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Story Notes:

Hey guys, my name is Kaya. The girl in this story is based on me, and my fantasies. It's my first ever story, and I've never written anything before. So please be nice to be. 


Ive been reading stories on this site for a while, I thought I would finally contribute. One thing I am determined to do is not let this story go unfinished!

Author's Chapter Notes:

No action in this chapter, apart from a little line at the end. Don't worry, I intend on this just being pure smut. Just building up the story right now, thank you for reading :)

Chapter One - I never asked for this 


She hung there, struggling to catch her breath. 


The deal of a lifetime is what she had been offered. But in fact what she had received instead, was hell. 


Kaya was a little shy and timid Irish girl. She had grown up on a farm with her father and three sisters. She had moved to America just three days after her 20th birthday, in hope of finding a better career than the inevitable farm life she would be thrown into if she stayed at home. 


Los Angeles was her destination of choice. The naive little girl wanted a job with the stars, doing something that would eventually make her famous. But after a month of searching and searching, she had to admit defeat. It was a lot harder than she had set out in her mind, and her father had been right. There was not a chance in hell she was going to get a job with celebrities. 


She eventually ended up in a dead end job, as a barista at Starbucks. It was the worst thing she ever did, nobody treated her with respect. 


She ended up desperate and alone. Craving that new life she had destined for many months ago, but never got. She was missing her family, and the farm. She was missing Irish life in general. 


It had been 5 months since she moved to LA, and she decided enough was enough. She was going to go into work, and power through her shift. It would be her last ever shift, as she would quit after the day was over. She'd use the little money she had saved up, pay for a flight home the next morning. Then she would be back at the farm, where she belonged. 


That was the plan. It was a good plan, one she very much looked forward to executing. 


It was a good plan, up until 11.37am of that morning. 


She'd already told her boss she was quitting after that shift. The day as usual, was going painfully slow. She was being treated badly by customers, which was also the norm. But at 11:37am exactly, somebody walked through the door who could change her life. The man was only 5 months late, and had to walk in the day she intended on leaving. But that man was none other than Roman Shard. 


His face was recognisable instantly to Kaya. Although he may not of been famous himself, he was the agent of pretty much anybody on the A-list. Anybody that was famous, he managed. She had learnt that when she was researching her way of getting into the business. 


He just happened to appear in her Starbucks, today of all days. She had tried to contact him, probably about 30 times. But he had never responded, I mean who could blame him. He probably got 500 emails a day. But now was her chance to finally speak to him in person. 


She told her work colleague she was taking her break early, and approached him. 


He sat there, quietly sipping on his coffee and tapping away on his laptop. She sheepishly walked up to him and spoke. 


"Hello Mr Shard." Was all she could muster up. 


"What do you want?" He replied bluntly, without even taking his eyes off the laptop screen. 


"Well you see, my name is Kaya and I've tried to get into contact with you about a job for the past 5 months". She tried to sound as enthusiastic as she could, this was her one shot and she had to take it. 


He shot her a quick glance, before returning his eyes to the screen. "I haven't had any emails from a Kaya". 


This immediately prompted Kaya to get her phone out and show him all the emails she had sent him. He again took his eyes off the screen for five seconds whilst he scanned over an email, and then returned them back. 


"Oh you" he said in a tone that worried Kaya. "How do you think you are supposed to get a job in this industry without any experience? I ignored you for a reason".


Kaya's heart sank, she knew that was it, and she had blew her chance. But then she witnessed him take his eyes off the screen again, only this time he was looking her up and down. 


"You never told me you was such eye candy though". He said, in a slightly perverted tone. 


Kaya was starting to feel uncomfortable, she didn't know what was happening, but she didn't think it felt right.


"Look, if you do me a favour then I will do you one. I will get you a job".


"What is the favour?" She asked, with risk of sounding extremely desperate. 


He looked at her with a sly grin, and replied "I can get you a job, as an assistant for every celebrity I work for" he paused, "in return, I want to fuck you in the back of my car".


Kaya was stunned. On one hand, she had just been offered the job that could get her where she wanted. Meeting famous people, doing things for them and maybe becoming friends with them. 


But at a cost, and that cost was her dignity, her self respect and her virginity. 


She knew she didn't have long to decide, she had to make a quick decision. 


She eventually decided that it was little to sacrifice for the big lifestyle. For a life with the celebs, for large sums in her bank account. What is a quickie compared to that she thought. 


"Okay, deal". She said, to his delight. 


"I must warn you fair and square though, you'll end up being a bit of a slave for these high profile celebs". He said, with the same grin as before. 


"I don't care". She shot back, she wanted this so badly. 


With a wink and the same smile, "remember that" he muttered. 


Roman led her to the car park, where his flashy Rolls Royce was parked. The pair of them climbed into the back where there was plenty of space, and without wasting any time at all he whipped out his rather small penis. She pulled down her pants, and he plunged his hard member inside of her. 


15 minutes they fucked for, and she hated to admit it but it felt good. So it was a win win for her, good sex and a bright future ahead of her. 


"I'll be in touch". He said between panting, as he was buckling his belt back up. "Now get out".


And that was that. At least she thought, with her new job looming in the future. 


But this leads to where she is now, three weeks later. 


Glued in between Ariana Grande's toes by nothing but sweat, at a measly half an inch in height. 


He was not lying when he said she would be their slave...


"I never asked for this..." she whispered to nobody but herself, in between sobs. 



Chapter End Notes:

And that's it for the first chapter! Now, this is where it gets interesting. I'm gonna let all of you people pick the celebrities in this story. Don't review with just a celebrity name, or else I will ignore it. But if you stick a name on the end of your honest review (can be a pornstar too if you like, whatever floats your boat), I will include it in the story. 


First few chapters will be Ariana Grande though, as she is my current crush haha. 


Grand, thank you for reading :) 

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