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Laurissa smiled looking down, standing before her naked inch-tall brother who was atop her bed.  Holding the glass jar in her left hand, she tapped a fingernail on its surface.  “This could be the place I keep you when you’re naughty… or maybe, when you’re extra nice.  How’s that sound?”  She plopped down, sitting beside little Guy as he toppled over, tumbling down the bed’s indentation toward his sister’s athletic right thigh.

            Hearing his16-year-old sister giggle at his misfortune, Guy struggled back to his feet as he looked upward.  “Laurissa, please!  You’re so much bigger than I am.”

            She snatched up her brother between her thumb and fingertip, holding him right up close to her model-like face.  “Oh, yes.  I am… much, much bigger than you, aren’t I?  And this jar must seem really big to you, too.”  Setting Guy back down on top of the pink bedspread, she placed the jar close to where he stood.

            The glass container was over 6 times Guy’s height, and he stared upward, his eyes wide.  He then saw Laurissa’s long fingernails as she caressed the glass… flirtatiously running her nails up and down… up and down.  She cooed, “Remember when we were little kids, Guy?  You loved looking at those collages online of men trapped in jars just like this one.”

            Guy crossed his arms.  “Yeah, of course I remember.”

            His towering sister gently tapped him on top of his tiny head, continuing to speak down at him.  “Your fetish is to be helpless… and controlled.  I already know little you enjoy this sort of thing.”  She leaned in closer as Guy took a nervous step backward — his sister’s nearly 50-foot-high face now at more intimate distance.  She teased, “I… absolutely love… men trapped in jars, too.  As much as you do.  Probably more… much more.”

            The look of his sister’s giant blue eyes, her long dark lashes…. her full pouting lips as she spoke every syllable… Guy unconsciously, automatically felt his genitals begin to feel a bit too good as his dick started developing into a boner.  Oh, shit, he thought.  I have to keep my libido under control.  She’s my younger sister!  At least I don’t have a full erection yet.

            He watched the 16-year-old as her nails resumed fondling the side of the jar — from the base at the bottom… all the way up… nearly 40 feet… to its large opening.  Guy exhaled, having forgotten to breathe momentarily… and then took a deep breath in.

            And then he witnessed Laurissa’s elegant hand as she gently tipped the jar, using only the tip of her middle finger… gradually lowering the glass building onto its side.  Guy knew the mouth of the jar couldn’t be much more than a few inches, but from his diminished inch-tall perspective it appeared about 20 feet in diameter.  And then he heard his sister’s girlishly sexy giggle as she lowered her titanic body and then her head, resting her chin upon her blanket.  “Well…” she said, smiling.  “Do I have to trap you in there… or are you going to walk in voluntarily?”

            Guy stared anxiously up at his sister’s beautiful, 50-foot-high head.  He could feel his sibling’s smugness as she laughed to herself… the self-satisfaction in her voice at once both incredibly erotic to him and at the same time disturbingly vexing.  It both pleased Guy and infuriated him that his sister basically knew everything about his shrinking fantasies.  They had shared all their thoughts about the subject when they were children.  His sister knew exactly how to push his ‘arousal’ button… and being an inch tall made it remarkably easy to push that button again… and again… and again.

            Guy defiantly crossed his arms once more.  He didn’t want his sister to control him just because she felt like it.  “You know, I’m thinking…” he said and paused.  Finding his backbone, he then demanded, “I’m older than you, Laurissa.  I’m still older than you, so there is no way that I’m going in there.  That’s final, Laurissa.”

            His sister smirked, her chin still resting on her pink blanket.  “Oh, really?”

            “Uh… yes…” his voice wavered.  “I mean, I am the older brother… and, uh…”

            Before Guy knew it, his body had been plucked off his sister’s bed as his sister’s colossal body sat up tall and straight.  She lifted his tiny form high up in front of her blue eyes.  She spoke with unlimited confidence, “You’re right, Guy.  You are the older brother.  But…”  She giggled, continuing, “You are also the… little brother.  The very, very… very… tiny… little brother.  Isn’t that right, Guy?”

            His torso held firmly between his sister’s thumb and fingertip, Guy realized he was in no position to make demands.  “Okay!” he yelled with his high-pitched voice.  “You’re right, Laurissa!  You’re right!  I’m really, really little.  I’m super small.  I’m sorry, okay.  All right?”

            Guy watched as his sister gently bit her lower lip, obviously relishing every single second of their one-sided ‘sibling interaction’.  Her eyes flashed, speaking amorously, “Well, little bro… I’m glad you can admit how the order of our family goes.  Being older doesn’t make you in charge, does it?”

            Guy knew his sister well enough that she hadn’t the slightest ill will or desire to harm him.  But that didn’t mean she couldn’t play the role of the dominating sister.  He heard her say again, this time with more force, “Does it?”

            “No, no, it doesn’t,” he answered submissively.  “My being older doesn’t make me in charge, at all.”

            The teen smirked and then dangled Guy from side-to-side so his little legs moved limply about like the tiniest of rag dolls.  “I love being so much bigger than you, little bro.”  She moved her long, gigantic body so her feet were resting on the bed, her back arched, her left arm propping herself up.  Placing her brother on top of her bosom, her tank top bulged showing the immensity of her DD breasts.  “My boobs are much, much too large for someone as itty-bitty as you...”  She giggled, adding, “But somehow I think you won’t mind.”

            His eyes widened seeing the mountainous pair of twin globes rising on either side of him.  Oh shit.  Oh, no.  Just being in that wonderful place on his sister’s shirt, on her bosom… it was too much for Guy.  He had lost all control over his erection.  His cock had swelled to rock-hard level, and it throbbed… aching with desire as he held it in his hand.

            His sibling noticed him holding his boner in his hand.  “Mmm… I see my ample breast size turns you on.”  She quipped, “Well, that was fast, little brother, even for you.”

            The 19-year-old felt his face becoming incredibly warm as he continued to gaze longingly at his sister’s mounds, the sense of being ‘dwarfed’ by them as they loomed large around him.  His erection no longer a secret, he dared to venture out, carefully climbing upward toward Laurissa’s collarbone.  As he passed over the cotton-polyester of her tank top onto her smooth, silky skin, he glanced backward.  “Holy shit!” he exclaimed.  His eyes were inundated with the epic image of his sister’s cleavage… her round, massive DD’s gently pressing together within a lacy red bra.  The view was simply too much — and he began to stroke himself without remembering having ever made the conscious decision to do so.

            He panted as he felt climax nearing… his hand having pumped for only a minute.  Without warning, he felt his upper body compressed as he was lifted upward.  The next thing he knew he was being lowered down inside the glass jar.  His mind completely aware of the change of scenery, he still continued with his masturbation, desperate for release.  He carefully found his footing as the jar was tilted back upright.  And then his head jerked upward as he saw Laurissa’s pretty face peering down at him.

            “The memory of your big sister’s big boobs will keep you company.  I see that you’re still jerking off even down inside there.”

            His hand rapidly stroking his dick, Guy still looking up at his sister while she looked down at him, he gave forth his first shot of cum.  And it was intense, despite having ejaculated earlier when his sister put him inside her mouth on her tongue.  He exploded another shot of cum…. and then another.

            He moaned, as he looked down at his junk, “Oh, yeah… oh…”  He heard the sweet, feminine giggle of his sister echoing throughout the glass prison and he knew she was still watching, and it only heightened his arousal.  He squirted a few more times… until he had given all of himself and more.

            He breathed out, trying to catch his breath.  He then realized his sister was walking across her bedroom while she carried the jar… his little body moving slightly up and down with each giant step she took.  And then he heard a ‘thud’ as he felt the jar being set down on a shelf.  His eyes darted about, seeing his sister’s enormous books on either side of him.

            He heard his sister’s sensual voice, “Now you’re my prisoner, little bro,” followed by a throaty laugh of victory. 

            Guy then saw that she was walking back toward her bed, but the image was distorted by the glass.  He could still make out all the objects in her super gigantic bedroom: her desk and chair, her bed and nightstand, her stuffed animals and music posters on the walls, as well as the many soccer trophies she had on display — yet it was obvious that he was peering through the wall of a glass jar… a jar about as high as a 4-story building.

            He walked a dozen feet closer to the wall, touching the glass, impressed by the spaciousness within the jar.  Hmm, I wonder when Laurissa is going to return me to normal size.  It’s got to be close to an hour.  Right?  I mean, we had deal.  My sister can’t keep me trapped in here forever.   Or can she?

            Guy looked out seeing his sister lying on her bed on her back, her legs crossed with her socked foot bouncing.  She appeared to be looking at her phone… at least that’s what it looked like through the distortion of the glass.  And then he heard her beginning to hum, her pleasingly girlish voice filling the room and jar’s interior.

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