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Summary: In what is easily one of the most fetishistic Undertale fanfiction scenes of all time, Undyne shows her true lesbian love for Alphys in an utterly demented series of events that would make even the craziest of giantess fetishists blush.

Case in point: if you ever wanted to see Undyne lovingly worship Alphys' entire sleeping body from head to toe, sneak into her brain through her ear canal, make her dance naked to Mew Mew Kissy Cutie while fucking the Amalgamates, and even crawl into her vagina and sleep in it (among other things, obviously), then you've definitely come to the right place.
Rated: R
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Published: July 17 2016 Updated: July 17 2016
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DISCLAIMER: Undertale and all of its characters are owned by Toby Fox; this is a non-profit parody work with absolutely no intentions of infringing on his copyright.

1. Chapter 1 by xandermartin98 [Reviews - 3] (4183 words)