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Story Notes:

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The room was flashing, seizuring with light. All around the place, people were mingling, dancing, grabbing drinks. You were one of the latter when you hear a familiar voice,

“Hey, hey, how’re you,” a very drunk girl grabbed your arm and pressed herself into you, “-how’re you doing?” You look down only to see a shorter girl, about five foot something, latching on lovingly to your arm and staring up at you. She had short brown hair, a few inches past her ears, and a cute freckled face, with eyes like fresh leaves. She wore a low cut dress, showing off her ample cleavage. And that wasn’t even mentioning her ass.

“Hey, Brooke!” You turned to her and she pressed herself into you with a very intimate hug. “I’m good,” you slur, “I’m good. How are you been tonight?”

Brooke didn’t exactly look like she was listening, though she was staring up at you very absent-mindedly. In a way that made your pants very… tight. “You wanna go dance?” she asked, pulling her top a bit away from you, but pushed her crotch deeper into yours.

Grabbing her hand, you spat out, “Uh, heck yeah,” and pull her off towards the dance floor.

Now, Brooke was a dancer, and you… were not. She moved with all the grace that could be afforded to her, and you were really not. At least you had a pretty girl pressed up against you. The music washed over you, beating into your skull, as you and Brooke shared your moment out there. After two or three songs, she backed away from you, put a finger up against your chest, and waltzed back over to the bar. 

You almost went to follow her, but instead you saw your friend Kali beckoning you over. She was tall, slim, large-breasted, though more a paper-bagger than anything. You decided to make your way over to her anyway.

“Hey, Kali, how’s-” you manage to stammer out before she grabbed you around the waist and forced her mouth onto hers. Okay, maybe you could get into this. If it wasn’t for the weird feeling in your… uh, in your… everywhere.

Your entire body shuddered, and went dark.


You awoke you don’t know how long later, laying down in a well lit space, with ugly cream walls. The ceiling look so far away… had Kali drugged you? The ground was so soft, and Kali looked so huge, and- Realization swept over you. She’d shrunk you. She’d shrunk you and you were in her hand, in a bathroom stall, with her smiling down on you. Oh god, was she going to eat you? There was no other reason for her to shrink you down, unless she wanted to stick you somewhere else. And you very much doubted that.

“Kali!” you yelled up at her massive visage. “You have to undo this! I can’t, you can’t, Kali I don’t want to be small! I don’t want you to-”

She didn’t respond, instead she grabbed you with her free hand and lifted you by the leg into the air. Your body flailed as she moved you, and despite your predicament you noticed she wasn’t wearing any pants. She raised you up towards her mouth and her smile widened. Her mouth opened, her slightly crooked teeth confronted you, her beast of a tongue coming to investigate you. Your eyes widened. You were hyperventilating. Her tongue struck you, spreading its saliva. It wanted to draw you in. To draw you into that blackness at the back of her throat. But it didn’t. Instead you felt yourself being pulled back, away from her mouth.

“Y’know, I already ate today,” she stated matter-of-factly. “Got a couple boys in here already.” 

“Uh, wha- Are you going to-”

“Unshrink you? Nah, I can’t do that. I’m just gonna toss you in with the hors d'oeuvre. Someone will come around and gobble you up.”

“Kali wait no, you can’t-” you started, but she closed her fist around you, cutting off your words. You feel her stand and shimmy to pull up her drawers, crushing your body in her fist as she did so. You swung back and forth, completely disorienting you, until you felt gravity give way and you fell into a large, red bowl filled with similarly tiny, naked men of all shapes and sizes. The lights and sounds of the party, from your perspective, were magnified one-hundredfold. Light blinded you, sounds deafened you. Other men were grabbing you, and women were grabbing them and lifting them away to ends unknown. Well, they probably ended up in a digestive ooze, but…

The night passed on, and women came to grab men from the bowl in a seemingly never-ending stream. Maybe it only seemed that way, though. As time went, the stream of girls slowed, until no-one was coming to the bowl. The lights flicked on, giving you a nice visual of the other men in there with you. So few were left… From outside the bowl you hear someone say,

“Kali! Awesome party thanks for inviting me!”

“Yeah! Thanks for coming!” you hear someone reply, probably Kali.

“Of course! Hey, do you mind if I take a man or two?”

“Oh frick, go ahead! Take the whole bowl actually I don’t know what else to do with them.”

“You serious?” the unknown voice responded, incredulous.

“One-hundred percent.”

“You’re the best Kali.”

“I know. Just leave the actual bowl, like, just take the guys okay? My mom would be pissed if she noticed some of her Tupperware was missing.”

The unknown person laughed, “Alright, I’ll just stuff ‘em into my bra. I’m sure they’ll like that.” On the final syllable, a large hand appeared over the bowl and reached in. It picked out a single man, who accepted his fate as if he’d been preparing for this moment his entire life. Maybe he had, some were bred to like it, you thought.

Suddenly, the lights came on in the building - clean up had begun – and this allowed you to figure out who the mystery person was. It was Brooke. The same Brooke you’d danced with that night, who you’d gone to high school with, partied with for all those years. She was going to eat you. This was not happening. Moments later, her hand appeared again in the bowl, grabbing a group of men roughly and hiding them down her dress. The hand returned, scooping up you and some other men. You watched the outside world zoom by and her chest loom nearer, the dress being pulled away to allow your group entry. You got one good look down her dress before you were shoved into her bra cup. The world was cut into two now: the darkness of the crushing breast, and the deep-red of the bra fabric.

“I left you a couple in the bowl, Kali. Didn’t want to be too greedy.”

“Oh how sweet of you,” Kali laughed. “I’ll be sure to pick them off before morning. You leaving now?”

“Uh huh, me and Bree are getting a cab.”

“Okay, see you!”

“See you, thanks for having me!” 

Her massive breasts heaved as she walked, squishing you against and into them. From elsewhere you could hear the discontent of the others who’d been put in here with you. They were made to be eaten, not stuffed!

Meanwhile, while you were enjoying being pressed against her, Brooke called a cab. She waited outside in the winter cold, generously keeping you warm with her body heat, for nearly twenty minutes. The cab dropped off Brooke first, and she hurried inside to have her midnight snack. You, meanwhile, were in an almost hypnotic trance from the bouncing of her breasts. Or maybe you were going to be sick. You couldn’t tell.

The bouncing stopped, and there came a rumbling from all around. Jesus it was loud, not to mention you were already half-deaf from the music at the dance. Though, you guessed, that was what is was like to be small. Her bra gave way and your body, sticky with her’s and your sweat, peeled away from her breast. You missed her body heat almost immediately. The bra alone didn’t supply enough heat, despite its almost obnoxious cuddliness. You got one good look at her amazing mammaries before she threw the bra through the air, sending you and the other men spinning through the cup. You’re lucky you didn’t end up with a concussion! Or unlucky. You’d be in her stomach soon.

The bra landed lightly on the bed, sending you and the other men onto your asses. Everything around you was soft. Almost peaceful. You’re completely surrounded by Brooke’s smell. It was captivating. A primal, womanly smell, like lilac, sex, and sweat. Though you’re not sure why it hit you stronger here than when you were pressed up against her. Maybe it was the freer movement of air? You lay there for a moment, just taking it all in and gathering your senses. You look up, up towards the ceiling, but you only see a huge, smooth hand descending towards you.

No, not towards you, but to the man next to you. This dark-haired, dark-eyed guy. Tall and handsome. He’d been bred to be eaten, you were sure, but there was still fear there. He still trembled and shook and screamed as Brooke’s fingers pinched and lifted him. You felt the wind from the displaced air blow against you, and for the first time you felt the reality of your smallness. For a moment, she held him in place above you; it looked as if she were testing how much pressure he could take. Then, effortlessly and fluidly, she carried him off to some unknown location. Within another moment, she was back and grabbed another man. And then the other. Then, she came for you.

The giant fingers approached slowly, sending all the panic sensors in your body into fierce red alert. You try to back away, but only manage to get as far as the wall of the cup. There she catches you, gripping you around the torso, expelling all the air from your lungs. You try to scream and cry out, to tell her who you are. That was a no-go. You couldn’t breathe. You were going to die here, you thought, gripped between the fingers of a beautiful woman. Then you fell, and you managed to catch your breath upon landing. Brooke had dropped you into a large glass bowl, where the other three men awaited. You land painfully on the curve, before sliding down into your newest prison.

Now, besides the landing, the bowl was a nice change in scenery from the past couple of hours being in the ominous dark-red of Brooke’s bra. From in here, you could actually make out your surroundings. You figured you were in Brooke’s room, based on the number of posters featuring dancers and the MacBook, which was affectionately decorated with fish stickers, that you remembered her having in class. The MacBook was open on a desk, the Netflix homepage on display.

“Heh, dinner and a movie?” you think to yourself, but you find yourself shuddering at your own internal commentary. The uneasy feeling is removed quite quickly, as you notice the only other interesting thing in the room: Brooke herself.

She was leaning over, a single hand supporting her as she pinched a man from the other cup. Her skin was white, silky smooth, though she had a bit of a farmer’s tan and a tan going up to her hips, where short-shorts would end. Her face was cute, her nose small and curved, her lips full and red. You noticed her eye make-up was already rubbing off a bit. Still beautiful. Her tits were huge, looking especially so hanging like that as she leaned. The jiggled and collided with one another as she moved the man from the bra to the bow, and the man falling couldn’t even serve as a distraction from Brooke’s impressive form. Your cock throbbed and ached as you noticed her small, pink nipples… and the man hanging from one of them. Lucky bastard, you think. Their puffiness served as the perfect handhold for the man to grip onto, and hold he did since his life was on the line. The swinging of her breasts really compromised his position, and his face was panic-stricken. How long was it until she noticed him?

As if she could read your thoughts, Brooke grinned and her free hand moved up towards her boob. She gripped her tit with her whole hand – though her hand didn’t even reach the-- base – revealing their amazing squishiness, and gradually pulled her hand off as if she were caressing a cantaloupe. As the breast bounced back away from her hand, the man was gone. Trapped in her fist. Lazily, and without care for your safety, she flopped herself down onto her bed, onto her back, which sent a bouncing wave down the bed knocking you and the other men off their feet. You staggered back to your feet, noticing for the first time the increased quantity of men in the bowl. Twelve in total, including yourself. Men of all shapes, sizes, and colours, all looking either terrified or ready to be embraced by Brooke with no in-betweens. That was based on the way they were bred, you supposed. But you weren’t bred to be eaten. A panic took hold and you screamed,

“BROOKE! BROOKE! HEY!” The men in the bowl turned to stare at you. “BROOKE! LOOK HERE! IT’S ME! LOOK! HEY!”

She didn’t hear. Too far away, dammit. Brooke leaned back onto her pillows, her breasts jiggling, and tossed the bra off the bed and out of the way. Your feet fell out from under you again as she pulled the bowl of men towards her from up beside her knee and cuddled it up by her slightly pudgy belly. How many men were already inside there from earlier in the night? Were there any alive? You decided you didn’t want to find out.

“BROOOKE! LISTEN! PLEASE I’M DOWN HERE!” you shout at the top of your lungs.

Brooke sighed, sending a spike of hope through your body, and suddenly she rose from the bed to retrieve the MacBook. Dammit. No. Dammit. Brooke, why? Instead of wallowing, you decided to make the best of your situation and, along with the rest of the men, turned to watch her go. She still wore a dark black thong, which, since it rode so high into her humongous, dancer’s ass, you could only make out by the strap around her waist. With every step her bum jiggled, just like it did when she wore leggings. Ah, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad - being eaten – if you got to see sights like this before… She turned, and let you stare at her crotch. Nicely shaved, the outline of her vag was just visible through the fabric of her thong. You wish you could’ve gotten your cock in there in life… Well, maybe if you got her attention. But she would probably just keep you as a pet anyway. You notice her legs, short like the rest of her, but muscled, fantastic looking.

Her return sent another ripple through the mattress, shaking you and the bowl again. Brooke laid the laptop onto her hips, and pulled the bowl up against herself again. She looked at peace.

Hearing a clink, you turned your attention to the source of the noise. Brooke was tapping her fingernail on the side of the bowl, beckoning all the men to look up at her. She wore a mischievous smile. As sensually as she could, she brought a fist up to her mouth. Her mouth opened, as did her fist. It looked as if she were stifling a yawn. She dropped her hand, revealing a man gripped tight to the top of her tongue. Behind him was the grim, beautiful darkness of her maw. The man was screaming, “Oh god” over and over, sounding panicked and hoarse. Poor guy; she’d been carrying him for the past little while and it couldn’t have been comfortable. She stuck her tongue out, probably to give you a better view, but it seemed like she misjudged something. The guy managed to wiggle his way off her tongue, to slide off and land in the cavern between her boobs. He rolled down through the cavern, down her ribcage. Brooke, meanwhile, closed her mouth and scrunched her lips. She was clearly embarrassed that her giantess shtick had been ruined. With haste, she picked up the man between her fingers, and before he could get his bearings or we could realize what was going on, she awkwardly tossed him into her mouth.

She didn’t take time to enjoy the taste of him. Brooke leaned her head back in an overdramatic fashion, and a bulge appear for all of you to see. She traced the man’s path through her body – down her throat, through her chest, and into her stomach. She concluded by rubbing her belly and emitting a loud, “Mmm”. The bed rocked slightly as she thrusted her hips and squeezed her legs together. At least she was going to enjoy eating you all.

After taking a minute or two to compose herself, Brooke asked the group, “Okay, who’s next?”

No one volunteered, and she giggled. Probably what she was expecting. Brooke moved forward, leaning on her elbow and wrapping her body around the bowl – the laptop slid off her hips and behind her. Her legs pulling up against it so her crotch directly faced you, her breasts pressed up against the side. Her face was directly above. It created a weird effect. It was like you were in the great canyon of Brooke, completely surrounded by her. That’s some nice foreshadowing, there. You shuddered again.

“Alright, so how about,” she circled her index above the bowl, a glazed and happy look on her face, “you?” She picked up the man right next to you, the dark-haired, dark-eyed guy. He struggled against her fingers, hitting his fists against them. All in vain of course. She brought the man up to her mouth, pinched between her fingers, and opened wide. You peered inside, into the depths. It was dark, with undulating pink shapes waiting to accept the man. Her teeth were clean, sparkling white. In the back you could spot her uvula, and the unending black of her throat. While you all admired her maw, Brooke placed the man gingerly inside, and closed her mouth once more. She held him there, and you could make out the vague shapes of man and tongue against her cheeks. Her mouth opened, only momentarily, but the man fell from the back of her mouth. His arms flailed, his body slick with saliva. Brooke closed her mouth again before the man got his chance to fall back out. Her lips, those gorgeous full lips, tightened as she brought the man to the back of her mouth. And then there was an all too audible gulp. You watched the man travel down her throat. Brooke sighed (sending a wave of hot, alcoholic breath over the bowl), and smiled down at the bowl, smiled like she would at someone right after sex. She hugged the bowl tight.

Brooke moaned. It was loud, so loud with how close she was to you. You didn’t even want to think about how loud it was for the men inside. You turned and looked forlornly at her belly, not even a foot away from you. Soon.

“You guys know I can feel you struggling inside me?” her voice was a breath, and she wasn’t talking to the group. It was definitely aimed at the men already inside her. “Ahhh yes,” she moaned as her hips started thrusting again. She couldn’t wait to have the rest of you.

In that moment you noticed just how very surreal it was having her above you. Like some sort of scene out of a science fiction movie… a very erotic science fiction movie. Her face twisted into one of total pleasure, though many times the size of the face you were used to. Brooke licked her lips and exhaled, blowing hot air over you and steaming the sides of the bowl. You could practically taste the alcohol on her breath.

The bowl lurched, again, as Brooke dragged it with her as she leaned back. At the same time, she grabbed a group of men – three or four – from the bowl, and pulled her MacBook back on top of herself. She lifted the group of men up to her mouth and pushed them inside as a group. Her cheeks bulged.  Somewhere from her hips, music blared. She was watching some movie. You didn’t recognize it.

She moved the men around in her mouth, tasting them, causing different imprints to appear on her cheeks. Behind the music, you could hear the vague and muffled screams of the men in her mouth. It became hoarser and more pained every second. She had played with the men for nearly a minute when her lips parted, and a soaked torso and head emerged from them. His face was twisted into primal fear, and his long, saliva wetted hair stuck to his face and to Brooke’s fine lips. His arms emerged next, and he attempted to pull himself out of his deadly predicament. Pushing on Brooke’s lips with all his might, he slowly freed himself. Pulling himself out like one might climb out of a hole. Then, without looking away from her laptop screen, really without paying much attention, Brooke raised a single finger and pushed the terrified man back into her mouth. She did it slowly, obviously relishing in his loss of freedom. She dropped her finger, and the man desperately tried to grip her lips in an attempt to try and pull himself back out. His hands created small indents in the soft skin, but his grip faltered and she suctioned him back inside of her. You couldn’t hear the gulp this time, due to the sound of the movie in the background, but you saw the bulge moving down her throat. You saw the next bulge. And the next. And the next. Four in a row, four men’s lives snuffed out, all just a midnight snack for Brooke.

“Mm, damn,” Brooke breathed to no-one in particular. With a very sudden movement, she stood up off the bed, the MacBook sliding off her. Your bowl, meanwhile, tipped onto its side, giving you a clear path to freedom. You could just climb out! Brooke’s butt loomed over the edge of the bed in all its gigantic majesty – she hadn’t even noticed the bowl tipped! You all took a moment, and then the first man ran. He was red-haired, fast, and very muscular. The rest of you, and there weren’t that many left, followed at pace. As you ran, you watched Brooke walk away. Her bum jiggled. It was liberating knowing you wouldn’t be a part of-

And then she returned, carrying a glass of water just below her enormous breasts. She smiled as she caught sight of the group and walked over to the side of the bed, right in front of the escapees. Placing the glass of water on the nightstand beside her bed, Brooke lowered herself down to her knees and pushed her already short hair behind her head. Then, she leaned over, mouth agape, and consumed the red-haired muscular man. She lifted her head up, the man’s legs kicking between her lips. Within the span of a second, she sucked his struggling form into her mouth, leaned her head all the way back, and swallowed. You watched, and then ran. You and three others made your way back to the bowl, but another man went off towards her pillows. Idiot probably thought he could hide under them.

Naturally, Brooke grabbed the man and took him elsewhere. Actually, you noticed, she dropped him into her glass of water. Brooke laid back down onto the bed, wiggled herself cutely to get comfortable, then picked up the bowl and overturned it on top of her belly. You fell, and landed on the soft, squishy mass somewhere near her belly button. Her breasts heaved with her breaths… those deep, primal breaths. In the cavern between, you could make out the bottom of her face and the bottom of the glass. The man was silhouetted inside.

Staring between her breasts, you watched as she tipped the glass towards her mouth. The man sloshing about, trying to keep his head above the water. The water gulped into her in a series, each series taking about a half-quarter of the cup with it. All the while the man desperately swam away from the impeding maw, until the penultimate series came and he was swept into Brooke alongside it. The typical gulp followed, then she finished the water and sighed.   

You felt a large impact hit you from behind. Her hand slammed down on top of you, flattening you into her belly. The hand moved you in a rhythmic, circular pattern, digging you deeper into her flesh. The pressure was enormous, and you weren’t sure if you were just imagining it or not but you heard… screaming from within. You found your body rolling underneath her hand, you saw streams of light from between each of her fingers. They closed around you, and you were lifted into the air by the leg, the other men watching as you went. You passed over her mountainous breasts, over her neck. Oh god. You tried to turn to look at her face – maybe she’d recognize you – no avail. Her mouth approached, those large, luscious lips, spreading open ever so slightly just to accept you. You screamed,

“BROOKE! BROOKE! IT’S ME YOU HAVE TO LOOK!” And then you were pulled away, swinging by the leg, to be confronted by Brooke. You’d never been this close to her face. The closeness really embiggened it.

“Well hey there you,” she slurred. She brought her other hand under you and dropped you into it, letting you stand. “How did you get so small?” Brooke giggled and smiled, “Have you been here the whole time?”

“Uh, yeah. Well, uh,” you stammer. This was intimidating. “Kali shrank me down and put me in the bowl, and somehow I managed to avoid everyone. Until you came and grabbed everyone.”

“Sorry about that. She did say I could take the bowl with me though.” She stared at you absent-minded for a bit, and then said, “I’m going to have to thank her for that. It’s not very often you get to eat someone you know.”

That took you back a bit. “Wait what?”

“Yeah, let alone a friend. I’ve only done it twice and honestly, it’s so much better. Just bringing someone fully inside you, consuming and digesting them… Making them a part of you. Mmm, and the whole domination part…” Her body shuddered, and you could only manage to speak,

“Uh, hold on, you’re going to eat me?”

“Mhm,” she said, licking her lips. She picked you up around the stomach and began drawing you forward like some sort of candy she could just pop into her mouth. You suppose you were, in a way. You try to put on a brave face and go to her with a kind of dignity, but that only lasted until you could feel her breath enveloping you. You beat at her fingers with your fists, tried to squirm out from between them, tried to pry your way out. “Remember to do that on the way down,” Brooke whispered to you as your face touched her lips. As your head was pushed in, she changed her grip to your feet. Easier to hold you that way, you supposed.

Her lips were firm yet soft at the same time, a perfect contradiction that would have felt magnificent against your skin had the situation been different. Slowly her lips parted to accept you, her glistening white teeth appearing just being them, columns of saliva reaching from her behemoth of a tongue to the top of her mouth appeared even further in. Her tongue was fast approaching you, stretching the columns until they broke, reaching out to taste you.

It struck you before you were even fully in her mouth, with such a force you likened it to being hit by a moving bicycle. Brooke licked you up and down, focusing on your stomach, your rigid cock, your ass. You couldn’t say she didn’t know how to please a man. In an instant you were soaked in her fluids, her saliva choked you as you beat and kicked against her tongue. Made its attempts to drown you as you screamed at her to stop. You were pushed deeper inside of her, her lips grazed against your back and front, her tongue folding to accept you, to hold you. Her fingers, no longer needed, withdrew from you and released you onto her tongue which continued to draw deeper and deeper into her mouth until you were fully Brooke. Her lips closed slowly, the light growing ever more dim, and you scrambled to reach them before they sealed you within. Her tongue grasped you just as you reached her teeth, and slammed you painfully into the roof of her mouth.

Her tongue thrashed. She pushed you back and forth into the walls of her mouth, tasting you, scraping you lightly against her teeth. She beat you and tasted you until all the fight went out of you. In moments, she noticed how limp you’d become, and laid her tongue neutrally, giving you rest. You laid motionless, besides your panting breaths, on her undulating tongue. Minutes passed, and you daren’t move for fears that Brooke may swallow you soon. How was she doing this to you? You thought you were friends. You wailed on top of her motionless tongue.

Her tongue thrashed again, throwing you towards the back of her mouth. Oh god, this was it wasn’t it? Her tongue rose, and you didn’t even fight it as you felt yourself sliding into the deeper darkness at the back of her mouth. You slid down, feet first, deep into her. Into her throat.

And she swallowed.

Her throat grabbed you all around, like a thousand painful hands pulling you down. The tightness was overbearing, and you thought you might die right there in her throat. It was wet, it smelt like vomit. You were pushed so quickly into her that it almost felt like a freefall; it made you nauseous. Then, as quickly as they’d been grabbed, your feet came free. Then so did the rest of you.

You landed with a splash on top of someone. No, not someone. A body, already partially digested, only remaining as hot lump. Upon realizing what it was, you scrambled away, splashing as you went, only to collide with another. This one showing no signs of digestion, probably the man she’d swallowed with the water. Oh god how long did you have if he was already…

You treaded away from the man, your skin already starting to tingle, though you figured digestion would be slowed by the water she drank. This wasn’t how you wanted to die, you wanted to scream and fight, but you couldn’t. You couldn’t muster up the effort. You couldn’t give Brooke what she wanted out of you. You treaded there, almost content in your fate, then the world began shaking. You were tossed around, the bile creeping into your eyes, your throat. You coughed it up but you already felt it doing its work on your insides. The stomach walls closed in, pressing you against them and into her acid. Things slammed into you, men and other foods you reckoned. Soon you wouldn’t be much more than them. Just nutrients for a beautiful girl’s body. Maybe a slice of fat on the gorgeous ass of hers.

You kept these thoughts in your mind as you slipped into unconsciousness inside Brooke.


Brooke’s body danced with pleasure as she felt your body cease moving inside of her. The moments after they stopped were always the best. It was the moment where she fully conquered her prey. She lay back for a moment and thought about you, about how nice it was to get to eat you, consume you. She considered pleasuring herself at the thought, but her mind quickly turned to the next man on her menu instead. She devoured them just as she devoured you, devoured the men that came before you, and after she devoured them she slept. Inside her, your body was broken down further and further until it was indistinguishable from Brooke.

The next morning, she awoke with a nasty hangover. To get over it she went for a jog. Though you were the third friend she’d eaten, you were just another in the long string of men that she’d devoured. She hardly ever thought of you, except when brought up in conversation. You were just a snack, and that is all she ever cared for you.

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