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Guy tossed and turned, his sheets damp with sweat. “No…” he mumbled.  “No, you can’t… you can’t be this big.  You’re too big.”  The 19-year-old’s eyes feverishly moved beneath his eyelids, his brain deep in REM sleep.  He fists held tight to his blanket, trembling… his heart pounding.

            “No!  No, don’t eat me, Laurie!”  Guy’s eyes shot open, the bright morning sun shining in his room.  Breathing in and out rapidly, he blinked seeing that he was sitting up straight in his bed… his body still shaking in fear.  Noticing his sister sitting over at his desk, her legs crossed, Guy blurted out, still dazed, “Wh-what you doin’… uh…?  Why are you in my room?”

            Laurissa stood up, nonchalantly placing her hands on her womanly hips.  “You’ve been talking in your sleep… big brother… for like ten minutes.  I could hear you way down the hall.”

            The boy rubbed his eyes, exhaling, doing his best not to blush.  “Yeah…” he replied.  “Yeah, like it matters.”

            Still standing, looking down, his sister added, “And you said some very interesting things.  Like what’s this about you saying, ‘Don’t eat me, Laurie’?”  She stared intently at her older sibling, her smirk growing as she watched his face turn beet red.

            Guy nervously touched his forehead.  “Uh… I-I-I didn’t… I didn’t say that.”

            The girl crossed her arms across her ample bust.  “Oh, you totally said that.  I can quote my big brother: ‘No, don’t eat me, Laurie.’  And you yelled it like you were really scared that I might eat you.”  She laughed happily, and said, “Should I tell you the rest of the stuff you revealed during your nightmare?”

            “Shut up!  Just shut up, Laurie,” Guy said loudly, his embarrassment shifting to annoyance.  He threw his legs over the side of the bed, pretending to stretch, hoping his sister would pick up on his desire for her to exit his room.  Maybe I shouldn’t have told Laurie to shut up, Guy thought.  It always puts her in a bad mood when I say shut up.

            “I’m not leaving, big brother,” the teen breathed, her voice suddenly a bit lower and more seductive.  She stepped over to where her brother sat, bumping her left knee into his right thigh.  “Not leaving until you apologize… my big brother.  You like being the big brother, don’t ya?  But you know that can change… in an instant.  And when I become the big, BIG sister… you don’t want me to be pissed, now do you?”

            Guy sat silently.  He had purposely not stared too long at his sister’s curvy body, fearing the consequences to his stature.  He cleared his throat, “Fine, whatever.  Get out.”

            “You didn’t apologize!”

            “So, what?” Guy answered.

            The 16-year-old stomped her foot.  “Ugh!  You’re unbelievable!”  Then she paused for a moment before saying, “Ohhh… I see what you’re doing.  I totally see what you’re doing.”

            Guy glanced up, his mind registering the epic beauty of his sibling’s model-like face.  Oh, my God.  She is so gorgeous.  And her perfect body is still in her pajamas… if pajamas are boxers and a skimpy top.  Guy then said aloud, “I’m not doing anything.  I don’t know what you’re talking about, little sister.”

            Laurissa snickered and then marched toward the door.  She spun around before exiting, as Guy’s gaze met hers.  She motioned to her open mouth with her finger, extending her tongue.  “That’s where you’re going, Guy.  In my fuckin’ mouth.  Even if you do apologize, it’s already too late.”  The teen then leaned forward slightly as she spoke seductively, her voice like a phone-sex operator, “I’m going to eat you all up, little boy.”

            Guy heard his sister giggle as she disappeared into the hallway.  He took a deep breath and exhaled.  He closed his eyes, but he knew it was too late.  Guy’s height abruptly reduced by a little more than a foot.  “Shit,” he uttered, standing and walking over to close his door.  As he took his small bottle of medicine from the desk, he thought, I should have apologized when I had the chance.  She used to tell me to shut up all the time when we were little kids.  Can’t I say it now that we’re older?

            Guy’s height then slowly returned to normal, and he put on a different T-shirt.  All of a sudden, Guy’s heart rate spiked, his breathing becoming shallow and fast as he recalled the events in his nightmare.  Oh, God… his thoughts raced.  Why am I feeling this way?  His palms began to sweat as he clenched his fists, and his body literally shook in fear.  He quickly sat down on his bed, attempting to breathe calmly in and out.  “Oh,” he said quietly to himself.  “I’m having an anxiety attack.  Why is that?  There has to be a reason.”  The more he recalled the events in his nightmare — his little sister the size of Godzilla and about to devour him — the more his panic increased.  “Oh, shit…” he said with a knowing exhale.  It has to be my subconscious revealing itself.  I’ve always had a shrinking fetish, but I’ve also always been secretly fearful of being shrunk by my sister.  It’s only because Laurie grew up to be extremely hot that my mind didn’t realize the true power she has over me.  Her gorgeous body has been temporarily distracting me from the trauma and fear of being shrunk down by her… but she’s still the same sister I fought with as children.  She always had to get her way.  And now I feel the fear of zero control…being helpless in my sister’s hands.

            “Oh, my God,” the boy said, touching his cheek.  “I can’t let her shrink me again.  I’m feeling all my suppressed fear at once.  I must have been in shock before, because now I feel only helpless and vulnerable.”

            Guy stepped anxiously over to his door, opening it.  If I talk to my sister, she’ll understand, right?  I’ll just say I emotionally can’t be shrunk anymore.  Yeah, no big deal.  Guy moved down the hall, and looked into his sister’s bedroom, seeing her curvaceous figure standing beside her dresser.  He spoke timidly, “Um… e-e-excuse me, big sister… I mean, little sister.”

            She glanced at him, her beautiful face giving him a confused look.  “Okay… so, you came to apologize — even though you made me angry on purpose just to feed your fetish.  Just to get off on me being pissed before I shrink you.”

            “What? Oh, that’s what you thought I was doing.  I guess I was doing that — but I didn’t fully realize th-th-that was uh… what I was doing.  I must have been doing it subconsciously.  Because honestly, truly I don’t want to make you angry.  Not at all.”

            The teen laughed, saying, “Sure big bro… whatever you say.  I know you love being dominated   And me being angry, like really angry with you, is something we haven’t explored.  Just know I’m into it.  I love to role-play… and if you want to make me a little upset in real life, go for it.  It’ll just add to my pleasure after you’ve shrunk to a tiny, pathetic inch.”

            Guy breathed in deeply, feeling his anxiety building.  “About you shrinking me down… Sis.  I don’t think… uh, um… that I can….”  He observed his sister strip off her top, leaving just her bra cradling her DD’s.  “Oh, shit,” Guy uttered, immediately looking down at the carpet.  His eyes closed, he felt the tingling sensation.  It slowly began to pass.  It was like a wave washing over him, and he just barely managed to not be swept under the water.  Relax.  Come on, relax.

            “I’m going to take a shower,” he heard his sister’s girlish voice.  “Wanna come along?”

            “No, no, no,” he blurted out, still looking down, his eyes sealed shut.  “Laurie, can you put your shirt back on, please?  I can’t think straight.”

            “Guy, I already took my bra off.  You’re a little late.”  She giggled, and a moment later she sauntered past her brother patting him on his chest and then the top of his head.  She whispered in his ear, “After I get all wet, I’ll come downstairs… and we can have something to eat together.  And remember where you’re going, little bro.”

            Guy felt overwhelming fear while simultaneously aroused by his sister’s sexual advances.  He sensed his sister move past him… hearing the bathroom door closing shut a moment later.  Finally feeling that he was not at risk of shrinking at that very moment, Guy opened his eyes, seeing his sister’s bedroom around him.  Everything screamed ‘teen girl’… pinks and purples with black and silver… stuffed animals and books... teen music posters.  Off in the closet, he could see his sister’s soccer ball on the floor.  It made him think of how athletic his sister’s legs were… her whole body so toned and voluptuous.

            His sexual thoughts overtaking his mind once more, he hurried out of his sister’s room, and went down the hall.  He suddenly felt hungry and he headed downstairs.  After pouring himself some Cheerios, he sat down and began to eat, while thinking, I have to tell her.  I can’t do it anymore.  She shrunk me at least five times.  Isn’t that enough?

            About 30 minutes later, his sister came quickly running down the stairs.  Guy was still sitting at the kitchen table, and he saw she had put her long dark locks in a ponytail, which accentuated the flawless beauty of her face.  She was wearing her usual skintight summer clothing which flattered her phenomenal hourglass figure.

            Guy looked down at the table before starting to say what he had rehearsed in his mind, “Laurissa… uh, thank you for shrinking me these past several days, but five times is enough.  I’ve learned enough.  And I need to tell you that my suppressed childhood fear is emerging and I have too much fear to be shrunk by you.  Fear because you’re my sister, my family member.  So, thank you, and that’s it.”  He expected his sibling to immediately protest or laugh or make a snide remark.  But there was only silence which seemed to last forever.  Guy finally looked up, seeing the 16-year-old glaring at him.  Her toned and voluptuous body looked hotter than hell, her arms crossed defiantly, her blue eyes like lasers into his soul.

            He uttered, “Aren’t you going to say something?”

            She finally spoke in a serious tone, her displeasure evident.  “You have a fetish, Guy.  And I have a fetish for little guys.  I have a fetish for making you little.  That’s enough.”

            He began to squirm in his seat, saying, “I-I-I know… but things have changed.”

            “What?  Overnight?  You got to be kidding me.”  She put her hands on her curvy hips.  “You still owe me for telling me to shut up.”

            “I’m sorry, okay?  I’m really sorry for saying shut up.”

            “No, that’s not enough.  I told you where you’re going.”  She opened her mouth and then snapped her white teeth shut… grinning at him.

            A wave of tingling flooded Guy’s body.  No… this can’t be happening.  Not now!  I told Laurie that my fear is too much.  My suppressed fear is coming out.  No!  I’m going to shrink…Laurie is too arousing!  Guy then shrunk down a foot and a half.

            He heard his sister say, “Aww… is Guy becoming little again?  Looks like my big brother is going to become little brother.  Again.  But his antidote is so far away upstairs.  Too bad.”

            I have to get up! he thought. I have to get to my room!  Guy then darted out of the kitchen, barely making it past his sister’s clutches.  He ran across the living room, hearing his sister’s angry voice close behind.  “No fucking way, bro!  You’re not getting your medicine this time!  You’re shrinking to an inch for sure!”

            “Shut up, Laurie!” Guy yelled as he tripped running up the stairs.  “Just shut the fuck up!”

            “Oh, you’re SO going to get it, Guy!  You can’t escape your big sister!”

            And for whatever reason he became aroused at that moment… whether it was being chased by his younger sister… or the genuine anger in her teen voice… or the choice of words she shouted — whatever prompted it… Guy started to shrink again.  And he shrunk all the way down just as he entered his bedroom.  He found himself naked and lost beneath the pile of his clothes — a mere inch tall.  Damn it!  No… no, no, no!

            Girlish, sadistic laughter sounded above Guy’s tiny head.... gradually becoming louder and louder.  And he knew this time was not like the last five times.

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