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Story Notes:

This is my first story so I hope you enjoy it.

This story is set in Britain and features British characters. The legal age of consent in the UK is 16 years of age.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognisable characters, settings, etc. are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


Keeping it in the Family


He had done it. An incredible feeling washed over the young man’s body as a strong steam of green liquid had poured through long glass vials in his makeshift laboratory. The painstaking studying for a science so theoretical which broke so many rules of physics, that it would be rubbished by any scientist worth his salt, but Paul did not care, three years of solid work had finally reached a satisfying conclusion. His research had told him that the liquid must look like a deep dark green in order to work and everything had fit the bill. All Paul Fernandez could do was to sigh in obvious relief as sweat gleamed off of his white lab coat. Everything in Paul’s life has built to this moment, and as he saw the liquid’s settling into the two glass vials he had prepared, Paul has now fulfilled his life’s goal.

Paul Fernandez was a young British teenager who loved science for as long as he could remember, and most probably further than that as well. He spent all of his childhood working on experiments and reading reams of scientific discourse and theories. At the age of 13 Paul developed a theory that man could become far more powerful beyond any human recognition merely through chemistry. He had never told anyone his theory, he could not stand to be mocked by others and he did not want his theory to either be called a childish delusion or to be stolen so he kept quiet and spent night after night going through all possible ways of getting around it until eventually he hit a great idea and he spent months and months developing it and now he had finally done it.

“And it was all done by my birthday.” Paul quietly said to himself. As from midnight he was now 16 years old and was now a man in the eyes of British law. It was early morning and though a good percentage of people in the country were still asleep, soon everyone would be awake to bare witness.

“A man has created the powers of a God.” Paul smiled to himself as he stared lovingly at the two vials in front of him. And then the thought came. “And a Goddess.”

Paul smiled as he thought about his mother asleep in her bedroom. Everything Paul has ever done has been to benefit his dear mother. His mother Elia Fernandez was a very beautiful Chilean immigrant who moved to Britain for her university studies and stayed in the country ever since. Paul smiled as despite the fact that his mother was now forty year old, she had seemingly became more and more beautiful with time; as well as her gorgeous face, and her generously large breasts and tall thin legs, her long brown hair, bright brown eyes and olive skin complimented her lovely body perfectly. But more than that Elia was very kind hearted, always with a mischievous smile on her lips and she always encouraged her son with all of his ideas as well as always being there for him all throughout his life.

“She is the woman of my dreams.” Paul sighed as he thought of the obvious. Paul had no interest in the girls at school or in the neighbourhood, he always wanted his mother. Paul was exceptionally close to his mother and always loved watching films with her as well as nice long walks by the seaside as she always asked what it was that he was making in his bedroom, but Paul smiled as he always remained coy and always insisted it would change everything. Paul was always jealous at the few boyfriends Elia had for the past few years. Paul was always cordial with them, but always secretly despised them. All Paul wanted was to be with his mother, he never made any inkling to her however, as he did not want to ruin the strong relationship that they had but every time she hugged him or kissed him goodnight he savoured it gratefully. But as he smiled at thinking about his lovely mother, sad thoughts came into his head also.

“Why hasn’t she been given the life she deserves?” Elia has had a tough life; all of her family aside from her son had died young, she worked three jobs to support her son’s scientific endeavours knowing that her son would make something of himself someday, but more than that, her husband ran off with the young intern working in the office. Paul had not seen his father for three years, it wasn’t like his father had made no effort whatsoever, but Paul wanted nothing to do with the man and every time his father came calling he locked himself into his room and continued further on making his serum. Paul refused to stay round his father’s house, and always returned birthday and Christmas presents, cards and money unopened. After a while his father conceded the point his son wanted nothing to do with him and quietly allowed his son to get on with his life.

Paul grew angry thinking about his father but smiled at the thought that his disregarded ex-wife would soon be given the chance that nobody has ever been given before. Paul grew giddy and though his mother was fast asleep, he could not wait any longer and he glided out of his bedroom and softly walked across the hall towards the door of his mother’s bedroom, with two glasses filled with the steaming green liquid in his hands. Butterflies the size of Eagles were soaring through his stomach. He had never been so nervous in his life. He wanted to give his mother a new life, and he wanted to share in it as well, he did not want his mum to be lonely after all. Paul smiled as he imagined the great life that was in store for the both of them, but his mind was immediately plagued with doubts.

“What if this is for nothing?” Paul whispered softly to himself. Paul briefly imagined giving his mother the liquid and then seeing her die right in his eyes. A quick flash from the young man’s overactive imagination of his beautiful mother flailing around as she choked from the drink, Paul shuddered from the thought.

“I cannot think like that.” Paul said to himself determinedly. He knew right in his gut that this would work and that soon nobody would ever take his mother for granted ever again. A wicked smile reached his lips. The door was already softly open ajar so he nudged the door softly with his shoulder and he softly walked inside the bedroom, to his destiny.


The door creaked and Elia knew that her son had entered her bedroom. Elia felt very tired but she had to get up soon for work anyway so she smiled as it was Paul’s birthday and knew that he had been very excited about it. She reached for the lamp and turned it on.

“Happy Birthday.” Elia said mindlessly but as she opened her eyes she saw Paul smiling very hard with two steaming vials of liquid in his hands. Elia knew about Paul’s excessively long winded experiment. She saw it every time she cleaned his room and always wondered what on Earth he was trying to make or do with it. With a small smile Elia said quietly: “You finally finished what you wanted to make?”

“Yes Mum I have finally done it! Everything has worked perfectly!” Paul was very excitable; Elia knew he had spent seemingly years on this one experiment and devoted so much time on it. Elia was always sad that Paul would never tell her what he was making, but Paul always insisted it would change everything.

“Are we finally going to become millionaires from this?” Elia asked in her silly Del Boy Trotter impression, a smirk rising from her lips. Paul’s smile was growing larger and larger. “Billionaires by any chance?” Elia had asked with a tilted head and bemused smirk from her lips.

“When we are done after this, we will both laugh hysterically at the very concept of money.” Paul had said giddy with joy.

Elia always knew that Paul’s scientific endeavours would pay off. Elia could only begin to imagine what substance Paul had on his hands, but as her imagination began to overflow from thoughts from the sublime of cures for cancer or AIDs, to the ridiculous to such preposterous things as invisibility, Paul grew more sombre and all of his excitement seemed to fade away.

“Mum. This is very important. At the same time, I want both of us to drink from these vials.” Paul had solemnly passed one of the two vials to Elia as she reached from the bed covers and grabbed hold of one. Elia looked at her son and though she had apprehensions as she stared at the strange bubbling liquid right in front of her all Elia could hear was Paul saying: “Mum I need you to trust me.”

At that Elia’s heart softened and she stood up carefully from her bed and stood next to her son. Elia was wearing a plain grey onesie that hid all of her features, but as she stood next to her son she smiled to herself that she was still slightly taller than him. They measured themselves recently as a joke and though Paul was still growing and was a reasonable 6 foot, Elia’s long legs helped her reach an exquisite 6 foot 3 frame. Elia smiled at the fact that despite his intellectual acumen and his strange experiment he was going to do, Paul was still her little man and that she loved him with all of her heart.

“Are you ready Mum?”

“Ready.” Replied Elia.

“3, 2, 1. Now.” Paul gave the countdown and as he finished both mother and son downed their own drinks at the same time. The drink did not feel bad to Elia; in fact a great warm feeling was growing throughout her body. As they finished their drinks Paul leaned into his mother and gave her a great big hug. “I love you so much Mum, I am doing all of this for you.”

“I love you too.” Elia replied as she smiled from her son’s hug and she closed her eyes a great surge of power went through her veins and Elia felt complete ecstasy.


Within moments of his mother closing her eyes Paul saw the utterly swift transformation, all he could see aside from his mother was the utterly flat background and the light surrounding them. It had worked. They had both grown, huge, utterly beyond any human scale huge. Paul turned his eyes around; he could see what looked like a few grey patches, and he could see that past his mother was the English Channel and he could even see parts of France and the Netherlands past her shoulder. Paul calculated in his head and assumed from their vantage point that an inch to them was now a mile. Paul smiled at the fact that he was now most likely 72 miles tall and his mother 75 miles tall. Paul was about to cheer but he then realised that his mother’s onesie was gone, she was completely naked and then he looked down at himself and lo and behold all of his clothes were gone as well. The hug was still going on and he could see his penis growing larger and larger as he could feel her breasts on his chest. Paul would have been content with this moment lasting forever, Elia still had not opened her eyes, but Paul wanted her to see the great new world around her.

“We did it Mum. It worked.” Paul said softly to her.

Elia opened her eyes, Paul was just staring at the beautifully provocative Brown eyes staring at his own and a great big blush rose on his cheeks. Elia smiled but then realised as she was looking at her son that they were no longer in their already crushed house and that she could see absolutely nothing from her ginormous vantage point.

“Where are we?” Elia asked dumbfounded. She released herself from the hug but as she did she saw Paul’s erect penis and as she stared flabbergasted at it she suddenly realised her own nakedness and positively freaked. “Where on Earth are our clothes? What the hell is going on Paul?”

Paul now had a clear view of his mother’s wonderful body and it took his breath away. Elia’s breasts looked phenomenal, so large and so luscious. Her nipples were large and he moved his eyes subtly down and he saw her vagina and a gigantic grin emerged from his face.

“What is going on Paul?” Elia asked insistently; seemingly oblivious to her son’s amorous looks towards her. She was beginning to move towards him and at that he looked down at his mother’s large beautiful feet and saw a grey patch, a city of some kind, being crushed. Paul could only imagine what those utterly microscopic people could imagine as two utterly gigantic titans descending down onto them and obliterating them from existence without even realising it. Paul smiled as he realised that he must have destroyed people with his own large feet. Paul was in Heaven. The one thing Paul had ever wanted to see in his life, his mother becoming a Giantess sized Goddess, has now happened. All he wanted now was for her to be happy with her new life.

“Mum. I need you to bend down and look down onto the ground, and then everything will make sense.” Paul said as calmly as he could. Elia looked at him like he was absolutely insane but he knelt down and looked at the ground and softly encouraged her to do the same. Elia looked hesitant but seemed to comply with her son’s strange request and she knelt down and looked straight down at the strange grey ground beneath her. Paul smiled as Elia’s face grew confused as she clearly had no idea what she is supposed to be looking at.

“Okay, what is it I am actually looking at?” Elia asked impatiently.

Paul smiled and he picked up a small grey crystal from the ground. He picked it up with the tip of his nails as he did not want this prize to be crushed beyond all recognition, he wanted his mother to understand it all.

“Have a closer look Mum.” Paul said softly.

Paul moved his hand closer to his mother’s large beautiful face and Paul smiled as Elia looked at the weird small object on his fingers and squinted her eyes to have a closer look. First Elia had a bewildered confused look on her face, and then Paul saw his mother’s eyes grow as wide as saucers and saw her take a deep breath. She knew.

“This…This is a Skyscraper.” Elia said in an awed hush. Her mouth had dropped as she saw it in detail. Paul had a closer look at the skyscraper that he held on the tips of his fingers and with some straining he could see the miniature details of the object, the seemingly otherworldly small column of windows on the skyscraper that was a fraction of an inch tall to him.

“What….what….” Elia was freaking out at everything around her. Paul moved closer towards her and gave her a comforting hug. Elia was shaking at the startling realisation that she was now an unfathomably humongous Giantess but the touch from her son was beginning to calm her down and Paul smiled as she was calming down.

“It’s alright Mum, it’s alright. Everything will always be fine from now on Mum.” Paul whispered in as comforting a manner as he could muster.

Elia released herself from the soft hug and looked straight at her son. The stare was sharp and intense. Paul did not feel anger or hate from his mother but he felt a deep confusion within her. Paul expected some initial internal conflict from his mother. She was a sweet kind-hearted woman who allowed everyone else’s considerations to come before her own all throughout her life. She will take some time getting used to her phenomenal new powers, Paul expected.

“You planned this.” Elia said softly, it was not a question.

Paul took a deep breath and said softly: “Yes Mum. I did all of this. I grew us both to this utterly ginormous size and I did it all for you.”

Elia looked stunned and could only mumble out: “Why?”

“Why?” Paul repeated. He smiled tenderly at his mother and put his hand on her shoulder, she began to smile in turn. Paul knew in his heart that she already knew why, but he had to say it anyway.

“I did this because you are the most wonderful incredible person I have ever met. You have always been not only a mother to me, but also a Goddess, and I am not ashamed to say that Mum. I have been sick to death of everyone treating you horribly all throughout my life. And I want everyone to finally see you as I always have, as the most amazing thing to have ever existed. I love you so much Mum.”

Paul made his speech and he saw his Mum’s eyes beginning to water, but he also saw a massive smile emerge from her wonderful face.

“Oh Paul, I love you too.” Elia moved back towards her son and as tears were pouring freely from her beautiful face, she hugged her son intensely and Paul felt a wonderful sense of relief as he felt her love for him from her strong hug. Paul reciprocated the hug in kind and wrapped his arms around her shoulders and they both shared a deep personal hug. The beginning of a new time in their lives had dawned, a time of great power and freedom.

Elia stopped crying and she looked straight at her son. A shy smile formed on her lips but then she looked mischievous and smirked at her son. Paul could not wait to hear what she had to say.

“Now that we are Giants my dear Paul, why don’t we stand back up and marvel at our Kingdom?” Elia said with a great composure. Paul’s smile was humongous and Elia laughed at looking at her son’s face.

“Yes that sounds good Mum.” Paul said softly, admiring her strength and leadership already, mere moments after the transformation had occurred. But as they were about to get up, Elia leaned closer to her son and though Paul was confused, he was not complaining as she leant towards him and gave him a nice long kiss on the lips. Paul was in Heaven, he had finally got everything he had ever wanted as electricity seemed to be coursing through his veins as the kiss sent shockwaves throughout his body. Her huge tongue poked his mouth and Paul instinctively opened his mouth and their tongues were interlocking from this long drawn out kiss, Paul no longer felt just like a son to his mother, he felt like a lover to her too.


The people on the ground were stunned by the incredible sight that they were seeing. All throughout the world footage was already being shown of the two incredible sized Giants moving around at dizzying speed. Scientists from all over the globe were trying to determine just how big these titans truly were. The mobile and helicopter camera footage from people far enough away from the Giant’s to see them clearly without being crushed by them were confusing and utterly fantastical to anyone watching it. Mainland Europeans could clearly see the two English Giants with their own eyes and were stunned to see the two incredible nude beings rising in the air as both of them were helping the other up as they were hugging and kissing one another. Widespread panic was already occurring in England. The Prime Minister was already calling her chief scientists, the people in charge of the nukes as well as the people in charge of evacuation. Scientists were already determining that the Giants grew from Essex and could theoretically crush all of London within minutes if they wanted too. Radio frequencies and a great many multitudes of mics were trying to determine what the two Giants were conversing about as they sat on the ground. Mrs. Theresa May was stunned to hear that the male Giant had done this on purpose to make his mother grow and she felt sick to her stomach as she heard from the live mics that the mother not only grew but loved it and was even making out with her own son. Her phones were going haywire; already every single European country was calling frantically to Number 10 Downing Street. She knew what she needed to do. She needed to annihilate the Giants before they would annihilate her.


Elia looked at her wonderful son as they got themselves up from the ground and she just felt pure bliss. Within minutes she had turned from just another single mother having to work like a mule to survive, and had now transformed into an all-powerful Goddess. She looked at her special little, well now, big man in front of her and felt proud. Elia always knew that her son would go far in life, and now she knew how far that was, and that she was right there with him every huge step of the way. Paul was always close to her but Elia was amazed at how close they truly were. She looked at her son’s naked body and was not embarrassed. He did not have muscles, his great muscle was his mind, but he was relatively in shape. Paul was paler than her with bright blue eyes and the same brown hair, but that came from his white British father. Elia knew that there would never ever be another man in her life now, but with the poor luck that she had with mediocre men, she simply did not care. She looked at her son’s erect cock. It was growing more and more swollen as he was giving her the same once over as she was. There cannot be any barriers between them now. They were the two powers of the Earth. Equals in every sense of the word, Elia smiled as she realised that her and her son were now the God and Goddess of the world.

“Lovely view.” Elia said mischievously as she stared right at her son.

Paul blushed as he looked around him. “Yeah, it really is. Everything is ours for the taking.”

Elia smiled as he got closer to Paul. “It’s not just the miniature world view that I like.” She got her hand over to her son’s erect penis and gave it a soft tug. Paul gasped in shocked pleasure but he just looked at her and gave a tender smile. Elia just smiled back at her lovely son.

“Paul you mean everything to me. You always have done. I am sick of the pathetic useless men that have filled my life. I want to be happy, and I want you to be happy. As well as conquering this planet with you and enslaving every tiny lucky enough not to be smashed to pieces by our massive feet, I want you. I am forty years old and I am your mother, but Paul you are the only man I could ever want. Will you be the man I always wanted?”

Elia smiled at just how awe-struck her son looked. Paul just looked up at her and softly whispered: “Yes.” Elia cooed at her son as she got her arms around his shoulders and leant in for another kiss. Paul was clearly eager and they both shared a long hard kiss and both of their tongues were exploring the other one’s mouths. Elia felt so happy and never felt as alive as she was making out with her son. Her hands were exploring Paul’s body and she squeezed her son’s ass and took another tug at his penis. She ended the kiss and looked straight into her son’s eyes.

“I think we should address our subjects shouldn’t we Paul?” Elia asked her son seductively.

Paul smiled and he looked every bit the Gigantic God as he said, “Yes my dear I believe we should.” Elia smiled as Paul leant in and gave her a sweet peck of a kiss on her massive lips. The kiss was brief and they both looked at each other and she smiled as Paul got her hands and gave her a quick twirl. Elia laughed hysterically as she looked down and saw ultra-small skyscrapers and other such buildings being crumpled by her amazingly large feet. Elia could not wait to destroy all of the societies in the world. The power she was feeling felt intoxicating to her and she was ready to start the next stage of their reign. Elia kept looking down onto the ground and held her son’s hand. She shuffled her body slightly until she saw the large concentration of grey patches and a large number of skyscrapers. She smiled. It was London. There was no better place than here to make her address.

“Okay everyone listen up, I am Goddess Elia and this gorgeous young man with me is my son Paul, but I think God should suffice for him. Tell these pathetic microbes what you have done my dear.”

“With pleasure.” Paul replied to her. Elia smiled as Paul looked at the tiny things by their feet and he began his part. “I am the one who created the growth formula and as you bugs can no doubt tell, I used it to grow my gorgeous mother Elia and me.” Paul looked straight at Elia and flashed a sweet smile at her. Elia had never been so proud of her son in all of her life. “We are now the undisputed God and Goddess of Earth. You pathetic bugs exist merely for our pleasure and trust me; we shall have lots and lots of pleasure.” Paul looked at Elia and Elia smiled softly and they shared another kiss together. Elia was savouring every moment of this. She knew every single word she and her son were saying was the only news being broadcasted throughout the entire world. The world was hanging on to their every word. Elia never felt so powerful in all of her life.

“Yes me and Paul are going to fuck to our heart’s content and then we are going to fuck some more.” Paul was squeezing her hand hard now and Elia smiled at just how hard her son’s dick was as she spied it with a greedy smile. “But before that I want my ex-husband Robert and his little whore Liane to know that Paul is the only man I could ever love. He is the only man to ever care about me in the slightest, and is the only man worthy of being with a Goddess such as myself.” Elia impulsively made a spin around the outskirts of London and did a brief tease as she rubbed her massive breasts together and began softly rubbing her clit. Paul was openly salivating at her brief tease. Elia just smiled and blew a kiss right at him. Elia looked back down to the ground and said: “Robert, I know you and that bitch are in the city somewhere. I just hope that before you and she are crushed by our ginormous bodies, you feel proud that a pathetic speck like you could even beget a God like Paul.”

Elia moved her head so she was looking at her lovely son and she looked meaningfully at him. Both Giant and Giantess were smiling greatly at the other, both were clearly longing for what was to come. Paul put her arms over her and held onto her smooth back and Elia did the same. Elia tilted her head softly down and they both looked at one another and then they kissed again and they explored the other’s mouths with their tongues. It did not matter to her how many insignificant microbes were watching them at the moment. Elia knew that only she and her son were the only two people of any importance in this world. The kiss was long but they eventually stopped and they both just looked at one another. Elia was just staring at Paul’s face and was so content with being with her son, and Paul looked so excited for what was to come. They were to be the only God’s around. Elia had her tubes tied years ago as she could not have possibly afford another child in her life, but now she did not have to worry about bringing another child into such a world. Elia had spent her entire life thinking about others, but now all she wanted was to be the all-powerful ruler alongside Paul and not have to worry about anyone who wasn’t them ever again.

“I love you Paul.” Elia said softly to her true partner in life.

“I love you too Elia.”


The kiss was electric but Paul was now ready for what was too come. Elia was always going to be his mother, but she was now his lover as well. He had never felt so free in his life and they both looked at one another and with a mischievous look on her face, Elia picked up a random handful of London without taking her eyes off of Paul and she took a knee on the ground and Paul did the same and both Giants were looking at the booty on Elia’s hand. A rough contingent of skyscrapers, homes, roads and trees were all throughout her soft luscious hand. Paul smiled as he realised he once told his mother that human beings cannot survive an altitude of above 3 miles and she had actually remembered, so she kept her hand almost to the ground. There had to be survivors on there and Paul could only imagine the fear and horrors of their situation.

“What should we do with these pathetic things?” Elia asked seductively.

Paul smiled and could tell that his eyes were lighting up in anticipation as Elia’s smile was turning from being aroused to amusement and Paul softly said: “Do something sexy.”

Elia’s own eyes brightened and a massive smirk emerged from her lips. She gave Paul a kiss and she motioned with her eyes her pussy and without words being said, Paul took his hand and touched Elia’s pussy and both of them quivered in pleasure at the touch. He took his fingers and opened her pussy’s wonderful lips and as he did Elia inserted the remnants of the city into her pussy. Elia was breathing hard at the feeling and Paul was salivating as he imagined the survivors on Elia’s hands being shoved into her ginormous miles tall vagina. Paul immediately and mindlessly grabbed a whole handful of the city himself and he dug his fingers into the ground and he saw he picked up loads of skyscrapers and hopefully some homes as well. Elia smiled and Paul rubbed his prize onto Elia’s vagina and as he did he put his face over towards it and began licking. Elia immediately moaned in pleasure as Paul was kissing and licking Elia’s pussy eagerly. Paul was in Heaven and was licking all over her pussy and his cock felt engorged every time Elia was moaning louder and louder. Paul looked at the chaos around him on the streets and saw buildings being crushed by his moving chest and growing cock.

“I want you inside of me.” Elia moaned loudly.

Paul did not need any further instruction and he moved up and put his chest right next to hers. Paul had a quick fondle of Elia’s soft breasts and he gave them a quick kiss each and then he put his face right next to Elia and gave her a massive kiss on the lips. It felt like Heaven and as Paul opened his eyes his heart was fluttering as he just looked at Elia’s phenomenal beauty. Her brown eyes stirred something in him and her beautiful smile on her wonderful face drove him crazy. Elia was the only woman he could ever love.

“I love you so much Elia.” Paul said enraptured by Elia’s beautiful face.

Elia smiled and said, “I love you too Paul.”

Elia took hold of Paul’s cock which felt like it was finally ready to explode and he guided it with her soft hands to her pussy and as Paul’s dick entered her Elia moaned in pleasure. Elia was lying on her back and Paul was guiding his cock rhythmically in a slow but determined manner. Elia was moaning louder and louder and Paul smiled at the pure bliss that was on her lovely face.

“I want to watch this pathetic little city as we crush it.” Elia moaned greatly.

Paul smiled and they both positioned themselves and Elia got onto her knees and they both looked down at the broken damaged city beneath them and both Giants continued their lovemaking as Paul kept thrusting his cock. They saw the city being crushed by their ginormous hands and feet and Paul was thrusting harder and harder as he saw the utter devastation that their lovemaking has caused. Very soon he was ready to shoot his considerable load.

“I’m coming!” Elia screamed.

At that sign Paul let it all out and both Giants roared in ecstasy as his seed shot through Elia’s vagina. Their bodies were both drenched in sweat and there loud screaming could be heard all throughout the United Kingdom and mainland Europe. They both lay down as they were panting hard and they both turned towards each other. Paul was stunned at how beautiful Elia looked as she was glistening from the sweat from their lovemaking. Elia simply looked radiant.

“Thank you….For everything.” Elia panted to her lover.

Paul smiled, not a smile of lust but a smile of pure joy. He could only whisper: “I did this all for you.”

Elia cooed and gave Paul a great sloppy wet kiss on the lips. Everything had worked out perfectly for Paul. He had got the woman of his dreams and they were both now the true rulers of the planet.


Robert Stone was trapped from the massive holes in the road that his ginormous son had caused when he picked up a massive amount of skyscrapers from the ground and shoved up Elia’s astronomical cunt. Liane was shaking wildly and crying on his shoulder as they tried to escape London. Robert had been in a complete daze since he had first seen both his ex-wife and his son grow to astronomical size. As soon as he saw it he knew straight away that it was them. Robert knew how much Paul had loved science and that he had a natural aptitude for it. As bad as it was, when he was directly addressed by Elia during their horrifying power-trip, that was when he knew their plan. Complete planetary domination. Elia was forty but he had never seen her as beautiful as when she was addressing the entire population of London. Robert left her, in truth he only married her because she was pregnant with Paul and he wanted to be a doting hands-on father. That did not matter at all now. He picked Liane and now Elia and Paul had picked each other.

The lovemaking between Elia and Paul was absolutely terrifying. It was merely a matter of luck for whoever survived as their bodies destroyed so much of England itself, never mind London. Robert saw buildings flown and grabbed by both Giants and as they ran they could not fail to hear Paul and Elia’s otherworldly loud moaning. Robert took one look as he saw his son’s cock pounding his wife but as they ran mindlessly in the swarming crowd of thousands, Robert heard them talking and he turned around and he saw both Elia and Paul staring at him. Robert had never felt as small as the indescribably huge faces completely covered the sky. Elia looked like the most beautiful Goddess that could ever exist, her eyes looked like twin brown suns staring down at the ground and Paul simply terrified him. Robert just tried to run with his now wife Liane side by side.

After a while the lovemaking stopped and Robert turned towards them one more time and saw two monolithic faces staring at one another. Their peaceful expressions were a direct opposite to the chaos in the street. Everyone was crying, pushing one another away. All cars were stuck so everyone had to run. Robert realised then just how pointless it all was. Both Elia and Paul could travel around the entire planet probably within minutes if they wanted too. As soon as he thought this Paul’s hand lazily picked itself up. Seeing something that huge took Robert’s breath away and then he saw the hand speeding through the air towards them. He stopped, he heard Liane calling at him but all he could notice was Paul’s hand and then he and Liane were obliterated and flown miles through the air as the hand crushed them as if they were nothing.


Elia had never felt so good in all of her life. Being in the arms of Paul after their wonderful sex was utterly unlike anything that she ever felt before, it was pure happiness. Elia was still out of breath as all she could do was to admire her son’s face. Paul’s face was so open with joy and bliss that all Elia could do was smile peacefully at it. Paul’s smile grew bigger as he realised that Elia was smiling at him. Elia could do this forever and ever. She would never have to worry about anything ever again. Elia began feeling giddy at the thought and she wanted to do something. Elia got up on her knees and looked around. And then she saw it. Parliament and Buckingham Palace were still somehow in one piece. Elia smiled as she looked down at it and then she heard Paul’s soft laughter.

“What is it? Paul asked inquisitively.

“Well Paul, Parliament and Buckingham Palace are still on the ground, and I think that such buildings are an insult to our power.” Elia said with a massive smirk on her face.

Paul laughed, “Yeah, we are the only rulers now. No more need for Prime Minister’s or Queen’s. How dare these fools think they are above anyone else? We are the only ones above everyone else.”

Elia smiled and said: “I think it is time to show these insects their place.” And with a smile she took her hand and she picked up both miniscule buildings.


Mrs May saw the entire sordid details on the news. The news channels that were still on the air that is. The traffic was a complete standstill as both Giants had completely destroyed so many roads. The Prime Minister and her cabinet were trapped in Parliament and could only pray they would have enough time to survive. The nuclear option was still half an hour away from being operational. Nobody ever actually expected for them to ever be used so all actual procedures to initiate them were preposterously lax. Some MP’s were crying, some were praying but all Theresa May could do was watch the pornographic details on the television. She was shocked at how primal yet powerful the two Giants truly were as they picked up skyscraper after skyscraper as if they were merely pieces of rice and fucked each other.

After a while the Giant’s stopped and lay down together. All the phone lines that were operational were full of messages from the rulers of every single country in the world, the Royal Family and every major corporate conglomerate that exists. Mrs May thought about evacuating by helicopter but she saw one mindlessly crushed by the Giantess that was called Elia and so she decided to stay put.

All Mrs May could do was stare mindlessly at the television. She then heard the Giants conversing with one another. The words might have been anything as she was shell shocked but she then heard her cabinet ministers panicking and going insane with terror. Mrs May looked towards the window and she saw a ginormous hand reached out to her. She closed her eyes. Then all the walls caved in on themselves as the fingers broke through the walls and she and her entire cabinet were crushed to death.


Paul smiled as his mother picked up the two most famous buildings of power in all of Great Britain. Paul’s smile was even bigger as he noticed Big Ben and the London Eye also crushed to oblivion in her hand. Paul moved his face closer and squinted his eyes and he laughed as he saw that Parliament was completely destroyed, but Buckingham Palace was still in one piece.

“Parliament has called its final session.” Paul said. Elia laughed heartily from the implication. But Elia smiled as Paul said: “But Buckingham Palace is still standing.”

Elia’s smile was devilish. “The Divine Right of Kings to rule our lives forever and ever.” Elia sniggered at the thought and looked down at the miniscule object in her hand. “Listen Queenie only my son and I have that right now, and we will rule over everyone on this tiny planet.”

Paul was eagerly anticipating what Elia was going to do and she got the building by her mouth and she ate Buckingham Palace and the remnants of Parliament. Paul was in ecstasy as a millennium of British power was obliterated by one woman’s mouth. Elia went over to Paul and they kissed and Paul smiled as his tongue was helping to smash the old system forever. The kiss was long, they were both savouring it. Eventually the kiss ended and Elia got her son’s hand and they both pulled themselves up standing.

Paul saw everything around them, directly beneath their large feet was destroyed rubble of a city. But there was still so much more to do. Paul stared at the naked body of his partner and was so happy as Elia flaunted her massive breasts and had a quick rub of her huge pussy. Paul’s cock began to grow again. At that stage Paul had a thought. Everything seemed a little further away. As if they had…

“Elia, look down on the ground have you noticed something?” Paul asked.

Elia smiled and she did but had a childish face of amusement as she said: “No, what is it?”

Paul replied quickly: “We have grown.”

Elia smiled as she was looking down on the ground and she smiled as she said: “Ooh so we have my dear. How fun.”

Paul was smiling. He was guessing that they hadn’t grown double in size, but it wasn’t much less than that. He did a bit of guessing in his head and he assumed that he was now around 100 miles tall and Elia was now around 105 miles tall. Both Paul and Elia were grinning like loons.

Elia got closer to Paul and gave him a quick peck on the kiss. It was a nice quick kiss and Paul felt so relaxed at Elia’s calming touch as well as the sweet blissful look on her wonderful face.

Elia softly looked at him after the kiss and said: “Okay my dear, we have decimated one city, but now let’s use our even greater height to ravage the entire world.”

“Yes. Let’s show the world what we are capable of.” Paul got Elia’s hand and they both began walking northwards. Their colossal feet smushed the rest of London out of existence and Paul just looked at his mother’s eyes and he felt like they were now the God and Goddess of life.

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