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Author's Chapter Notes:

Some stories that i have thought up in an established universe

Helen waves to the camera as she starts her show for the day. Sitting in front of her computer, she is seen wearing a simple white tank top, that shows ample cleavage, and blue short shorts.

“Welcome everyone” she proclaims as she reads and types replies from her chat box. Since starting her stream a few months back, Helen has gathered a fairly large fan following. Thousands of people tune in to her show everyday and at the moment, over a three thousand were online and watching. She promised something special today for her viewers.

Her popularity is of no surprise. At 24 years old, She is young and beautiful, is fair-skinned, and has bright blonde hair and blue eyes. Also, being an Alpha, she stands at 13’5” (412 cm), which is well above the average, and with a toned and voluptuous figure.

After greeting some of her regulars from the chat box, she starts to slowly squeeze her right breast with her left hand. Being well endowed, her hand could only hold on a portion of her breast mass. Afterwards, she stood up from her seat to give the audience a fuller view of her physique. Gliding her hands over body, she made it a point to accentuate her curves while slowly swaying in place. This went on for a few minutes to effectively tease the audience.

“I am doing something different for today” she announced. “I have someone here to join me. Come and introduce yourself to the fans” she added while looking off camera, to her left.

Nobody showed.

“I said.. why don’t you introduce yourself” Helen, still looking at that direction, repeated with a hint of impatience, hands on her hips.

Still nothing.

“He seems to be a bit shy. I don’t blame him though, it’s his first time” Helen addressed to the camera with a smile, before walking off camera to the left.

On her walk back to view, she is seen holding hands with a male Beta. The man is tiny compared to her, with an average Beta male height of 5’10” (155 cm). With both of them standing side by side, the Beta’s chest is slightly higher than the Alpha’s knee; the top of his head right in the middle of her thigh.To hold hands with Helen, the man has to lift his arm above his head.

“This is Rob” Helen cheerfully said while looking down towards him and trying to make eye contact.

Rob, however, was visibly uncomfortable with his head down and staring at his feet. Despite his current expression, he is a good-looking man with model-like features and physique. Presently, He was wearing a tank-top which, showed of his strapping upper body, and easy shorts.

“He has volunteered to play with me in front of you” Helen addressed the viewers to which, Rob quickly replied “Please, Helen, not in front of the camera”.

“No more backing out, you already agreed” answered the Alpha.

With that, Helen reached down to grab Rob’s other hand, and lifted both his arms above his head, with both his hands completely enfolded in one of her’s. Seeing the Beta try to pull away from her futilely, Helen could not help but to giggle. She held this position for a few moments, watching him struggle to move in any direction then finally, without warning and almost effortlessly, slowly lifted him up to her eye level.

Rob showed no reaction, implying that he was used to Alpha lifting him this way, and stopped trying to fight her grip; seeing that it will be long way down. Instead, he pleaded with her again.

“Helen, put me down” He repeated.

The Alpha ignored him and faced the camera.

“Look how small and light he is!” She exclaimed to the audience. “I have complete control over his body”

Helen faced back to Rob and began swinging him like a pendulum side to side, front to back. Alternatingly, the small man was twirled in a circular motion, bounced up and down and shook around. Mixing and matching the movement, the blonde Alpha continued manipulating him like this for a while; all with one hand, and with a smile on her face albeit, visibly perspiring from the effort.

Rob was helpless; his upper body completely immobile. And even though he could not reach her even if he tried, kicking her would both have no effect and would lead to her annoyance. He was getting dizzy and felt humiliated. Looking towards the computer, he could see that Helen’s viewer number was increasing by the minute; the chat box busy. He was able to read some of the viewer replies when he was not moved around too strongly.

Some read:

“This is amazing! Please continue!”

“OMG this is exactly what i was looking for”

“Oh i almost forgot” Helen suddenly blurted out while ceasing her toying of the tired Rob.
“This little fellow did not follow my instructions earlier. He did not come immediately when i called him, making me look bad in the process” she continued matter of factly while lifting the dangling Beta up to address him face to face. “You made me have to walk off camera to get you”

“Um.. Helen listen” Rob said with a concerned expression.

“That deserves a punishment wouldn't you agree?” she asked the audience inquisitively.

“Wasn’t all this punishment enough?!” he tried pointing out. However they could both see, that in the chat box, all the viewers were replying with a consensus: “Yes punish him!” All while giving their own elaborate ways of doing so.

“Spank him!” Helen read as she moved closer to the computer. “Tickle him. Squeeze him on your chest. Crush him underfoot. All seem like plausible punishments but maybe for some other time.”

Rob, in the meantime, was placed down standing on the computer chair in front of the computer, and had no clue on what she was planning.

“I have worked on quite a sweat from all this excitement” Helen said as she wipes the sweat off her face. “Well, that’s one annoying thing about being an Alpha.”

The office chair was then squared on the camera, the blonde leaned down and pressed Rob, with one hand, chest first on the leather, his head peaking up top. Without warning, Helen positioned her other arm over him and clenched the unsuspecting man’s head on her underarm.

Rob trashed about on the seat as his head was gently squeezed by the sweaty armpit; his sense of smell being overpowered by the musky scent. This went on for what felt like an eternity for him, as his face continued to be pressed on the moist, smelly and smooth prison.

After a few moments, Helen released her captive whose whole head was drenched in salty sweat. She laughed at him for a bit then, mercilessly, shifted her position and repeated the process on the other underarm.

Satisfied with her humiliating punishment, Helen could not help but burst out laughing at the now free Rob. He looked like he just had shower with all the sweat dripping off him.

“I think he has learned his lesson, don't you?” she happily asked the camera.

Chapter End Notes:

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