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Author's Chapter Notes:

I'm re-uploading this as chapters, improves visibility that way, and also this way I can guarentee that a story won't remain unfinished. But since the story is done, expect the next chapter tomorrow (it'll be worth the wait!)

The small kingdom of Avaler had never known true danger. It was a prosperous land, technologically advanced beyond its neighbors, it enjoyed unrivaled power in the Arulan Continent. That was, until Cyllis arrived.

It had been a day like any other, the traders had assumed their positions in the town square to sell their many wares. Food, potions, armor, weapons, trinkets - anything you wanted, you could get. The guards had just switched shifts, the old guards bored from lack of any activity - as always - and the new guards were expecting a similar shift.

That was, until they heard a rumble from the mountains. Low and growling, the rumble grew, and the earth began to shake. The highest watchtower guard, looking to see the source of the commotion, spotted what he'd hope to never see on the horizon.

There, from between the mountains, was the delicate face of an elf. Her light brown hair was done in intricate braids that came down to her bare shoulders, her pure emerald green eyes showed a gentle, neutral expression, that was matched with her small thin mouth which showed neither malice nor otherwise, and around her neck was a simple blue crystal pendant.

"Sound the alarm!" The watchtower guard yelled, ringing the bell as the girl came from around the mountains. He looked back to see she was almost completely bare. Her generous breasts covered by a simple leather strap that held them in place. Below she only wore a thin strand that wrapped around her waist and was tied by two square flaps that covered both her posterior and her intimate front. On her feet were sandals, with a strap that came down between her top two toes, the end being a strap that wrapped around her big toe and secured it tightly to the sole, the back being a strap that sorrounded her heal and came up her shin and formed a ring around it. It was an intricate piece of footwear colored earthly brown, but each piece served a practical purpose to help transport the massive girl and protect her delicate feet from the elements of the areas she tread on.

The gate guards yelled and shouted in their most threatening voice for the giant to stop, but it was no use, as the girl kept coming forward, paying no attention to the gates or even looking down to see them, each step making her appear much larger as she came across the horizon. In almost no time she had reached the gates. The guards assumed battle position as they were met face to face with her colossal sandal, but even the bravest guards began to fear for their lives as the massive sandal clad foot rose into the air. The guards staring intently at the worn sole of the sandal as it came down upon them. The massive stones of the gate crumbling as the tremendous sole made impact with the structure, the heavily reinforced barrier crumpling as her unimpeded foot simply came down without a single fraction of resistance. The guards waiting underneath with their spears out were completely flattened, the first line of defense completely demolished.

Cyllis took a step, for a moment as she felt her foot suddenly get resistance, the texture of the terrain underneath her changing as if she had stepped on to soft gravel. Lost in her thoughts, she simply took another step.

The town square had turned into pure panic as the giant elf approached unimpeded. Merchants hurredly packed their wares. Crowds of people scurried about trying to find a safe passage away from her path. Barrels and store stands toppled with each earthquake inducing step of her tremendous mass making contact with the land, transmitting megatons of energy into the ground that struggled to maintain its shape underneath her tremendous step.

Lanus, the heavenly knight, and his ranger friend Renic had been shopping for new equipment when they heard the massive thud of the gate collapsing. Lanus turned to see an incredible sight - an elf! To their land! Elves rarely travelled this area. By his oath, Lanus must defend this city against all threats.

"So be it" He turned to Renic. "This monstrosity must be stopped!"

Renic shivered "Lanus, bravery has a time and a place, this giant... beast. We can't possibly hope to stop her!"

Lanus grunted "Renic, we have sworn our oath. Contact Alicia, we must head the call to battle." 

Renic panicced, he knew this was a suicide mission, but he turned and blew his whistle to signal his cleric at the nearby monastery. She would arrive soon.

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