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Story Notes:

My first story on here. Haven't written too much, so please go easy on me!

The army base was on lock-down. In theory, it would prevent anything from escaping. Unfortunately, it also meant that anyone left inside was equally trapped. This fact was quite apparent to the officers inside. Only extensive training kept them from all-out panic, but they couldn’t hide the fear on their faces.

From deep inside the facility, they could all hear the groaning of something very large shifting the metal. Something was trying to get out. Something very hungry.


“Super strength and super size: those where the first two attributes we were going for,” Max Carrigan, CEO of CORE Enterprises, told his avid audience of worldwide investors.

“Mind control was simply an added bonus; a welcome side effect, you might say. However it has led to some interesting challenges for our staff. You’ll note the full facial shielding. That is to prevent eye contact. The suits they wear are also completely soundproofed except for the internal communications systems. He gestured through the one-way glass to the floor many meters down below them.

There lay the giantess. She was naked, arms chained to the floor, and legs restrained likewise. She faced the floor, her brown hair covering her face, but everything visible looked hardly extraordinary except for her immense size. In this position, her smooth bubble-butt was forced in the air. Surrounding here were small men in lab coats, looking like white rodents scuttling along beside the giantess’s prone body.

“Would we be able to get a closer look?” one of the businessmen asked. The bulge in his pants revealed his curiosity may not have been entirely professional.

“For your own safety, we can’t get any closer. You wouldn’t want to become a meal for a giantess would you?” Carrigan replied. There was general laughter to this. “Don’t worry though. We arranged a special presentation for you today.”

At this, Carrigan flicked a switch on his dashboard and engaged the comm: “Bring out the prisoners,” he said. Far below, a white hatch opened to reveal five men, bound and gagged.

“See those men? Each of them has been chosen from your respective countries. We thought that fitting. Don’t worry though, they are hardened killers who were serving life sentences. Each has completely consented to this, as an alternative to an unrewarding life in prison. In fact, you may find some are quite excited at the opportunity. We will begin now.”

Down on the lab floor, Mark Weinholm—until recently living out his life sentence—was thinking hard. There was still opportunity for escape. While he had agreed to this interesting sort of “execution,” in fact had even welcomed death compared to that bleak cell, his mind was now gripped with the possibility of escape. The next few moments would be his best opportunity to get away.

Blindfolded, gagged, and apparently fitted with earplugs, he had no real sense of the outside world. Then, in an instant, all of his senses were back. A man in a white lab coat had pulled everything off.

The first thing he wondered if he had been fed some hallucinogenic drug. Because in front of him were the hanging breasts of a giant, voluptuous, woman. Past that, he could see a slight belly above him, and the shadows of large thighs. In the realm of hallucinations, he wouldn’t complain about this one! Looking around, the men around him looked just as confused.

He and those beside him were still completely immobile, attached to large metallic stakes. However, he could still move his neck somewhat freely. When he looked up, past a tangle of hair, two huge brown eyes stared back at him. He saw the flash of white teeth in an immense smile, followed by the sound of a seductive female voice. The mouth didn’t move though—the voice was in his head.

“You’re mine now,” the voice said. And at that moment, all of his shackles were electronically released. But, while completely free, he was still unable to move.

Meters above them, Carrigan commented “Watch closely now. She’ll have control of her prey in mere moments. To illustrate, we even left open a small door to the outside. You’ll note that not one of them will attempt to run. Keep in mind, she is also as intelligent as any human. She knows this is feeding time.”

A long, flexible ladder was lowered from above, to rest on the giant woman’s right butt cheek. As if this was a signal, she suddenly arched her back, and raised her butt so it was nearly vertical in the air. Her belly and face now rested against the floor while her ass rested in receiving position.

The men down on the floor began moving slowly towards the rear end of the giant woman. Max tried to struggle against the pull, but his legs were moving against his will. He could tell that they were approaching her ass, which brought the question: wasn’t she going to eat them?

Then the sultry voice responded. “Oh, yes. I’m definitely going to eat you. But it may not be in the way you imagined, or even knew possible. No, you are going for a nice long journey through my putrid bowels until you are perfectly seasoned for my waiting belly. Hopefully you survive the whole way; I like how it feels when you helpless little boys tickle my insides.”

What sort of perversion was this? Had this been the plan all along? Mark would never have signed up for this. He was promised a quick death, not a long, painful, humiliating ride through a giant’s insides. But his protestations didn’t make much difference, when he had no control over any part of his body.

As he went up the ladder, Mark got a close up look at the giantess’s huge pussy. From here he could see it was already moist, with just the slightest gape as if eager for a meal of its own. He could hear a giant rumble nearby like the growling belly of a great beast. It gave him no comfort as the group grew closer to their destination.

If the giantess’s hand’s hadn’t been tied, she would have been playing with that pink hole even now. She knew the drill though. They would only release her hands at the last minute, making sure she wouldn’t have time to try anything other than focus on engulfing her next meal. But that was fine; she had a plan this time. Soon she would be free, and all of the little men who had been holding her captive would face a captivity of their own deep in her hungry belly.

Patience was all she needed now, and self-restraint. It would be tough not to swallow down all five of the prisoners; her belly was already rumbling, and if she was too hungry it would be difficult to control her eager anal sphincter muscles. The last ones they gave her were too skinny, and didn’t even put up a fight on the way down. She was always hungry and live prey was the only diet she would accept. If her plan failed she might not have the pleasure of another meal struggling in her anus for weeks! Thankfully she only needed one of them to survive.

The men had finished climbing the last rungs of the rope, and were all carefully balanced on the giantess’s ass cheeks. Even from here they could make out the stink from the brown puckered asshole almost next to their feet.

“Release her hands,” Carrigan spoke into the comm link. There was the great clang as the giantess’s huge chains hit the ground. The businessmen gasped as the giantess moved her hands back and spread her ass cheeks wide open, revealing the deep abyss opening into her waiting gut. This wasn’t quite the display they had expected, however the one man’s pant-bulge became even more distinct.

“What is she doing?” one man asked.

“There was one more side effect I may not have mentioned,” Carrigan replied. “You see, she can consume from more than one orifice. She seems to greatly prefer this one, however, so we indulge her desires.”

“Good god, man!” A red-faced investor exclaimed. “But, it’s not decent!”

As they watched, the giantess puckered her perfect asshole, sucking in air and releasing it until the opening was as wide as a cavern. Lines of foul mucous spread across the anal gape like slimy ropes. The soon-to-be sacrificed men would slide easily inside. She let one hand go for a moment to take the opportunity to finger her other hole, which was gaping of its own accord. As the giantess moaned in pleasure, she swayed a bit, and the closest of the men balancing on her butt cheeks lost his footing and slid part-way into the waiting hole.

“Ooh,” the giantess exclaimed. “You’re early. I didn’t even ask for you yet, little man! But you feel so good, I think I’ll take you first all the same.” She removed her now-wet fingers from her pussy, and focused on re-opening the passage to her ass. “In you go now!” The helpless man, still completely under her control, slid himself the rest of the way into her ass. His shoulders stuck for just a moment on the slimy edge, but as she opened her ass cheeks as far as they could go, soon he was sliding in as easily as if it were a water slide-- except with a much less pleasant destination.

Swiftly, the giantess let her ass cheeks close and lock in the man with no hope of escape. She relinquished control of his mind, and now the oh-so-sweet struggling began. She could feel him trying desperately to slip and slide his way back up her colon, but every time he struggled he just slid back further down. Gravity was against him, and soon he was resting right up against her inner sphincter. She relaxed, and opened it up, massaging her clit as his screams reverberated against the walls of her intestine. She liked the way this one filled her up inside-- he had some girth to him, and his struggles stayed strong even as he drew closer to her waiting belly. It would take several hours for him to complete the journey, and she would enjoy every minute of it. Especially with the remaining four men filling her too.

She forced the next three to jump into her ass one after another. They slid in easily, however three of them together was a bit of a tight fit. As they wriggled in struggle, they also found themselves all pressed up against her inner sphincter. The temptation to swallow them all up was intense, but the pressure of all three of them inside her ass at once was insanely pleasurable. Her ass felt totally full and as they struggled inside her, against each other, she fingered her pussy madly. As she relaxed in her pleasure, her ass opened up just enough that the men’s screams could be heard, followed by silence as it closed again.

All the while, Mark was the last one left standing on the giantess’s ass. Suddenly, she plucked him up and before he could scream he was face-to-face with her gaping wet pussy. Then blackness as he was pushed inside. Her hot juices covered him, and breathing was almost impossible. She pushed him deeper, until he was right up against a hot wall. From here, he could hear the futile screaming of the men through the thin wall between them. Then the walls started closing in around him: the giant was cumming. Fighting for his life to avoid getting squeezed to death, Max barely noticed as the men’s screams became fainter as they got swallowed by the eager sphincter.

Then, out of nowhere, he was plucked from the wet cavern by two monstrous fingers. “Your turn,” the voice said in his head. “But I have something special planned for you. You get to live in my butt for a while. I hope you find it as comfy as I do. Just be careful not to go too deep-- I can’t promise I won’t swallow you by accident! 

With that, she got him to walk into her still-hungry asshole. She helped push him in with her free finger, still covered in her slippery come. As the light disappeared above him, with the closing of her vice-like butt hole, Mark realized this was going to be a long night. Moments later, a huge putrescent wind blew past him, frighteningly gaping her inner sphincter. 

He’d have to be careful if he didn’t want to end up just another meal.

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