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Story Notes:

This is my first GTS story and I'm happy to present it in completion. Thanks to the community for the feedback and support! I'm currently working on a new tale and I've got a few more ideas in the pipes, so stay tuned for more writing elsewhere on my page ;)

Bianca clutched my ass cheeks as she orgasmed blissfully, her blond hair clinging sexily to her thick brown shoulders, breasts, and cheeks. She bucked and moaned beneath me on the bed like an animal in heat.

At the same time I felt that familiar pressure build at the base of my spine. “Fuck, she's so hot”, was my thought as I greedily pushed my huge stiff rod into her cushy vagina, spurting my load into that hot, velvety sheath. As the moment passed I felt a sinking sensation in the back of my mind. “Oh my god, I just came in a random girl without wearing a condom. Fuck...”

We lay panting next to each other in her bed. Bianca lived downtown in a nice, small apartment about halfway up a large complex. Charming, beautiful, Brazilian, she was my age at 26. She stood about 5'6 with a lovely body to be proud of. Her frame was quite wide with curves that drove me crazy. Her gorgeous legs stood atop cute little feet with perfect doll toes, and rose up to her thick, womanly thighs, large apple-shaped ass, and blond, neatly trimmed crotch. We had just fucked for the first time. Her slit was wide but beautifully textured with luscious walls that clutched and wrung my rod like a hooker giving a hand job. It was incredible. She had been soaking wet from the start, maybe the whole time since we exchanged sultry, flirtatious innuendos through dinner.

We had just matched on Tinder that week. I had been drawn to her pictures which included a sexy shot of her in a 2-piece bikini. Her melon-sized breasts seemed to heave and sway with a life of their own in the still photo, gloriously protruding from that wide chest above a smooth, pillowy belly. Her abdomen pushed out ever so slightly past her gorgeous pelvic region, and it was obvious she had some serious bands of love-making muscles hidden beneath. Her arms were likewise thick and muscly but smooth to the touch, dwindling gracefully into small, cute hands with perfect little fingers that grabbed at my body with barely contained desperation as we fucked. Her face contained elements of broadness as well- a wide jawline that supported a huge smile full of glistening white teeth. Bianca's lips were thick and protracted, definitely one of her hottest features. I imagined them all evening around mine, or around my cock. They looked so soft and so beautiful. She had coy, languid corners to her mouth that went well with her large, brown eyes, which rarely opened more than halfway before I was inside her. Finally, her eyebrows, crotch and hair were striking in their blondness. For a Latina she had sure drawn a rare trait in that she was golden-blond with wisps of a paler, more silvery blond throughout. She wore it straight and it went past her breasts and shoulders behind, though as she lay next to me, finally breathing more regularly, her hair was in a perfect little tangle here and there, just adding to the raw sensuality of her being.

“Lee, that felt so SO good,” she muttered to me, her eyes briefly finding mine before she courteously and dreamily closed them. She did so, lazily turning onto her side to face me, eyes closed. As she readjusted herself, her breasts swung around slowly, tantalizingly, and her hand absent-mindedly traced out little patterns in her crotch which radiated heat in my direction. “Your cock is so huge, meu deus...” her words were a little slow and accented which I also found incredibly charming. Meanwhile, Bianca's hands which always seemed to follow her train of thought, lightly but assertively reached around my huge member which remained semi hard and just under full length- about ten inches. Post-cum, it was throbbing and vascular, a sexual entity of its own, and it felt 100% amazing right now. Her touch caused that fleshy rod to respond by swelling once again, pushing out her grip and sending light spasms through my spine and abdomen.

I was having a bout of turmoil, however. We had not talked openly about having sex, and had not communicated about birth control at all. As soon as we had walked into her apartment, my head had been swimming with hormones, and Bianca, sexy as she was, elicited almost as powerful a response of attraction from my sense of smell as she did from my eyes. A mix of sweat, cocoa butter, something vaguely spicy, and an overwhelming dose of oestrogen and testosterone had dulled my senses into a full state of arousal past the point of words or slowing down to put on a condom. I lightly touched Bianca's hand and looked earnestly at her. She opened her eyes.

“Bianca, I should have used a condom.” My words were slow and clear. Trying not to sound regretful but more concerned. “I'm sorry I didn't stop to ask. You are just so sexy...”

Bianca, seeing my concern, furrowed her brow as she listened to my words. Processing them visibly, perhaps so as to put me at ease. She squinted happily, smiled again, and said. “It is okay, Lee. I have IUD placed in me. I saw the doctor only last week. Now I am already feeling different. I want to fuck all the time.” With that, a spark of mischief flashed across her eyes. She leaned close and gave me a little kiss. As she did so, her breasts found my chest which caused my body to lurch forward as well. Soon we were kissing again and my thick veiny cock sprung to attention once more...

Once we had fucked again and lay resting, Bianca glanced at her alarm clock with a little sigh. She had to work the next day, but asked me to stay the night. I obligingly plugged in my phone and folded my clothes into a neat pile out of respect for her space. As we lay spooning in the half-light of her curtained windows we listened to the occasional sound of traffic drift up and the patter of rain against the glass. Bianca and I chatted earnestly about what we were doing. It seemed pretty clear that we were both looking for something casual and that we were mutually experienced in the casual dating scene, if our romp in the sack was any indication. It was also more than evident that we had some chemistry. We were both polite and flirtatious, intelligent, and incredibly endowed. I found her thick, womanly features incredibly arousing, and she practically purred with delight upon tearing off my shirt to reveal my finely sculpted chest and arms, not to mention my supple ass and monster cock. Our easy, intimate chatter dwindled eventually as we began to fall asleep in each others embrace like new lovers. I would occasionally rub her breasts with my large hands, while she would respond by sexily waggling her ass into my crotch. “God...” I thought, “she is still so wet, fuck...” as a trickle of her feminine lubricant dripped in a thin trail off her leg and onto mine. Her entire pelvic region was a furnace and by now her whole room gloriously reeked of her amazing scent. I could feel her nipples swell to the size of thumbs beneath my hands and she adjusted herself with a slight moan, grinding her ass against my rod. As I began to stiffen up again, I wondered if she was in the mood for one more fuck, but it seemed to me that she was drifting off, already drunk on the raw release of her many orgasms. Knowing she'd be getting up early, I eased off my sexual urges in no small display of discipline. I too was very drained and soon drifted off to sleep.

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