it.  She seemed skeptical.  Oh — she’s here!”

            Guy watched his mother walk over to the front door, opening it.  Okay breathe, he thought.  This doesn’t have to be weird.   Sure Laurie and I both grew up sharing our fantasies of size change.  But Mom doesn’t know that I have the fetish.  It’s still Laurie and my secret.

            “Okay, here is your sister… Laurissa!”  His mother smiled, holding out her hands like presenting a guest on a game show.

            Guy’s eyes suddenly bulged as he saw the teen step into the house.  The last time he saw his sister she was a scrawny 12-year-old.  Now at age 16, her body had completely transformed… curves everywhere.  His jaw dropped, overwhelmed by his sister’s hourglass figure which exploded into his consciousness.  Laurissa was wearing skintight black leggings that hugged her wide, womanly hips… tapering to a small waist… and her short tight-fitting white T-shirt stretched to its limit by a pair of very large and proud breasts.  Her dark leggings showed off her powerful thighs and calves… long and sculpted — obviously she worked out or played sports.

            Oh, my God… his thoughts raced.  She’s… she’s… become super hot.  How did this happen?

            His gaze lifted as he saw his sister’s gorgeous face.  He remembered his sister had always been cute with full lips and lovely green eyes.  But now she was stunning like a Victoria’s Secret model, and yet it was obvious that it was still his sister who he had grown up with.  She still had dark-brown almost black hair, but it was longer, flowing elegantly down to just short of her waist.  His eyes then met Laurissa’s.  And he gulped as he heard her girlish yet naturally seductive voice.  “Well, Guy…  Aren’t you going to say hi to your little sister?”

            All of a sudden, the all-too-familiar tingling sensation overtook Guy’s body as his height reduced by a full foot and a half in about one second.  His eyes had not left his sister’s, and he witnessed her reaction in real time.  It was a look of genuine surprise at first… then quickly transitioning into an understanding… her open mouth then closing as a little, subtle smirk formed.

            “Oh —” his mother exclaimed.

            “It’s — it’s all right, Mom,” he quickly spoke.

            “Well, just use your medicine.”

            “I know, Mom.  No need to get worried about it.  I don’t think I’ll shrink anymore.  I have it under control.”

            Laurissa stepped closer to her older brother, crossing her arms as she looked down, standing taller than Guy for the first time in her life — more than a head taller.  “I can’t believe it’s really true, Mom!  Wow!  You weren’t joking.  Guy really truly… has the shrinking disease.  It’s… it’s like incredibly, super rare.  This is… amazing!”

            “Your brother hasn’t fully learned to handle his shrinking… not all the time.”        

            “I have it under control, Mom,” he said, sounding annoyed.  “I haven’t shrunk for a long time.  I was just… surprised to see… um, Laurie… uh…”

            “Guy, you obviously knew I was coming,” his sister said.  “Well… it has been four years.  I suppose seeing me again all grown-up excited you.  I know how the shrinking disease works.”

            “Don’t flatter yourself, little sister.”  He began to walk up the stairs.  “I just need my medicine, and I’ll be back to my normal height.”

            As he went up the steps he heard Laurissa reply, “Okay, big brother… I’m just glad you have it ‘under control’ as you put it.”

            Guy hurried to the second floor and walked down the hall.  “Damn it,” he uttered under his breath.  I can’t believe Laurie saw me shrink… and it happened right after I looked at her once.  Just once!  If she hadn’t turned into such a hottie with big boobs I never would have shrunk.

            Stepping into his old bedroom, Guy approached his dresser and took a small bottle which had darkened glass.  He removed the dropper and squeezed a tiny dark-blue drop onto his fingertip, proceeding to consume the liquid.  After a minute, he had returned to his original height.

            He took a deep breath in… and exhaled.  Exiting his room, he returned to the stairs and walked down.  He spotted his sister and mom sitting on the sofa in the living room.

            “Oh, sweetie — come on over and visit with us.  Laurissa was just telling me how excited she is to see you after so long.”

            He noticed his sister smile.  She always had a nice smile, but now she seemed even more beautiful and captivating, her white teeth perfectly straight.  “Yes… come on, Guy,” Laurissa said, in a bubbly, playful tone, patting the sofa cushion beside her.  “Four years is much too long to not see you, big brother.  You remember how close you used to be with your little sister?”

            He stepped over to the opposite sofa, sitting down.  “Uh…” he said.  “I had to start going to the all-boys’ school… otherwise it would have been too distracting, and I would have never finished high school.”

            “You see, honey,” his mother said, turning to her daughter, “Guy not seeing you was not intentional.  It’s what the doctors strongly suggested we do, at least until he became acclimated to his new… situation.”

            “Oh, no, Mom.  I understand why he went to the boys’ school.  He can get too… stimulated… by girls.”  Guy watched as his sister casually uncrossed and re-crossed her legs the other way.  Turning toward her brother, she looked directly into his eyes.  “I can only imagine how difficult it’s been for you to live a normal life — knowing that at any moment you could shrink down.  And we both know… you definitely wouldn’t want that.”

            As Guy’s mother stepped over to the fireplace to look at the family pictures, he noticed his sister’s calf begin to rock slowly up and down… her shapely legs looking incredible in her black formfitting leggings.  Guy closed his eyes, feeling the tingling starting to emerge within his body.  It was sort of like sensing a sneeze was building… and the desire to fight it but knowing it was inevitable.

            “I-I-I… I need to be excused.  Sorry, Mom.  Sorry, Laurie.”  He abruptly stood up and hurried over to the staircase, heading back upstairs to his bedroom.  He entered, shutting the door.  He never had a lock on his door growing up, but for the first time in his life he wished he did.  He glanced in the mirror…  Oh, I only shrunk a few inches… but it’s good I got out of there when I did.  Taking a dose of his medicine, he sat down on his bed.

            A couple minutes later he heard a knock at the door.  “Um… Come in.”

            The door slowly swung open, and his sister stepped inside.  “Hey, sorry about that… you know, teasing you,” she said.  “I didn’t realize how sensitive you’ve become.”

            Guy looked away, staring at the floor.  “I’m fine.  You don’t need to worry about it.”  He then blurted out, “Why were you flirting about me shrinking while Mom was sitting there?”

            “Easy, Guy,” she said, crossing her arms.  “Mom still doesn’t know about your shrinking fetish… our shrinking fetish.”  She stared at her brother for a couple moments as he continued to look away.  “I have no intention of telling her.  I was just playing with you.”

            “Well…” he said, his voice agitated.  “I don’t want Mom to know that I like that stuff… and especially now that I have the shrinking disease.  It’s embarrassing.”

            “Oh, come on,” she cooed, brushing the top of Guy’s head, messing up his hair.  “Don’t worry, little brother.”

            “Hey!  Don’t call me that.”

            “What?  Why are you…?  You don’t like me calling you ‘little’ brother?”

            He sat there in silence, staring at the wall.  The quiet lasted less than ten seconds… yet for Guy it seemed to drag on for an eternity.

            “Okaaay…” she said.  “I thought… since you like the idea of shrinking.  All the times we talked about size change in cartoons and video games and different websites… that this would be a dream come true for you.”

            He glanced toward her, but not looking her in the eye.  “Not with my sister.  I… I-I-I don’t want to be shrunk with my… sister.”

            “All right.  I guess I can see where you’re coming from, Guy.  It’s not like we’d have to do anything… sex-related.  It would just be like years ago when we shared a mutual enjoyment of giant women and little men, you know.  We’d use our imaginations like we used to when we were kids.  But instead of simply talking about it… we can now do it for real.  Mom said you can shrink really small.”

            Guy breathed out, still not looking at her.  “Yeah, well…  It doesn’t help that you’ve become…”

            “I’ve become what?”

            “The way you look now… being 16 with such big… you know.”

            Laurissa giggled.  “Well, I’m used to looking this way, Guy.  I understand my body has changed a lot since you last saw me when I was in elementary school…  But I’m in high school now.”  She paused for a moment, and then added, “You know, big brother… I’m a DD cup.”

             Hearing his sister speak those words, he immediately shrunk by a foot.  Standing up, he rushed over to his medicine, beginning to put a droplet on his finger.

            “So, that’s your… antidote?”

            “Yeah, yeah…” he mumbled, focusing on taking just a single droplet.  “If I don’t take it… I don’t un-shrink.”  He consumed the blue liquid, turning around.  To his surprise, he watched as his sister walked out of the room, gently closing the door behind her.


< Introduction – Part Two >

An hour later…

            Getting up from his bed, the 19-year-old opened his bedroom door, and stepped out into the hall.  He walked down to his sister’s bedroom and peered inside.  Laurissa was not there, but the room with its pink and white décor exuded a femininity that caused Guy to shudder.  It was like the colors and stuffed animals and girlish everything had a power over him simply by being in its presence.  If he lingered, staring too long, he didn’t know for sure whether or not he would become aroused and shrink.

            He headed downstairs to the first floor, noticing his mom and sister over at the kitchen table.  “What’s up, Guy?” Laurissa said cheerfully.  “Mom and I are just having a little lunch.  Hungry?”

            He hesitated for a moment, and then said calmly, “Sure.  That’s sound good.  It’s been a while since I ate cereal for breakfast.”

            As he sat down at a plate already set out for him, his mother dished him some pasta and chicken.  “Guy, help yourself to some fruit salad, too.  Did you know your sister has been an honor student for four years in a row?  She got all A’s this year.”

            “Thanks, Mom.  No, I didn’t know that.  That’s impressive.”  Glancing over at his sister’s plate, he noticed she was just starting to eat the fruit salad.  There were pieces of watermelon, berries and cantaloupe.

            “It’s really good,” Laurissa said.  She took another bite of fruit and smiled.

            “It looks good,” he replied, smiling.

            “So, Guy,” his mother said.  “I was telling Laurissa that now you will be living at home with us again.”


            “Do you want to share with your sister why you decided to do that?”

            “Well…” he said, feeling uneasiness as he looked at the model-like beauty of his sister’s face.  Come on, you can do this.  Don’t chicken out now.  You’re just looking at her face.  This is not sexual.  Concentrate.  Concentrate.  “Umm… so as you know, Laurie, I finished high school a year ago.”

            “At the all-boys’ school,” Laurissa commented, nodding.

            “That’s right.  That’s how I finished school.  There, I had my shrinking under control, because I wasn’t distracted by girls.  It would have been impossible — like truly impossible — for me to complete high school if it was co-ed.”

            “Huh… I didn’t know it was that tough for you to be around girls.  Is it… difficult to be in my presence, even though I’m your sister?”

            “Yes!  Absolutely yes,” he answered emphatically, beginning to blush, feeling embarrassed by his honesty.  “I mean — it is my responsibility to control my thoughts and not have sexual thoughts.  Yet, the thoughts are automatic.  And as you already know, it makes me… umm… uh…”

            “It makes you… shrink,” his sister said, unable to resist smirking.

            “Yeah.  So, umm… basically, I can’t live at the boys’ school anymore having graduated.  And I can’t function in society which is full of young, attractive women, and I have to live out my days here… alone.”

            “It’s not that bad,” his mother said.  “You have your practicing so that you can improve.”

            “What’s that, Mom?” Laurissa asked.

            Carol turned toward her daughter.  “If your brother concentrates enough… the doctors say he can learn to desensitize himself to stimuli that he finds sexually arousing.”

            “Which seems to be everything,” he said in a depressed tone, looking down at his plate.

            “Well,” Laurissa said, “I’ve read online about the shrinking disease, long before I knew you had it.  It can be done.  There is hope.”

            “Yeah, yeah… it’s not that easy, little sister.”

            Laurissa laughed.  “It’s funny you still call me little sister… even now with your disease, which makes you little.”

            “Honey,” her mother chimed in.  “Remember what we discussed.”

            Guy watched his sister turn to face him, her green eyes looking into his eyes.  “Mom doesn’t want me to take advantage of your condition.  I’m supposed to be as ‘non-confrontational’ as I can be.”

            “I’m fine, Mom,” her son said.  “Laurie hasn’t done anything that I can honestly complain about…. yet.  My shrinking is my fault.  I’m just too lazy to practice concentrating — all the concentrating and focusing.  I’m sick of not making any progress.”

            The table was silent for a few moments, when Guy abruptly stood up.  “Thanks for the food, Mom.  I’ve lost my appetite.”

            He went up to his room and lay down on his bed.  After about fifteen minutes, he heard his sister’s girlish voice.  “Hey, Guy… how about you visit me in my bedroom?”

            He put the pillow over his face.  “No.  I’m asleep.”

            “Big brother… I want to talk with you.  I have an idea that will help you make progress with being around girls.  You want to have a girlfriend some day, right?  Have a job and your own apartment?  Have friends who are girls, too?”

            “I… guess…” he answered, removing the pillow from his face.  “No… you can’t help me.”  He shoved the pillow back over his face.

            Laurissa stepped closer, grabbing the pillow, tossing it off to the side.  “In my room… one minute.  I’m not playing around.”  She then marched out of her brother’s room.

            Lying on the bed… his thoughts whirled in his head.  Whoa… I didn’t see that coming.  I’ve never seen Laurie like this before.  She’s acting like she’s the big sister.

            “Okay, whatever,” he finally said, grunting as he sat up… walking out into the hall.  Entering his sister’s room, he saw the beautiful teen sitting on her pink bed, her athletic legs crossed in her dark leggings — her foot bouncing up and down.

            Guy gulped… shutting his eyes.  He heard his sister speak.  “Fine, I’ll stop moving my leg, okay?  Is that why you closed your eyes?”


            “Okay, I stopped.  Sit down.”

            He sat down on the very edge of his sister’s bed, his eyes seeing his sister’s feminine décor… posters of boy bands and horses… and stuffed animals.

            “I can help you, Guy… you just have to trust me, all right?”


            “All right.  Listen.  You can learn to not get overwhelmed by things that turn you on, but it’s going to take a lot of effort and practice.  And also time.”

            “Yeah, well… I’ve tried concentrating.”

            “Not with me you haven’t.  I can train you.  I can be your teacher.”

            “How… exactly?”

            “Well, it will be a gradual, incremental approach.  You know how I trained in gymnastics and also played soccer… and how my abilities over time got better and better?  So, too, you can get better at not letting your thoughts shrink you.”

            “I don’t know,” Guy started to whine.

            “I will teach you.  Okay, little brother?”

            “Hey!  I said I don’t want to be called —”

            “You don’t want me to call you little?  Then prove to me that you won’t shrink.”

            Guy looked into his sister’s eyes.  “I’m… listening.”

            Laurissa grinned.  “You can learn to resist thoughts about sex, but you need to be tested.  It’s like exercising a muscle.  To help you build up your tolerance for sexual thoughts, I will seduce you.”


            “You’ve already shown that you find me stimulating to look at.  You shrunk two seconds after I walked in the front door.  That’s got to be a record.”

            “Okay, Laurie, it’s never happened that fast before, I admit.  But if I really, really concentrate, then I can talk to you and not shrink.”

            “Are you concentrating now?”


            On a scale of 1 to 10, how hard are you concentrating, Guy?”


            His sister giggled.  “This is going to be so easy.  I haven’t even started seducing you yet.”

            “Yeah, well.  I think I can handle it.”

            “Okay, but if I’m going to do this, big brother… make your mind stronger by really testing you… then I want some conditions set before we begin.”

            “What kind of... conditions?”

            “Let’s say I flirt with you and it makes you shrink… then I don’t want you using your antidote, your medicine — not until you’ve gotten as small as you can possibly get.  No using it after shrinking just a little bit.”

            “No way, Laurie!  The smallest I shrink is 1 inch.  That happened only once four years ago when I was tested at the doctor’s office to see how small the disease would make me.  That’s right before I got the medicine.  I’m not letting you —”

            “Do you want to learn to talk to girls?  Learn to only shrink when you want to, not when your body tells you to?”

            Guy thought for a moment.  “Yes, but…”

            “These are the rules, okay?  And I also want you to be the smallest size for… let’s say, an entire day.  Twenty-four hours.”

            “That’s outrageous,” he said, standing up.  “I was thinking at most one or two minutes.”

            “Let’s say, one hour,” Laurissa countered.  “Every time you shrink to 1 inch tall, I have you for a whole hour before you’re given your medicine to restore yourself.”

            Guy sat back down, appearing to think it over.  “Fine.  One hour.”

            “And I can do anything I want with you when you’re shrunk.”

            “Come on, Laurie.  Anything?  It has to be within reason.”

            “Of course,” his sister said and smiled.  “So, have you accepted my conditions?”

            “All right.  But I’m only doing this to get better at controlling my shrinking.  And one day I can get a girlfriend.”

            “That’s right, big brother.  Now get out of my room.”


            “Your first lesson in resisting seduction starts tomorrow… after Mom has left for work.  I want to have complete privacy when you’re practicing with me.”

Chapter End Notes:

Thanks for reading.  This was a relatively long introduction to the story.  Going forward, I thought I’d try a new episodic format similar to TV shows.  Each episode would be composed of 3 parts or chapters.  And at the start of every episode, Guy would start off normal-size and end up getting shrunk down to 1 inch.  This is because I like the act of shrinking being repeated over and over.  Let me know if you enjoyed this by leaving a comment.

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