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Author's Chapter Notes:

People asked for it, and I eventually got around to it. A sequel to my old Southern gts story. Reading it isn't required or anything, though I'd definitely suggest checking it out: http://giantessworld.net/viewstory.php?sid=5677

Anywho, expect this one to be about three chapters long. Just some short, foot-based fun. Enjoy!





“I’m headin’ out for work Jojo. You know the drill.”

Jojo nodded dismissively, raising his gaze up to his towering sister just to show he was listening. “Yep. I’ll see ya at dinner Sis.” The second he was done speaking he leaned back in the seat of his truck, relaxing with a soft exhale.

Every step his sister Daisy took was like thunder. Bare feet crashing into the floor time and time again, each time making the ground quake beneath her step. Of course after years of being at such a minuscule size Jojo didn’t so much as bat an eye. “Just be careful okay?” A line of massive toes filled the vision of his windshield. “We just replaced your truck after last time. I’d hate to accidentally step on it again.” Even magnified as it was, the concern in Daisy’s voice was audible.

“Yeah yeah. Trust me Sis, I got this.” Jojo groused.

“Sometimes I wonder.” Daisy shook her head and sighed. “Don’t get mad at me if this one ends up under my boot like the others.” She ran a hand through her blonde locks, frowning.

“It won’t, and I won’t.” Jojo rolled his eyes. It wasn’t like his trucks were particularly expensive. They were just remote control toys Daisy gave him so he could enjoy himself while she was gone. The thing probably cost less than thirty bucks when all was said and done. Nothing to really fret over.

His sister grunted like she had something to say on the matter. “I don’t have time for this. Just listen to your Big Sis for once will ya?” She checked her watch. “I gotta run. Tables don’t wait on themselves after all.” Her feet vanished from sight, booming further and further away. “Bye Jojo!”

“See ya Sis.” The young man lazily waved farewell as he watched his giant sister leave. He listened as she walked up to the door and left, even hearing the roar of her truck outside of the house. As well as the cracks of gravel as she drove off. Soon there was only silence.

One…Two…Three…Five minutes passed before he was certain she was gone. Wasting no time, Jojo quickly slid from his little truck and set out.

I need help. The shame was already settling in before he’d even done anything. The young man felt his heartrate begin to quicken and his hands grow clammy. Not from his disgust or anything of the sort, but from the sick thrill of it all. The twisted pleasure already growing inside of him.

How long had it been since he’d shrunk? Time kind of lost meaning once you were an inch tall.  Each day blended into the next with little of import happening. Daisy threw him his 18th birthday party last month so he figured it’d been about six years give or take. But those were just numbers. They held no meaning to him anymore. His birthday was just another day where his sister took care of him. Like all the days before, and all the days to come.

Yeah, no matter the day, nothing ever changed.

Except for him.

At what point did he gain these feelings? This sick perversion of his? There was many a night he asked himself the very same question. Sure, she was the only person he’d been around for all these years, but his own sister?

Of course Daisy couldn’t help that she was an absolute catch. Tall, bronzed skin and short, playful blonde hair. The sort of woman who always approached life with a wide smile and a sharp tongue. Always wearing those skinny jeans and flannel tops, never afraid to show a bit of skin if she wanted. Even as her brother, Jojo could appreciate just how utterly beautiful his sister was. On its own maybe that wasn’t so bad. Anyone could be forgiven for checking out someone like her. But it wasn’t Daisy’s beauty that drew her brother. It wasn’t her literally mountain-sized breasts, or the ass that could blot out the sun. It wasn’t even her charming face or her delightful personality. Those were all great to be sure, but Jojo’s appreciations laid with something a bit…lower.

Soon he came upon his destination, the mere sight bringing goosebumps to his skin. Large as a building and going on for well over the length of a couple football fields under his sister’s towering bed. There sat an old-fashioned thigh-length cowgirl boot. Brown and worn from countless days of use with detailed embroidery on the sides. Oh God. Just being near it was enough to fire him up. Jojo bit his lip and pressed on, towards Daisy’s discarded boot.

Even he couldn’t explain how it got to this point. When he first shrank he didn’t care for feet. Found them gross like most people. At first it was just massages. Daisy would ask him for an after school massage and he’d hesitantly do it to repay her for watching over him. They started off seldom but soon grew into a regular chore. Still harmless, and thanks to frequent exposure her feet stopped grossing him out. Really, he was just sort of apathetic about them, seeing just another chore whenever he gazed upon her massive soles. A year or two further down the line and he could at least appreciate some of the finer details of his sister’s feet. Appreciation, but never lust; never anything like this. But then…it happened.

It started off like any other day. Around dinner he and Daisy got into a bit of an argument because she wanted her daily massage and Jojo wasn’t keen on rubbing a sweaty foot. It went about as well as an argument with a woman thousands of times his size could go, ending with her rolling him around under her foot until he submitted. Jojo was no stranger to punishment, not even punishment via his sister’s feet. Heck, in hindsight he was able to freely admit he was in the wrong that day. But something was different this time. Her foot overwhelmed him, suffocated him, crushed him into its surface, and he liked it. As if a switch had been flipped and he suddenly had a penchant for feet.

Ever since then he couldn’t help but sneak looks at Daisy’s feet whenever he could. They were just so…wonderful. At first it was so subtle even he didn’t pick up on it. But before long Jojo began actively waiting for whenever his sister would ask for a massage. They were just so damned tempting to his diminutive mind. On more than one occasion he snuck a kiss or a lick with his sister being none the wiser. If it stopped there it would’ve been fine. A brother who enjoyed his daily job of helping tend to his sister’s feet. Nothing more. Of course, it didn’t end there. It all went downhill when he first found this boot.

It was just lying there beneath her bed, flat on its side with a wide chasm teasing Jojo to go within. The fresh scent of her feet wafted, enticing him with its forbidden luster. He knew his sister was going to be gone all day for work. She’d never know if he just went in for a peek right? It started off so innocently, with him entering her boot and just taking a couple small sniffs. But soon even that wasn’t enough. He needed more. His libido pushed him further, and he kept pushing it over the many weeks until he finally reached this depraved state he was in now.

Every step he took filled him with the deepest shame. This was sick. It had to be. What he needed was help. To come clean to his sister and break this unhealthy addiction while he still could. Not to walk in and do the depraved things he liked to do. Jojo told himself, like he did every time he made this journey. And like every time, once he reached the opening of the boot all those thoughts vanished, replaced with a growing lust that drew him deeper into the abyss.

The air was thick here, thick with her scent. Jojo shuddered as he breathed it in. He’d forgotten Daisy wore these boots just the other night. Her musk filled the air, stifling at Jojo’s smaller scale. His feet brought him further in, every step making the smell of sweat all the thicker and more overwhelming. Even after all this time away from her feet the boot had a humid air about it. It drove Jojo’s senses wild, and he wasn’t even halfway through his trek.

Finally, he could see it in the dim light: the insole. Black and worn from years of use, its shape had long since given way to a perfect imprint of Daisy’s foot. Jojo shuddered, stepping closer towards it. His nostrils flared, breathing in the sweat-stained air. Still warm, still fresh. Its allure drew him deeper into the darkness, where he could finally rest a hand against the insole. It promptly sank into the surface, drawing forth the remaining vestiges of sweat from the last time Daisy had worn it. Jojo licked his lips as the droplets gushed out and drizzled over his hand. He pulled it back and gave his wrist a testing lick. It was so very salty, and yet easily the best thing he had ever had the good fortune to savor.

Y’er disgusting.

The self-loathing panged at his consciousness again, twisted by his lust into the appalled tone of his sister. Jojo felt no shortage of shame in the fact that the insult only made his arousal worse. He leaned back towards the insole, face first, and licked.

Here I am, doing my best to take care a’ you and you go and get all frisky with my shoe. The hell’s wrong wit’ you boy?!

It was just so perfect. That was what Jojo wanted to say if he hadn’t already lost himself to licking his sister’s insole. The imaginary insults lashed out by his sister just fueled his fire. He started to mix in kisses, pressing his entire body against the worn wall. The insole squished against him and wrapped around his outline, relinquishing more pools of luscious sweat that dripped their way down the young man’s body. He just couldn’t help it anymore. He stepped back and ripped his clothes off as fast as he could, rushing back against the insole in the nude. Once again, fresh sweat was released in response to the insole being pressed. Jojo moaned as it coated him, unable to do anything but close his eyes and run his entire body against the surface.

Worthless. You really are a little bug, ya know that?

“I know.” He gasped back as his hips bucked against the boot’s leathery insole. He was already at the point of no return. All his senses were his sister. Her taste, her smell, her touch, her flawless beauty, even the deafening roars of her insults. In his lustful fervor Daisy had become everything. She was the perfection to his pathetic insignificance. By simply closing his eyes Jojo could see it all: his rightful place beneath her.

The mental image was crystal clear; Daisy, in all her immense power and stature. Naked, she stood over him like an impartial goddess, blue eyes boring down on him with intense mirth. He quivered before her massive toes, each drumming in front of him as if they too were judging how pathetically disgusting he was. Jojo could see himself rushing towards them, licking and kissing as best as he could only to get a disgusted shake of the head from Daisy. Her toes pulled back and flicked, sending him back what felt like hundreds of feet.

I really did love you. The fantasized version of his sister began. She gazed at her fingers with disinterest, rolling her wrist as her foot turned upwards to hover over Jojo. Large, wriggling toes teased him from above. I spent years treating you like the best damn brother in the world. Then ya had to go and do this. Daisy shook her head. You ain’t my bro. Y’er just a little ant who gets off on my feet.

Oh God, Jojo felt an intense warmth from his loins. He fell to his knees and continued to rub himself against the insole, fully lost in his twisted fantasy.

Daisy’s foot lowered, pinning him under a mountain of flesh. Jojo squirmed helplessly, still worshiping his sister’s sole like his life depended on it. Her foot held him down effortlessly and only drove home how minuscule he was. How pathetic he was. Why wouldn’t he pay tribute to such immense power?

Why’d ya do it Jojo? Daisy leaned forward and twisted her foot into the ground, eliciting pained gasps from below her sole.

“I-I love you…” He moaned and brought his hand between his legs.

The foot lifted off of him and remained hovering. Her sole was all encompassing, filling his vision. Do you love me as a sister? Or as some kind of sick goddess to worship? Jojo bit his lips, and in that hesitation Daisy’s foot crashed down upon him. The fantasy went dark.

“Both…” He fell to his knees wheezing, his release decorating only a small tidbit of the grand wall that was his sister’s insole. The young man lifted his hand and gazed upon it. It was trembling, coated in a mix of his own sexual release and his sister’s aged foot sweat. “I need help.” Jojo sighed in disgust. Even his fantasies had devolved into little more than his sister belittling him beneath her feet; constantly judging him for these depraved acts. His fantasized image of Daisy was totally right.  His own sexual fantasy criticized him for having said fantasy, and yet he got off on it. That was what made him worthless more than anything.

At the very least, with his release he’d regained his senses. Jojo looked around at the boot’s interior. With a clear head he could objectively marvel at it. Its sheer scale had turned the discarded footwear into a literal cavern that went on for hundreds of feet. In the distance he could see the bright opening to the outside world. Beside his feet were his discarded clothes. He grabbed them, quickly grimacing. In his haze he had completely soaked them in his sister’s old swear. Too sweat stained to wear, he sighed and carried them out as he walked towards the opening.


Jojo stopped dead in his tracks. That was a car door. In fact, it sounded like Daisy’s car door. But that couldn’t have been right. She was at work for at least six more hours. It must’ve been a neighbor. He shrugged and kept going.


And that sounded like the front door…and footsteps. Jojo paled.

“I’m home~”

Oh God, that was definitely Daisy’s voice across the house. Why?! Why the hell was she home now?! She’d be looking for him, if she found him here she’d…Oh no. Jojo took off running as fast as his tiny legs could take him.

Of course, as fast as he could’ve run, he was no match Daisy and her thundering steps that conquered miles in seconds. The booms of her feet were getting closer; as was Jojo to the boot’s opening. He was nearing the light, and then the booms had reached the room.

“Jojo?” The blonde looked around, curious. “Where ya at Bro? Turns out there was a mix-up and I’ll be working tomorrow. Got the day off.” She walked forward, her long, tan legs pounding into the ground as she came upon the truck she’d last saw her brother in. Exactly where she’d left it. “Jojo? You in there?” Daisy leaned down, surprised to find it was empty.

Jojo was too scared to move. He was in a boot under his sister’s bed. Naked! And his clothes were too sweat-ridden to be of any help. “Come on…Think Jojo…Think!” He murmured desperately to himself. Nervously, he peeked around the lip of the boot to gauge the situation.

Daisy was on all fours, her long legs and massive booty shorts clad rear facing her brother as she looked around for him on the floor. “Where ya at Bro? You couldn’t a’ gone far. I’ve only been gone like fifteen minutes.” She turned around, Jojo barely managing to hide in time to avoid her searching eyes.

Did he really lose himself to lust, get off on his sister’s insole, and have time to feel ashamed in the span of fifteen minutes? Pushing aside the thoughts of how impressive that kind of was, the young man took a deep breath. Maybe he could wait it out. All he’d need is to wait until his sister left the room. Then he could go out and relocate. Maybe make up a story about why he was naked. Yeah, that could work.

“Jooooojoooooo~ Come on out!” Daisy huffed and continued to crawl along the floor. Jojo retreated as she neared the bed. Massive blue eyes came into view. “Oh! There you are!” She reached below the bed with a big smile.

Shiiiiiiiit! How did she see me?! Jojo braced himself for the worst, only to be surprised as Daisy grabbed not him, but the boot itself. The leathery tunnels shifted beneath his feet, everything very suddenly turning vertical as the boot was lifted. Caught off guard, Jojo let out a surprised scream and plummeted.

“Was wonderin’ where I tossed you.” The blonde grinned as she lifted the boot out from under the bed, giving it a good shake. Then, she blinked. Was it her imagination, or did it almost sound like a scream had come from her boot? “Couldn’t be.” Daisy lowered her head towards the boot’s opening and gazed inside. It was faint, but in the dark, dank depths it looked like there was a white figure squirming against the insole. Daisy gasped.


Looking up at his sister’s face filling the boot’s opening, Jojo managed a nervous chuckle. “Hey Sis…” This was not good.

Daisy looked awe-struck. “Why’re you in my boot? And…Wait a minute….” She blinked. “Why’re you naked?!”

“Heheh…Funny ya ask…”


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