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Story Notes:

Lotsa feet stuff here, maybe some vore down the line, not sure yet. Either way consider this the exact opposite of Melanie's School - all that pain centered on one person as opposed to one person dealing out the pain.

I gasp as the wind is forced out of me, a damp and mushy forceful wall pushing down on my chest, compressing my sore breasts into my body and squeezing the air out of my lungs as I'm pressed into the soggy, worn, leather floor. I can't scream, there's not enough space for a scream to come out, and... it never does anything, because there's no one to scream to. I try to open my mouth and breathe, but there's no room in my lungs for more air - all of it is smushed together. I try to muster the energy to, perhaps, lift my back but I'm met with an excessive overwhelming force that refuses to give, my body failing to even remotely budge underneath several tons of weight given from a single... toe. My vision begins to cloud, and I feel like I'm about to pass out, when suddenly the pressure stops, I watch as the entire toe that's been obstructing my view lifts slightly. I lay exasperated on the massive sole of the birkenstock, taking hurried desperate breaths as I relish the stale feet-scented air.

I regain my focus and look up at my captor, taking in the entire sight of her - starting at the dirty rope-like band tied around her ankle, to her tan leg, her crimson shorts that go under a large grey tank top with some sort of design, all leading to the face of the a girl I'd never even met before - her curly hair light brown hair tied up in a bun, with a few strands coming down her hazel eyes, and for once, and kind of unusually so, she's looking right at me. Perhaps she's still taking in the sight of a helpless girl underneath her, she'd only just shrunk me and it's pretty likely I'm the first person she's done it to, universal shrinkers like me aren't really all that common. I watch her big hovering toe intently, waiting for her to press back down on me, to enforce her will on me again. I know it's coming, and the fierce anticipation as she opens her mouth to say something, but cuts herself short and immediately drops her massive toe on to me again, cutting off my vision for the most part as it's replaced with the sticky wet surface of her toe as it rubs against my body. It loosens up a bit, brushing against me slightly, and I feel my face forcibly shoved to its side, giving me a view of her imposing second toe which pushes into me, wanting a piece of the tiny critter on its sandal.

I've been through the toe inspection phase a few times before, it's pretty common with first time shrinkers who opt to do an in shoe 'session.' What makes this weird is that she dropped me right on her sandal, first thing. She didn't even do the usual dangling me in front of her face as she inspects my helpless naked body. I was just walking in the hall and immediatly shrunk, without any warning, and before I knew it she had crouched down, picked me up, and dropped me on to her sandal. It caught me off guard, usually I kind of know who's going to shrink me just by the look in their eyes but this girl didn't catch my attention at all. Worst of all, I don't know what this girl's intentions are, most girls at least say something - they'll mock me, maybe tease me, maybe make small talk, but this girl isn't saying anything. Does she think it's too awkward to talk to me now that she's the sole source of my misery? Or is she just shy and would rather let her toes do the talking? I'm so lost in thought that the sudden force of my body to the side, towards her second toe, takes me by surprise - despite all the minute movements leading up to the push being clearly articulated, from how her second toe lifted slightly to make room for me, to the different muscle movements. I'm pushed, and I look up just in time to see both toes slam themselves on to me, each taking up half of my body. I know what this means - she's getting ready to start walking, and to no surprise at all I feel an unholy amount of pressure as both toes pushed down on me as she begins to walk, I hear the thud of her other foot impacting on the floor, and my heart drops as the entire sandal, foot, me, and all, begins to lift off the floor. I can never get used to it, and I won't ever get used to the deafining slam as the entire structure shakes, absorbing the residue of the shock mostly taken up by the sandal and, well, me, as it channels to her toes which gracefully absorb the rough blow.

I'm still plastered underneath her sweaty toes as she sits down at her class. I don't even know what class this is, all I know is that I'm missing mine just for the sake of this girl's entertainment - no doubt I'll have to make it up later. I'm silently begging this girl to just let me go, I need to get my grades up or else I'll be put on probation. But instead I'm stuck under her moist warm embrace as she casually kicks her feet a bit forward, casually pushing a bit more into me with her big toe, nudging itself close as if to invite itself even farther into my space, as if constant contact wasn't enough she just needed more from me. Maybe she doesn't even know what she's doing, maybe she forgot I'm here - though, it's kinda hard to forget, right? The thought is interrupted as she flattens her feet back on to the floor, any moment now she should pull out. I hope. I really don't know, some girls like to pull out and give me a break as they toy with the straps, some want to get the most out of my position. I just... Really hope she lets go, okay? I really just can't do this one right now, and her extremely tight push with her squishy digits so flush with my body, so intent on forcing themselves so close on to me, not letting me a single moment alone, not even letting me get any full breaths, it's... It's just...

I. Don't. Care. About this. About this girl, about her class, I don't care if she wants me for entertainment, I really need to get out of here - the issue is I really just don't know if I'm going to miss just one class or an entire period. I don't know a thing about when and where I'll be unshrunk. I'm just being 'borrowed' for an unknown amount of time, and all I have for company until I'm released is the sweaty undersides of her toes. It's so frustrating, I want control of my life, I... I just... Ugh.

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