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Guy’s little inch-body was set down on his sister’s bed as she turned and energetically stepped, almost skipping, over to her closet.  He glanced down at his erection.  He still had a raging boner, which he had ever since his younger sister shrunk him and decided it would be fun to put him in her cleavage.

            His gaze returned to the 400-foot sister before him.  She was wearing her short black shorts along with her knee-high white soccer socks with the green stripes.  She was not facing him at the moment, though she was topless.  Her toned, athletic back looked amazing… as well as her worship-worthy ass… not to mention those wide hips that just wouldn’t quit.  I’ll never get rid of this boner, Guy thought.  Not when my sister looks like that.

            Laurissa spun around, her large breasts naturally bouncing.  Holding her blue and white soccer ball, she smiled, saying, “You’re lucky we played ‘I Spy’ instead of soccer.”  Guy watched as his towering sister sauntered over to his tiny spot on her bed.  She kneeled down, her gorgeous face still high above him.  “Little bro, if we had played soccer… I would have totally dominated little you.  Even if you were normal-size, I would have kicked… your… butt.”

            Guy suddenly felt goose bumps run down his naked 1-inch frame.  The playfulness in his sister’s sexy voice was pushing his arousal to the next level.  Without even thinking, he uttered, “No way, Laurissa!  I would have kicked your butt!”  He immediately regretted his statement, even if it was all in jest.  Oh, no!  Why did I say that?  I’m an idiot!  I’m in no position to talk like I could defeat a Godzilla-sized girl!

            His sister giggled.  “Oh, really?  That’s what you think, huh?”

            Guy breathed a sigh of relief, sensing that his sister wasn’t the least bit offended by his words.  “Uh… yeah…” he replied, never knowing that arguing with his sister could be sexually stimulating.  “Laurissa, I totally could kick your butt at soccer… even when I’m an inch tall.”

            The teen girl laughed, evidently enjoying the flirtatious banter as much as her diminutive brother.  She stood up and turned her body as she stuck out her curvy ass.  “You mean this butt, little bro?”  She pretended like she was going to sit down, but just let her ass hang in the air over Guy.  “You’re far too small to kick my ass, little Guy.  But…”

            The next thing Guy knew, his sister had picked him up and was massaging her butt with his little body.  “I’ve been playing soccer since I was five years old.  You haven’t played on a team ever.”  Continuing to slide him all over her ass, she said, “Do you like my butt, little brother?  I love being so much bigger than you.”

            She then held Guy up in front of her pretty face.  “Well?” she asked.  “Do you still think you can kick your big sister’s ass at soccer when you’re 1-inch tall?”

            Guy blinked, still amazed to have been in close contact with her butt.  His senses returning, he simply answered in his high-pitched voice, “Yes.  Yes, I do.”

            His sister giggled cutely.  Bringing him to her soft, pillowy lips she kissed him.  Then holding him before her blue eyes, she said, “Maybe you’re right, little bro.  I should be very scared of tiny, little you.”  She stepped over to the center of her bedroom and sat down on the tan carpeting, allowing her giant soccer ball to roll over into the corner.

            As Guy was set down on the floor, he found himself between his sister’s white-socked feet.  Her feet were exquisitely feminine, and he remembered were quite dainty, but now they appeared to be 50 feet long.  Her socks fit tightly, and showed off the contours of every subtle curve… including her toes.  Guy tilted his head upward as he saw that his sibling’s knee-high socks rose up 100 feet… the height of a 10-story building… nearly five times as tall as their family’s house.

            “Come on, little brother,” she cooed.  “I won our game… now show me the little explorer that you are.”

            Guy’s heart began to pound… his breathing quickening.  Still with his hard erection, he climbed onto Laurissa’s toes.  The cotton socks had the fresh scent of laundry detergent… though he knew these were the very same socks that his sister used to battle it out on the soccer field with all the other high-school girls.  His mind suddenly had a flash of imagining his sister dripping sweat as she sprinted down the field in her green and white uniform.

            He shook his head, trying to clear his mind.  Why am I thinking these thoughts?  I never fantasized about Laurissa playing soccer before.  Sure, she has matured physically since I saw her years ago.  Not to mention her legs are incredibly strong from all the running and kicking.

            He began to climb up the front of her foot near her ankle, the sock’s fabric providing easy access upward.  His tiny frame continued up and up and up.  The soft friction of her socks against his boner was driving him crazy.  “Oh, shit,” he said to himself.  He looked down, thinking, I’m not even halfway up.  Laurissa is just so gigantic!

            And then to his relief, his sister gently lifted him off her shin, saying, “I already know you’re a good little climber, Guy… but I want you down at my feet.”  He then discovered that his sister had re-positioned her body so her thighs were spread out, her knees bent so the soles of her feet pressed against one another.  And that’s where he found himself… stuck between the bottoms of his sister’s feet.  He heard her feminine voice say, “You’re so cute, big brother.  Having you so helpless, climbing the soles of my feet.  It’s like I’m above you… in every way.”

            As the 19-year-old boy attempted to move about, his every action was countered by his sibling’s tilting of her feet.   She cradled his inch-body… teasing him with her giantess-sized feet… gently caressing his bare skin with her socks.

            Realizing his sister was effortlessly controlling his body… sliding him along the underside of her feet, Guy squeaked, “Hey!  I can’t get out of here!”

            “I know,” she spoke softly.  “You can’t escape, can you?”

            Guy grunted as he again reached to pull himself out of the hollow his sister’s feet made… but he was no match for 50-foot-long feet and his retreat was blocked as gravity shifted and he tumbled back to his sister’s opposite foot.  She continued to toy with him like this for a few minutes longer until Guy seemed to be exhausted, and a little more than frustrated.

            She picked him up between her fingertips and then stood up as she walked over to her bed.  She took the small plastic bottle of honey from her shelf and set it down on her pillow, positioning it near the edge of her bed.  She lowered Guy onto the tip of the honey bottle, having removed the tiny plastic cap.

            Guy looked feverishly around, clinging to the cone-shaped spout, when he heard his sister giggle.  He observed the towering and topless teen as she kneeled down close to where he was… her goddess-sized boobs front-and-center before him.  He felt his breath escaping him — the overwhelming thought of his entire body being so much smaller than his sister’s breasts.

            The teen girl’s voice seemed to take on a more adult and seductive tone.  “Aren’t you glad, little brother… that I’m still giving you your reward even though you didn’t win our game?”   She laughed softly to herself.  “I could have just put you in a drawer and forgotten about little you.  And though it’s a lot of fun to trap you inside things… I am also a girl with desires.  Sexual desires.”

            Guy held onto the bottle’s tip as his jaw then dropped… his eyes witnessing his sister beginning to play with her big tits right in front of him.  Oh, my God! he thought.  Oh, wow!  I can’t look away.  Her breasts are too amazing!

            She squeezed her big boobs together… holding them there.  She kept pressing them together as she giggled, saying, “Do you like this, little bro?  When I hold my DD’s together?  Your big sister’s boobs are so big, aren’t they?  And you’re such a little… tiny… 1- inch brother, aren’t you?”

            Guy swallowed hard, not believing the direction his sister was taking this.  His stomach churned with anxiety… remembering his sister had learned his secret fetish for large breasts.  And now she was using this knowledge — along with the fact that she was so well-endowed — to her full advantage.

            Laurissa then suddenly released her giant-sized boobs as they bounced, swaying back and forth for a moment.  Their youthful perkiness combined with their impressive volume made an irresistible sight to behold.  Guy couldn’t look away if his life depended on it.

            “Ooooh…” she moaned, her elegant hands cupping the bottom of her boobs, squeezing and releasing them over and over… her long fingers pressing into her soft mammaries.  She then began to playfully bounce them together as she gently smacked the sides of her tits with her palms.  They bounced and bounced and bounced… the physics of her boobs creating a display both hypnotic and erotic.

            And then Guy noticed his sister leaning forward as her massive breasts hung sensually around the bottle of honey of which he clung.  Guy was at the center of it all.  She moved her torso forward and back, her breasts gently bumping the bottle’s tip… caressing it over and over… and over.

            Guy’s mind about to explode, he then discovered that he had been snatched up as Laurissa lay down on her bed on her back.  She placed her brother on top of her left breast.  “Ooooh, little brother… ready to have some fun?”  She arched her back as her breasts pointed skyward… her nipples firm and erect.

            Guy fell to his knees, staring longingly at his sister’s pinkish-brown nipple.  He moved closer to the 2-foot-high protuberance.  Just then a streak of honey poured down onto his sister’s nipple… rolling down…. dripping onto her large areola.  Guy looked up as his sister continued squeezing the bottle… allowing the golden nectar to drizzle all over her humongous melon.

            “Oh, God… oh, wow…” Guy breathed, as he walked on his knees closer.  He then lay his hands on his sister’s nipple — gasping as he watched its size suddenly increase by half a foot.  He began to rub his boner against her nipple.  His balls were begging for release and the friction he felt, humping the 16-year-old’s nipple… his sister’s nipple… was just so damn pleasurable.  He heaved his pelvis, fucking the side of her nipple — one hand pressing on his dick, the other keeping his balance on the top of the nipple.

            He saw the tip of Laurissa’s long finger caress the side of the nipple he was pleasuring himself on… and then he watched giant droplets of honey oozing off her long fingernail.  “Mmm… keep fucking me, little brother.  You’re doing so… fucking… good.”  Guy watched as his sister lifted her honey-drenched fingertip to her mouth, beginning to suck on it.  She gave out a girlish giggle.

            It was enough to push him over the edge and he suddenly blasted out his cum… it gushed in a thick spurt.  “Oh, fuck!” he exclaimed, ejaculating again and again.

            He heard his sister’s sensual voice, “Yes, little Guy… give me all of it!  Don’t save any of it.  I want all of your cum.  You’re so little, aren’t you?  You’re so fucking small… so tiny… so tiny and little on your sister’s nipple.  My big, big nipple.”

            “Holy shit!” Guy yelled.  “Holy God, fuck, shit!”  He continued to orgasm, his sister’s words driving him to cum more than he ever thought possible.  He was so turned on — his libido demanding every last sperm must exit his balls.

            And then finally, his mouth open as he panted, he stopped, having given all of himself and more.  His eyes took in the breathtaking view of his sister’s mountain range… round and smooth… rising up proudly, her glorious feminine globes... as if beckoning to be worshipped.

            Guy then became aware that Laurissa had picked him up… placing him in the palm of her hand before her glowing goddess-beauty.  The teen giggled gleefully, her beautiful smile radiant as she grinned.  “You… little brother… have pleased me greatly.  And now that you shrink… we can do anything.”  His sister’s voice then softened to a whisper, “Imagine the possibilities.”

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