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The inch-tall Guy was set down on the bathroom countertop, his sister having just gotten out of the shower.  He stared mesmerized by his sister’s naked body.  Directly in front of him was her curvaceous womanly hips and pelvis, which exuded the female form perfectly with all its sensuality.  His instinctual mind lusted over the erotic view before him — his eyes rising up the tapering of his sister’s hips to her narrow waist…. up her toned midsection… his eyes ascending to her heaving giant orbs which were glorious in their shape and size… her firm nipples jutting outward.

            Peering down, Laurissa placed her hands on her shapely hips… her lightly tanned skin still glistening from the wetness of the shower.  Her pleasing teen voice spoke down to him, “You’re so cute, little bro.”  She giggled, saying, “We’ll have to do this again very soon.”  Guy watched in awe as her large boobs jiggled as she reached for a towel behind her and then began to wrap the large white fabric around her physique.

            Having secured the towel, she plucked her brother up between her thumb and fingertip, raising him up nearly 200 hundred feet instantly to the level of her model-like face.  She grasped her wet dark-brown hair with her free hand, pulling it back and out of the way.  She smiled, saying, “I’ll tell you what… my little, little brother… I really do need to stop by my friend’s house.  She wants to borrow some things of mine.  So… I could put you back in the jar while I’m out of the house.  Or…”

            Guy was lost in the 16-year-old’s natural beauty… the way his sister’s expression changed with the feeling behind every sentence… the way she smiled cutely… how she gently bit her lower lip when she was excited and full of anticipation.  Her attractiveness was sublime… literally breathtaking… and it was all so effortless and automatic for Guy’s ‘little’ sister.

            Laurissa continued, “Or… instead of being trapped in the jar while I’m out, you could have a chance to use your antidote right now.”

            Guy was astonished that his sister would even suggest such a thing.  It had been at most half an hour since he shrunk in the shower.  “Laurissa,” he said, his voice most tiny sounding, “wh-what are you suggesting?  I can be normal size, right now?”

            His sister giggled, bringing his naked body to her luscious lips… kissing him.  Raising him before her eyes, she answered, “Silly little brother… I’ll give you a chance to get normal size — but you’ll have to earn it.  Otherwise it’s off to the jar for little you, and I won’t be returning for much longer than an hour.”

            The next thing he knew his sister had lowered him hundreds of feet all the way down to the bathroom floor.  The shift in perspective was profound and immediate.  Guy stared upward as his skyscraper-sized family member loomed large above him.  He gulped, sensing his heart rate quickening.  His thoughts raced — words entering his mind like ‘humongous’ and ‘towering’ and ‘Goddess’.

            “All right, little Guy…” she cheerfully spoke, leaning forward, placing her hands on the front of her thighs, “All you have to do is run to my bedroom… before I get there.  And don’t worry; I’ll give you a big head start.  I still have to finish drying off my body and get at least some of this water out of my hair.”

            Guy looked up, up, up as he hesitated… his body flooding with adrenaline.  The realization was building that the time to move and move fast was now at hand.  His eyes shifting from his 400-foot sibling toward the bathroom exit… his legs leapt into motion, now in an all-out sprint, hurdling his naked form across the giant bathroom tiles.  The air rushed past his skin, and the distance to the doorway to leave the bathroom quickly seemed incredibly far away — more than the distance of a football field.

            He had sprinted for only seconds when he heard his sister tease, “Better hurry You know, little bro, I’ll be coming to get you.”  Guy heard her booming, girlish laughter… and he felt a strange feeling of both exhilaration and anxiety at hearing his sister speak to him in such a manner.  His gut was suddenly overwhelmed by a hundred butterflies, while simultaneously feeling the euphoric pleasure of anticipation.

            He remembered years ago, growing up with his sister, that he explained his size fetish to Laurissa.  It wasn’t so much a one-time event where he spelled out exactly what his turn-ons were — instead the two of them naturally shared their fantasies, their stories, their ideas about boys shrinking and girls taking advantage of the resulting size differential.  It was a melding of the minds among inquisitive children, a sharing of fantasy and emotion.  Anything was possible and nearly everything was explored — at least from a little kid’s perspective.  As a child, Guy’s imagination was on fire, revolving around and obsessed with the concept of shrinking.  Only now he had the shrinking disease.  And only now, Guy and Laurissa’s bodies were at the age of sexuality, having not seen each other for years while Guy was away at the all-boys’ school.  A whole new world was just beginning to open up for the two teen siblings.

            Guy sprinted, his tiny arms pumping as his little legs carried him as fast as they possibly could.  Come on! he yelled within his thoughts.  I’m nearing the bathroom door finally.  Come on!  Hurry!

            The 19-year-old crossed over from the hard bathroom tiles onto the tan carpeting of the hallway.  His pace slowed dramatically as he grabbed his side, his lungs feeling the burn of exhaustion.  “Shit,” he uttered.  He could see his own bedroom off to the left… the doorway was huge, rising up hundreds and hundreds of feet.  It was much closer than his sister’s room.  But he knew the only way to get to use his medicine was to make it to Laurissa’s room — and to arrive first.

            He turned the corner and quickly ran in the direction of his sister’s room, pushing himself forward.  Soon his pace had changed from an extreme sprint to more of a slow jog.  It was all he could muster.  At least I’m still running, he thought.  Just don’t stop!  Keep going!

            While the effort to exit the bathroom was a good football field’s distance, the hallway was another three times further to his final goal.  He felt he had been running forever, but he ignored his discomfort, his body and legs having entered a more sustainable pace.  His mind flashed back to the time he had spent… just minutes ago… in the shower with his titanic naked sister.  It created a profound ambivalence in him.  She was his little sister, after all… a family member.  It was undeniable to Guy that Laurissa possessed qualities far beyond the average high-school girl… hips, boobs, ass… voluptuousness not meant for mere mortals.  She possessed a stunning, infectious beauty… and a mind both intelligent and curious while exhibiting an insatiable need for creative pleasure… especially as it related to shrinking.  His younger sister was more than he could ever handle.  She was, to put it simply… far, far out of his league.

            Guy could see that he was about halfway down the enormous hallway, and he didn’t know if he’d make it.  This was his original family home, and it was surreal to say the least that he was now running away from his younger sibling whose height seemed more that of a supernatural deity than a human being.  Lost in his thoughts, Guy all of a sudden heard his sister call out.  “You better be getting close, little bro… I’m coming!  Your super big sister is coming.  I’m going to catch you.”

            Guy jerked his head around as he ran.  He witnessed his sister’s titanic figure wrapped in a white towel as she emerged from the bathroom.  She appeared even more colossal to Guy, though he knew it was just his worrying mind playing tricks on him.  His sister’s footfalls were still well behind the inch-tall teen, and his head snapped back, looking forward as he started to sprint like never before.  “Fucking go!” he shouted to himself.  “Go, damn it!  Now!  Go!  Go!  Go!”  His legs aching, he found new energy he didn’t know he had… the air flying past his face and naked form.  He could see the entrance to his sister’s room not far away.  I think… maybe… I’m going to make it…

            The booming footfalls continued to approach… growing louder… growing bigger.  “Ohhh… look at how adorable little brother is.  Aww… Does Guy really believe he can get away from his big sister?”

            He heard Laurissa’s throaty, sexy laughter… but he kept sprinting at full speed.  I’m so close!  Come on!  I can do it!  I’m so fucking close!  Come on!  He felt his sister’s footfalls shaking the floor.  BOOM!  BOOM!  BOOM!

            Then without warning, less than a foot from the entrance to his sister’s room, Guy slammed into what seemed like a brick wall, and he fell down onto his back.  His vision returning to normal, he looked up and saw the teen’s giant palm blocking his path, rising up about 20 feet.  Undaunted, Guy leapt to his feet, and sprinted around his sister’s outstretched fingers.  He heard Laurissa say, “Not so fast, little brother!”  And his bold plan of action was quickly squashed as Guy felt his sister’s fingertips pressing into his torso.

            “No!” he shouted.  “No!  No!  No!”  His head became dizzy as he was lifted hundreds of feet up, up, up into the air.  And when he finally could see clearly, his sister’s thumb and fingertip held him before her gorgeous face, her full lips smirking as he dangled.

            “Did you really think you could escape your big sister?” she said triumphantly.

            “No, you can’t capture me, Laurissa!  I want to use my medicine now!”

            She laughed arrogantly, her amusement overflowing.  “Really… little bro?  Well, that’s not going to happen.  You’re my little prisoner now, aren’t you?”  She laughed again as she placed Guy into her left palm, her long fingers then closing around him.

            Guy sensed that his sister was moving… most likely into her room, he thought.  And then a few moments later, Laurissa opened her hand, taking her brother and lowering him into the large glass jar.

            Finding his balance, Guy’s head tilted upward, seeing his pretty sister peering down at him through the round opening.  He could see that she was smirking.  Her naturally seductive voice vibrated within the glass chamber, “You’re so small, Guy.  And there’s nothing you can do to stop me.  You’re just too small.  I own you.  You’re my property… my little pet brother.”

            Guy was mostly sure that his sister was just ‘playing the role’ of the cruel sister.  But he couldn’t know for certainty.  “Let me go, Laurissa!  I was so close to being first to your room.  It’s not fair!”

            His sister snickered, saying, “But you weren’t first, were you?  I won.  You lost.”

            And then Guy saw his sister screwing on the jar’s metal lid… several small holes present for air flow.  The glass jar made the sound of being set back onto her bookshelf.

            Guy ran over to the transparent wall just as his sister tapped on it with her long fingernail.  She giggled, saying, “Don’t have too much fun in there, little bro.”

            He looked through the distorted image of the glass, seeing his gigantic sister walk over to her closet.  She removed her towel.  And then she proceeded to put on a bra and top… followed by a pair of skimpy panties and short shorts.  After a minute of checking her phone, she grabbed her purse and simply walked out of the room.

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