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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

This story is set in Britain and features British characters. The legal age of consent in the UK is 16 years old.This story features a perspective that grows ever more experimental.

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Narcissism or the Beauty of Self-Love


Elia Rossi was in many ways a typical 16 year old girl. She was a girl finishing school in Britain and was getting consistently great grades, good enough that she was practically moonwalking her way into college. Elia was popular, appeared charming to other people and had a stellar physique. Elia was an even 6 foot and had amongst other things, phenomenally large slender legs, wonderfully buxom breasts, alluring brown eyes that matched her long brown hair, and a lovely face with a smile that turned many a boy’s head at school.

But with Elia there was one slight difference to her compared to most other teens. Elia was a narcissist. Okay many teens are narcissists but this went beyond the pale. Elia Rossi was obsessed with herself and herself alone. Her favourite hobby was to look at herself in the mirror, not just for a few moments here and there, but full on hours and hours at a time without stopping. Elia would analyse and focus on seemingly every single atom of her being. Elia did not even just stop at admiring her incredible body. Elia always loved to look down at her body and admired the strong sharp smell of her feet and her armpits. Her scent was heavenly to Elia. Elia’s image of herself and her being was her entire world, but she did not use it to impress others or to get anything out of them, all Elia cared about was herself. In fact all Elia was attracted to was herself. Elia stared at the mirror and fantasised about making out and making love to an exact duplicate of her. Elia imagined their identical huge boobs colliding, feeling the other half’s body but her favourite thought was staring into those luscious brown eyes and knowing that Elia was truly with herself and was not alone simultaneously. All Elia wanted was to share a bond with herself that was both her but also separated from her. An Elia that she was able to talk to, laugh with, hang out with, but also to be in love with and to share everything together forever and ever.

Elia knew from a very young age that her thoughts and desires for herself were strange. Elia simply had no hobbies that were not related to herself in some way, nor could she form societal bonds that did not enforce her beautiful magnificence either. After a while Elia was old enough and smart enough to hide some of it. She knew when to laugh at other people’s unfunny jokes, buy birthday presents for her supposed friends but frankly, Elia simply had no interest in people as people at all.

It wasn’t like Elia despised them, she hung out with them enough to draw away suspicion that she did not care about them, but to Elia people simply had one function in life and that was to praise and to be in awe of her. All Elia wanted was for every single person in the world to be united in their love and admiration for her. It was not enough for Elia that a few callow boys at her school would smile goofily at her or make pitiful attempts to make out with her, in Elia’s mind that simply was not good enough, some day they would need to…no must need to worship her.

Elia’s dream since as long as she could remember was to be the absolute centre of attention, not just in the room that she was in presently, but in the entire world. In this dream this desire manifested itself in a singular way, she became a Giantess. Elia imagined that she was the greatest being to ever walk the Earth. Elia dreamed that she was taller than any building man ever made, or even bigger than any mountain that was ever formed on this Earth. Elia would tower over entire cities and be the only thing worth caring about at all. Elia smiled but then she imagined that even after all that and all of humanity gladly and humbly bowing to her large luscious feet, that it still wouldn’t be enough for her. So Elia smiled and then she imagined her exact double beside her and being worshipped as well by the tiny insignificant things. To Elia that was paradise. That was the dream.


Today was Elia’s sweet 16th birthday and already it was not going as planned. Elia had a kick-ass party planned where all sorts of cakes, presents, DJ’s spinning records and all that jazz happening, but the important thing was that she was going to be the absolute centre of attention. And though the party was still going ahead, Elia frowned as she was sitting in the back of her parent’s car because right now she wasn’t the centre of attention.

Elia was in the passenger seat at eight in the morning with her parents in the front driving as they had heard that her Uncle Marcelo had died in the early hours from a heart attack and that they needed to sort out his things. Elia woke up to the commotion of her parents sobbing hysterically. Both Mater and Pater softly told her the news and she went through the motions, she cried for him, remembering the times Marcelo would always ask her without fail how her day was and always made an effort to make her feel special. Those were the moments where Elia felt like life was getting closer to her ideal state. Marcelo understood Elia better than almost anybody else in the world, and for that Elia was appreciative.

The entire family emigrated from Chile before Elia was born, troubles with the government of Pinochet. Elia’s Dad became a successful lawyer and her mother an executive at a reasonable sized pharmaceutical company. They both worked in London but both were united in their hatred of the place so they lived in nearby Essex. Elia was never interested in what her parents were doing, far too boring for her tastes, but her Uncle’s line of work had a few moments of promise. Marcelo was a scientist who dreamed of inventing machines that would change the course of human history forever. Their last conversation they ever had was Marcelo explaining to Elia that he was getting close to inventing a machine that would fulfil the desires of anyone alive, and he insisted that Elia would definitely have a turn on that machine. But Marcelo swore Elia to secrecy so to keep her Uncle sweet she solemnly promised to keep this supposed device a secret. Though Elia did not quite believe that this device could possibly exist, she nonetheless smiled at the thought, to finally get what she truly wanted.

Elia insisted on tagging along for the ride and lo and behold they took her to the morgue. Elia saw Marcelo’s body. It was the first time Elia saw a dead body and it stunned her. Marcelo seemed to have diminished somehow. His smiling eyes shut forever. In spite of Marcelo’s perfect stillness it seemed that at any moment he would get up and laugh at their faces for looking so sad. But Elia knew that was not going to happen. Elia felt cold all over at the sight of Marcelo. Elia could not put her feelings into words. Elia remembered nothing about the morgue or anyone working there. All Elia remembered was Marcelo and how still he lay.

After some time the Rossi’s got back in the car and drove right to Marcelo’s house. Marcelo would want his family to look after his prized possessions. Elia’s father said something but Elia was not paying attention. Her mother said something else, something about asking her about whether she wanted to go home, but Elia was adamant about tagging along. Elia wanted to see it for herself, her Uncle’s lifework, the supposed great machine that would conjure up everything she ever wanted. Elia made her choice and her word was her bond, Goddesses do not change their mind as they were perfect.


They arrived at Marcelo’s house. It was a large spacious house, not quite a mansion but was very well kept and looked foreboding. Elia’s Dad was Marcelo’s brother and by far his closet next of kin, but that did not matter anyway, he always had a key to the house regardless. They got out of the car and Elia’s mother said something about wanting to see the house as Marcelo kept it before things were to be moved away. Elia nodded mindlessly to her Mum’s mumble and followed them into the house.

When they entered inside Elia looked at all the rooms and decided to see where this machine was and to hide her intentions, she made it look like she was having a mindless wander all by her own, so Elia excused herself and wandered upstairs. Elia walked up the large staircase, taking one step at a time as she looked at all the pictures on the wall. Nothing grabbed her until she saw one of when she was 8 years old playing in his workshop. Elia smiled at the memory but continued going up the stairs to her prize.

Elia got up there and walked straight into the workshop. She opened the door and all Elia could see was a strange large container that dominated the vast majority of the room. The container was grey and was exceptionally sterile, it looked lifeless and dull, which further enhanced its largeness. The container had a door to go inside and the door was hanging wide open. The room inside the container was large and grey itself, but remarkably plain, except for a gigantic mirror. Elia saw the reflection of herself; the brown eyes sizzling alluringly back at her and though she saw this image every day for the vast majority of her life, the image of her face still took her breath away. Elia wanted a closer look and to marvel at her great beauty, so she walked straight to the strange room within a room.

Elia went through the large door but as soon as she walked the door red lights began glowing strongly but there was no alarm. The door shut immediately and locked itself so Elia could not get out. Elia panicked but immediately white lights went on from inside the capsule and Elia heard the sound of computers activating. Aside from a ginormous mirror that was the size of the entire right hand side of the wall, there were computer consoles on the left hand side and then a great red light flashed in her eyes, but as she blinked from the strong sharp light it disappeared again but Elia was stunned further as she heard a strange but loud mechanical voice.


Elia was stunned. This was the most extraordinary thing Elia had ever seen in her life that was not herself. But Elia knew that her Uncle promised to give her a turn on this machine.

Elia could only whisper: “Uncle Marcelo made you?”


This was all too much for her so all Elia could mumble out was: “What fruits? What are you talking about?”


A million thoughts rushed through Elia’s mind. Elia knew that this was what Marcelo had planned, but Elia dismissed it initially when he told her as outlandish pie in the sky nonsense. But this was reality. Elia was talking to essentially a robot voice of some kind telling her that she could have everything she ever wanted. Having witnessed everything so far, there was no reason to believe anything than what the strange mechanical voice was saying. There was no choice to the matter.

“Yes of course I consent. I want everything. I want every single desire of mine to come true. I want it all!”


A strange whirl of horrible clanking machinery began and it pounded louder and louder as suddenly a strange grey mist descended onto the room. It filled itself higher and higher inside the locked room and soon it consumed Elia and she struggled to breathe, Elia was coughing louder and louder until she panicked and tripped onto the ground. The mist seemed to penetrate through her skin as it went further inside of her. The feeling was utterly unbelievable as a strange power seemed to incorporate itself inside of her body. And then the room was all clear again. No mist was visible and the horrible sound was gone. In fact the console lights were gone and the voice along with it. Elia could not see a thing in that strange grey room. But then Elia smelt it. It was the most wonderful smell in the whole wide world. It was the unbelievably strong smell of her foot odour. Elia had never smelt it this strong ever in all of her life. It felt like the smell had been building up for months and months and was finally unleashed gratefully to the world. Elia inhaled the stink with relish but she then remembered that she had her shoes on the whole time she was there, Elia felt confused until she heard another voice, a soft voice of a young woman.

“Do you need a hand my beloved Elia?”

Elia looked up and she saw. It was her; at last. Elia looked up from the ground and first saw Elia’s large feet which smelt absolutely incredible, but was also so well maintained by constant pedicures. Elia looked up and she saw a beautiful shaved crotch. The pussy looked so alluring, so inviting. Elia smiled as her eyes wandered upwards towards those massive breasts that just hung there. All Elia wanted to do right now was to grab and rub, kiss, lick and suck those luscious soft breasts. Finally Elia looked up and she saw the most beautiful face in the world, the skin was so smooth, the eyes so sparkling, the smile so heart-warming. Elia contemplated the entire package and she never felt happier in all her life. This was undoubtedly the most beautiful thing Elia ever saw in her entire life standing right in front of her. It was the one thing Elia Rossi wanted in all of her life and she had finally got it. It was herself.

“You took your sweet time looking up at me; I cannot blame you though. I’m dying to have the same look. Let me help you up.”

Elia took her other’s hand and got to her feet. Elia was now standing right in front of her exact double and was just astounded at just how truly identical the other Elia was to her. The exact same height, the same sized feet and breasts as well. But it was those eyes that took her over the edge. Elia dreamed of being able to truly stare into those beautiful brown eyes and now that she was she felt like everything finally made sense. Elia was finally with who she was always meant to be. Elia grew giddy from the sight of her double’s eyes. The other Elia looked at her with the same sense of awe and wonderment. Elia felt something change and suddenly she realised that she was naked as well. Elia looked down at herself and could not believe what was happening; she had no idea where her clothes were as she noticed her large breasts and gorgeous feet. But Elia heard her other half laughing softly and so she looked straight at her and said:

“Don’t worry Elia you have been naked since I got here. There is so much to explain right now, but all I really want right now is a hug.”

Elia looked at this wonderful exact double and Elia immediately hugged her. The touch was intoxicating, the skin felt like magic to her and the feeling of breast brushing breast send shockwaves of pleasure down her body. Elia was overwhelmed by everything, and as they looked at one another Elia could not resist and she gave her great other a long hard kiss on the lips. More pleasure shot through her body as the lips felt so soft and inviting, but within moments the other Elia’s mouth opened and they both began snogging each other. Tongues wrestled playfully against one another and Elia was so happy she felt that she was melting. When the kiss ended Elia just looked at her double and both smile warmly at the other.

“It is okay Elia; it is all going to be okay now.” The other Elia said in a sing song voice.

Elia smiled softly, for the first time in her life she truly believed that. Elia was finally with herself and able to bear witness to her own majesty that was not mediated by cameras, videos or even by a mirror. Elia’s dream had finally come true and she was now finally whole.

“It will be okay for all of us.” Another voice came out of nowhere and Elia turned her head and then she gasped as she saw a third Elia walking towards her. Like the other two she was completely naked and completely identical in every way. The confident smirk on her gorgeous face made the original Elia’s knees buckle in awe. This Elia’s eyes brightened at the sight and said cockily: “I look that good huh?”

“Yes.” Was all the original Elia could say to this bombshell in front of her. Elia was truly in awe at this wonderful sight in front of her.

“Aww It feels so good hearing that from you. Those other people out there exist merely to adore us, but when a Goddess like you says that…It is just Heavenly.” The third Elia said with a calm powerful sensuality and immediately she held the back of the original’s head and leant in and gave a great powerful snog. Elia was just feeling sensory overload as this third Goddess gave her a long wonderful kiss. Elia’s heart was pounding heavily which wasn’t helped as the second Elia was rubbing her shoulders with a soft but determined intensity as this kiss was still going on.

“Hey how about me?” Called out a fourth Elia.

The original Elia just stared slack jawed as indeed a fourth Elia emerged seemingly out of nowhere and walked ever so seductively towards her. She could hear the other two Elia’s squealing in delight as this new Elia sauntered towards them, showing off her exquisite body as her massive breasts jiggled ever so softly and her long legs glided over towards her with all the finesse of a cat walk model.

“Come here gorgeous.” This new Elia got over to the drooling original and just gave her a wonderful long kiss on the lips. The touch was electric and Elia was on cloud nine as she felt the touch of this other Elia. As the kiss ended she saw the other two Elia’s holding each other’s hands and saw three pairs of eyes just looking at her and Elia smiled at how peaceful and loving all the faces were around her. This was Elia’s Heaven and she could not wait to explore and share everything with them.

The original Elia had a massive smile on her face and said softly: “I want a nice big group hug. Only Elia’s allowed.”

All the Elia’s laughed at that and the Original felt the other three Elia’s closing in with their arms wide open and as they closed their arms together and moved in closer the Original Elia had never felt so secure in all of her life. She was now with the only company she ever truly desired and it felt so wonderful. Just witnessing their perfect bodies and feeling their incredible smooth skin was the pinnacle of Elia's life so far.

“That was wonderful, that truly was. But can I ask a few questions?” The Original asked sheepishly.

The other Elia’s laughed softly at that and one of the Elia’s, she had lost touch with which order she came from, looked up at her and smiled.

“Of course I knew I forgot to do something, our powers are growing continuously in an exponential rate. By tomorrow you will never have to ask another question ever again. But first I need to do something.” This new Elia put two fingers by her pulse and the Original saw the other Elia’s holding onto this one and suddenly Elia felt what seemed like a burst of electricity flow through her veins. And then suddenly she felt it. Elia looked at the other three Elia’s and then she felt connected to all of them. Elia knew all about them and they knew all about her. They were sharing the same consciousness. Already Elia felt smarter from sharing their mind akin to a hive mind mentality, but she knew that there was more to come.

By this time an Elia came up to her lips and kissed her right on the lips again. The touch was magical but she then felt the other two Elia’s going down onto the ground and she felt both of their wonderful faces getting ever so close to her toes and from this new sixth sense that she had just been given, she could feel her strong musty foot odour being inhaled with great relish by the other two Elia’s.

By this time the kiss ended Elia was staring happily at all three of her identical lovers, Elia cooed at how cute the two looked down at her feet and she was stunned by the confident beauty of the Elia that kissed her on the lips.

“Why don’t we go somewhere a little more comfortable?” Said the Elia that just kissed her and she softly chuckled as she clicked her fingers and immediately the horribly grey chamber had been replaced by a wonderfully large bedroom with a ginormous Queen sized bed in the middle. The colours were soft brown and there were tapestries of herself all over the walls. All Elia could do as she saw this room with the wonderful Elia’s all around her was to smile contently.

Elia’s smile grew greater as one of the Elia’s put her hands on the bed, silently inviting her to lie on the bed. Elia put her ass on the bed and she had never felt a bed so comfortable. It felt as soft as a cloud must feel. It was by far the nicest most luxurious bed she ever laid down on. It was befitting of a Goddess.

“We are going to make you very happy my dear.” At this two of the Elia’s knelt down by Elia’s large feet and immediately began kissing it. The feeling of the two pairs of lips connecting to both of her long smooth soles felt incredible. Elia was finally being worshipped and it felt amazing. The kisses were nice but then one of the Elia’s began licking her soles and Elia immediately moaned. The other Elia knew what she wanted and she licked the other sole as well. The feeling was incredible as she felt both tongues licking up and down her soles greedily and with great haste. Elia saw the other Elia standing there and she smiled at her and suddenly the Original Elia could feel the gorgeous sweaty taste of her feet in her mouth. She knew right away that she was feeling it from the extra sense gained from their shared hive-mind interconnectedness. The taste felt absolutely incredible, Elia could feel it on her tongue. The multitudes of perspectives were being felt by Elia simultaneously as all Elia could feel was an array of tongue strokes up her large feet and the incredible taste of her feet that was being shared to her mind by the Elia’s licking her feet. It was indescribable but Elia knew that she could never possibly feel alone again. These Elia’s would be with her forever and she would be with them forever as well.

“It is a lot to take in isn’t it girl?” The standing Elia said to her as the Elia’s by her feet stopped their wonderful licking.

“It is, but I am so happy right now. All of you have made my life so much better already. I love you all so much” The Original Elia said in complete earnestness.

All the other Elia’s cooed softly, and the Elia standing up softly said: “Oh Elia we love you too with all of our heart.”

Elia squealed in joy as she knew that all she had wanted in her life was for her soul to manifest itself and to pledge never-ending love towards her and now she had got it at last. At that thought the Elia standing up leant down and gave her a deep strong snog. The touch of both the lips together was wonderful, as was the tongues wrestling together playfully. Elia allowed this other Elia to control the situation but as she playfully held her she clicked her fingers and the other two Elia’s got up off the ground and both began sucking on the Original Elia’s nipples. The feeling of their lips sucking on her sensitive nipples felt exhilarating and the two Elia’s looked very adorable as they were suckling on her breasts. Elia loved this sensational feeling but very quickly she noticed an ever-widening grin from the Elia holding back from the fun.

“I want to make you happy Elia. And….” The other Elia’s naughty grin was growing ever so bigger as the other two Elia’s backed away whilst watching transfixed. This Elia seemingly in charge of the situation slowly got down to her own knees and was showing off her own large soft breasts to the great pleasure to the original Elia. She was so close to the Original’s crotch and she was getting wet at the thought of what was to come, but with a wink and a playful smile, Elia got her answer: “I have a wonderful idea.”

Elia immediately felt the other Elia licking her sensitive vagina and it felt like paradise. Thunderbolts were flying all throughout the Original Elia’s being. She immediately closed her eyes and sucked on her lip but at that she immediately felt what the other Elia was feeling and she herself could feel the wonderful touch of her smooth vagina and the taste of her body. Elia was stunned at just how widened her perspective was as she was feeling both sides of the pleasure making simultaneously. Elia had never felt pleasure like this as the other’s tongue was going up and down rapidly. Elia’s toes were curling in ecstasy and within moments she orgasmed and roared in pure bliss as she came right in the other’s mouth.

Elia was panting as she realised that she was sweating profusely. Elia had never felt so good in her life and all she could do was to look up at the adoring faces right above her. Elia gave a playful wave and the two Elia’s who had licked her feet looked at her as if she was a delicious sweet and within moments the two of them went to opposite sides of Elia and without a word they both began to lick Elia’s armpits. Elia giggled in delight as the two girls were eagerly licking her sweaty stinky armpits with relish. The touch was perfect and the two girls were licking in a rhythmic fashion perfectly complimenting the other one. Elia felt more in tune with the world around her and very soon both girls stopped and just stared at the Original. Just staring at the brown eyes was everything Elia always wanted. This moment could last forever; Elia had never felt this happy in all of her life.

“Feels wonderful don’t it?” One of the Elia’s said.

“Yes. This is everything I have ever wanted.” The Original murmured softly back at that Goddesses sweet voice.

“Well we are not quite there yet. The power is growing inside of us and soon we will have it all. Everything that exists will bow to our might and our beauty. But first we need to make it so.” Another Elia said with great determination. The other Elia’s were murmuring their agreement. Uncle Marcelo’s machine had given them great power but it seemed that there power could only increase from here, and at that thought Elia grew very excited.

“What do we do?” The Original Elia asked.

All three of the other Elia’s looked at her determinedly. They were ready for what was to come.

“We are Goddesses Elia. We are the most important thing in the universe. But what is the first thing Goddesses need in order to be Goddesses?” Elia asked the Original. The Original Elia knew at once what they needed and a great big lustful grin rose on her face as she realised the implications.

“We need to be worshipped.” The Original said softly and slowly, allowing the words to linger in the air.

“That’s right. We all need to be worshipped, and it is our sweet 16th birthdays after all.” All of the Elia’s laughed at that, but then they all watched one another again and the words sunk in for all of them.

“Let’s become Goddesses.” An Elia said with great relish in her voice.

“May all people who are not us bow at our feet forever.” Another Elia said with all the authority of a Goddess.

“Giantess sized Goddesses. That sounds perfect. Everyone will worship us then.” The Original said lustfully. All of her dreams were actually coming true now. She could not wait to tower over everyone and make the tinies worship their astronomical beauty.

“Let’s meet our subjects.” Another Elia said and all four Elia’s linked together and formed a group circle and then suddenly all four Elia’s felt power surging through their veins. All four Elia’s felt like they were growing. Their bodies were expanding in unison and in perfect proportion to their magnificent bodies. They smiled at one another and then in instinct they closed their eyes as strange images and sounds were passing through their minds.


They opened their eyes again and then they saw it. All four Elia’s were outside and they all saw their Uncle Marcelo’s house, but it was a lot smaller. It looked like a child’s toy. It did not even reach to their knees. They had grown far bigger than any human being that ever lived. The Elia’s just looked at one another lustfully as they admired the other Goddesses beautiful flawless bodies as they towered over the houses in the street. They could not wait to demonstrate their authority all over the world. They were measuring their bodies to the houses in the street and they wordlessly determined that they were currently at a height of 60 feet.

“WOW! We are huge!” Roared the Original Elia in great pleasure. Elia had always wanted to be a great and powerful Giantess and now she was towering over the entire street along with her duplicates, already asserting their dominance over their miniscule soon to be subjects.

Already people were peering out of their homes in stunned amazement at seeing four nude identical and beautiful 60 foot Giantesses. They looked down at the house as they saw the front door being opened and they saw their Mum and Dad running impatiently out of the door.

“Elia? What on…..” All four Elia’s looked down as their parents were stunned speechless at the great sight in front of them. The Elia’s were stunned at how cute their parents looked. They were smaller than dolls and could only watch with massive smiles on their faces as these tiny things were moving around like bugs.

“Elia…What…What.” Elia’s mother was trying to say something, but she could not get the words out of her mouth. Elia’s Dad was holding onto his wife in an attempt to calm her down but this strategy was clearly not working. Elia was so happy to see how awestruck her parents were of her now. Elia smiled as she leant in closer to her parents.

“Hello! Lovely seeing you two, and it’s even lovelier seeing you two at your rightful place, well below me.” The Original Elia smiled and all the Elia’s laughed at that. They were standing closer and closer to their tiny parents and both of them could only stare up at the insane sight in front of them.

“Elia, darling. What is going on?” Elia’s Dad said with a bewildered look on his face. The Original Elia could see that the other Elia’s were growing impatient and her jaw dropped as one of her duplicates ran past her and gracefully picked up both her mother and father who were screaming and trembling in terror. Elia looked at her small doll-like parents and was smiling greatly from seeing just how dominant her other was in holding her parents like they were small pets. This Elia was holding her parents right at the Original and as she looked down at them, a small smirk emerged on her lips. She was going to enjoy this.

“Okay folks, here’s the deal. We are all Elia and Elia is all of us. We are now the greatest being in the world and soon to be the most powerful entity in the universe. We are thankful for giving us life and for that we shall be honoured if you two will be our first worshippers.”

“Worshippers? What? What do you…” Their mother was growing further hysterical, so Elia got her finger and began softly stroking her small tiny curls of hair and looked straight into her eye. They were still scared but were at least going to listen to what she was about to say.

“It’s simple. Your daughter, or should that be now, daughters are now Goddesses. We deserve the adoration of everybody, especially you two, and how about you start by kissing all of our feet as a sign of your devotion to us.”

All four Elia’s now stood over the bound parents and all four Elia’s smirked as their parents’ faces dropped as they realised just how much more dominant their daughter was to them now. Elia’s duplicate carefully put her parents down onto the ground and immediately stood up straight again and completely towered over them, like a statue would. The original Elia smiled but had her arms folded as a non-verbal signifier for her parents not to mess around and to do what she says. Elia could see the other Elia’s wiggling their toes in anticipation as well as them rubbing their wet pussies in anticipation. The Original Elia noticed her parents lack of reaction and so she quickly lifted her foot and angrily stomped it into the ground, creating such a powerful tremor that both of her parents fell down onto the ground.

“Don’t make me wait!” Elia boomed at her tiny parents.

Any spirit of rebellion that was in Elia’s parents hearts were immediately extinguished and with their hands holding one another in emotional support, both Elia’s mother and father walked up to Elia’s big toe and both knelt down and gave it a long lingering kiss. Elia blushed as she felt their tiny little lips connecting with her big toe and she heard the other Elia’s cooing at the wonderful scene.

Elia’s tiny parents wordlessly went up to each toe and kissed it in a sign of devotion. The scene was so hot that the Original Elia began fingering herself and began moaning loudly in pleasure.

“I want you bugs to kiss the other Elia’s feet as well. They are your daughters and Goddesses too.”

The tiny parents looked so crushed and defeated from their humungous daughters words and they swiftly went up to the other Giants feet and kissed each toe in turn.

Every Elia was growing hornier and hornier the longer this demonstration went on for. Each ginormous pussy was wet from witnessing their parent’s utter devotion to their Giant sized daughters. After all 40 massive pillar sized toes had been kissed; the Original Elia scooped up her parents and brought them to face level.

“Ooh you two smell just like my feet.” Elia inhaled sharply and she shuddered in joy. “I love the smell of my feet. But that’s not the only thing I want you guys to smell of. I hope you two fancy a bath right now.”

Elia giggled as she quickly stripped both of her parents of their clothes and every Elia laughed as they tried frantically to hide their shame. Elia did not care as she stretched out her arms and rubbed both of her parents onto her sweaty armpits and rubbed them over both armpits in a quick efficient manner. Elia could hear her parents screaming for mercy, but all Elia could think about as she was rubbing their bodies all over her armpits, was that to be this close to a Goddess is mercy.

When she was done she brought her shaking parents to just under her nose and took a deep smell. “You two smell heavenly. I wonder what you taste like.” Elia brought her screaming parents to her mouth and she put them in her mouth and began licking and sucking on them. The taste was incredible and actually feeling and dominating her tiny parents with her large powerful tongue was incredible. After some time of sucking on them she spat them out onto her large hand.

“I hope that was as fun for you as it was for me.” Elia said with a huge smile as she looked down at her parents who were crying and shaking violently. Elia was angry at their reaction. They had just gone into the mouth of a Goddess and they were upset about it. Elia frowned at her parents and said angrily: “It is my birthday and I am your new Goddess, but where is the love? You two are acting like assholes.” The thought then came to her. A smile emerged.

“Can one of you lovely Goddesses take mother and father and shove them into my asshole for acting like one.”

An Elia sauntered up to her and took both of her screaming crying parents. Elia smiled as she leaned forward in preparation. “You bugs will get what you deserved for being naughty. Okay I want Mum first.”

Elia could sense the other Elia slowly taking their screaming hysterical mother towards her. The other two Elia’s each got an ass cheek and softly opened exposed her asshole. Elia could feel her mother getting closer and closer until she felt her mother’s face penetrating her asshole. It was a strong feeling as the rest of her mother’s body was being softly inserted through her asshole. Elia was moaning in pleasure, but she did not want her mother to choke or die in there. She had more worshipping to do.

“That’s enough.” Elia turned around and saw her mother shaking as she lied down on her other’s soft luscious hand, but her mother was too broken down to cry out. Elia smiled and she noticed her petrified father, gone speechless at the sight in front of him. “You were naughty too Dad so I need to punish you as well.”

The procedure was the same as last time as the ever closer sight of Elia’s looming asshole broke her father out of his silent spell and he began screaming. This turned on Elia all the more and he in turn was inserted face first up her asshole. The feeling of a human being up inside her ass was utterly heavenly to the gorgeous Giantess and she was ready for another round with her dear lovers.

When her father was let out, Elia put both of her parents on her Uncle’s house roof and softly smiled at all three of her gorgeous Giantess sized Goddess lovers.

“I am so ready for another fuck.” Elia purred to all three of them. Within moments one of the Elia’s went up to her and gave her a very deep long snog. The feeling was electric but Elia wanted more. When the kiss ended she just set herself onto the ground and as she lied down she flexed her legs upwards towards the other three Elia’s and gave them a wink and blew them a kiss. Immediately two of them got to her legs and began sucking and licking on them. The other Elia lay on top of her and as she felt the glory of two huge pairs of boobs colliding, the other Elia got up slightly and began licking and sucking on her erect nipples. The sensory overload that all the Elia’s were feeling as they felt both their own as well as the other Elia’s pleasure was simply indescribable. All four Elia’s felt a togetherness that nobody else physically felt before. They were one with each other.

Very quickly, the Elia on top took a handful of Elia’s breasts and began rubbing them. The feeling was soft and the breasts looked so inviting that she would gladly sleep on them, but she could tell that the Original Elia wanted a nice hard licking so she softly feel into place and got towards the wet pussy and she began licking and sucking on that in turn. The feeling was exquisite and all four Elia’s were moaning in pleasure. The Original Elia felt both her feet and her pussy being licked and her body felt like it was on fire and very quickly from the extreme pleasure she was receiving she orgasmed and screamed her appreciation at the other Elia’s.

The feeling was incredible for all four Elia’s and within moments one of the standing Elia’s felt a great power. “Ladies I think we are going to grow again.”

Every Elia went giddy at the news and thus they all got up despite how tuckered out they felt, and one of the Elia’s grabbed her parents for their safety, and within moments all four Elia’s were standing up and holding hands. They suddenly felt a great surge in their bodies and they immediately began growing. The pleasure was as immense as their bodies and the great power pushed through their bodies as their ever so growing feet were pushing buildings away. The feeling began to subside and they all realised that they had stopped growing.

The Elia’s looked around and saw just how tiny the world had become for them. The Original Elia looked at her parents on one of her lover’s hands and was amazed at just how tiny they had become. They looked little more than dots. Elia looked at the extremely tiny buildings around them and how clear the skies were around them.

“I think we have grown to around 6000 feet.” One of the Elia’s said calmly.

All four Elia’s shrieked with joy at the news, they were utterly enormous Giantesses and were by now the most powerful beings in the world.

“A great start, but I want every single person in Britain to bow to their new gorgeous Goddesses.” The Original Elia said with a lustful smirk.

The three other Elia’s loudly cheered their approval and the Original Elia gave a short sweet kiss to all three of her identical lovers, and when they finished they all began walking through the miniscule land and as Elia saw streams of bug sized people running mindlessly around, she knew in her heart that they would very soon pray, bow and offer their worship to the Goddesses all called Elia.

Chapter End Notes:

I know this has a strange premise and an even stranger perspective but I had the idea and wanted to see what I could do with it. All feedback/advice/reviews would be awesome.

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