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Author's Chapter Notes:

An attempt to write something purely smutty and very short. Two areas I have lots of trouble with.

There she lay, her enormous brown breasts crushed deep into the earth. The tiny city glistening in front of her. It's tallest buildings looked like coarse grains of sand. She smiled at it with her twinkling brown eyes. One of her gigantic F cup breasts would've been enough to destroy the densely populated metropolis but where would be the fun in that? She knew she rolled over a few small towns and villages with her breasts when she laid down. They gave the ground a unique crispness. But the souls inside where what she really felt. Anything drenched in humanity tingled her body whenever she touched it. The more the better. The thought of how good the city before her would feel beneath her breast was intoxicating. Her pussy responded to her imagination and she could feel it's lips start to water in anticipation. The tiny little sparkling mass of fear and agony in front of her radiated enough emotional energy to keep her amused for now. She noticed a few hairline fissures that had entered the outskirts of the city. Cracks connected to the spiderweb caused by her tits. Her ruby red lips smirked at the damage. She brought her eyes as close to the ground as she dared. At this distance even batting her eyes could be catastrophic for her playthings. It was hard to see in the shadow her face cast but she could make out the minuscule dust particles of houses in the outer residential areas. Incredibly she even found that she could make out other tinier, moving dots. Cars she assumed. Even some people on foot if she strained a little. She blinked slowly and sensually, her long lashes grabbed the air and tossed it around mercilessly. When she opened her eyes again she saw that even that was enough to throw a few people and vehicles around. She felt a brief spike of fear and hopelessness from the people affected. Amazingly no one died. She tried focusing on one lone human who wasn't moving. She could feel that he was badly bruised. Then she giggled...

She couldn't help herself, she'd finally found something that she could do that wouldn't kill a human. And yet even that was enough to badly injure them. It was the best she could hope for she guessed. The sharp bubbly giggle may have originated kilometers outside of the city limits and kilometers into the sky but it hit the ground like a three round burst of Armageddon. The vibrations ripped through the earth towards the city limits. The streets around the man she was ogling suddenly and subtly began warping and shaking. The quakes intensified within moments and the whole district began to crumble and shatter. Plumes of dust obscured everything beneath her gaze but not her other sense. The fear and panic of those in the neighborhoods reached a fever pitch before many of them started... popping. Such a distinct feeling, death. One moment they're there and the next they're not. She watched as the man was covered in dust and felt as he threw up his arms fruitlessly as the ground itself consumed him. Then... pop. Just like the rest. The souls of the dead tingled her face as they were absorbed through her skin. Her body gaining nourishment from their emotions and residual energy before discarding the empty husk to be reborn anew somewhere else. They felt good no matter where they were absorbed. But of course they felt even better in some places than others. She loved the taste of fear, pain, and despair. All the negative emotions. In human terms she was like someone who preferred savory and salty foods with a little bit of heat for good measure. There was certainly a tasteful amount of spice now. She raised her head to avoid another accident, however delightful it had been, to take in the aroma of anger and hatred that now mixed with the despair before her. Several districts had succumbed to her coy amusement. Thousands of treats prematurely consumed. But it was enough to whet her appetite.

Sentient life was everyone's favorite food. The energy present in plants and some lesser animals was too weak to be taken any other way than orally. The stomach stripping away the flesh to crush out any wisp of energy that could be absorbed by the sensitive intestines. Since that was often insufficient the matter itself was usually broken down as well. At least as much as it could be. As far as Liara was concerned food you couldn't play with wasn't worth eating. And Liara loved eating.

She loved all the sights and 'scents' of the garden, to use another human comparison. The bewilderment, unease and shock when she first arrives. The urgency and panic of her first few tastes. The simmer of anger, hatred, duty, honor. And the final blend of complete hopelessness, despair, and fatalism. And all of these were never better than from the hearts of humans. A species that looked curiously like her own. Albeit equally curiously microscopic. It made Liara feel powerful, like she was dominating real people. She loved the feelings of confused lust they felt towards her. It stimulated her own ravenous sexual appetite.

But there's no point flaunting your power if there's no one to flaunt it at. So she continued to gaze at the damaged city. She wanted to enjoy this as long as possible. The quakes from her errant giggle had pierced through the heart of the metropolis. Some of the skyscrapers had begun leaning over. The casualties were much lower thankfully. But she supposed to herself that that's what she gets for being careless. Pristine cities are always more fun to toy with. She lazily reached out her left hand while her cheek rested in her right. Extending her pinky adorned with it's bold red painted nail to match her lips. A large shadow was cast over the industrial and apartment blocks on the left. She lazily placed the tip of her nail onto part of the city, smiling at the plumes of dust, fire, and smoke that resulted. The ground welled up around the nail. With such a lazy, casual movement she had felt the pop of several thousand more souls. It was like a shockwave of tingles slowly emanating from the point of impact of her dainty finger. Then she dragged her nail slowly backwards. She guessed the width of her nail to be at least four or five city blocks, but she wasn't really counting. It was just fun to see them struggle pointlessly to escape such a casual motion.

A deep scar remained when she finally lifted her finger away. Mass devastation spread far beyond just the path of her delicate scratch. Liara supposed the city was used up now. Millions still remained but the infrastructure couldn't survive much more foreplay. Her heartbeat alone had been sending a steady pulse of light rumbles through it the entire time she'd been laying there. The barometer for which the humans could measure her excitement at their plight. And right now the readings were all in the red. But as they gazed into the Goddess' eyes they got more of the picture. Those eyes that gazed back at them filled with an intense hunger. Relaxed and mischievous shimmering with delight. Those plush red lips curled into a slight smile. Few people had ever been looked at by a woman that way before. And only those who had truly understood what it meant. To the rest she simply appeared calm, sleepy even. But to those that knew, she appeared voracious and insatiable. Behind those eyes was passion more powerful than a galaxy of supernovas. It was a look that only the very worst and best of humanity could wear. A lust for complete and utter domination and power. Some men who had once had girlfriends or wives who wore that face at first saw it as a blessing. Hitting the female jackpot. A lady who was always willing and always ready and especially always wanting. A girl who seemed to take pleasure in taking their partner to a place beyond divinity in the bedroom. But then those same men, the lucky ones, learned that those were not the eyes of an angel and their acts were not those of compassion and caring. But instead the eyes of something unnameable in it's horrificness. A creature that literally got off on the control and manipulation of others. Putting on an act for their prey, making them think they cared, so they could climb the rungs of power a little higher. Not just the stereotypical manipulation attributed to most girls but a true and complete demoness. Uncaring and unfeeling. Those men that had quite literally been allowed to live by the predators after learning the truth about what they were after were scarred for life. But at least those ones were human.

Liara slowly lifted herself up. Her breasts rising out of the immense craters they had created. She was careful not to move in anyway that would cause her toy to prematurely break. Wiping dust and debris lightly from her tits, the nipples told all of what was coming next. Inching herself forward on her hands and knees, every move deliberate until her body was positioned how she desired. Lowering herself again slowly, her breasts loomed closer and closer to the wisps of cloud overhead. Then those wisps were brushed away effortlessly, yet the right tit continued closer. People screamed, it was a lovely feeling. But she still wanted to prolong her enjoyment a little longer. Stopping just above the skyline she slowly moved her nipple to a relatively undamaged part of the city. Then, she touched. Things crumbled and exploded around the nipple sending orgasmic tingles through her whole body. Multiple blocks were crushed in an instant and the shockwave consumed so much more. The nipple towered over everything. An inverted citadel of her divine glory. She relaxed and let herself sigh and giggle. The deafening vibrations of her contentment couldn't do much more damage than she already had. Then she brushed her nipple over the ground. Feeling each and every building of notable size crush, pop, crumble or explode as she did so. It was delightful.

And now for the finale, still with almost 2 million survivors the city was reduced to a delicious cesspool of despair, suicide and even fatalistic masochism. Positioning her gargantuan breast over the center of the city, or what remained of it, she allowed the weight of her breast to press her nipple into the soft ground. Piercing the ground easily the nipple was soon joined by the areola which destroyed whatever remained of the city center and some surrounding industrial and apartments that were missed by her brushing nipple. Then the remaining soft avalanche covered everything else as it sagged and spread over the desolate people. When the rest of her body weight got involved the earth ripped asunder as it struggled to manage her breasts. Spreading even further over to even the furthest outlying areas. Or so she assumed. The smiled when she saw parts of the city her breast couldn't expand to. Although the quakes, chasms and bursts of air were far beyond what was necessary to finish off those odd residential and commercial areas. Liara was glad she had underestimated humanity.

She closed her eyes as all the tingles of pleasure ebbed through her body. Then they slowly began to subside as their essence was consumed. She opened her eyes and scanned the horizon. Her eyes landing on a sprawling group of settlements of various sizes. Liara smiled and cooed at the lot of them.


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