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It was early Tuesday morning and Guy had just gotten out of bed.  He stretched his arms, glad to be normal size — especially after what happened yesterday.  Shortly after his sister had placed his inch-tall body into the glass jar and set him on the bookshelf… she ended up leaving her bedroom.  Guy knew she was just teasing him — but then she did not return for almost 2 hours.  Guy was understandably upset, since the agreement with his sister was she could only have him shrunk for 1 hour.

            It turned out that Laurissa had a legitimate excuse for being as late as she was.  She had gone to meet with a friend, and on the way back to the house to re-enlarge her brother, there was a minor car accident that had completely stopped traffic on the highway — and she had no choice but to arrive back at the time she did.  Still, Guy felt the shrinking ‘agreement’ had been pushed too far, and he was unhappy with his sister the rest of the day.

            Heading down the hall, Guy thought to himself, I bet Mom hasn’t left for work yet.  He went down to the first floor, and passed through the living room, spotting Carol in the kitchen.

            “Hey, Mom,” he said, entering the kitchen and opening the cabinet for a bowl and cereal.

            “Oh, hi, honey,” the kind-hearted and plump woman answered.  “You’re up early.  I usually don’t see you before I head out the door.  I often see Laurissa, though.”

            Pouring some Cheerios into a bowl, he added some milk and helped himself to a seat at the table.  Taking a bite, he said, “Yeah, I sometimes miss you by five minutes.”

            The sound of footsteps came running down the stairs.  Guy didn’t turn around as he heard the girlish and bubbly voice of his sister.  “Hi, Mom.  About to leave for the office?”

            “In 1 minute,” Carol replied.  “Just grabbing some stuff here.”

            Guy saw his sibling in his peripheral vision, still feeling a bit steamed about being imprisoned in his sister’s glass jar for nearly 2 hours.  Without warning, he felt Laurissa caress his shoulders, sliding her hands up to massage his back near his neck.

            “Hey, quit it,” Guy snapped, turning briefly and then resumed eating his breakfast.

            “Something wrong?” his mother asked.

            Laurissa grabbed a banana from the kitchen table, and started to peel it.  “Guy is just a little upset.  That’s all, Mom.  Nothing you need to worry yourself about.”

            “Well, all right, dear.”

            “A ‘little’ upset?” Guy parroted his sister’s words.  “I’m more than a little upset.”

            Having finished unpeeling the banana, Laurissa, replied, “No, I’d say I used the right word: Little.  I mean, really, you don’t need to make a big deal out of it.  I said I was sorry.  It wasn’t my fault the traffic was horrible in the middle of the day.”

            Guy had seen his sibling take the banana from the table, and so was not going to look in her direction for fear of being unexpectedly aroused.  “Sure, whatever,” he said.

            “Well, I have to go,” his mother chimed in.  “I don’t know what this is about, but… Guy, if your sister apologized, then you should accept it.”

            “I… guess,” he slowly responded.

            “All right, shake hands,” Carol said quickly.  “Show me that everything is good between you two.  And I mean right now; I’m in a hurry.”

            Guy turned, holding out his hand half-heartedly as his sister took it and shook.  “There,” his mother said happily.  “Now we will have peace in this house.”

            His mother hurried to the front door and had left before Guy knew it.  His 16-year-old sibling then sat down at the table.  “Mmm… this banana is surprisingly good.”

            “Ha-ha,” he answered.  “You already had me shrunk 3 times.  Sorry, little sis, but I think I’ll head upstairs and take a long shower to relax.”  He slurped the rest of the milk from his bowl, and got up, placing it in the sink.

            As he passed by his sister, she teased, “No really, big brother… I wasn’t kidding about this banana.  It tastes really good on my tongue.”

            Guy hurried over to the stairs and ran up to the second floor.  He realized he hadn’t even once looked to see what his sister was wearing.  That’s how much he was not in the mood to be his sister’s shrunken brother.  Maybe he would have shrunk from glimpsing his gorgeous, busty sister, maybe he wouldn’t have.  He just didn’t want to risk it.

            Stopping in the bathroom, Guy shut the door, and turned on the water to the shower, pulling open the sliding glass door… the type that’s partially blurred for privacy.

            He had taken off his T-shirt when his sister entered the bathroom — shutting the door behind her.  “I already brushed my teeth, big bro.  I just need to take a shower.  I’m going to go out with my girlfriends today.”

            “No way,” he answered.  “You came up here, because I explicitly said that I was going to take a long, relaxing shower.  You’re just trying to… to…”

            “To what?  Shrink you?  Come on, Guy.”

            Guy just stared blankly at his younger sister.  He finally replied, “I’m taking a shower first, because I said I was going to.  And you can get as wet as you want after I’m done.”  He motioned for her to turn around.  She then sighed and turned her head as he removed his shorts and entered the shower, sliding shut the shower door.  He breathed deeply, feeling the warm water running down his back.  His mind was a bit off-balance having noticed how extremely hot his sister looked… her tight-fitting T-shirt which accentuated her large breast size, not to mention how her boxers closely hugged her wide hips.

            “You know, big brother,” he heard his sister say just outside the shower door, “it would be faster if we… both… used the shower at the same time.  I wasn’t kidding that I was going to go out with friends.”

            Guy laughed to himself, knowing full well what his sister was up to.  Over the sound of running water, he said, “Nice try, little sister.  Not… going… to… work.”

            “I don’t know what you mean, Guy.  So, umm… big brother, you’re not mad at me anymore?  You know me being late was not intentional.”

            Guy washed his chest with a bar of soap as he called out, “No, we’re good.  I know you couldn’t help it with the surprise traffic.”

            After a few moments had passed, his sister added, “That makes happy… because I wouldn’t want you to be angry with me while I’m squeezing little you between my big boobs.”

            The sound of the bar of soap landing on the shower floor was more than a little obvious.  A few seconds later, his sister asked, “What do you think about that?”

            Guy stammered, his mind obviously focused on his sister’s comment, “Wh-Wh-What do I… breast about… I mean think… you know…”

            Speaking loudly for her brother to hear over the water, she said in an even more seductive tone, “Because… if you’re shrunk… like really small like you get.  Just an inch tall.  And say I wanted to push my big DD’s together… while you’re between them… that would be fun, wouldn’t it?”

            Guy — not even seeing his sister — suddenly shrunk down by just over a foot.  Shit, he thought.  Please not now.  This can’t be happening.  He exhaled.  Come on, I am strong enough to resist my sister simply talking to me.  It doesn’t matter what she says… I won’t let her control my size.

            Having seen her brother’s silhouette reduced, she smirked.  “You doing all right in there… little brother?”

            Guy yelled back, “That’s big brother to you!  And I’m perfectly fine.  Thanks for asking.  Can’t talk now.”

            “So… you’re saying you don’t mind if I talk and you just listen?”

            “Why would I mind?” Guy answered quickly.  “I don’t mind.  It’s not like I’m afraid you’ll shrink me.  I can’t even see you.  Of course, I don’t mind.”  Shit, he thought, having completely lost where he was in his bathing routine.  Why did I say that?  How could I be so stupid to say that?

            “Oh, good,” Laurissa replied.  “You know I was thinking about rubbing some of that body wash on my boobs…  If I came into the shower right now, would you help wash your big sister’s boobs?  I can see that you already shrunk a little.”

            Guy’s heart began to pound within his chest… his breathing now rapid and shallow…  “Uh… uh, don’t come in… I’m not done.”

            His sister cooed, “But, Guy, come on.   I’ve already taken off my shirt.  And my bra isn’t going to stay on much longer.  My boobs are so big.  Really… big.”  Seeing that he wasn’t shrinking, she added, “And my nipples are getting so hard with anticipation.”

            Laurissa then saw her brother’s form behind the shower door rapidly decrease in size.  It appeared as if he dwindled all the way down… completely vanishing.  The teen smirked, laughing softly to herself.

            Guy was in full panic mode — the shower stall having suddenly become this enormous vast expanse… a deluge of water rising up his now inch-tall frame well past his ankles, approaching his knees.  Oh, God.  Oh, God.  This is totally not happening!  My sister knows I am turned on by her.   I can’t hide that she shrunk me to an inch!

            The 19-year-old’s eyes darted around.  There was no way he could climb up the wall of the shower.  It was only about 4 inches to the bottom of the closed sliding door… but that was 20-30 feet from his perspective, not to mention it was slippery from all the rushing water.  And then how would he get out of the bathroom… down the hall… to his bedroom… and he could never in a million years reach his medicine high up on his dresser.

            He began to hyperventilate, breathing quickly in and out as if he were running a marathon and decided to sprint the whole thing.  His legs trembled… his knees feeling weak.  He then heard the shower door rolling as it began to slowly slide open.  A huge shadow suddenly eclipsed the shower floor and he looked upward — his little sister’s bare athletic, sculpted legs seeming to rise up forever.  He had yet to crane his neck to see just how high her body went up into the sky when he witnessed her bare foot stepping into the shower.

            He heard his sister’s powerful voice, like that of a goddess, “I hope you don’t mind that I’m butt-naked.  Not like you have a choice… little bro.”

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