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Author's Chapter Notes:
I saw a picture yesterday and I was surprised that no one had written a story for this game. I thought it was a cool idea and hope that you guys enjoy/review this.
“I’ve wasted 10 minutes of daylight waiting for you Brandon!”

My girlfriend, May, had been waiting outside near the park for me to arrive. Pokémon Go had finally come out a few weeks ago and she was finally getting into it. It was adorable to see her throw a mini temper tantrum. At barely even 5’0”, May wasn’t going to scare anyone any time soon. I couldn’t say much considering that I’m only 5’6” myself. You could call us the perfect short couple.

“Don’t just stand there; we got some Pokémon to catch.” May began walking down the street with her phone in hand. I quickly activated my location settings and started the app myself. A few seconds later I could see my character pop up on screen and begin walking.

“There’s a cubone three steps away.” I say casually as I tap the icon in the bottom right hand corner.

“Then let’s hurry!”

May began to walk as fast as she could without breaking into a run. Of course given her height it wasn’t very hard for me to keep up. After a minute of keeping up this pace I could see it getting to her.

“How much farther away is it?” May was glaring down at her phone not knowing very much about the game itself.

“Still three steps, if we don’t hurry up then it might go away.” I reply. I look over to see May temporarily closing the app. “What are you doing?”

“I’m making it a little bit easier to cover the distance.” May continued to open a new app. I couldn’t see what it was called but she soon came to a screen with a plus and minus sign.

“I really don’t see how,” I couldn’t help but stop after May pressed the plus button. As soon as her finger made contact with the screen, my girlfriend shot up a foot in height. I went from being six inches taller than her to six inches shorter. It was even more surprising as she double tapped her screen again leaving my once petite girlfriend standing at an intimidating 8’0”. Oddly enough no one else seemed to have notice the sudden change. Even weirder than this was the fact that everything my girlfriend had on her grew as well.

“That should make things easier.” May took a second to admire her new height before making her way down the street. I would have asked her how exactly she got so big, but it took nearly everything I had just to keep up with her giant strides.

The crowd of pedestrians parted ways to allow my eight foot tall girlfriend and myself to walk/run casually by. We quickly arrived at our destination in no time at all given May’s new size.

“Got him!” cheered May as she caught her cubone. I was just starting to catch my breath when another Pokémon popped up on the radar.

“There’s a Pikachu two steps over!” It was apparent that May wasn’t even trying to control her excitement. With her new size it took no time at all to figure out which direction we needed to walk. The only problem was that the ally we had to go down just happened to have a locked fence.

“We’ll have to go over it.” said May as she began tapping away at her phone.

“Couldn’t we just walk around?” This made the most sense to me, but May wasn’t going to have it.

“We just don’t have the time Brandon!”

I was going to argue until May began to grow right before my very eyes. May began shooting up a foot at a time. I went from looking at my girlfriend’s belly button to looking right into her lower thigh. Her growth finally stopped once the fence before us was only just below waist height.

“Alright let’s go.” I watched in awe as May took just one step to cross over the fence before us. It was times like this that I wished that she wore a skirt. May had taken a few steps until she realized that I was not following her.

“What’s the hold up?” May walked back to the fence and stared down at me with an annoyed expression. “We’re running out of time!”

“I kinda can’t get over the fence.” I reply back meekly. I soon felt two giant hands wrap their way around my sides before lifting me effortlessly into the air.

“If you needed help the only thing you had to do was ask.” May gently placed me on the ground before going off at a brisk pace. I was basically sprinting as fast as I could just to keep up with her. May was able to cover the distance quite quickly with me at her heels. By the time that I had caught the Pikachu, May was already walking down the street.

“Where are you going?” I shout as I see her picking up the pace.

“A Bulbasaur is up ahead.” May didn’t even take the time to look behind her as she continued walking.

Following a sixteen foot tall girl is no easy task as every muscle in my legs began throbbing with pain. My lungs felt like they would be giving out at any moment. Luckily May decided to stop right in front of a tall building. I could see a puzzled look on her face, but other things were on my mind.

“It must be on top of the building.” May began tapping away at her phone again.

“The game doesn’t take in three dimensional travel, just give it a second to load!” I try to reason with her but it is too late.

I watch on at my girlfriend begins growing yet again. This time however I have to take a few steps back in order to give May some room to grow. May didn’t stop growing until she was a little over a head taller than the building. This of course meant that I wasn’t even as tall as her ankles now. I felt my phone vibrate as the little green Pokémon popped up on my screen. I was about to catch it until the ground below me began to shake. It was no surprise to see my giant girlfriend jumping up and down with joy, cracking the concrete below her.

“You’ve got to catch this thing too Brandon!”

I was a little too stunned with the whole situation that I didn’t have time to react as May enveloped my entire body inside of her hand. The sense of vertigo was a little sickening as I was quickly brought up to her level. May watched me intently as I lost a few pokeballs in order to catch it. I really don’t know how much more of this I could take.

“How about we take a,” I began.

“DRAGONITE!!!” I find myself being thrust into May’s abundant cleavage as she walks through the city. My entire body, except for my head and arms, is trapped between the largest boobs than any guy has ever seen. Each step that May takes causes my prison to jiggle around. This must be what it feels like to motor boat a super carrier. My comfortable ride is soon interrupted as my prison gets a little tighter.

“I’m stuck!”

Somehow my girlfriend was now wedged between two skyscrapers that are even taller than she was. She is trying her best to scoot sideways between them with her left arm stretched out in front of her with her phone. The sound of the two building beginning to cave in could be heard by everyone around.

As for me it has become a little too snug in between May’s giant boobs. I can clearly look into the broken and bent window pane in front of me as several people continue about their work day as if a giant girl through the city is a common occurrence.


I have a much better view as I watch May temporarily close out of the Pokémon Go app. She then taps a new app that opens up a screen that reads ‘Pokémon Go Travel Plus!’ Underneath of it shows a cheesy paragraph that promises to ‘shorten the distance between Pokémon’.

“This is the best dollar that I’ve ever spent!” exclaims May as she begins to rapidly push the plus button.

Luckily May’s growth is so rapid that I stay completely safe as she easily knocks over the two buildings trapping her. The tallest building in our city would only come up to her waist. As for me, I’m basically the size of a sprinkle compared to May.


With Dragonite in her collection my girlfriend can’t help but celebrate by bouncing up and down. The motion of bouncing up and down nearly makes me sick, but luckily she stops jumping before that point.

“I think that we’ve had a good haul for today.”

I thank the gods as I see May open up her app and slowly moves her thumb towards the minus sign. I can’t deny that I am a boob guy, but there’s a limit on how big they can be. Before May can even press the button we both feel the ground shake below us. May turns just in time as a group of twenty or so girls walk by us. It takes everything that I have just to contemplate what I am seeing.

My girlfriend, who is gigantic by the way, doesn’t even come up to the heel of the shortest girl there. Even May is speechless as the girls casually step over her as they continue to make their way south. The girls are laughing and talking despite the fact that they are destroying dozens of buildings with each step that they take.

“I can’t believe that Mew showed up in the next city over!” This comment doesn’t escape May as a giant size grin spreads across her face.

“I guess we have time for just one more Pokémon.” I’ve decided to just accept my place as May continues to rapidly hit the plus button. I see the city getting smaller around us and I say the only thing that comes to my mind.

“Got to catch them all.”
Chapter End Notes:
Before someone asks this is only a one shot story and is complete in my opinion. If someone wants to continue it or write their own version then feel free to do as you like.
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