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When someone does something nice for you, you return the kindness. Orphened and raised by her villages local Doctor, Abby struggles to do just that when she winds up in a circumstance she never thought possible. Faced directly with her fears, she now has to try and help the very ones she hates the most...



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Published: October 31 2016 Updated: December 31 2018
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Contains underage content, lesbians, some dark themes, and probably a lot of other things you'll find offensive so take it with a grain of salt and enjoy reguardless.


Also to note, it has Monster girls.



1. Doctor, doctor... by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 24] starstarstarstarstar (4656 words)

So... whats up everyone :)


I'm guessing you probably didn't think you'd see another story from me considering my first one isn't finished yet.

Well, i had planned on holding this back as a teaser when Precious little Demons came to a close, but i figured the theme of it really fit with Halloween so i uploaded it anyways~


Just note, this will not be updated until my first story is finished, so i hope you like it and enjoy where this will be headed once it's brought back.


Something also to note is this story will be entirely my own! Well, kind of... F.W. sent this request my way because of the nature of it, and after talking with Urameshi he gave me his blessing to attempt it ^,^

I'm flying solo on this one >:)

The plot will be mine, the characters as well... what they do, well... you'll see :)



2. Fatal Mistakes... by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 0] (2600 words)

Hey hey hey~


Welcome back people, i know it's been a long time since you saw this story touched but, i made a promise. Now that Precious Little Demon's has finished... *cries*

It's time i start this one back up. I hope i have some people looking foward to it. I considered taking a break after my last chapter, but i honestly just couldn't. I really feel the urge to write more then i used to. :P

So, i hope you'll like what i have planned for you all. This story will be along similar themes as PLD, but the story of course will be vastly different. So, enjoy~


3. Dinner time... by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 1] starstarstarhalf-star (4793 words)

Welcome back one and all, i really hope some of you were waiting to see an update for this story. I know since my last one just ended some of you might not have known i would get right back on the horse with this one... but i'm really hoping my reviews pick up...




I've always used reviews to judge how people feel towards my work, and i doubt thats going to stop with this story. If i can improve, i want to improve, so hopefully i'll see what others think with this installment.


I did however get around to finding a way to post the pictures i used to base all my characters off of for this story. I'll probably get around to posting the characters i used for Precious Little Demon's on their later as well in case you were curious.

Something i do want to point out though, is that these characters first, are not mine. I do not own them. I have the artistic talent of a first grader who just discovered that the pointy end of a pencil is what you use to draw with.

Seriously... i'm bad.

T-That being said, and out of the way... These are just the base, models of what my characters look like. I took all their appearences into mind before writing, but some of them might be subject to change.

A perfect example of this would be Kai from PLD. The image i used of her originally she was caucasian, not Hawaiian. I say this now as to not draw confusion later. These characters are subject to change. :l




But, now with all that out of the way...


Please enjoy, we're finnaly getting to some od the content i know you've all been waiting for~



4. A Deal With The Devil... by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (7251 words)

"Rubs temple tiredly"


Whats up guys, xD

I bet you didn't expect to see this so soon. Well, i pulled an all nighter... twice. :P

I wanted to post again soon, i'm just really excited to nurture this story and bring it foward. I think I did the same with my last one till the end came around... then I was a little sad to write it because i knew it was almost over.

But, this ones got a long ways to go yet. So please, enjoy!


Something i want to point out though, mostly because this troubled me greatly. If you don't like my story, which i figure a large amount of people won't, don't just downvote it for no reason. If you downvote it, fine but at least explain yourself.

Leaving a blank review with the lowest rating is not warrented. Ever. If you don't like my story just leave it alone. Simple as that.

I don't care if you flame me, but give me something to read at least. Don't be a child about it.  XD

I deleted the review i received mostly for that person's benifit. If you're reading this now, try not to do that again. Ok :)



5. From bad to worse... by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (6166 words)


Welcome back everyone :D


This time I didn't overwork myself, I just wanted to write soon! :P


Hopefully this chapter looks alright, you'll soon find out because of a certain character introduced it turned out to be a bigger challenge then i had first thought. But, after some editing... well, a lot of editing. I think it came out nicely... I think.


Anyways, Please tell me what you think and enjoy the read!

6. No sense losing your head over it. by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (5601 words)

Welcome back guys, i'm glad to be updating so soon again. :D

I think I found a pattern why some chapters might be coming out quicker then others... but don't worry about that, thats for me to know and you to maybe find out if you really care that much. :P

I had planned on letting this chapter grow longer but I believe where I ended it fit perfectly for whats to come next. I can't promise the next chapter will be out as soon since there's some important detaisl I need to selectivly add in, so it might take a bit.

But for now, enjoy this and whats to come. :)



7. Comfort in tragedy... by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (11047 words)



Back with a new chapter. Took me a little longer for this one then it did with some of the other ones but I think that might be for the best. I don't know if everyone is able to keep up with my story when I post every other day so I'm going to reel it back a bit to maybe one chapter a week from now on.

Hopefully this will make it easier so people don't think my story's just been up for awile. xD


This chapter will be a bit longer as you'll soon find out so if there's some errors... which I've come to terms with already, I'm sorry. I tried to nip a lot of them in the bud, but my program I use didn't know how to filter accents... so... yeah.


But, enough chatting. Enjoy :D


8. Double trouble... by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (4437 words)

Well... here I am again... -.-'


Sorry for posting so soon again, I just got caught up this weekend with free time and wanted to write more and... well, yeah. New chapter done. v_v

I hope this isn't to sudden for some people. :(

This chapter is a bit shorter like some of the others but as you'll soon find out there's a reason why.


I guess enjoy!


9. Impatience is a virtue... by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (6783 words)


Whats going on everyone :D


And we're back with another chapter I'm happy to bring you all. This one took a little longer but it's built up exactly how I wanted it for the next chapters to come. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it. ;)


Feel free to tell me how you feel, you know your words inspire me to keep writing!





10. Once bitten... by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (11432 words)


Whats going on everyone, welcome back to the story :D

Sorry that this chapter took longer to get out then the others. No matter which way i wrote it, I couldn't get the dialog or scene down correctly so in the end I had to bring F.W, into it with me and we hashed it out for a couple days.

Over all I'm vary excited to see what everybody thinks, this chapter is sure to be an intresting one. It was a lot of fun to write, and even more so to read in my opinion.


So, please, enjoy!


11. Twice shy, by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (5542 words)


Hello everyone! Welcome back, it's been a little while hasn't it? Sorry for the delay, I had to work some kinks out with the plot and this chapter was reshaped a little. All and all though it will read just as smoothly now if not more so. I have big plans indeed.

Thank you all for your wonderful reviews from last time guys, I truly appreciate it. there's nothing like coming home from school/work and seeing a new review. Big or small, they all make my day and make me feel appreciated for my work so once again, thank you.

So please, enjoy this chapter, and be patiant with me, while I work on the next one.




12. Who to trust... by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (8023 words)


Welcome back people :D

Glad to be here with you once again, and i'm sorry for the delay!

This chapter took me a little bit because of how the story is set up. I have a change of plans for something later on and I needed to revise it. Either way, expect to see some subtle changes, but you may or may not even realize it.

This chapter should be a good indicator of what I mean so if you catch onto what I meant, feel free to mention it with your lovely reviews~


But, if not, oh well :P


Enjoy it either way and tell me what you think!


You know I crave your words~



13. Curing the disease... by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (5617 words)

Hey hey hey :D


Welcome back guys, I knew this is really really soon but this chapter just flowed way to easily xD

Big shout out to Franchise Writer for his help with this chapter, and possibly the next to follow if he agree's, he made this one really special to me!

Please tell me what you think and what you expect to happen, I listen to all reviews and answer all your questions! Unless... unless you want my secrets. Those are mine! >:P



14. Deeper than the surface, by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (10725 words)

Hey, hey, hey :D


Welcome back people, glad to have you here! Even if I can't see your faces... Oh well. Thanks for coming either way. :P

Now, the pacing on this chapter might be a little strange so if it is I'm sorry. I ended up making this a freaking Monster with the loving help of you know who. the one and only Franchise Writer. :D

And... it turned out to be like 15 or 16 thousand words xD

So, i crunched it into a couple chapters and i'm just fixing up the second half now. Either way I know you'll enjoy whats to come so thank you once again for being here.


Also, I waited to post till this day for a reason since I've had the chapter done for a few days now. I'd love it if everyone would give a big shout out to Franchise Writer because, It's his Birthday! :D


Happy Birthday Senpai!!!


Give him a cheer or message him yourself :P Just don't say I said to do it,



So enjoy the chapter, and have a great day!


15. Drowning in pleasure... by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (8876 words)

Welcome back people, I'm glad to be back to xD

It's been awhile since I last posted so sorry about that. I was a little down because of... stuff, so I didn't want to write. But, i'm over it like usual. :P

Once again a quick note of thank you to Franchise Writer for his addition to my work. He added on a little to this chapter to so thank you good sir!

Please enjoy and tell me what you think. You don't honestly know how much your words mean to me and keep me wanting to write.






16. Lover's, Quarrel by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (9846 words)



Tired ~_~


Welcome back people, I'm glad to be back here now to. I wanted to post this last week but I just couldn't find the time, especially since I was not the only one working on it. This chapter, is heavily influinced by Franchise Writer, so please give him a nod as I have. He made this chapter, probably the best one I've ever written.

I had so much fun with it, and we spent hours going back and forth on certain scenes, it just made me laugh so much. XD

I hope you all get to enjoy it as much as we did to write it so please tell me how you feel afterward. I always use Reviews to tell how my story is going and when I don't get very many it makes me think people don't appreciate the chapter or I'm doing something wrong.

I know this isn't the case but its still hard to deal with when I put so much effort into my work. Hopefully I get some decent reviews, I really do want to know what you all think or what you hope to see or even what I should try to change. All input is welcomed.


But, speech aside, please enjoy this chapter. I know I did. :3



17. A minute of peace, by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (9053 words)

Welcome back one and all. I'm glad I can come to you guys once again. I know my updates a bit later than usual so forgive me. I wanted to have this up a few days ago but I couldn't seem to figure out certain interactions. :(

Hopefully though I hit the nail in where it needed and you all enjoy it. I'm glad that my story is all to your liking. Your reviews honestly put my unease to rest so thank you all for saying the things you did. I'm probably going to be forever fearful, but, looking back on them gives me calm. And lets me write more knowing I have an audiance who's happy to see where we go from here.

So from the bottom of my heart once again, thank you all. :)


Now, time to get down to the story. I hope you'll continue to enjoy, and stick with me till the very end.


18. Shaking hands, by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (5116 words)


Hey guys, long time no see. :)


Sorry for the delay... something happened recently and, it put me off from finishing this chapter. I can't say because it's not my place to, but, it made me sad. But, i'll try to keep this updated no less. I'll have another chapter up sooner or later as well. This one was a little short, but, it was for whats to come so expect it to be like that.



19. Cheers! by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (7534 words)


Hey, hey, hey :D


Welcome back guys, I'm glad to be back to. :P


Took me another week or so to get this done but I really like how it turned out and I hope you do to! I wanted this chapter to be special, but, I needed more time. So Its not over yet. Expect more to come, don't you worry.

Not going to spoil anything though. Just read, relax, and review. x3




20. Another round! by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (4304 words)

Hey everyone, welcome back. :D


Sorry for the late up post. I have some stuff going on with my family at the moment and I really can't find the time where I am for writing. It took me over a week just to get what I needed done for this chapter. And even then I was worried it wouldn't be enough.

But after showing it to F.W. he approved and said he liked it so I hope you all like it to. :D


I'll try to update sooner if i can but for the time being I don't know when that might be...


I'll try to see you all again soon.






21. The Morning After... by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (6090 words)



It's official, my writing time is probably going to be non-existent for the next few weeks at least... I'm sorry everyone. ;-;

I hoped that wouldn't be the case but, I just can't find the time now to do it until I go home. I'm currently staying with my family abroad until October... So, please be patient with me. >.<


But, I won't leave you alone. I made arrangements... as weird as that sounds. for the next few chapters, Franchise Writer will be assisting me and helping me post them when he can. Hopefully, with both of us working on them we can keep up some kind of a schedule but, I don't want to promise anything.


But, I know this will make up for it a little. Please enjoy, and I hope you look forward to whats to come. I'll try to be back soon, and definitely, try to post even sooner than that.




22. A Date With Destiny. by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (8452 words)


Hello, hello~


I can't believe I'm back here so soon, trust me, no ones more surprised then me. XD

Franchise Writer really came through for me, and I want to make sure everyone reading this is aware. This chapter, and the next one after will be done completely by him. He took his time to help me with this so please, give him a thank you in the comments. I couldn't have wrote this better myself and I'm really happy he's doing this for me.


Thank you Senpai! T^T


I'm still in a bad spot writing wise so there isn't much I can say on when i'll be back, but, I have faith in F.W. He's never let me down. :p

So please, enjoy his chapter. :D



23. Something Lost - Part 1 by Franchise Writer [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (10302 words)



I miss you all. ;-;


Welcome back everyone. Sorry I'm not really present like I'd like to be but once again, Senpai has got us covered! This chapter really surprised me. Some ideas that never came up were shown and honestly, I really love it. I love it a lot.

When I started this story, Eve was an enigma to me, but F.W helped me design her, I think I've said that before. xD. But he took her story farther back then I even thought about and from what he told me, he's not even close to being done.


I can't wait to see how this concludes, and I can't wait to take part once again when I'm back. Please be patiant my loyal people! I swear I'm coming back sooner then three months this time! Probably... I think...


Anyways, enjoy.




24. Something Lost - Part 2 by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 7] starstarstarstarstar (6837 words)


It feels good to see this story thriving even if I'm not here. Well, thankfully I'll be heading back soon. Got the for sure we're going home in November so expect me to be writing back to my usual schedule once that happens. :D

But I do want to thank Franchise Writer for taking over in my absense, I have personally but I can't say it enough. He's been helping me ever since I started and even now he still keeps me going. XD

This chapter was intresting to read to say the least and I look forward to what you all think. Either way it should be a fun time and I'm eager to know what he still has planned for Eve.

But, let me not rabble on, lets get to the fun part!




25. Something Lost - Part 3 by Franchise Writer [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (10080 words)

Franchise Writer here this time, don't worry, Sterben's back here and well as well. He just wanted me to make the chapter note for him this time for... reasons. Ask him, not me lol.

Either way, apparently there was some questions on why Eve is having such a big spotlight put on her over the last few chapters and the blame of that falls on me. When this story was first made every character had a role, except 2. One of which was Eve's and Sterben asked me to be the one to fill it. It ended up being one of romance with the main character, Abby.

Now, from what I've been told the story has gone through some rework on Sterben's part and thus, everything I had developed for Eve is still here but to a much greater extent. I don't know all of the changes either he has planned because a certain someone says, "It's a surprise! :3" every time I inquire. -.-

Regardless, I've done some cutting for Eve and her full story has been watered down. I know that there is a lot to read for her but It is important to her role, and to Najia's as well. I structured a lot on her shoulders so that would be why she seems like a main character. In essance, she is. But, Sterben's actively trying to work with the other girls to. I know a little bit about whats coming next so I wont spoil anything but don't worry, the others will have more attention soon enough.

For now, enjoy the last few chapters with Eve, and we'll be getting back to the present soon enough.


Franchise Writer, out~.


26. Something Lost - Part 4 by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (8758 words)

Well, this is it. Conclusion time! Sorry for being gone so long everyone, I know these chapters might have been dragged on. I think spacing it so more and more of Eve was flushed out in spaces might have been better, but I didn't want to wait a couple months before posting anything either. D:

So, with some downsizing we made Eve's chapter ratio a bit longer then needed but I know what I wanted to see for her and Franchise Writer did an excellent job helping me show off who she is through these four chapters.

This one is the last you'll see for her past I promise. So I'm sorry if some of you are getting antsy! We'll be back to the present soon enough. I'm actually almost finished with the next chapter so you might get it sooner then you think. :P


So please read and enjoy, I'll show you more soon!



27. Paving a way for their future, by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (9564 words)

Well hellooooo everyone! :D


Glad to be posting again! Sorry if its a bit delayed xD

My poor Senpai fell ill and couldn't help me with this chapter like he usually does... T,T

Wishes out to his health people!


I know this chapter was a long time coming so I made sure to put just as much effort into it as I do all my others! Please enjoy and as always give me those yummy reviews and replies, I love to hear what you think! Especially since I was gone for so long!

I missed you alllllll!


Enjoy! :D



28. The Hardest Goodbyes, by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarstar (8904 words)

Hiya all :D

Back with a new chapter here!

Sorry for the delay, Things are a bit hectic after coming back home xD

Hopefully you all like the chapter. Had F.W help once more with this one so you'll see some of his usual touches here and there no doubt.

Enjoy and review please :D


29. Face, Faith, and Feathers! by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (9334 words)

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delays this chapter, I wanted it to be up a few days ago but this character was a bit of a confusing one for me and for F.W. He helped me a lot with this chapter again and I love the end result but it was really, really hard to reach it.

I hope you all like it to though and I hope you love who you'll meet. So once again, I'm sorry for the delay and I hope you enjoy and review with your Shiny, Shiny words I love to read!




30. The Cycle Continues... by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 7] starstarstarstarstar (8128 words)

Welcome back one and all :D

Glad to have a new chapter up so soon~

I feel like I'm finally getting back on my old schedule!

Sadly... I doubt that will stay the same. :(

I'll try to keep this story posting as frequently as I can but forgive me if the next chapter takes some time to get out. Trust me though, I'm very, very, eager to write it for you all. It has some elements I've just been waiting to reveal to you.


So enjoy and review! Your words give me fuel to write more and more! I love reading your thoughts and opinions and always, especially when you speculate my secrets!


31. Alone in the Dark? by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (9649 words)



I'm sorry it took me so long to get this to everyone. T^T

I know you tell me not to worry about how long it takes but I do! I want to give you all new chapters as fast as I can! So please forgive me. I had to edit this one alone so it took me substantially longer then usual to do it. Still I want to thank F.W for proof reading it for me. I think this chapter turned out just how I wanted it to.

This character, is one I didn't know how to work with for a while because of how she plays into the story. But, i found my window with Ebon, so I hope you all enjoy her.

Also a side note... It uhh... it was pointed out to me that I never included her in my Imgur link before... so yeah...




Here's an updated link that will show you what all the girls look like. I hope it helps xD


Enjoy the story~


32. Grief, And Sorrow by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (12465 words)


Welcome back everyone. I'm sorry to be away for so long again. This chapter was much longer then I expected it to be. I had to write and scrap lots of different idea's and outcomes... and cry... but, I think I finnaly found the combination I wanted for this chapter.


So I won't prattle on to much. I just want to say thank you again to everyone who reviews and reads my work. It means the world to me and I feel like I don't say that enough.


Thank you, for sticking with me for so long. :)



33. The Good News by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (7408 words)

Well, I'm back, albeit delayed... I had to take a long pause with this chapter because a few ideas were crisscrossing and I didn't like that. So it took me a bit longer, sorry about that. :(

I hope this chapter lives up to your expectations like the others have. I'll try to be posting sooner this time around now that I have spring break off. :3

I'll see you all soon~


34. Mine is yours. by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (9469 words)

Well... I'm late... :l


Sorry for raising everyones hopes I just got caught on a problem that had to be addressed. So... I kind of had to re-write this whole chapter...

Either way, It's back on track again how I want it so I hope you'll enjoy it. I'm sure quite a lot of you will enjoy what you're about to read.

The next chapter shouldn't take as long as this one did but I will make no promises...

So enjoy and tell me what you think. I think this characters been waiting long enough for some backstory, wouldn't you agree?


35. The Bad News... by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (8835 words)




S-Sorry for being away for so long... ;-;

I hope I still have fan's who love me and leave me reviews so I won't be lonely. T^T


Sorry for not posting for so long. I had, some real life things I had to take care of. But, those are done now, so I'm back! Expect frequent chapters again and more writing goodness!

Hopefully... x'D


I'll try to get back to my old writing schedule soon, so please bear with me. It was somewhat hard to get back into the swing of writing after I got back, so I hope you'll forgive me if there is some errors here or there.

But, none the less I hope you enjoy. This chapter goes by quickly, but like I said, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things so forgive me if it seems rushed at times. That's just the pace and the tone I wanted to set for this part.


Regardless, enjoy!



36. A Flower Among Weeds... by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (13608 words)

Hi everyone. Glad to be posting again. :)


I just wanted to say thanks for all the reviews on the last chapter. I'm glad to have read them. Hopefully you all like this chapter as much as the last.

Not much I can say on when I'll next post, but i'll try to make it shorter then this time. I promise.

Please enjoy.


37. Round Two... by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (7529 words)

Hey hey hey everyone, glad to be back again with another chapter. :3


I hope you all enjoy this one and thank you all for the reviews from the last one. It feels great to see them whenever i log back in and it really makes me want to write more so really, thank you all.


I please take this chapter as my thank you and I hope i'll be able to give you all another one shortly~




38. Incentive. by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (6784 words)



It really has been a long time since I was last on here. I even forgot my password and had to reset it :(


I'm sorry to everyone who still follows me and reads my stories. I had hoped to have this one completed by now, but honestly... It feels like time isn't on my side anymore.

I hope people are still looking forward to this. It was really thrilling to have people happy to see new chapters, but after taking multiple breaks I can understand why that might not be the case anymore.

Either way though, I'm still going to complete this story. So I'm really really sorry if I made anyone worry.

Please enjoy this chapter. It was fun to write it, and I hope I can get the next one up to. I think I said I was looking forward to these next few and I hope you understand too with whats to come.


See you later



39. Communication. by Sterben Klein [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (8370 words)





I'm back early!... ish?


I'm focusing all my efforts into writing so expect more frequent chapters from now on! Well, more frequent then 3 months, lets put it that way. I'm already begining my next chapter now to! so please be patient with me.

I felt, unbelivably relieved to see so many people still supporting what I'm trying to create with this story. Thank you all so much. It's hard sometimes to write, especially when its for something as long and hard as this. So thank you all. You really give me a certain energy to keep going. And just going back to read your thoughts and opinions can really strengthen my resolve.

I hope to see more from you and hope you want to keep seeing more from me!


So please, enjoy this chapter, and HAPPY NEW YEARS! I'LL SEE YOU ALL NEXT YEAR!