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Author's Chapter Notes:
A little twist on Cinderella. Shout out to versusterminus7 for some of the ideas.
Ella was nervous as she looked in the mirror at the girl staring back at her. The face that was typically covered in dirt was now replaced with a beautiful one that was without blemish. For the first time in a long while Ella was dressed to empress. Taking one last look at how the elegant blue dress struggled to hold in her curves, Ella walked confidently towards the waiting area. She couldn’t help it as she smiled down at a noble girl below her.

With a pitiful height of 4’11” the blonde noble had no hope of stealing the heart of the young prince. Of course this didn’t stop her from being the absolute rudest person that Ella had ever met. It was even more hilarious that the royal seamstress had gotten her measurements wrong leaving the girl with a dress that she could never help to fill out. Before joining the other ladies(mostly girls from noble birth) Ella thought back to how she had gotten here in the first place.

Ella had been the single child to a pair of peasant farmers. They didn’t have much growing up, but they had enough to get by. At a young age it was apparent that Ella wasn’t like the other kids around her. At the age of ten she was already taller than her parents, and at the age of fifteen she had surpassed that of the tallest man in the village. Because of her size she was always working hard with her father to grow enough food to feed the family. Her growth had finally slowed down on her twentieth birthday leaving the farm girl standing at an intimidating 7’8” tall.

To make a long story short the crowned prince was now looking for a woman to be his bride. Normally marriages were made between two individuals of noble birth, but not in this case. The prince had sent out his royal messengers throughout the kingdom to invite certain girls to a special ball. It was here that he would choose one to be his wife. Noble women automatically received an invitation because of their status, but a commoner could go if they were qualified. Of course the only qualification that the prince had set was that the girl had to be tall.

It was hilarious to watch the royal messenger stare up at her flabbergasted as he tried his best to hand out the invitation. It was the chance of a life time and Ella’s parents were so proud that their daughter would have a chance to marry a prince. Fast forward a month and Ella found herself standing in line of possible suitors as the castle guards checked over each and every invitation. The number of spiteful looks she received was staggering as Ella stood head and shoulders above the next tallest girl there. Her invitation was pointless as she was rushed into a room to change as soon as it was her turn in line. Only one other girl was inside of the room and that was a blonde noble girl by the name of Jessica.

“I can’t believe that they would allow a peasant in through the front door.”

Normally Ella would confront someone as rude as this girl, but considering her position it was best to just say nothing. A couple of maids were tasked with getting the girls ready to present themselves in front of the prince. The entire time Jessica would make snide comments as Ella tried her best to ignore the snobbish noble. If the rumors about the princes ‘tastes’ were correct then this brat didn’t stand a chance at a measely 4’11”. Karma didn’t strike until the girls dresses were finally brought out.

Ella’s dress had fit her like a glove, showing off the right amount of curves in all the right places. Jessica’s on the other hand was at least twice as big as it should have been. Jessica wasn’t lacking in the chest department, but even her jumbo sized jugs couldn’t fill one of the cups.

Now back at the present Ella strolled confidently down the corridor towards the ball room. The attendants struggled to keep up with her long strides as they finally made it to the doorway. Jessica would then have to enter into the ballroom and weight with the other nobles as the prince arrived. After giving the servants her thanks, Ella opened the door into the ballroom where all her dreams would come true.

Or they would have if not for one universal truth; money equals power. Ella found herself looking into the lower back of some noble girl as she chatted away with her friends. The girl’s rump was chest level with Ella, and if she wasn’t careful that very rump could knock her over. Looking around Ella estimated that there were approximately two hundred women waiting around in the room. Out of that number only a dozen or so were of common birth. It was easy to tell who these were as they were the only girls in the room that was normal size. In order not to be trampled upon by the bigger girls they kept together in one corner of the room.

“My goodness Bridget look at this one!”

Ella turned around to find a huge pair of tits right above her head. Technically they weren’t huge proportionally to the woman’s body, but when that woman is ten and a half feet tall then ‘huge’ is an appropriate word. Ella tried to back away until she ran into another noble, this one even taller than the first. If Ella stood on her tip toes then maybe her head would brush the undersides of her breasts.

“Isn’t she that one freakishly tall girl we saw in line?” The girl behind Ella, known as Bridget, was easily able to twirl Ella around to get a better look at her. “Doesn’t seem so tall now does she?”

“She doesn’t even come up to your boobs!” giggled the first girl. “Although for someone like me she makes the perfect resting spot.”

The two huge mounds from earlier were rested on top of Ella’s head as she struggled to stay in place. Ella was just grateful that the weight was soon removed as even more nobles joined the group.

“I could really get used to this!” chimed one girl as she downed a tiny wine glass in her hands. The sheer size of these women was unreal as Ella looked up to them.

It was impossible to escape as Ella was circled by half a dozen noble women. They laughed, gossiped, and drank as they awaited for the ball to begin. It wasn’t a complete waste of Ella’s time as she learned the secret behind the mysterious growth. Apparently some alchemist had discovered a potion of sorts that would increase a girl’s size for about a week. Of course this potion was quite expensive meaning that only the rich could afford it. It was because of the prince’s tastes that every noble woman had ordered a vial to take right before the ball was to begin. Ella would finally be freed from the circle from the person she wanted to see the least.

Bridget was forced to drop her wine glass as an absolutely massive right tit collided with her face. The noble towards Bridget’s left had faced a similar situation to allow the new girl into the group.

“Watch where you move those things Jessica!” Bridget had finally righted herself as she stared upwards towards the blonde girl.

“Sorry I’m late girls, the seamstress had to make something that would actually fit me!” Jessica had to emphasize her point by shaking her boobs causing them to jiggle everywhere.

“Damn they’re huge!” exclaimed on girl.

“I know right,” even Jessica’s huge hand looked tiny in comparison to the tit that it caressed, “father paid a little extra to give these babies a little boost!”

Ella had thought that the noble before were huge as they all ranged from nine feet at the shortest up to twelve feet tall. Jessica on the other hand was positively massive standing at fifteen feet herself. Ella was barely crotch level with this leviathan. Jessica’s smile grew even wider as she noticed Ella standing below her.

“Let me just escort this peasant back towards the others and I’ll be right back ladies.”

There was nothing that Ella could do as Jessica grabbed ahold of her wrist and practically dragged her away. For the first time Ella had to jog just to keep up with someone as she followed Jessica towards one side of the ball room and in through another door. It wasn’t a huge room that Ella found herself into, but it was big enough for Jessica to stand up in comfortably. Ella couldn’t help but take a step back as Jessica continued to smile down at her.

“Weren’t expecting this were you ‘shorty’?” asked Jessica as she got down onto her knees. Even like this she was still taller than Jessica. Instead of saying anything Ella decided to keep her distance.

“Must have thought you were so special flaunting your body like around like that. Now you look like a little kid around a real woman like me.”

“You’re only big because of a stupid potion,” shot back Ella, “within a week you’ll be back to under five feet tall!”

“You must be dumber than you look.” Ella was furious by this comment, but there was nothing that she could do about it. “Once I marry the prince money will no longer be an issue. I could afford to take the ‘stupid potion’ every day and still have a fortune left over if I wanted to. It’s just a shame that the effects of this doesn’t stack.” Jessica reached a hand into her cleavage and produced a tiny vial containing a dark purple liquid.

“If you drank this just imagine how tall you would become.” Jessica teased the fact by holding the vial just beyond Ella’s reach. It was then that she got a bright idea as she looked down at Ella’s cleavage.
“I’ll make a deal with you can hold out just two minutes against this bust, I’ll just give you this potion. But if you lose then you have to steer clear of the prince and out of my way for the rest of the night.”

It was either accept Jessica’s challenge or face whatever else the bratty noble had in mind. Ella was soon standing up against a wall as Jessica held her rack before her. She couldn’t help but gulp as she took note of the size difference.

“Remember, two minutes!”

The challenge began as Ella’s entire torso was engulfed by the absolute softest mounds that she had ever felt before. It was like being pressed by two of the world’s best mattresses at the same time. The warmth and smell was starting to send her to sleep. A few seconds of this passed before the pressure increased till it was uncomfortable.

“Aah,” grunted Ella as her body was pressed up against the wall. It was difficult to breathe while moving was impossible.

“Surrender yet?” asked Jessica. “Surprised your tits aren’t squished flat yet.”

“Never!” grunted Ella as she tried to arch her back. Her own knockers were trying to fight back against her prison without effect. “Is that the best you can do?”

“Not really, I’m just leaning at the moment.” It was amusing as Jessica felt the two tiny bumps trying to push her away. “They’re probably J cups right? Definitely the biggest in your village.”

“And still gro-“

“But it’s just not enough. Your rack will never be able to fill just one of these bra cups of mine.” Jessica applied a bit more force causing Ella to cry out in pain.

“You bitc- ow ow ow ow!” Ella couldn’t help it as Jessica applied even more force.

“One day I’ll find a way to make this permanent and give every noble woman in the kingdom a little boost. Heck by the time that I am done my shortest maid will still make you look like a little kid!”

Ella continued to listen to Jessica until she blacked out from the lack of oxygen. She awoke some time later by herself inside of the room. Her sides were a little sore but she forced herself to move forward. Opening the door she could see all of the girls in the center of the ball room surrounding the prince. Ella felt a little sorry for the common women as they stood on the outside of the circle trying to catch a glimpse of the prince. One girl was wearing the equivalent of sixteen inch heels and was still shorter than every noble there.

“My goodness this food is delicious!” came a voice over towards Ella’s right.

Looking over Ella found herself looking down at the absolute most beautiful woman that she had ever seen. The woman was currently stuffing her face yet somehow the dress she wore was staying perfectly clean. The dress itself could make the finest clothes look like rags. The woman took only a second to stop eating to look over at Ella as she continued on.

“Sup Ella,” came the woman’s words between bites of a drumstick.

“Um, do I know you?” asked Ella as she stood beside the petite woman.

“Probably not, I’m your fairy god mother yada yada yada names Sarah.” The woman finally took a break from eating to talk to Ella properly. The table was soon filled with food once more with a mere wave of her hand.

“You’re my fairy god mother?” asked Ella skeptically.

“What, were you expecting someone bigger?” With a snap of her fingers Sarah had instantly quadrupled in height. Ella wasn’t even as tall as her knees as the fairy god mother bent over to talk to her. Surprisingly no one in the room was giving her a second glance, not even the maid who was now rearranging some plates beside of her

“Of course size is all in the perspective of the beholder.” Sarah was soon returned to a more normal size with a snap of her fingers. Ella on the other hand had found herself starting the dwindle down rapidly until she was a little less than eight inches tall.

“I get it now, just make me big again.” Ella had seen enough by now to realize that Sarah was in fact the real deal.

“Alright then,”

Instead of increasing in height Ella found her breasts ballooning outwards until they were at least four times as big as they once were. Somehow the dress that she wore was able to hold her curves perfectly.

“Big enough?” asked Sarah with an amused expression.

“Make them smaller please.” Ella was having a hard enough time to just stand up straight. Thankfully she found her rack shrinking back down. Instead of returning her to normal, Ella had been left at triple her normal size. While still huge they were more manageable. Unfortunately her dress had stayed the same size resulting in it slipping off of her chest.

“Oh dear, let me help out with that!” came the maids voice from earlier.

Ella was surprised as two sets of fingers came from behind and held the cups in their grasp. The fingers then pulled the cloth up to cover once again.

“A little too big for you right now, but someday you’ll grow into it.” While fixing Ella’s dress the maid took the opportunity to play with the little girl below her. Ella was speechless as these fingers rubbed, massaged, and squeezed her breasts gently between them. After a couple of minutes the maid was able to modify the dress enough for Ella to wear it properly.

“I’ll be working all night if you need any more ‘help’.” The giant maid gave her a wink before continuing on with her duties. Of course Sarah couldn’t help but laugh at this.

“Alright, I’m done teasing you!” With a snap of her fingers Ella was returned back to her normal size. “Anyway I can’t stay for too long I have other girls that need me. I will leave you with a special gift though. You just can’t use it to do anything evil okay.”

The final snap of Sarah’s fingers had caused a blinding flash as the fairy god mother disappeared. Everything had gone back to normal except for one fact. Ella knew that she could now control the size of anyone around her at will. Along with this ability only Ella would know that something happened. Everyone else would think that the changes were how it had always been. As to how she knew this she just chalked it up to it all being ‘magic’. Looking over she saw the same group of nobles surrounding the prince.

“Let’s try it out.” said Ella as she snapped her fingers.

All at once the entire group of women shrank down to around two feet tall. The prince was still his normal size and seemed a little bored with the attention he was getting from the tiny ladies. Jessica was still trying to flaunt her curves but now the impact was a lot less impressive. Ella snapped her fingers once again as the common women returned to normal.

It was funny to see the nobles being pushed aside as these women took control of the Princes attention. Jessica’s face was priceless as one girl pointed out that her chest was definitely bigger than both of Jessica’s combined. Ella returned reality back to the way it was as the room was filled with towering ladies. She was even nice enough to give the commoners a little boost as well.

Ella decided it was time to make her move as she began to grow in size. Because of the ceiling thirty feet was her maximum, but that was more than what she needed. Walking forward she made it a point to bend forward to give both the prince and Jessica a full view of her cleavage. Looking down at the group below her Ella knew that she had this in the bag. The look of awe in the prince’s face was apparent as he looked up at Ella.

“Name’s Ella.” She reached down her finger tip for the prince to kiss.

“Mine’s Versus, Versus T. Minus.” There was only one thing that Ella had to say to seal the deal.

“So I heard you like tall women.”
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