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Story by Redfired0g

John never had much luck on Tryhardr. He swiped right on every decent-looking girl in his town, but never got any replies. He thought he had a nice profile, maybe he needed to broaden his horizon?

So he did another search, this time for girls in the big city. First result: a girl named “BigCityAlison.” All the shots were taken from a low angle, and only showed her face, but she was clearly beautiful. Cute, blonde, nice hair. Looked weirdly familiar somehow, but that was probably just a coincidence. He swiped right, and left a message.

“Hey Alison!! From a small town, but I thought you were worth a trip to the big city...”

To his surprise, not five minutes later, he got a reply.

“Hey John! Glad to hear from you. So you liked my profile? Guys in the city never reply to me...”


“Really, a girl like you? I find that hard to believe.”


“Well I am a little tall. Maybe I intimidate them. ;) “


“I like tall girls, and I’m not easy to intimidate :) ”


“I could use a real man for a change :) I’m free now, you want to meet up?”

“Sure! So do you want to meet up over here? I don’t usually go to the city, but if you want I can pick you up...”


“No problem, I’m afraid I’ll have to pick you up :) I’ve never been to your town before, might be nice for a change.”


“Sure thing. I live right next to the Susanne's off Commercial Street, only one in town. You should leave soon, in traffic it can take a couple hours to get over here on the highway.”


“Oh, you mean like in a little car? LOL :) No, I’ll walk. Leaving from the city now!”

“What do you mean walk, it’s a hundred miles! And don’t you have to get dressed?”

“I can walk that in fifteen minutes! One of the advantages to being my size :) In a good mood so I’ll cut through the forest, try not to hurt too many ppl. And they don’t really make normal clothes my size, but I think you’ll like how I’m dressed ;) Be there soon, I think I see your town now! It’s tiny ;)“


Just then, John realized why he recognized her face. It wasn’t the actress that she resembled. No, it was someone else. Someone he didn’t even think of as human, let alone a potential dating partner…


John felt the earth vibrate beneath him. He looked around, and saw no sight of her, but there were trees and buildings surrounding him. He had to get to higher ground. John made his way up to the roof of his house. It took him a few minutes to get the ladder from the shed, and another few to take it up next to the top of the house. By then the rumbling had gotten louder. The neighborhood around him was quiet, but in the distance he heard screams, and sirens.


John knew what was coming, and dread coalesced in the pit of his stomach. It had to be her. As he finally made his way up the top of the ladder, and he confirmed what he already knew. If her size didn’t give it away, the blonde locks did. And the legs, which were slender, and long even for someone her size. He could make out every subtle curve along her slender body, which was nude save for some black underwear.




She was closer than he expected, and bigger than anything he had imagined. Trees toppled with her steps, though the tallest of them only came up to her shins. Each step she took carried her another hundred feet, and soon she had reached the edge of the treeline. The last of the trees toppled before her, and she entered the edge of the town. People fled to get out of her way, and when she had passed they stared at her in awe. She was gorgeous, blonde and thin and beautiful. And she was three hundred feet tall.


She strode effortlessly over buildings,  the tallest of which barely came up past her heels. The streets were gridlocked, and people were rapidly abandoning their cars and running away. John watched as her heel came down on an intersection, flattening several empty cars that had been abandoned there. Or at least John hoped they were empty. She seemed unconcerned with the destruction, and didn’t even look down to see where she was stepping. Her eyes were cast towards the city in front of her, looking for something. Looking, John realized, for him.




With another few strides, she had arrived at the Susanne's. Squinting, she scanned the faces below her. While most of the townsfolk had ran away or hid inside, a handful of people stood around, trepidatiously watching the giantess. She looked them over, searching for a familiar face as she mouthed his name. “John? Is that you? No…”

John made his way to the front of the crowd. He gazed up at her, her skinny legs reaching into the heavens, her milky smooth, pearl white skin. Her blonde hair curled teasingly down her face and shoulders. From down below where he was standing, her eyes were hiding behind her chest, but he knew they were blue. “Taylor?”


“Hello there.” She smiled seductively at John. “And I go by my middle name now. Just call me Alison.”


“Of course, Alison.” John smiled back, doing his best to hide the fact that he was utterly terrified. He recognized her now. He would recognize the sweet lilt of her voice anywhere. In person, though, it felt strangely encompassing, like her voice was surrounding you.


She motioned down to her underwear. “This isn’t too revealing, is it? It’s more trouble than it’s worth trying to wear full clothes at this size. This is about all the clothing that makes sense…”


“Umm...” He froze for a moment. “No. Not at all. You… You look amazing. Just like in your profile picture, but…”


“Bigger? I get that all the time. Don’t be scared, little guy.” Alison reached her hand out to John, and ran it along his side. “You might not be used to seeing someone my size, but everyone else is tiny to me. I can be careful, when I really want to be. But first things first. Is there a place around here where I can get a decent coffee?”


“Susan’s is always good. It’s right over there--”

Before John could finish his sentence, Alison tore off the roof of the diner in front of him. He was amazed at how easily she tore it off, and how cleanly. BIts of debris fell to the ground, and exposed wires dangled from the walls. Alison glanced down at the restaurant, indifferent to the dozens of cowering people who stared up at her with terror.

“Hey, can I get a 16-gallon Caramel Latte? Here,” she said, dropping a handful of gigantic silver coins, which landed upon a customer. “Actually, make it 20,” she said, dropping another coin. “Have it ready soon, or I might just decide to sit on your little establishment, okay? So, anyway, John, what do you do to keep busy?”


“N-Not much.” John froze again, unsure of what to say.


“Yeah?” Alison questioned, “so that’s what you do? Not much?”


“I mean…”


“Don’t be shy. Shy guys are boring. I can tell you’re not like that. Let’s try again, what do you like to do?”


“I’m pretty normal. I just work at a local construction firm. I’m pretty much a glorified middle manager, honestly. This town is pretty boring. When I come home, I mostly just spend time with my dogs…”


“I love dogs! I feel terrible whenever I step on them. Way worse than when I step on their owners. And don’t be so modest. You know, I grew up in a small town, too. Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. I got bored of it fast. I outgrew it at a pretty young age… Not like this,” she said, gesturing at her size, “that didn’t come until later. But I left for the big city, thinking it would suit me better. Then the money came, and the fame, and pretty soon I felt like I’d outgrown that too. And that’s before I got like this...”


“Do you ever go back? To Wyomissing?”


“Not anymore. There’s not much left of it, I… Let’s just say I had some mixed feelings about the place.”


“I know what you mean,” John said, looking up into her eyes. “Had a falling out with the old man, and then after my brother’s accident… It was never the same. Not a fun thing to talk about.”


“It’s worse than that,” Alison said with a guilty look. “Went to visit one year, had a few drinks, got in a bad place in my head. Some old friends said some things that made me upset, and I ended up… yeah. I don’t think there’s anything there anymore. Pretty sure I stomped the whole place flat, everything from my parent’s house to Tom’s general store. Heh, you know, they say you can’t go home again… Usually they don’t mean it quite so literally.” She joked, but John could see her eyes were getting watery. “I’m sorry, this is why I don’t like to talk about the past.”




“It’s okay,” John said. “You can’t spend your life feeling bad about everything you’ve done.” In spite of the things she’d just admitted to, John felt a sympathy for her. There was no way you couldn’t sympathize with her: there was something about those eyes, those big, blue eyes, that drew you in. “I can’t even imagine having that kind of power. If I could do things like that, at my worst, I don’t know what could have happened. Do you ever regret becoming… becoming like you are now?”


Alison thought about the question for a minute. “You know, John, I think I made the right decision, but every so often I doubt myself. This place, though. It’s kind of like Wyomissing, minus all the bad memories.”


“Did you kill people coming over here?” John said abruptly.


“Oh, you sweet thing. Do you have little friends around town? I Probably killed a few dozen people on the way here. Hopefully it’s nobody you know! I don’t really think about that kind of thing much anymore. Early on, that was half the reason I wanted to get big in the first place. So I could get revenge on everyone who gave me shit in Nashville. Smashed a few of their homes in, back when that still took some effort. I felt so powerful, it was amazing. Now, though, most of the time it just feels like I’m surrounded by ants. Distant, anonymous little things, like tiny dots that run away when I walk by. Most of the time I don’t even notice when I step on them. What I’m getting at is, it’s not often I feel like I can connect to somebody.”


She gazed into John’s eyes, her enormous face coming closer to him. He stared into her right eye, which was as big as his head. Her lips, soft and wet, glided closer to his face. She closed her eyes and puckered up.


“Coffee’s ready!” The barista yelled into Alison’s ear.


Alison, suddenly jarred from the moment, was furious. She turned towards the barista, looming over the tiny woman. “You should know better than to interrupt me!” She raised her fist above the woman, preparing to bring it down upon her. Out of the corner of her eye, though, she saw John. Looking once more and seeing the barista’s terrified face, she slowly lowered her hand. “I--I’ll pardon you this once, okay? Thanks for the coffee.”


The coffee container was only about as big as an oil drum. It wasn’t as large as Alison had asked for, but she let it go. She quickly downed the Mocha, and wiped off her lips. She liked John. Part of that was because he was the first person in a while she’d really talked to, but there was something else about him as well. She thought about keeping him. He’d be an enjoyable little thing to have as a pet, after all. She’d gone through quite a few of them recently, she was running a bit low; may as well take him back and put him in the box with the rest. Then something strange occurred to her.

John… Would you like to come with me?” The words felt odd coming off her lips. It had been ages since she’d asked someone for permission.


John looked up at Allison, deep in thought. “You know, I think I would.”


“I feel like I should go back to the city. I’m getting hungry, John, and I don’t eat lettuce.” She smiled, showing off her huge, perfectly white teeth as she glanced at a group of bystanders hiding behind a nearby building. John didn’t mistake her meaning. “I don't’ want to eat somebody you know, but I know that in ten or fifteen minutes I’m going to be hungry. Back at the city they have meals ready for me twice a day. I eat, umm, people. Yeah. I think they’re mostly convicts or something, I dunno. Is that… Is that okay? Do you still want to come with me?”


“I do,” John replied.


“Excellent.” Allison instinctively reached out to grab John, but paused. Instead, she opened her hand in front of John, and let him walk into her palm. Then, she gently closed her hand and raised him to her face.


“Allison,” he asked, “I was wondering something. If I had said no, would you take me anyway?”


“I don’t know,” she said, honestly. But I want to find out.”



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