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Author's Chapter Notes:

Alex hates getting woken up.

All at once the glass walls gotten lowered among him. He could feel a thin board being slid under his feet, this made him fall on his knees as he felt the glass getting lifted up off of the floor he was standing on. Looking through the distorted way glass, he could make out the huge face of an older man with glasses on, which was looking right back at him. He was amazed, and stunned wondering how this came to be.
Alex the retired engineer at the fine young age of 65, finally found out how to shrink matter. He developed a shrinking ray.
He then started shrinking things like his old broke down old car, old clothes, and such, but hadn't tried it out on a person yet. He then noticed one night, as he looked out of his bedroom window down into the garden a young man with a flashlight who was breaking into his garden house. Alex then snatched up the shrink device, which resembled an ink-pen and went on out to the garden house. He then quietly opened up the door watching as the young man dressed in black was opening up his desk sifting through the content there. Alex wasted no time pointed the shrink ray and gave it a buzz. The young man shrank down to the size of 7 inches before he knew what had hit him!

Alex then took an empty conserving glass which was next to the door and lowered it down on the little thief shoving and piece of cardboard underneath it and lifted it up, feeling how the little man fell down from the whole action. Alex then placed it on the desktop and turned on the light, shut all the curtains on all the window, and locked up the door...it was time to work!

The little man watched as the light got turned on, and voraciously tried to push the glass over, but it was too heavy. He then noticed how the giant capture sat at the desk and lifted it back up.

Alex saw how the little man tried to run after he lifted up the glass. Alex simply slapped him back in front of him with a primitive hand movement. The little man flew back where he was as the glass was around him, rolled over and looked up at Alex, seeing his gray mustache, the smile of the giants crooked teeth, his wet lips, and how he laughed. It was a sad predicament.

“Take of your clothes” Alex said after pulling out a pair of scissors. The little man did as he was told, and watched as the giant old man pulled the scissors back. The older man then took the clothes and pulled out the ink-pen shrink ray and shrank them down to nothing. Alex watched as the little man pissed on the table and started to cry! Alex was fascinated, and laughed, because he was feeling the power he had. “You fucking thief! I guess you fucked up this time!” Alex said looking down at the helpless little naked creature, who knelt down crying in a pool of his own piss.

Alex then felt how his cock rose, and how all of this became arousing. He then opened up his robe pulled his already hard dick out and with two or three strokes managed to blow his load all over the little being. “You sick fucker! Who gave you the right! This is not allowed!” the little man yelled up a Alex. “Just like you breaking into my garden house wanting to steal something...this too is not allowed you bug!” Alex said pointing his shrink ray at he man standing there in a pool of his cum, covered from head to toe in sperm, and shrank him down even more, picked up a magnifying glass finding the even more tiny man putting on his finger tip lifting it up to his mouth putting him inside with one action, Alex swallowed it.
Chapter End Notes:

I do not steal...I kill!

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