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Author's Chapter Notes:

Again, just writing my own things because I don't know what the crowd wants. Comment please, and tell me what you all want most. I'm sitting around being a genie with 3 wishes to grant, but nobody's biting.

I shook my head . . . yesterday had been insane. I was hung over, and so was she . . . my friend, upon whose sole I had slept last night. I would need to climb all that just to be noticed . . . ? . . . I groaned in dismay.

**17 - 70%**

"That- that's not fair!" Lydia whined, pouting.

"It's what the doctor said," her mother pacified her furious teenage daughter, "every year, on your birthday, you'll lose thirty percent of your body mass. You're lucky you grew as big as you did before this . . . shrinking disease set in. Five foot ten, that's seventy inches to lose from."

Lydia was not amused. "Hey, Gia, how tall does that make me right now?"

Gia was Lydia's best friend, and while the currently dwindling teen had hoped for more between them, it was just too difficult to ask, especially given how attractive her best friend was, how average Lydia felt she was, and how Lydia was going to be shrinking for the rest of her life. "Forty-nine inches," Gia did the mental math quickly, "or four-foot-one."

"See, mom? Four foot fucking one! Literally a midget!" Lydia threw a fit from Gia's lap. It was embarrassing being cradled in the lap of her crush like a child, and yet she was aroused by it . . . because Gia's heavenly bosom was her pillow, the curvy girl's smooth thighs her seat.

Then it all turned around to being mad again, because Gia preferred taller girls, and Lydia had only recently become taller than her curvy friend. "This sucks!"

"It's not all bad, though, right?" Gia asked, hugging Lydia from behind. "I mean, you always have me . . ."

"Yeah," Lydia sighed, "maybe . . ."

*18- 49%*

"Nononono that's bullshit!" Lydia shrieked as she shrank again. She'd just started getting used to being a 4'1" midget, and now she'd have to adapt to an even bigger world.

She and Gia had gone off to college together, so she quickly ran over to her friend's bed and stirred the now colossal girl from her slumber.

"Mmm? Wazzat?" Gia murmured indisctinctly, not liking being woken early in the morning. "Oh. Happy birthday, Lydia," she smiled, kissing the miniature maiden on the forehead.

"What's so happy about it?" Lydia railed angrily, "I shrank again! How big am I, Gia?"

Gia groaned, really not liking waking up early, and now having to do math on top of it all. "Mmm, lessee . . . Seventy percent of 49 . . . Thirty-four point three. That's a little over two foot ten."

"Two foot ten!?" Lydia whined. "I'm like an eight-year-old! This isn't fucking cool!"

"Not cool," Gia admitted, mumbling indisctinctly. "But you are cute, though. Small enough to fit in my bed with me, if you wanted."

Almost as if it were planned, that shut Lydia up. Oh boy did it shut her up. The puny woman's mind was whirling with the possibilities . . . curling up with a girl her crush on had never died, and in fact had only grown more rampant. 

Before she could say yes a few thousand times, however, Lydia heard gentle snoring. Gia had gone right back to sleep. 


I continued my grueling climb up her heel, finally onto her ankle . . . I was soaked in sweat, and I was honestly not sure how much of it was mine and how much was from her sweaty feet.

Onward, then!

*19- 34.3%*

"Y-you what?" Lydia trembled, looking up at the absolutely monolithic creature standing beside her Gia with fear and hate.

"I got a girlfriend!" Gia smiled, introducing the lean pillar of immensity that was said girl.

"Hi, I'm Rhoda," she introduced herself, squatting down to look little Lydia in the eye. "So, you're Gia's roomie? My God, she just does not shut up about you," she laughed. "Lydia this and Lydia that, we were ten minutes into the date before I found out Gia's own name!"

Gia blushed, embarrassed, but didn’t stop her fitness model of a girlfriend. "But, yeah, Lydia, Rhoda's going to be coming around every so often," she said, desperate to change the subject, "because I can't keep an eye on you all the time. I hope you two can be friends . . ."

Internally, Lydia seethed. Friends? Rhoda sounded like she was trying to get rid of her! She was already two feet tall, now her girl had been taken by this big, dumb jock? However, Lydia was worried that Gia would break off their friendship if she expressed her disapproval for Rhoda . . .

"Glad to meet you," Lydia said politely, and watched Rhoda's disgusting grin only widen.

"Awww . . . her voice is so cute!" She purred, patting Lydia on the head before standing back up. Turning her attention back to Gia, she smirked, "But she's not as cute as you."

Gia happily ran a hand through Rhoda's hair. "Good to know that my best friend and my girlfriend are on such good terms . . . because honestly I would not be able to choose if you didn't like each other."

Lydia desperately wanted to punch Rhoda for calling her cute. Just because she'd dwindled to the size of a child didn't mean that it was acceptable to treat her like one . . .

*20 - 24.01%*

Lydia plugged the numbers into the calculator on her old phone . . . a gift from her sixteenth birthday, from before she started shrinking. 


Such an arbitrary, stupid number . . . yet it was now her exact height in inches. She was 1'4", barely above the size of a doll.

While she still didn't like Rhoda, an entire year of the woman’s presence had . . . quieted her fury somewhat. Gia thought she was hot, thought she was sweet, loved having her around, and honestly Lydia couldn't take that away from a girl she still yearned for.

And, Lydia supposed it was easier sometimes to talk to Rhoda . . . which is why Rhoda, and specifically not Gia, was privy to the tiny girl's . . . last wish.

"You . . . what?" Rhoda asked, alarmed.

"You heard me," Lydia sighed. "Don't tell Gia, but . . . please. Before I get too tiny to enjoy life, find a way to get rid of me . . . painlessly."

"No way in hell, Lydia," Rhoda said firmly, "I'm surprised you would ask for something like this from me! Life is . . . life is fucking sacred! Suicide is no fucking joke, girl. What brought this on?"

"I'm going to keep shrinking away, smaller and smaller, for the rest of my life," Lydia answered soberly. "Yeah, I'm still big enough to have fun with now, but what about in two, three, four years? What am I going to be able to do once I'm less than an inch tall, huh? I'm sick and tired of life's bullshit!" She broke down in sobs, whimpering, "I-I don't wanna wake up one day and realize that I'm too tiny to be heard, so small that you mistake me for a crumb, or a bug."

"Better our little bug-girl we can still love, than dead in the smallest coffin ever built," Rhoda replied. "Look, maybe you're looking at this all wrong. Maybe you can look at things you can only do if you're really small . . . um . . ." Rhoda trailed off, trying to think. "Anyone in particular you have a thing for?"

Frustrated and unwilling to deal with this anymore, Lydia decided she didn't mind pissing Rhoda off. "Gia, okay!? I've wanted to get with Gia since before I started shrinking!"

Rhoda froze, evidently stuck regarding her own morals. However, a blush slowly began to form on her face. "Hm . . . I think I might be able to talk Gia into a . . . mutually beneficial setup. If you were full-size right now, I would have fucking slapped you. But as such a little thing, it's less cheating and more . . . fun."


So much fucking leg to walk over . . . how was she not waking up from being walked on? How tiny was I? I could really use some help with the math . . .

*21 - 16.807%*

Lydia woke up on the inside of a nylon, wondering exactly how tiny she was now. She felt . . . melancholic, realizing that she was now definitely less than a foot tall at the very most.

"Happy birthday to you . . ." Rhoda singsonged from somewhere out of Lydia's range of vision.

"Happy birthday to you!" Gia continued, and by now Lydia had turned to see where they were- standing in the doorway to the bedroom, holding a bottle of scotch.

"Guys," Lydia laughed, the blues chased away for a little bit, "I'm not a kid anymore. You don't have to sing!"

"Are you calling me a kid?" Gia teased, putting the alcohol into her cleavage. "I love this song, and if I'm a kid I guess that means playing with my tits is off the table, even to the birthday girl!"

Rhoda was busting up laughing, as even through her nylon it was clear to see that Lydia was absolutely pink. "No, no. You're an adult," Lydia corrected herself loudly, "a very hot adult!"

"Well then," Gia smirked, freeing Lydia from her girlfriend's sweaty clothing, where she'd been left to watch the show last night as it were, "even though it's ten in the morning, let's get fucking hammered like best friends. Rhoda, no pictures."

"I make no promises," the still quite athletic office worker laughed, "because you do some picture-worthy things when you're drunk."

"I can't wait for your 21st," Lydia grinned evilly from Gia's palm, "because we're gonna take lots of pictures of anything stupid you do!"

"You know," Rhoda threatened teasingly, "you probably fit under my foot now . . . imagine being stuck in my socks while I, drunk off my ass, just rub my feet over one another . . ."

Rhoda won that exchange. 

The two foot fetishists she lived with were too easy.

As they walked over to the couch, Gia softly commented, "You're about 11.8 inches tall . . . you could fit against her size thirteens . . ."

*22 - 11.7649%*

"About 8 inches tall . . ." Lydia whispered. On the one hand, this size in particular had potential for all kinds of fun. On the other, she was now in the single digits of height in terms of inches . . .

"But look, Lydia!" Rhoda pointed at the metric half of the ruler, knowing about how sensitive Lydia was about the single-digits thing. "Twenty-one centimeters. See? Double digits." No psychological counselor would see the puny girl about her suicidal tendencies . . . shrinking disease was rare enough that no one cared about treating it, but common enough that everyone knew the inevitable consequences by this point. Comedians now occasionally joked about the absurdly high suicide rate among those afflicted. 

"I-I guess," Lydia sighed, "but . . . how long will that last? Will I need to go into millimeters? Am I just going to get so small that I need to compare myself to your skin cells?"

"Just . . . listen, Lydia. You're awesome, okay? You're fun, you're funny, and I didn't expect to have this much fun with two girls in bed with me, but I am," Rhoda said firmly. "Stop this about killing yourself, or having us kill you. Okay? I won't do it, and Gia won't either. We love you, okay? Now, let's see what fun you can have at eight inches tall."

Gia then walked into the room, and immediately frowned at seeing the ruler. "Put that away, we don't need to know the number of inches tall you are. You're Lydia-sized, perfect at whatever height you are."

Lydia blushed . . . all these years later, and Gia could always make her feel better. 


Up and over the curvature of her ass I climbed, scaling the mountain of buttock with everything I had. Hours had passed since I'd woken up . . . and yet she still snored on. It was the weekend, I supposed . . .

*23 - 8.23543%*

Lydia knew that checking would only make her mood worse, but she had to know. The ruler came out once again, held by a hesitant Gia. "Fourteen and a half centimeters . . ." She said softly. 

"Imperial units, Gia- how much have I lost?" Lydia asked, annoyed. She knew that the bubbly woman was only trying to spare her feelings, but- 

"Just a little over five and a half inches, okay? You're around five and three-quarters inches tall," Gia tried not to cry. "Please stop making us do this every year . . . you think shrinking just hurts you? I want you to be around, Lydia. I don't like being scared every morning that you might have done something, I don't like seeing you suffer, I don't like hearing a leaf crunching under my shoe and panicking that I just killed you!"

"Then just end both our suffering and kill me already!" Lydia shrieked in hysteria. "I mean, for fuck's sake you came close enough this morning!" 

Gia's eyes widened in horror. "What do you mean? I-I wouldn't . . . I didn't . . ."

"You did," Lydia cried, her face in her hands. "You almost . . . you almost threw me away. You and Rhoda laughed, haha it's so funny that Lydia smells like garbage . . . because I had to climb out of the fucking trash can! I was eating off your plate and you were so busy cleaning up that you just dumped me without looking!"

Gia sobbed apologies over and over- "Oh, oh no, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to . . ."

"Of course you didn't mean to," Lydia cried, her voice reduced to little more than a whisper. "That’s what scares me. I'm becoming so small that you can just whoops and accidentally put me through hell . . . do you get it now? I don't wanna suffer . . . I . . . I want it to be quick. Painless. Not suffocating under garbage, not lost in the crawl space, but something fast."

Gia shook her head. "No! Losing you . . . it would hurt . . . If you would need to be a dust speck staying alive by living under my fingernail, I would feed you and love you forever . . . just please, please don't die."

*24 - 5.764801%*

Lydia was four inches tall, and had to live with that. However . . . she supposed that being this small came with rewards. She curled up against Gia's sole, less than half its size but honestly more comfortable with Gia's gigantic feet than Rhoda's even more massive ones.

Speaking of Rhoda, the mountainously massive (at least, to little Lydia) woman had something to say: "You know . . . my new office is a pretty sweet scientific setup. I might be able to pull some strings, get the lab people working on a cure."

"Great," Lydia responded sarcastically, "in about ten years when I'm a dust mite stuck in a shoe, they might have a pill five times my size."

"Hey, I'm just trying to help," Rhoda replied, "and again, any option where you get to keep living is a good one."

"Whatever you say, boss," Lydia replied, lacking the energy to argue. "So, is my birthday present the reassurance that a cure is on the way?"

"No," Rhoda smirked, "your birthday present is a chance at being my lollipop."

"Huh?" Lydia scrunched her nose in confusion. "What do you mean by thaaaaaa-"

Rhoda simply took Lydia into her mouth from the neck down, the puny girl's head resting on her lower lip . . . and began to aggressively lick the tiny woman in her mouth, playing her tongue over every inch of Lydia's little body . . .


Holy hell, I thought, this was taking forever. This was a walk of only a few feet, and yet here I was still struggling to make it much farther than the curve of her lower back.

Onward and onward I pressed, despite the agony in my legs. I felt so . . . tired . . .

*25 - 4.0353607%*

"The last vestiges of dignity I had . . . gone," Lydia sighed. The day had finally come, at 2.8 inches tall, where she could not be heard while standing on the floor. She was officially an insect. 

Even the metric system and centimeters couldn't break her depression . . . she was only 7 centimeters tall. Normal women her age would be out partying at a bar on their 25th birthday . . . but that was out of the question for little Lydia. If she fell into a glass, she was as good as dead . . . and it was on those grounds Rhoda had vetoed it.

Instead, Lydia found herself taunted by a single, ordinary grape, that tiny fruit being bigger than her torso, its thin skin being too much for her teeth to penetrate.

She was frustrated, and worse than that, no one could hear her on the floor, so she couldn't talk about it.

*26 - 2.82475249%*

"She's . . . less than two inches tall, Rhoda. There isn't anything I can do to cheer her up anymore," Gia admitted worriedly. "Maybe . . . maybe she has a point. Maybe, if we just stomp her out . . ."

"Are you seriously suggesting what I think you are?" Rhoda growled hotly. "Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more sacred than a life. I will not be responsible for murdering a girl with a disease, no matter how small."

"But she's suffering, Rhoda!" Gia cried. "Lydia hasn't said a word in months, she's refusing to eat, and I caught her trying to hide in my shoe the other day. She's just had her life become harder and harder for ten years, and maybe we should show her some mercy. I mean . . . one footstep, one teensy bit of effort on our part, and her pain ends."

"And so does her life! I can't believe she convinced you on this, Gia, we're supposed to be helping her get better!" Rhoda fired back.

"We can't help her get better, and worse yet, I've seen her little face when we get intimate," Gia whimpered, crestfallen. "Just us kissing burns her up inside, because we have the one thing she never got to."

"You're not going to help her kill herself, and that's final," Rhoda growled. "Killing a friend who loves and trusts you doesn't sound like the Gia I fell in love with."

Lydia heard the whole thing and felt betrayed. Rhoda was so caught up in her own personal moral bullshit that she would extend Lydia's suffering to prove a point?

*27 - 1.977326743%*

*28 - 1.384128718%*

***29 - 0.9688901026%***

Today is Lydia's birthday. 

Yesterday, I was so desperate to prove that life was sacred that I'd done the unthinkable- I stole a device from work that lets people swap minds. I had been so certain that Lydia was just overreacting that I let her switch bodies with me. Just for a night, I thought. Let her spend a day in a big body, show her some fun, then swap back so she felt better.

However, in a few hours of being 3/5 of an inch tall, I felt it. That empty despair, that pit of gnawing self-loathing in my stomach at being unable to accomplish anything. 

I hated it.

I wanted my body back, to be free of this hopelessness that came with being so completely puny.

But, despite my best efforts, I couldn't wake my own body. Lydia was sleeping deeply in my borrowed form, and I was all but inaudible. 

Eventually, at nearly noon, she stirred, my own eyes focusing down on me with slow wakefulness. "Mmm, thanks, Rhoda. God, I feel good. I want to go jogging, actually . . . your legs practically demand you use them, don't they?"

"Switch us back!" I screamed at the top of Lydia's laughably little lungs. "I want by body back! GIVE ME MY BODY BACK!"

"Hmm? What's that? Can't quite hear you," Lydia teased. "God, did I really sound like that? Just mousy squeak-squeak-squeak all the time? Sorry if that was annoying."

"Switch us back!" Rhoda sobbed, feeling the helplessness ebb through her being. "Please . . . I want-"


"The hell is this?" Gia asked, lifting a little broken piece of machinery. 

"It's nothing. It didn't work anyway," Lydia lied through Rhoda's teeth. "Would you mind throwing it away for me?"

"No problem!" Gia smiled, glad to have agreeable, polite Rhoda back. She took the broken pieces of the swapping machine away, as the real Rhoda howled in agony in Lydia's body.

"Sorry, Rhoda, but I'm never going back," Lydia whispered. "That was the worst twelve years of my life . . . Each day felt worse than the last. Watching the world grow around me, losing the ability to do anything of importance . . . but hey, they're working on a cure, right? Cheer up . . . only about five years to go."

"KILL ME! I CAN'T STAND ANOTHER SECOND OF IT! KILL ME OR I KILL MYSELF!" Rhoda cried in desperation . . . but it was no use. She was inches from her own ear, but Lydia couldn't hear her. Freaking out, she immediately tried to jump off the couch . . . only to be stopped by her own palm.

"Careful there. You almost took a pretty bad fall," Lydia whispered, the sound malicious. "It wouldn't have killed you, though. Trust me, the smaller you shrink, the lower your terminal velocity . . . the less damage you'll be able to do to yourself. You couldn't commit suicide if you tried, Lydia."

As Gia returned to the room, "Rhoda" stood and kissed her. Surprised by the sheer passion and intensity her lover displayed, she had to ask: "What brought this on?"

"I guess you could say I have a new lease on life," Lydia purred in Rhoda's voice. "I haven't been anywhere near as good to my lovely, talented girlfriend as she deserves."

From Lydia's ant-sized body on the couch, Rhoda cried.

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