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Author's Chapter Notes:

First giantess story ever. Used to be quite good at creative writing in general, i know my skills have diminished significantly so criticism would help :)! Thank youPercy's Book Cover

Percy sat gripping the cold metal bench in the school courtyard with his fingertips, pondering how the rest of his day will play out. He expected it to be the same as usual, traditionally boring with a hint of joy seeing his friends at some point. Raising an eyebrow, Percy grinned while peering through an open door from his seated position. While he was relaxing outside during his free period awaiting the bell that would send him home, others remained trapped in a hellish lecture with the devils, so his friends would say.

Throughout Percy’s life, nothing really out of the ordinary has occurred, he was actually quite lucky. He had pretty good grades, didn’t get into trouble and got along with everybody, no one resented him nor chose to avoid him. He was merely that person that everyone in 12th grade knew and respected as an equal.

Circling his gaze as the wind whistled by, throwing the trees into a dancing frenzy, he refocused his eyes back toward the same classroom he was previously staring into, except this time he noticed something he didn’t see before. Gripping the bench harder, a chill runs throughout his body. Among the crowd of students was a girl with long black hair that waterfalled its way down past her hips, staring directly at him.

Her head fully turned, while her class looks in the opposite direction toward the teacher, her body paying full attention to the teachers whereabouts, but her head ignoring all attempts to focus on her lesson and instead focuses on the boy outside.

The bell suddenly echoes throughout Percy’s ears. Relaxing his grip on the metalic bench, he gently pushes himself to his feet and begins walking toward the exit of the school, ignoring what he just saw. Weaving his way through the endless wave of students he passes through the gates of the school waving off a few friends as they dash toward their buses. Living close to the school meant that Percy wasn’t a valid recipient for a bus pass, meaning he would venture alone every weekday as he walked home. Taking a left on the next footpath, he found himself on his houses street. As he walked, an uneasy feeling washed over him followed by a sudden shiver throughout his body. Glimpsing over his shoulder to see if anyone else saw his awkward movement, he gasped. Behind him, the girl from the classroom turned the corner he just turned at a considerable pace and was walking straight toward him. Only 10 metres away from home, Percy began to pick up the pace and stroll toward his house. Peering down toward the floor, ignoring the world around him, he watched as his feet made contact with the floor. Stride after stride he continued until he felt his left knee buckle. Looking back toward it he noticed a pin like object embedded in the back of his knee.

Panicking he stammered “what the hell…” his other leg then follows and he finds himself on both knees against the floor with his vision beginning to rapidly blur. Looking back he could see the girl who was hunting him.

“Is she..” he questioned “changing?!” he yelped and began to crawl forward toward his front door as quickly as he could, raising his hand toward the doorknob, he brushed his fingertips across its cold surface feeling the etched marking scratched upon it before blacking out.

Second later he awoke, only to feel the world around him shaking.

“An earthquake?” he queried before looking around and noticing that the world around him had in fact grown significantly. The dancing trees were humongous, the roads stretched on forever and the doorknob he tried to reach was now much too far to even see the finer details scratched on it. Suddenly Percy whirled his head around remembering the girl that was following him. Only to see her walking straight toward him.

She stared straight at her prey as she stepped over the top of him, 1 foot on either side of Percy’s now miniscule form. She then squatted down above him and continued her gaze.

Percy’s light was rapidly dimmed as the skirt of the girl before him eclipsed the sun. Looking up his vision was replaced by his predators bright pink panties which had a patch that was darker than the rest from being dampened. Being overwhelmed with fear, Percy began to take a few steps back. Tripping over himself, he falls back and gets a full view of what his predator looks like.

She was a young but tall asian girl, who looked to be in the grade below Percy. Her hazel eyes glared down toward Percy with sinister intent and her hair flowed in a rhythmic pattern in the wind.

“What’s going o-” is all Percy can make out when suddenly, she stretches out her arm in attempt to grasp her new prize. Without hesitation Percy quickly turns run in the opposite direction but fails as the gigantic tree trunk like fingers rope themselves around his tiny body.

“N-no! Let me go!!!” Percy yells while rapidly thrashing about at the girl's massive fingers. Without a word or trace, the girl simple deposits her prize into the bag that dangles carelessly by her side and begins to walk home.


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