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Guy was relaxing on the sofa on a Monday morning.  The 19-year-old’s mother had left for work an hour ago.  And his younger sister?  She had been out with her girlfriends for the entire weekend and wasn’t expected back until Tuesday at the earliest.

            Guy figured that Laurissa was giving him a ‘break’ from shrinking.  After all, she did have him down to a single inch not just once but twice.  On two consecutive days, he couldn’t resist his sister’s allure and his height consequentially dwindled leaving him at the teen’s whims and mercy.

            He still couldn’t believe that his sister was now 16… and that her body had developed the way that she had.  “Curvy to the extreme” was how Guy had previously thought about her figure.  She had obtained her driver’s license just one week ago, and she could now go wherever she pleased whenever she wanted.

            Guy yawned, stretching his arms out at his sides.  He had a whole summer day all to himself.  He was about to stand up… thinking he’d head over to the kitchen and check out what’s in the fridge… when suddenly the front doorknob was turned, being unlocked.  His eyes bulged, witnessing his sister enter the house.

            He could feel the throbbing of his heartbeat — hearing it pounding in his neck.  “Oh — uhh…” he uttered, his voice stumbling.  “L-L-Laurissa.  Y-You’re home a day early.”

            The stunning teen simply glanced over at her brother, brushing her long brunette locks being her right ear… a subtle smirk upon her lips.  “Mm-hmm,” she said, followed by an amused, girlish giggle.

            The surprise of seeing his sister was a bit too much for Guy.  As he watched her move past him into the kitchen, the teen’s wide hips swaying in her short cutoffs, a slight jiggle of her large breasts in her tight-fitting white tank top… Guy felt a wave of tingling rush over his whole body, and he abruptly sat up straight on the sofa.

            Calm down!  Calm down! his thoughts shouted in his head.  Breathe.  Relax.  He took a deep breath in… and then exhaled.  He felt that the grip the shrinking disease had on him was beginning to subside.  He breathed out… calmly… slowly.

            Guy leaned forward, bending his neck, unable to see his sister as he heard the opening and closing of kitchen cabinets.  Shit, he thought.  I can’t believe I almost started shrinking that fast.  It’s only because I was totally caught off guard.  Not expecting her till tomorrow.  He then spoke aloud, “She seems to be getting even hotter… if that’s possible.”

            “Did you say something?” Laurissa asked, returning to the living room, a tall glass of lemonade in her hand.  She took a seat about eight feet away, crossing her athletic, shapely soccer-legs.

            “M-Me?” he stammered.  “No, nothing.”  He looked down, not wanting to take in more of the image of Laurissa than necessary.

            He heard his sibling’s sensual voice as he continued to stare at the floor.  “It sure is… hot… don’t you think?”

            “What?  I didn’t say that… I mean, right now I didn’t call you ‘hot’.”

            “Guy, I’m talking about the weather outside.  Being summer, you know.”

            Guy smiled sheepishly.  “Of course, Laurie.”  He looked up momentarily seeing the teen take a sip from her glass… her blue eyes looking directly into his.  His gaze immediately fell away, back down to the living room carpet.

            A long pause filled the room… when his sister finally broke the silence… shattering it completely.  “So, when are you going to be my little inch-brother again?”

            Guy touched the back of his head, feeling himself squirm on the sofa cushion.  Thursday he had been shrunk by his sister.  Friday he had again been shrunk by his sister.  Saturday and Sunday she was gone, having fun out with her friends… so he was his normal size.  And now Monday… with his mother having left for work… how was he to respond to his sister’s bold and direct question.

            “Guy, I asked you when you will be shrunk and in the palm of my hand again.”  Her voice was not as demanding as it was playful, and he knew that his sister loved the shrinking fetish since she was a little child the sane as he did.  It’s just he never knew that shrinking would become a reality with his flesh-and-blood little sister.

            “Uh, Laurie…” he began, keeping his focus downward.  “I appreciate your help in building up my tolerance so I stay normal size longer.”  And then, when he should have kept staring pathetically at the floor, he bravely looked at his sister only to see her nonchalantly stretching her arms out while stretching her midsection, her back arching.

            “Oh, my…” he uttered, seeing the grandeur of his sibling’s DD’s pressing up against the thin fabric of her top.  He saw her smile.  And then his body tingled as he shrunk down over a foot in front of his sister.

            “I-I-I need to go,” his voice cracked, rushing off the sofa and over to the stairs.  He yelled back, feeling the need to justify his use of the shrinking antidote, “This doesn’t count.  We’re not doing it now.  Maybe later.”

            Having quickly ascended the stairs he headed down the hall to his bedroom… shutting the door behind him.  He carefully took a single drop of his medicine on his fingertip, and then proceeded to swallow it.  Sitting down on his bed, he breathed out, his height soon returning to normal.

            After a few minutes, he lay down.  His eyes had just shut when he heard a knock at the door.  “Yes?” he grumbled, his voice sounding annoyed.

            The door swung open, though he was facing the opposite direction and didn’t see his sister’s entrance.  He felt the weight of her body as she plopped down beside him.  Her bubbly teen voice teased, “Oh, come on big brother.  Don’t be like that.  You know you like shrinking a lot.”  She paused, adding, “I know you do.”

            He listened to her cute giggle, an irresistible seductive quality to it.  He could feel something new within himself.  It was arousal.  And it wasn’t from looking at his sister as was the case usually.  This time it was simply her words… her attitude… the ideas about her shrinking him that was creating this strange feeling.  And he felt it deep within his core.  It was a sensation of both longing and terror… intimacy and destruction.  The way a moth is drawn to an open flame was how he pictured the feelings within his mind.

            He abruptly sat up, uncomfortable with the imagery he imagined.  Laurissa then got off the bed and began to leisurely step about her brother’s room.  “I don’t come in here that often,” she commented.   “Could be fun to have you tiny and helpless in your own bedroom.  Wouldn’t you say?”

            Guy laughed nervously, attempting to deflect the notion.  “Um, no.  I don’t think that would be fun at all.”  He watched his sister’s gaze fall on him as she gave him a playfully angry look.  “Nice try, big brother.”  She stepped closer… slowly, deliberately.  Her right knee came to rest along Guy’s left thigh, pressing down into the surface of his bed.  She repeated herself, “Nice try… big… big…brother.  Do you like being my big brother, Guy?”

            He swallowed, his breathing suddenly having become shallow, his heart speeding up.  “What… Wh-What are you talking…?”

            “Oh, nothing,” she replied, smiling.  “I just want to see if I can shrink you with my words alone… turn you on with your own size fetish.”

            He stared at the breathtaking beauty of his sister’s face.  Her mischievous full lips, her elegant cheekbones, the temptation of her captivating blue eyes.  He gulped, sensing the laser-like hold she possessed as she continued gazing into his eyes.

            “You’re doing so good, big brother.  See?  You haven’t shrunk even though I’m wearing the same type of summer clothes that made you get smaller and smaller last time.  Our lessons are helping you.  Practice works.”

            Guy laughed nervously.  “Th-That’s because I’m purposely not looking at what you’re wearing… not for more than a second at a time.”

            The teen giggled, moving her buxom body closer, looking down into her brother’s eyes.  “Well, I’m sure you couldn’t have lasted this long a few days ago.”

            Her deep blue pools were penetrating his psyche.  Look away, he thought.  I can’t.  Why can’t I look away?  “Laurie…”

            She lowered he body as her hip and ass pressed onto the bed’s surface… their eyes now at an equal level.  “Is that better?  Do you feel less overwhelmed by me not looking down at you?”

            He swallowed again, unable to answer.  How can Laurissa control me like this?  It’s her beauty that has me under her control.

            “Tell me, Guy,” she cooed.  “Have you always liked being the big brother growing up?  Did it give you pleasure being bigger than your sister?”

            His breathing was incredibly shallow… his mouth agape.  He sensed that his palms were sweating.  “You can’t, Laurie… have this much power over me… simply by saying stuff.”

            She laughed quietly, smugly.  “Big brothers… are meant to… become… little brothers.  Isn’t that right… little Guy?”

            The erotic inflection in her voice as she uttered ‘little’ before his name was evidently too much as his mind went off a cliff.  His body was overwhelmed with its tingling sensations, and he began to shrink in front of and so close to his sister’s position on the bed.  He instantly shrunk the usual foot or more… but his size reduction didn’t stop there.  He kept shrinking and shrinking… smaller and smaller… tinier and tinier…. and it all happened rapidly right before his teenaged sister’s gaze.

            And then he was swallowed up within his T-shirt and shorts.  He immediately knew he had shrunk down to his smallest size of 1 inch in height.  Oh, no! he thought as he listened to the rustling sound above his head… his sister’s fingers beginning to search his clothes.  And then his naked body felt the caress of giant fingertips, his sister’s sensual voice saying, “Little… little… little… little brother.”

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