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Author's Chapter Notes:
It is stronly advised that you read Terra before continuing. These shorts are meant to show more about the mysterious Prince and give away some secrets to the main story.
“Are you sure there isn’t anything else that you could teach me today?” asked Exia as he watched the potion bubble before him. This week’s lesson had been on medical magic, or as Exia called it a waste of his time.

“The way things are going between your father and uncle, you just might need this one day.” replied Daedalus as the inventor continued to tinker away at the pod in front of him.

“If war did break out then wouldn’t it be better for me to learn more advanced combat magic?” The potion in front of him was now turning from a dark green to a light blue. If one had the ingredients this particular potion would take only half an hour to make. Of course Exia’s lessons were never that simple. He was given a bunch of seeds that he had to grow with magic until they reached maturity. He would then have to prepare them manually before they were suitable to be used.

“Always the impatient one,” grumbled the old man. Like most elves it was difficult to tell his age, but Exia knew that Daedalus was old enough to be his great grandfather even by elven standards.

“So are you still working on this old thing?” Exia’s potion needed to be heated for another ten minutes before the next step could take place.

“Just trying to fix a failed experiment.”

Before Exia was a rather large bronze chamber filled with a light blue liquid. On the inside of this chamber, suspended in the center was a small elf-like being. It was amazing that in a decade’s time, Daedalus was able to make a small sample of Exia’s blood and turn it into the organism in front of him. It was a two-step process before this thing was complete.

The first step was to create an artificial body that could sustain itself without magical means. The next step was to create an artificial soul that could ‘pilot’ the body. The biggest problem for Daedalus was the fact that the body matured at an extremely slow rate and had yet been able to sustain itself.

The artificial soul had a myriad of problems of its’ own. The current prototypes didn’t have a will of their own nor could they be transferred to complex organisms because of the massive amounts of magic needed to tether the body and soul. Exia’s cells were extremely concentrated with magic making him the perfect template for this homunculus. Maybe in a century or two the old man would finally find a way to create an artificial soul and complete this creation. Either way the little experiment was slightly interesting, but it wasn’t something that Exia was going to devote any time too.

The prince took one last look at the small figure in the tube before heading back to his work. Hopefully one day he would get a chance to see the little guy wake up. Until then project Icarus would remain a dream for the old man to finish.
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