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The inch-tall Guy felt incredibly dizzy as Laurissa stood up to her full height… his little body secured between his sister’s thumb and fingertip.  He blinked several times as his eyes adjusted, finding himself once again — tiny and helpless — before the gorgeous face of his 16-year-old sibling.

            Laurissa was wearing only a black bra and black short shorts.  Her left hand was on her hip, her right hand holding Guy high in front of her pretty face.  “Well…” her sensual voice breathed.  “You must be feeling small now, hmm?  Really, really small.”  She giggled cutely, smirking.

            Guy fought to free himself, his intellectual mind knowing with certainty it was impossible, but his instincts not ready to give up.  “Laurissa!” he shouted as loudly as he could before her 50-foot-high head — his voice sounding tiny and high-pitched as ever.  “Let me go, Laurissa!  I didn’t say I wanted to practice!  Okay, maybe I did — I don’t remember….  But just let me use my medicine and…”

            His sister’s laughter boomed in amusement.  “Oh, little Guy… Do you really think you can tell your little sister what to do, now that she is the BIG sister?”  She laughed again, dangling him teasingly as his tiny frame swayed to and fro before her eyes.  “Just look at how fragile you are… so weak and adorable… so little.  So very, very little.”

            He stared into her mesmerizing blue eyes… forgetting for a moment that he was upset with her.  “Uh… umm…  I forgot what I was going to say.  I mean, no!  As your older brother, I order you to let me use my medicine!  And, Laurissa, I mean right now!”

            His sister laughed again.  Guy then realized that his view was changing as his naked body was lowered.  And then down below his tiny feet he saw his sister’s prodigious boobs, her mountains heaving in her black lacy bra.  The sight took his breath away, his mouth wide-open.  His eyes overwhelmed… his mind in awe… he then knew exactly what his sister was doing with him.

            “There you go… little brother,” she said seductively.  “You’re going to be nestled… nice and snug… between my big puppies.”

            Guy’s inch-body felt the compression as his sibling’s massive boobs enveloped him.  He looked up seeing that he had been placed deep down inside Laurissa’s cleavage — her push-up bra pressing her DD’s firmly together.

            “Laurissa!  Laurissa!” he shouted, his voice muffled.  Damn it! he thought, struggling to stretch his neck as he looked upward.  I can’t really tell how high up her breasts go… but I must be really far down.  Her breasts are just so huge!  He glanced downward, his body immobilized by the great weight of his sister’s melons.  I can’t see the bottom… I’m probably in the middle somewhere.  He banged his itty-bitty hands against the wall of boob flesh.  Just then Guy felt a rush of stimulation in his genitals.  Oh, come on… not now.  I have to clear my mind of all thoughts about sex… or else…

            His sister cupped the sides of her large bosom as she gave a loving squeeze.  Peering down, she cooed, “Does little brother still think he’s in charge?”  She giggled, saying, “Maybe in charge of being helpless.”

            Laurissa smirked as she walked confidently out of her older brother’s bedroom.  As she sauntered down the hallway, she adjusted her bra strap, pulling on it, making sure her sibling got the full experience of being hugged by her DD’s.  She walked all the way to the stairs and then proceeded down the steps… her boobs bouncing as she went.

            Arriving in the kitchen, she opened a cabinet… taking a small plastic bottle in the shape of a bear. Returning to the stairs, she quickly ran up… her heavy breasts jiggling even more.  Heading down the hall she entered her own bedroom.

            Guy suddenly felt his naked body being seized as he was lifted up and out of his sister’s cleavage.  He heard her alluring, feminine voice, “Did you enjoy the ride?”

            He squinted, his eyes adjusting to the increase in light.  He realized he was now in the palm of his sister’s hand as she held him before her breathtaking countenance… a smirk on her full lips.  “Is that…?” Laurissa cooed.  “Mm-hmm.  Little brother definitely enjoyed the ride.”

            Guy looked down and saw that his cock had become hard and erect.  Oh, no, he thought.  It’s like Laurissa has total control over my penis.  Her big breasts are too stimulating for my mind!  But she’s my sister!  My little sister!

            He then found himself being set down on Laurissa’s enormous bed, her soft blanket like a football field painted in pink.  He gazed up at the towering teen… her flawless beauty and curvaceous figure stimulating his overworked libido.  She looked amazing wearing her short black shorts… a black bra… and nothing else.

            Placing her hands on her wide, mature hips, the teen peered downward at her brother.  “I’m going to play a little game with you.  You’ll like it because we used to play it as kids.  But first… I’m going to put something on… and take something off.”

            Guy watched… his eyes unable to look away at his sister wearing her bra.  She then spun around as she playfully stepped over to her dresser, opening the drawer.  Guy observed his sister then turn around holding up a pair of long white socks with three dark-green stripes near the end.  “These are what I wear for soccer practice, or for games.  Lucky for you… I washed these last week.”

            His titanic sister gracefully lifted her leg as she pulled one sock up… the sock rising to just below her knee.  She then started with the second sock.  Guy touched his head — his mind unsettled yet strangely enticed by watching his sister dress.  Her knee-high soccer socks accentuated the power of her sculpted thighs and calves.  He had always found athletic girls to be fascinating… and his sister’s buxom body was the epitome of strength and athleticism.

            Lost in the sensuality of his sister’s movements, he then heard her speak in an even more seductive tone than usual.  “And now… something to take off.”  He watched from the bed, looking upward, as his sister reached behind her back, beginning to unfasten her bra.  Oh, my God! his thoughts raced.  This isn’t how we used to play as kids!  Laurissa is definitely making her own rules.  But Guy continued to stare… his eyes fixated as his sister’s bra suddenly loosened… the straps falling down her toned shoulders.  His sister smirked as she slowly pulled her bra down.  With one hand, she then let it drop to the floor… exposing her beautiful DD’s… exquisitely shaped with perfect-sized, round areolas.

            Guy’s jaw fell off, his eyes bugging out, as he witnessed his sister’s elegant hands as she grabbed her big breasts, squeezing and kneading them erotically.  She then cupped them underneath, gently lifting them up and down as they jiggled, purposely causing them to playfully bounce into one another.  Guy watched as his colossal sister then stepped close to the bed.  He quickly found himself having been snatched up as he was lifted before his sibling’s stunning beauty.

            Amid the girl’s fingertips, he was loosely held.  “Now you have a taste of the reward you’ll get if you win our game, little bro.  I thought we could play ‘I Spy’, which we both enjoy.  Remember playing that during car trips?”

            Guy blinked again, trying to focus.  “Y-Y-You want to play ‘I Spy’?  But… but y-y-you’re topless.”

            Laurissa smiled.  “Is that… a problem?  I know you’re attracted to my boobs, especially their large size.”

            “Uh…” Guy uttered.  “Um, that’s not a problem… I guess.  I mean, how am I supposed to get rid of my erection if I keep seeing your… your really big… ah…?”

            Laurissa giggled, stepping over to her dresser picking up the plastic bottle shaped like a bear she had retrieved earlier.  “I guess, little bro, you’ll just have to remain turned on.  But don’t worry.  This honey I got from the kitchen is also part of the reward.  Lucky you, I found out about your secret fetish for big tits.”

            Guy gulped at hearing his sister’s words.  Who knew that after years of living at the all-boys’ school, he would be in such close contact with a girl who was essentially perfect?   Busty… athletic… and gorgeous.  His teen sister was like a mischievous goddess — obsessed with shrinking and sex as much as he was… if not more.

            Sitting down on the tan carpeting of her bedroom, Laurissa placed the small bottle of honey down near her socked feet.  Guy glanced at the bottle, just as he was set down atop his sister’s knee… her legs bent as she sat on her butt.

            “Okay, little bro… do you want to go first?  Or should I?”

            Guy was speechless, his mind still enthralled by how spectacular his sister looked topless.  His eyes seemed super-glued to the beauty of her giant boobs.  “Okay...” his sister said.  “I guess you’re preoccupied.  I’ll go first.  But remember you have to guess what I’m thinking — it doesn’t matter if your answer makes sense.”

            Having snapped out of his daze momentarily, he looked up at his sister looking down at him.  “Uh… yeah, I remember,” he somehow managed to say.  “I have to guess what you are thinking.”

            His sister smiled.  “Good, little brother.  All right… the first one will be really easy for you.”  Guy watched as she glanced about her bedroom before speaking, “I spy with my little eye… something that starts with the letter U.”

            Guy turned around, taking a deep breath… his sister’s epic boobs still front-and-center in his mind.  Damn it, think… think…  Stop thinking about her boobs for one second.  He then spotted the picture on the wall.  “Oh, I know!” he answered energetically.  “Unicorn.”

            Laurissa smiled again.  “Yep… okay, now your turn.”

            Guy looked around, and then said loudly so his high-pitched voice was audible, “I spy with my little eye… something that starts with the letter P.  I don’t think you’ll ever get this one, Laurissa… not in a million years.”

            “Is it ‘poster’?” she asked.

            “Damn it… you got it.  Laurissa, we played this so much as children, you already know what I’m thinking.”

            “Well, you are pretty predictable… at least sometimes.”

            “All right… your turn,” Guy said.

            His sister glanced around… touching her right breast for a moment so that it was pressed closer to her left breast.  “I spy with my little eye…” she began, “something… that starts with the letter S.”

            Guy tried his best to stop looking at his sister’s boobs… finally able to turn and face the rest of her room.  Standing atop his sister’s knee, he said, “Umm… umm… I think…”

            “Anytime, little Guy.”

            “I’m thinking.  Okay?  I’m thinking.  Umm… is it… your ‘shelves’?”

            “Nope.  Try again,” she said and giggled.

            “I don’t know… I can’t think straight.”

            “Do you give up?”

            “Fine.  I give up.”

            “I was thinking ‘speaker’… you see the one I connect my phone to, to play music.  Why did you give up so soon?  You have unlimited guesses.”

            “I know.  I-I-I just can’t concentrate when my sister’s boobs are so big and so close.”

            His sister smiled.  “All right… I’ll tell you what, little bro.  If you can guess what I’m thinking right now, I’ll let you win.  All right?  I spy with my little eye… something that starts with the letter… B.”

            Guy, still standing atop his sister’s knee, turned to look around his sister’s room.  He took a deep breath.  Well, if I get this one, I’ll win… and I’ll get the reward which I’m a little nervous about.  But if I lose… I don’t know what the consequence will be.

            “Is it…” Guy started.  “Is it… your ‘bed’?”

            “Good guess, but no.  Try again.”

            “Uh….” Guy said, holding his hands on top of his head, appearing to think really hard.  “Oh, I’ll get this one.  Don’t tell me.  Umm… uh….”

            “Time’s up,” his sister announced.

            Guy turned around.  “Hey, we never had ‘time’s up’ before!”

            “I know,” she answered.  “I just wanted to see you squirm.”

            “Ha-ha.  Very funny.  Okay… the answer is ‘bookshelf’ or just ‘book’.”

            “Nope… and nope,” she said, giggling.

            “Oh, great.  Uh…I can’t… I seriously can’t think of it.”

            “So, little Guy… are you admitting defeat?”

            He gazed up at his sibling, throwing up his tiny arms.  “Fine.  What is it that starts with the letter B?”

            His sister leaned in closer, lowering her knee.  Speaking amorously, she said, “I suppose it wasn’t entirely fair… given that it’s not part of my bedroom.  It’s part of my body.  She leaned her chest forward even more… her huge boobs now hanging in front of and on either side of her 1-inch brother.

            Guy gulped.  His sister spoke softly, “Does little brother ‘get it’ now?”

            And before he could answer, his sister lifted him, placing him between her large breasts… pressing them together.  He completely disappeared.  She laughed, continuing to squeeze her mounds together.  Finally, she released her hold on Guy…and she set him back down next to her knee.  “Not to worry, little bro.  I’ll still give you the reward, because I really want it, too.  But first you must satisfy my other desire of seeing little you climbing on my feet… exploring my socks I play soccer in.”

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