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A nice little hub for all my commissioned stories

Rated: R
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Published: May 14 2016 Updated: June 19 2016

1. Just Between Us by Asterisk [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstarstar (5334 words)

Man I love giving stuff silly flashy titles, but yeah. If you missed the summary this is a place for all my commissioned stories. That way instead of flooding my profile with them there's just one nice little place for me to put them. Each chapter will be a completely different story from beginning to end.


That being said, this first one was a Commission from Afroking. You can expect a lot of incestuous feet stuff here. As well as a lot of same size domination. You have been warned. Enjoy!





2. The Forgotten City by Asterisk [Reviews - 0] (3274 words)

This here Commission is all about butts. Lotsa butt stuff. Nothing too extreme, but there is a bit of farting in it. So you have been warned.





3. A Briefs Encounter by Asterisk [Reviews - 0] (5052 words)

And this one here is actually a DBZ Sizefic requested by Lassic featuring of all people Mrs. Briefs. Expect feet, breasts, and sexy times in this one.





4. Running Blind by Asterisk [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (3462 words)

This one here you can expect a bit of finger crushing, spit, and a bit of butt stuff at the end.




5. Reconnecting by Asterisk [Reviews - 1] starstarstar (3526 words)

This guy wanted inshoe. Lots and lots of inshoe and in his own words he didn't care how brutal it got. Keep that in mind.



6. The Price for Revenge by Asterisk [Reviews - 0] (4710 words)

This one is actually a sequel to another story: http://binary-prophet.deviantart.com/art/The-Catgirl-Massacre-531779725

The Commissioner wanted Holo from Spice and Wolf going on a casual crushing spree with tiny cat-girls. Expect feet, vore, and some insertion.





7. A Pet's Life by Asterisk [Reviews - 1] (2488 words)

A Commissioned Story I got from someone based on this picture they made: http://stubbornstain.deviantart.com/art/It-Wasn-t-Me-I-swear-612112659

The best way I can describe it is kind of like a slice of life story. There's not a lot of over size interactions or anything in the way of smut. Just a casual day in the life of a young boy who happens to be the pet of a gentle gts. Please enjoy






8. A Briefs Encounter: Bath Time by Asterisk [Reviews - 0] (4822 words)

This one's a sequel to another story which you can find in here. Lots of micro-sized interactions featuring feet, breasts, and a bit of butt towards the end. And it's also a DBZ story featuring Bulma's mom.






9. Solemates by Asterisk [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1899 words)

And here we have a shorter commission from someone really likes feet. Enjoy!




10. Her Little Princess by Asterisk [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (3068 words)

This one is actually a commissioned sequel to the very first "Chapter" in this bundle of stories. Didn't turn out quite as long as I'd have liked but figured it was worth posting anyway. Like the first one there's a lot of feet and same-size domination at play here. Enjoy!