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Author's Chapter Notes:

Updated 9/21/16

Anne, a tall but strongly built woman coughed in the attic. She was cleaning out the old furniture in the house that she and her recently divorced husband lived in for 30 years. At 49, Anne was disappointed but not shocked to learn her husband had run off with a younger woman.

Anne blamed society. She was a hard working female in a world that wanted her to stay at home and have kids, which is what her husband Jim wanted. Anne didn’t want the responsibility and time commitment of raising children so they never bore any, and Jim always held a grudge against for that which led to many fights in their long marriage.

Anne wiped dust from an old ottoman and opened it up. Inside was a lamp that looked very old. Anne rubbed the lamp and chuckled to herself about its ability to “grant her three wishes.”

“I wish I were a man,” Anne muttered with a half smile, staring longingly out the overhead skylight. Just then, Anne felt an uncomfortable sensation in the crotch area of her khakis. She looked down and noticed a considerable bulge in her groin. Anne was suddenly sporting a massive uncircumcised member between her legs. Strangely enough Anne retained every other physical attribute of her body except her between-the-legs genitalia had switched out. She reached into her pants to feel the skin of her newfound cock. It felt heavenly to touch.

Anne looked at the lamp. “Make me the most powerful man in the world.” Anne felt her body expand rapidly, her growth tore through her clothes and increased weight sent shivers through the attic floor until she burst through the walls and eventually the house itself, she grew and grew until she was 500 feet tall and had bulldozed the neighborhood block underneath her back.

She sat up straight and looked around. “Hahaha” she cackled, her gigantic naked body glistening in the summer afternoon sun. Anne stood up and wiped the housing debris off her rotund yet powerful buttocks. People from the surrounding area stepped outside of the homes and walked up to Anne’s bare feet.

“Kiss my big gigantic feet you little insignificant worms” Anne bellowed in a deep rumble of a voice. The neighbors cowered at the sheer volume of Anne’s voice. Anne lifted her titanic ped up and stomped on dilapidated house.  The people got the hint and began groveling at the titanesses’ feet.

“Yes, that’s it “Anne snarled as her humongous hand began stroking her hugs shaft high above the people below. “All you little people are going to feel my wrath,” she yelled, shattering windows with the sound waves off her voice. Anne tugged on her dick, she watched in fascination as it grew harder, thicker and longer. It grew so huge it was the size of a tower.

Anne crouched her shapely thighs and knelt down towards the crowd at her toes. Dick in hand, she leaned her ball sack towards the people and smothered them under the weight of her sack, bringing it up and down in a tea bagging manner. Whacking off harder and harder, Anne lifted her sack and repositioned her massive junk around to aim her humongous tip at the injured crowd. Anne came hard, shooting off her maiden load in a massive lump and gooping the crowd below.

Anne felt waves of euphoria flow through her post climax body. She crouched her blimp sized knees into the ground and sat back, folding her airplane sized feet under her goddess sized buttocks.

“Bring me Jim ___ _______” or I will crush everyone in the city,” stated stated matter of factly. Within an hour a police convoy drove up to Anne’s thighs and unceremoniously deposited her ex husband onto the pavement.

Anne grabbed the lamp from her pulzerized home and pointed it at Jim. ”I wish my husband to be a 350 foot tall woman.”

Jim grew massively to be about 2/3 the size of Anne. Jim, now completely naked but with a vagina and colossal in almost all respects  except for his ex-wife, who towered over him at 500 feet.

“Time for you to be my servant, little hubbie.” Anne grabbed Jim and pulled him into her body for a tight hug. 




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