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Standing in the kitchen, Guy poured himself a tall glass of ice water and immediately began to take a long drink.  It was late Thursday morning, and his mother had left for work hours ago.  It was another very hot day outside — fortunately there was air conditioning in the house.  But Guy didn’t feel comfortable and cool… his hormones were on fire within him.

            His 16-year-old sister shrunk him 2 days ago… that’s when she decided to take a shower with her 1-inch brother.  Guy, now normal size, had been obsessing about the experience for 2 long days… the thought of her wet, perfect body… and how she squeezed him between her big boobs was constant arousal to him.  It took all his mental energy to not shrink.

            Guy tilted his head back as he finished his beverage, ice cubes falling into his mouth.  He began to chew the ice.  Damn it, he thought.  I’m so fucking horny.  And Laurissa hasn’t said a single thing about shrinking for 2 days.  It’s like she knew my memories of her hot body would drive my libido crazy.  She must be ignoring me on purpose.   I can’t stop thinking about her big breasts.

            Guy set his glass down on the counter, and then walked through the living room over to the staircase.  He started to head up the steps, when his eyes were startled by the image of his sister heading down the stairs.  Guy’s eyes watched her shapely, athletic legs as she neared… her hourglass figure obvious in her skintight clothes.  And then his eyes were drawn to his sister’s large bosom in her skimpy T-shirt as her DD’s bounced with her every step.  She walked past him as Guy continued up the stairs — his mind still fixated on her jiggling boobs.  Guy then gulped as he felt his body tingling… his height suddenly reducing by over a foot.

            His eyes widened as he gasped, now aware of his size change.  He heard the sweet, sexy voice of his sister as she reached the bottom of the steps, “Feeling small, Guy?”  She giggled.  “I hope the stairs aren’t too big for you.”

            Guy turned, saying with annoyance, “No, Laurie, the stairs are not too big for me.  And I’m not ‘feeling small’ as you put it.”  He hurried down the hall, heading straight into his bedroom.  It had been the first time in the last couple days that he had lost control of his sexual thoughts to the point of shrinking  Actually he was surprised he lasted as long as he had, given the degree of erotic imagery in his mind.

            Having taken his medicine, Guy sat down on his bed, knowing his height would return momentarily.  He pressed his hands onto his forehead as he breathed out.  “Damn it,” he muttered, recalling his sister’s big bouncing boobs.  Why does she have to be so… well-endowed?  How am I supposed to live in the same house with Laurissa when she looks like that?

            The 19-year-old’s height having returned to normal, he turned his body as he was about to lie down on his bed — his sister then knocking on the door, which was already halfway open.

            “How’s my big brother feeling?” she asked, casually walking over to him, placing her hands on her curvy hips.

            Guy sat up straight, answering but not looking directly at his sibling, “Great… I’m doing really great.”

            “So…” Laurissa began, “why haven’t you come into my room lately?  Don’t you want to practice?”

            Guy looked up at his sister’s beautiful face.  “Yes, I want to practice… get better so I don’t shrink automatically.”  He paused and then said, “I thought you were pretending to be disinterested in shrinking — you know, to tease me.  Either that or you really weren’t interested.”

            Laurissa laughed.  “You thought I was…?  No, Guy, I was just giving you some time off.  You know I’m always interested in shrinking... especially when it comes to shrinking you… little brother.”  She smiled and patted him on the head, before spinning around and beginning to walk about his bedroom.

            Guy took a deep breath, his vision having taking in more of his sister’s voluptuous figure than he intended.  Holy crap, Guy thought.  I always knew Laurissa loved the idea of shrinking boys… but I never knew she would get so much pleasure from shrinking her brother.

            His sister looked at the items on his shelf.  She spoke without turning, “Guy?”

            “Yeah?” he said.

            “Why did you shrink… earlier?  When I walked past you on the stairs?”

            Guy felt his heart rate increasing, his arms and chest tightening.  He could feel his palms beginning to sweat.  Did Laurissa see me looking at her boobs?  I think I stared a little too long.   “Umm… why did I start shrinking?”

            His sister still not looking in his direction, replied, “Yes, Guy.  I want to know precisely what made your body begin the process of shrinking.”

            Guy stammered, “It-It-It… it’s… umm… well, there could be many reasons, I’m sure…”

            He saw his sister in his peripheral vision as she turned to face him, and then stepping right up close to where he sat on his bed.  He felt her knee playfully bumping into his.  “Guy… I think… you saw my boobs bouncing.  And that’s what triggered your body to start getting smaller.”

            Guy’s body froze in anxiety.  His innermost thoughts had magically become the possession of his gorgeous sibling.  “I-I-I mean… you can think that… Laurie.  But so what if I saw your breasts bouncing… and it turned me on.  I-I, uh…”

            He looked up, seeing his sister smirking as she placed her hands on her hips.  “I knew it, big brother!  You don’t just like it that your little sister has big breasts… you really, really like it.  You have a fetish for shrinking and a fetish for big tits.”

            “What?!” Guy said, feeling himself starting to blush.  “That’s… that’s absurd.”

            Laurissa grinned.  “You’re the worst liar, big brother.  When I had you trapped between my DD’s in the shower, you must have been in heaven.”

            Hearing his sister speak so explicitly about her breasts, Guy suddenly shrunk by a foot and a little more.  His face was extremely warm and he was certain he was turning a deep red.  He nervously touched the top of his head.  Desperate to regain control of the situation, he exclaimed, “Hey!  I don’t’ remember saying we were going to practice!”  He stood up, painfully aware of the fact that his younger sister was now a full head taller than he was.

            He quickly walked over to other side of his room, hearing his sister’s girlish giggle.  “Guy… you told me you want to practice, remember?”

            Not daring to look at his exceptionally attractive sibling, Guy said emphatically, “Yeah!  Practice!  It’s like you’re shooting fish in a barrel.  It’s too easy for you to turn me on and shrink me!  Because the way you look.”

            His sister didn’t say anything in response.  It’s like she was agreeing with him.  It seemed to Guy that his sister was finding it effortless to arouse and shrink him.  Why else would she ever agree to re-enlarge him an hour later?  It could only have been because she knew she could easily get him back down to his 1-inch size at her whim — and their mother would continue thinking everything is normal.

            Guy slowly turned his head, glancing at his dresser.  He then rushed over, just as his now-taller sister grabbed the small bottle of his shrinking antidote.  “Hey!” Guy shouted.

            His sister, holding the bottle high and out of reach of her brother, answered, “Remember, little Guy, we agreed no medicine until you’ve shrunk all the way down.  And not until I’ve had my fun with you.”

            Guy grimaced… knowing he agreed to the terms.  He then abruptly jumped up, attempting to seize the medicine bottle — though his sister was too fast and he didn’t even get close.  “Come on, Laurie,” he whined, looking up at her.  “Just let me use my medicine.”

            “No, we had a deal,” she answered, looking down at him.  “Besides, I love being the big sister.”  She smirked, adding, “And I really, really love being the big, BIG sister.”

            Guy sensed his body tingling again… hearing Laurissa speak in such an unrestrained, fetishistic way.  He closed his eyes as he stepped over to the corner of his room, breathing slowly in and out… attempting to calm his libido.  Come on, he thought.  Relax.  So what if my sister is now aware of my fetish for big boobs… And my sister obviously has big boobs.  I am strong enough to resist her seduction.  I have to be.

            “Oh, little brother,” she called out teasingly.  “I promise you won’t regret shrinking this time.  Just get really small for me, okay?”

            “Not going to happen, Laurie.”

            “I know you, Guy.  You want your little sister to be really BIG.  Just as much as I want you to be really tiny.”

            Guy chuckled.  “I think you’re enjoying shrinking me a little too much,” he said, still not looking at her.

            His sister’s voice took a more seductive tone.  “But you want it, little bro.  I remember reading the stories you wrote when we were kids.  You want… you need… a girl who gets your fetish.  A girl who desires you shrunk more than anything.”

            Guy smiled, shaking his head — amazed that the younger sister he grew up with now possessed the sophistication to know him better than he knew himself.  He turned to speak, “Laurissa —” but his eyes were met with the teen peeling off her top as her toned belly was exposed… followed by a black bra which presented her large heaving boobs, revealing ample cleavage.  Her overflowing breasts appeared as though they would spill out of her bra.  They looked so big... so plentiful.

            “Oh… shit,” Guy uttered.  He knew he was already as good as shrunk.  It was impossible for him to reverse the chemical process that had begun in his brain.  The imagery of his sister’s bountiful bosom had already done its work… and it caused his whole body to tingle as he started to be reduced.  Down… down… down… he shrunk.  It happened quickly as usual, and before he knew it, he was an inch tall… his now-enormous T-shirt and shorts covering him.

            The 19-year-old boy scrambled about in a futile attempt to escape… one last moment to assert his independence.  He heard his sister’s laughter.  “Oh, don’t worry… my little, little Guy.”  He could feel her giant footsteps as she moved closer.  Boom! …  BOOM! … BOOM!!

            He listened to Laurissa’s fingers searching his clothes.  He then felt the familiar sensation of his naked body in the grip of his sibling’s giant fingertips… and he heard her powerful teen voice.  “Now I know your secret, little bro.  You’re obsessed with your sister having big tits.  This time… I’ll give you some hands-on playtime.”

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