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Author's Chapter Notes:
This first chapter is an introduction to the character. The action doesn't start till chapter 3. Whether you wanna read the introductory chapters or not is up to you
It was early in the morning. I was enjoying a restful, dream filled sleep when my alarm very abruptly woke me up for school. I didn't give it much attention as I'm one of those people that sets 5 alarms in the morning. I continued to sleep. Dismissing each alarm as it came. When I got to the last one, I sighed. Laid for a couple minutes later. So to avoid being late I finally sat up and I rolled out of bed.

After rolling out of bed I grabbed a clean pair of boxers, a pair of white preppy shorts, a towel. And I headed to the bathroom to shower. I never leave my house in the morning without a shower.

I think we both know you don't want details on the shower. So I'll spare you. All I'll say was if showers could have a sponsorship. This one would be sponsored by Old Spice. Old spice Timber to be specific. After getting out of the shower. I threw on my boxers and shorts. I brushed my teeth in front of my sink and mirror. I rinsed my teeth out, and examined my appearance in the mirror.

Looking in a mirror I have an appearance I'm pretty proud of. I'm blonde, keeping a fade as my preferred haircut. Long on the top, buzzed close on the sides. I stay clean shaven. Shaving every other day (or basically when I feel I need to. Just one of those things that gets done when you see it needing to be done) I definitely have a jawline. Not as defined as I'd like it to be. But it's there. With an almost cleft chin.
I've got baby blue eyes. And a white smile that I work very hard to maintain. Moving down to the rest of my uncovered torso. I'm naturally toned. But I've always neglected spending time in the gym so I'm nowhere near buff. And I'm okay with that.

Being satisfied with my appearance, I walked back in my room. I then put on a blue plaid button down shirt, and my Sperry shoes. I walked to my mini fridge to get an energy drink. I prefer energy drinks and I hate coffee. Call me crazy for that if you want. But To each his own.

Being ready to leave, I grabbed my keys and walked out of my house to my car. I drive a hand-me-down 2006 Nissan Altima If you think that it's nice for a hand-me-down, you should see my dad's car. If I could drive my dad's car I'd be set! But he doesn't even let my mom in it. We drive her car when we all go out. Needless to say my Nissan is the car I'm driving to school.

Traffic was annoying. I got caught behind a few school buses. But I was alright with that. As I had music playing. Got stopped at a few stoplights, those didn't bother me much either. After about 20 minutes of driving I arrived at my high school. It's a big high school with probably around 1,000 students if I had to guess
Chapter End Notes:
I'm running low on time right now. I'll try to have the next chapter up by tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned!
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