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This first chapter has been written over than 2 years ago, and I'm still continuing this story (actually chapter 47), so we still have a long way to go... But now that the first is done, eveything is possible ! A dream coming true...!

Please be indulgent my friends, I was still a young Padawan this while ago.. :D

The first chapters written are really short but they get longer as time passes by, don't worry ;)

Have a good time reading :)

-“Did you guys hear? They still talk about them...”


-“Ah somehow they seek for him...”


-“Of course, they’re very worried… but me, I find it nasty…”


-“Everyone finds it unnatural. My parents were telling me this the other day!”


-“It’s serious guys! It’s even less normal than being gay, to say!”


It’s almost 8 AM and we are waiting in line in front of the Math room. As expected, there’s only one topic for all conversations today. But to understand it, it’s necessary to know a little bit about the world we live in. In its current state, society is split up into two divisions (very irregular with respect to their proportion). There’s the human side and then there’s the ones we call “the mutants”. There’s no point in explaining what this actually entails, but you will soon find out. You’d have also guessed that it’s because of them that my classmates speak at this moment (if I dare to consider them at my classmates).


-“You fucking shit!”


-“Shut up! Nobody asked you!”


-“I was just messing around. I never said that there was a problem!”


My name is Adrien. Typical schoolboy, south of France. I’m 14 years old, currently in my third year, and I am, as usual, an introvert. To be quite frank, I was never really sociable. My lack of social skills prevents me from approaching new people; it acts like a repellent to others.


-“Pff you guys are complete assholes. I wonder why I even hang out with you lot at times…”


-“Ooh come on, stop acting like a pretty little princess. Is it because of your strange tastes that you want to stop hanging out with us? Maybe you want to hang out with Adrien instead?”


-“Supporting gay people doesn’t necessarily mean having strange tastes. And I already told you to leave Paul alone.”


Paul is someone who we can consider as the leader of the group. He’s nevertheless a real pain in the ass. He’s basically as smart as his feet. I don’t understand why people could find him remotely cool. Maybe just because he’s good at sports and has an egotistic personality? In any case, I hate him to guts. We already had some conflicts (relatively frequent, too). Unfortunately for me, I don’t quite have the physique to defend myself. So in most cases, I let him speak, make

me look like a jack-ass, or anything he finds shitty to throw at me. I don’t see what motivates him in doing that, but whatever floats his boat.


-“I don’t know what you find in him. He’s so weak that he doesn’t react when I insult him. Isn’t that right, pussy?”


-“Hey cut it out, will ya!”


And there’s Alice. She’s a… how you say… heavenly girl. To summarize the term: She has a golden personality and a magnificent body to go along with it. It’s usually her that stops confrontations between me and Paul when she’s around us. We could say that she has some sort of “power” over him (maybe this grunt is actually in love with her?). Who could not be in love with her? Sure I mean, if he loves Alice, it’s the only thing we share in common.




-“That’s quite enough now. Come inside and sit down. Not a peep from you.”




-“As soon as you see this figure, there’s a click in your head that tells you: ‘Thales Theorem!”


Pff, it’s seriously annoying. It’s two months that we’re on it and there’s always someone that doesn’t get it – take Paul for example. I’ll take this opportunity to present myself a little bit better. Earlier I said that I wasn’t capable of defending myself, but in fact it’s because I am pretty short in comparison to the other classmates; even smaller than most of the girls (I am 1m63). I also haven’t done any body-building, so I don’t have the strength to compensate for my short height. Something that redeems my dignity is the fact that I can run pretty fast. The reason why I’m saying this mostly for my own ego. I just hate myself really. Short, weak, shy, lonely and a geek – that’s who I am. Being a geek is one of the many qualities of myself that I hate the most because in addition of being totally shy, I’m sure that being a geek deepens the social gap of me and others around me. Anyway, I’m going to stop talking. I hate moping about myself.


Looking around me, I notice on my right and slightly behind me. There she was: Alice. She’s a pretty tall girl (around 1m70 I think) with very pretty light-brown hair and eyes. I like to take a peek from time to time at her beautiful face. But best not to look at her for long periods though; I don’t want her to take it the wrong way. Right now she’s more focused on what she’s doing and chewing the end of her pencil. She’s an example of the model student. She bends over and writes on her notebook; most likely to solve the problem the teacher wrote on the board. I think that all these breaks and movements she does… there’s no moment where I find her less attractive than some other girl.


-“In any case, it’s well done for them. These pieces of shit…”

-“Paul, I don’t want to hear another word from you. The next time I hear from you, I’ll be sending you to the Principal’s office.”


-“What a bitch” he murmured, making sure the math teacher didn’t hear. Although he is a bit hard of hearing and wouldn’t likely know from where the noise came from.


Oh man I’m so stupid! Surely you want to know who these “mutants” are, right? Me too, to be honest. From what I know, among the humans on Earth, there exists a race called the mutants. They look roughly the same as us but what appears also to be that their bodies are modified. Thereby entitling that the name mutant is the fact that they are genetically different than us. According to what I understood, there are lots of theories of this subject matter. The most used theories (and likelihood) are that they had a genetic mutation of a human to another and to what is proliferated. Or the carried out experiences went out of control. I will take a closer look at it in a second. It would have taken more mutations between the two generations in order for it to be plausible. And the embryo cells would be automatically destroyed when facing this many mutations, would it not? But another thing that bothers me is that it appears it would not be a hereditary? I already heard that the government were trying to suppress most of their affairs. It’s really something we have little information on. This is exactly the trouble. To be honest, I don’t know what to think anymore. Am I supposed to be afraid of them? We don’t know anything of their intentions. We don’t even know if their power is temporary, hereditary, pathogenic… Can we judge without knowing? All of this just poses a considerable etic for me. I believe I know that there are no other people that think quite like myself. We are living today in a society where the “different” became the source of fear, mockery and discrimination. I don’t consider the gay as being against nature. It just seems so banal to be convinced of such nonsense. By that, I can only thank the education that my parents had given me.




And with this, it’s time to go to French class; everyone packs their stuff. I do the same thing and before leaving the room, I pass by the math teacher. I have no other choice other than to be polite and say: “Good day, sir”.


-“See you Adrien. By the way, great work on your last homework.”


-“Ah, thanks so much.”


While turning my head, I see in the corner of my eye that Paul is watching and smiling like a nitwit. What does this guy want now, I wonder…?


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