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Story Notes:

Contains underage content, lesbians, some dark themes, and probably a lot of other things you'll find offensive so take it with a grain of salt and enjoy reguardless.


Also to note, it has Monster girls.



Author's Chapter Notes:

So... whats up everyone :)


I'm guessing you probably didn't think you'd see another story from me considering my first one isn't finished yet.

Well, i had planned on holding this back as a teaser when Precious little Demons came to a close, but i figured the theme of it really fit with Halloween so i uploaded it anyways~


Just note, this will not be updated until my first story is finished, so i hope you like it and enjoy where this will be headed once it's brought back.


Something also to note is this story will be entirely my own! Well, kind of... F.W. sent this request my way because of the nature of it, and after talking with Urameshi he gave me his blessing to attempt it ^,^

I'm flying solo on this one >:)

The plot will be mine, the characters as well... what they do, well... you'll see :)



"Abby, bring me a pan!" Tumbling backward, a teenage brunette yipped in surprise as she fell from the small cubby room she had been cleaning. Lifting her head up groggily, she blinked a few times before her attention focused back to what had distracted her and caused her to fall In the first place.

Scampering to her feet, the rugged girl, ran down the small wooden staircase leading down to an open room with many, many shelves lined with varies oddities in assorted jars and cans. Standing over a table set directly in the middle of the room stood an old burly man with darkened gray hair as he tore the shirt off of another lankier fellow currently bleeding out in front of them. Standing up in an imposing presence, the man rolled up the cuffs of his brown coat as he checked the man's pulse.

Shifting his attention away from the wounded man, he glanced to the brunette before scowling. "Pan, now!" Jumping, the girl known as Abby nodded quickly as she ran out of the room and into the hallway beside it. Opening the closet alongside the wall, her eyes scanned the small room before they lit up. Jumping up on her tippy toes, she soon knocked off the pan and a few other things from the top of the small room before kicking away the discarded wears.

Picking up a large brass dish, she slammed the door before running back into the makeshift operating room. Hearing her footsteps, the older man glanced to Abby before yanking the pan away. "Get me gauze and the Echinacea salve!" He barked, causing the younger girl to nod quickly.

Moving under the table, Abby lifted multiple bottles up as she looked for the right one. ‘Echinacea, lilac pigment and green edges.' After a minute she soon popped back up with what the man had asked for before looking over his injured patient carefully.

 ‘Sweat dripping down his brow and light seizure like twitches, poison.' Glancing to the wound the man had been given, the brunette soon froze as her breath grew horse. Noticing his assistance freezing up, the older man sighed.

"What is it this time?" Shivering with fear, Abby looked over the wound as she began to hyperventilate. "P-P-Poisoning from the base of the cut g-going directly into his veins and causing his body to boil from the inside out… N-N-Naga poison…"

Nodding, the man soon grabbed a pair of metal tweezers before digging into the large gash in his shoulder. After a minute he fished something out before dropping it on the pan in front of her. "Aye, and can you tell me what type it was?" He asked as he already began applying the salve she had given him.

Staring down at the claw… no, fang… Abby gulped silently as she observed the texture and coloring. ‘I-Ivory pigment… grains flowing diagonally instead of smoothly… C-Chipped in corners and in the tip…' "S-Sir is… is it a Coral Naga…?" As his hands worked exceptionally fast, already having finished layering the wound with medicine, he soon began stitching it back up.

"Correct." Smiling timidly, Abby nodded before he shot her a look, causing her grin to falter. "But to which type of Naga did this wound originate, not species." Gulping again, Abby looked down in wonder before frowning. She knew this! After a few moments, she soon grit her teeth.

"I-I-I'm, I'm not sure, sir…" Sighing, he nodded before picking up the chipped fang delicately, already aware of the toxicity it still possessed even in its unattached state. "It's a fresh water Coral Naga of middle age. The base is rougher than the tip which is why it chipped and came out inside of this man when it bit him." He told her sternly before scowling as he saw her just staring up at him awestruck by his knowledge.

"Well? What are you gawking at, write it down!" He snapped causing Abby to eep. Running back up the stairs she had come from previously, the younger girl soon crawled in her room before grabbing her notebook from her small four foot by five dwelling, immediately scribing in what she had learned.

After a moment she soon had the new information she had been given down before snapping her book closed. Staring down at her journal, Abby smiled sadly. "Enough is never enough..." She wanted to eventually surpass her master… at least, that was her goal anyways. Sighing, she slipped her book back under her bed before looking out of the porthole in front of her.

As she scanned the morning eyes, no birds in the air, just the cold chill of the morning, she couldn't help but frown. This was the village of Darrowford, population 420. It like many others was one of the many small towns that made up the surrounding area currently occupying the northern continent of Ireland. Staring out at the misty morning sun, shining through the thick fog of the day, the brunette smiled.

She had been living here her whole life and every morning her day started out something like this. Wake up, begin cleaning the abode, get called to operate, and usually go back to cleaning. But life wasn't as bad as that sounded. After an accident involving her parent's death, the young girl wondered for weeks looking for a place to go. Soon she came to this town though and the local doctor and her mentor took her in.

Life wasn't great here, nor extravagant, but she was thankful for it, thankful for him. Shivering involuntarily, Abby lifted her hands up as she saw them shaking. Clenching her fists, the teenage girl growled. ‘E-E-Every time…' While the village itself wasn't bad… it was the things that lurked around it… surrounding it… and neighboring it, that made her heart weep in terror. And no matter what the circumstance… no matter how significant it was… she always froze up.

"D-Damn you, you monsters…" She whispered angrily before clenching her eyes tightly. Of Ireland's populations, monsters of many different shapes and sizes made up 1/3 of its species… and they all preyed on one thing, humans. It was never written what came first, monsters or men, but… they didn't exactly see eye to eye.

Sitting down on her bed in sadness, Abby looked down in regret. She hated them… despised them. F-Feared them… they haunted her day and night, but no matter how many times she dealt with them, they always horrified her and came back. She had hoped after her childhood horrors, that she could put it all behind her… but, that was just a false ruse she had lied to herself about. No, monsters would remain until the end of time… and with it, all the victims they left in their wake… just like that man this morning.

"Naga, tier 3 classification, poisonous and fast, avoid unless in grouped in parties of four or more." She quoted silently to herself. She had made it a hobby to memorize all information she could about them. Just in case she ever came face to face with one of those demons. Staring down at that Naga fang this morning, though… she had frozen up again. It happened every time. It wasn't always Naga, it was any species of Monster. Ghoul, sprite, goblin, vampire. No matter what came through that door, whoever had some type of injury involving them… it made her want to run away and scream… and she hated herself for it.

Reaching back under her bed, the brunette lifted up her journal before flipping its pages over. As her eyes scanned the many different cases of monster attacks and injuries she had been witness to, she frowned regretfully. No matter how long ago it was, her burdens were like chains dragging along behind her wherever she went…

When she was taken in as a little girl… she always thought her fear of them would lesson, especially considering what she did now… but if anything it only grew. She got firsthand experience with what terrible things these creatures were capable of… and it made her cry, every, single, night…

Flopping onto her bed, Abby closed her eyes before nuzzling her worn out sheets. "D-Damn it… damn them all…" She wanted to get stronger… but, with how her life was going now, maybe that just wasn't in her future… Maybe she was stuck fearing them for the rest of her life… who knows. Sighing once again, her eyes soon began to shut before a familiar voice brought her out of her pitiful thoughts.

"Abby, get back down here, this man's not going to clean himself up!" Shooting up from her bed, the brunette's eyes widened as she realized she still had tasks to complete. How could she have forgotten that! Cursing her ignorance, the teenager swiftly traveled down the stairs as she went to aid her mentor.


They had a man to save after all!



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



Running swiftly through the tall grass surrounding her, a blonde woman stared over her shoulder as she was pursued relentlessly by a large group of men brandishing a rather large assortment of weaponry. Scowling at her pursuer's stamina, she trekked forward at a much quicker pace. Zig-zagging through the brush, her hand soon moved down to the earth as her fingers latched onto the loose grains of sand below her.

As the earth fell between her fingers and back into the ground, it soon began to rumble before a large pillar of earth suddenly shot out behind her creating a makeshift barrier blocking out her view from the group of hunters chasing her. Grinning cheekily, her relief was short lived and soon darkened further as she saw a man already beginning to scale the wall. Growling, she took off again with gusto.

This had been going on for two full days and two full nights. Constantly running, her will was weakening by the hour, and she was nearing her limit. As she jumped through the open grass into a clearing, her full form would have been revealed to everyone around, if any else were even there.

No, it was just her… and them. Coming to a halt as her slanted eyes scanned the area, she cursed her luck, an open field. She was a sitting duck. She had stuck to the forestry for cover for the past two days but now… No more trees to jump through, no more tall grass to hide. She had but one choice at this point, even if she hadn't wanted it to resort to this.

Turning around slowly, her whole body stiffened up as she stared at the large group of men that had finally caught up with her considering her little magic trick she had pulled back there. As her head rose to meet their eyes, a large pair of yellow ears unfolded from her head… along with nine, long, golden, bushy tails.

As the various men observed her attire, many of them ogled her, while others tried to look away from the demon in front of them. Standing in a bright golden kimono that ended right below her thighs, a pair of knee high white socks took place where the attire left off. Resting around her midriff holding the garment closed was a red sash with a woven band around that, keeping it in place. Finally, at the base of her feet, she wore a small pair of wooden sandals opened in the front for her pleasure.  All and all, she looked very foreign in appearance, and most certainly not from this continent, but if anything that made the men in front of her even more hostile in form. It wasn't her fault for dressing like this… clothes were hard to come by considering who she was… but even so, she felt this would suffice. When it came to a fight… the less restriction she wore, the better.

Glaring at them hatefully, her golden tails soon rose in the air as she raising her hands, and with her silent threat they charged. As various men soon came upon her, different weapons raised in the air, her lips curved into a smile. Waiting until the correct moment for her counter, she suddenly hit the floor.

Falling to her ankles as she kneeled, her many furry appendages shot out, tripping or slamming others away as she gracefully leaped around the field. They held strength in numbers, but just who did they think they were, taking on a full Kitsune like her. They had made a grave mistake.  As her ears twitched, her hand rose up suddenly as she grabbed an arrow mid-flight that had been aimed at her from behind.

Smirking as she saw the startled looks her simple action held, she followed up swiftly by flicking the object away, the pressure around it soon snapped in the air causing many of the others men near its area to fly away from the sheer pressure she used. After seeing the massive display of force, a few of the men had backed up, but not all of them.

Jumping away as a sword landed near one of her tails, her hand rose up as she flicked the air sending him flying away. Smirking cheekily, she soon grit her teeth, however. Falling to her knee's, her hand moved to her chest as she felt the burning drain her little boast had shown she cursed her luck. ‘Damn it, not now…' she was close to her limit. That wall she had made had almost left her completely dry of power. Any more frivolous uses might cause her to become immobile… and if that happened, then it was all over.

No, she had to do this the old fashioned way. Rising, her eyes soon darkened as she saw the multitude of people charging her, but she was ok with this. She'd meet them head on…



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



Sweeping the large resting area where they had operated, Abby hummed silently as she cleaned up for the evening like she did most nights. The man who had come through their doors earlier that day had made a recovery, not a full one by any stretch of the imagination, but he would recover none the less. Rest was all he needed for now… that and plenty of fluids.

Pausing, the brunette set the broom down before pulling out a small piece of graphite and some paper from her pocket. Scribbling a few notes for herself, she nodded before putting them away and getting back to work.

She had often found herself thinking of intuitive ways to help people when she one day became a doctor like her mentor, so for the past few year she had always kept something on hand to write her thoughts down… it was actually more of a pain than she had first realized, but she had some great ideas she would have forgotten a long time ago if she hadn't done it… well, at least she thought they were good. She wanted to be like her master, but at the same time different in that regard. She dreamed of making a name for herself like he had.

Any injuries received within a fifty-mile radius of this village, people traveled to her mentor for aid, well aware of his skill. She hoped to have credibility like that one day as well… Scowling, Abby quickly finished sweeping before moving the broom back to the hallway closet. Right as she set it back where it belonged, a loud thumping was heard by the staircase attracting her focus away from her night's next task.

Poking her head out, she grimaced as she realized what was going on. She didn't realize time had passed this quickly. "I-Is it that time again…?" Stomping down the stairs, the burly elderly gentleman she had come to know as a father figure nodded as he hauled a chest over his shoulder.

"It's been three months and the supplies are low. You know full well I have to go out of the village to restock. Anything locally won't be doing much for some of these plagues these people bring me." He muttered, the task itself just as annoying to talk about as to do. Nodding sadly, Abby's expression lightened as she looked at the man expectantly.

"Y-Y-You know… I can always-", "No." He muttered, cutting her off before she even got a chance to offer. "B-B-But, t-the village needs a doctor! What… what if something happens while you're gone…?" She whispered with worry.

Sighing, the man set down the chest before crossing his arms. "Do you think I train you from the goodness of my heart lass?" Looking away timidly, Abby said nothing, knowing he was going to probably cut her off again anyways.

"I'm training ya, so one day you can help the village out yourself. You think I'm always going to be around?" He scoffed before turning away. "It's just as much your job to look after the people of this village as it is mine. I have faith you can kiss their cuts and boo-boo's while I'm gone."

Shivering, Abby nodded somewhat reluctantly. He believed in her… even if she didn't believe in herself. She had never tended to someone before without the old man standing behind her every step of the way like a safety net in case she messed up…

But he had a point. What happened when he was gone? Would she have enough skill to take over where he left off? W-Would the village accept her help?! She was nowhere near as talented as he was… she was just… "Abby…"

Freezing as she felt a firm hand on her shoulder, the brunette looked up sadly as the elderly man frowned at her. "It will be fine. You've been taking notes, I assume…" he muttered darkly before continuing as he saw the younger girl nod vehemently.

"All the knowledge I've given you will be more than enough for the next week. So just relax and keep up on your duties. I'm counting on ya." He told her sternly, earning a small nod in return. He always had the utmost faith in her… too bad she couldn't be as unwavering as he was.

Nodding, he lifted the chest back onto his shoulder with strength younger men usually wouldn't be able to possess before making his way to the entrance of the small infirmary they called home. Looking out at the falling sun, he sighed before nodding.

"I expect the shop to be in the same shape as when I leave it, ya here?" He said sternly causing the younger girl to nod quickly. "Y-Yes sir!" Smirking, he exited the workspace before moving away as he traveled down the street. It was a long journey to the next few towns, and the case he held would only get heavier with each day…

Stepping in front of the door, Abby watched her teacher leave in silence before lowering her gaze sadly. The next week would be a rough one. Hopefully, nothing serious would happen while she was here alone. Who knows, maybe nobody would get hurt…?

As optimistic as that was, she knew better. Nothing ever changed. And by morning a hunter would probably be knocking on her door, looking to get bandaged up from a scuffle. The only differences were what they chose to pick a fight with…


And with any luck, maybe it was nothing serious…



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _




Breathing ruggedly, the blonde woman with nine flowing tails watched as her last adversary soon slumped to the ground in an unconscious state. Lowering her hands slowly, she panted in exhaustion as her tails fell down to the ground.


It had been a full day. A whole, day, of nonstop fighting… But she won. Crawling up to her feet, she smiled in exhaustion before moving her leg forward. Walking slowly as her fatigue soon got the best of her once again, the woman trekked in silence as she made her way back to where she needed to be… her weariness leaving her unaware of the small dripping red trail she was leaving with her every step…



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



Whistling happily as she polished the various bottles that lined the shelves of the local clinic, Abby smiled as she looked at her reflection shining back at her. Setting the small pill bottle down, she soon moved onto the next with just as much enthusiasm.

She had opened the doors to the office in the early morning, and not one person had come in today. No lacerations, no severed limbs, no blood infections. Nope, she was in the clear. Watching as the sun was beginning to set, Abby's grin broadened.

Moving over to the front door, she giddily turned the sign around signaling the clinic to be closed for the night before skipping back over to the front desk. A full day and not a single patient, maybe this week wouldn't be so bad after all. Wiping off the last of the grime that had somehow made its way to shelved bottles, the brunette quickly began stacking them back where they belonged before the front door of the clinic slammed open, causing her to nearly drop all the glass vials she had been carrying.

Setting them down slowly, her back soon turned as she stared at who had barged into the now closed office. What she saw, however, was not who she was expecting. A bleeding man, a spasming hunter… not, this. "H-HELP! I, I-I need help please!" A shrill voice called out causing the brunettes brow to furrow.

Standing in front of her, was a little girl. However what made her confused wasn't so much her age, but more what she was wearing. She had on what looked like some type of mini-dress that ended by her thighs. On her hands and feet were a matching pair of gloves and booties with some type of stone in the pairs of them along with a dusky midnight purple coat matching the same coloring as the rest of her outfit.

Her dirty blonde locks peaked out right beneath her hoodie as her eyes beaded almost pleading for aid. Blinking a few times, Abby suddenly jumped as she realized what had been said. Quickly making her way past the counter, the brunette moved in front of the girl before looking her over for injuries.

"W-What's wrong?! Is it a fever?" She asked with worry as she felt the little girl's forehead with concern. Pulling away skittishly, the younger girl shook her head quickly. "N-N-No its Najia, she's hurt and needs help, please!" The girl screeched as she suddenly began tugging on Abby, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Furrowing her brow, Abby pulled away unsure of who this little girl was talking about. "N-Najia? I-is that your mom… or, dad?" She paused unsure of if that was even a real name or not. Stomping her booted foot, (rather cutely in her opinion) the little girl shook her head.

"No but she needs help, there's no time we have to go, please!" She begged loudly. Resting her hands on the girl's shoulders as calming as she could, Abby took a deep breath before speaking. "Ok look, you need to calm down. I can't help you unless you… you…" The brunette's voice soon left her as she saw something; something she had never thought she'd see.

As the little girl grew more and more frantic, her eyes slowly began to shimmer. Looking into them deeply, Abby's soon froze deathly still as a shiver ran down her spine. Looking into the girl's amber eyes, they soon began to glow before they blazed a bright magenta like hue. ‘P-P-Pigment discoloration… b-bright light of purple… frantic gestures…'

Letting go of the girl almost as if she was toxic to the touch, Abby shuddered in fear as she fell backward causing the girl to look at her confused. "N-N-No way… w-w-witch… WITCH!" Abby screeched in terror as the little girl's purple eyes widened.

Gasping, the girl turned around before looking into the glass. Paling as she saw her own eyes, she grit her teeth before moving to the door. Pausing, she shook angrily before looking back at Abby pleadingly. "P-P-Please… I-I don't have anywhere else to go… I need your help!"

Shivering as she crawled backward, Abby continued to scream as she pointed to the little girl in sheer terror. "WITCH, S-S-SOMEONE, HELP, WITCH!" Hearing a commotion outside the building now, the little girl gulped in fear before looking back at Abby.

Fidgeting back and forth, the younger girl raised her hands in the air finally before pointing them at the brunette. "Modorimasu!" She shrieked as her midnight cloak fluttered behind her. Feeling a powerful gust of wind envelop her, Abby's eyes suddenly fell as her body hit the floor, unconsciousness soon following her as she passed out.

Running behind the counter Abby had ben prior, the little girl reached behind her as she pulled out a small stitched together bag. Cramming in as many of the jars and vials she could along with a few other odds and ends just to be safe, she soon moved back to where she had been before looking down at what now remained of Abby.

Resting at just a few inches in size, laid the girl who had shunned her upon immediately finding out what she was. Whimpering in sadness, the little witch turned to leave before hearing a loud banging on the front door.

Freezing up in fear, the dirty blonde looked around in a panic before staring back at Abby's lifeless form. Whining, she stomped her foot before running over to her and scooping the girl up, depositing her in her satchel in the process. Running away from the front entrance, the little witch looked around before her shimmering eyes locked onto an open window. Crawling up the shelf right under it, she scaled the wall before sticking her feet outside of it.

Landing with a thump on the dirty streets, the little girl soon began to run away, her eyes shut tightly in case anyone else might glimpse her little mistake, a mistake that might have just cost this woman her very life…


But… she'd have to worry about that later, she had someone she needed to help right now…


Chapter End Notes:

Well i hope you all liked a sneak peek at my upcome story. I'll try to be back soon with an update to PLD but for now, leave me a like and message me if you have something you really want to see happen.


Chances are it's probably already going to but, if its not, i'll try to fit it in! bye :P

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