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Author's Chapter Notes:

Man I love giving stuff silly flashy titles, but yeah. If you missed the summary this is a place for all my commissioned stories. That way instead of flooding my profile with them there's just one nice little place for me to put them. Each chapter will be a completely different story from beginning to end.


That being said, this first one was a Commission from Afroking. You can expect a lot of incestuous feet stuff here. As well as a lot of same size domination. You have been warned. Enjoy!





“Whew.” Tina exhaled as she returned home, dropping her book bag beside the door. Shocker, school sucked like always, not that she expected any different. All the warnings she had gotten really didn’t do it justice; high school was hell. The blonde sighed as she stepped further in. Only a few more years to go at least. Maybe college would be better. Nah, who was she kidding? Nobody gave a damn about her now. Why would they in the future?

Puberty had done the poor girl no favors. Tina was a rather tall and lanky girl complete with awkwardly proportioned limbs and the requisite teen acne. The height and reach of a young adult with none of the feminine flourish. Sure, she had some respectable curves for a fifteen-year old; but by adult standards they were still pitiful and did nothing to help her rather awkward appearance. Even her hair, as bright and blonde as can be, was restricted to a tight, boring ponytail. Granted, Tina was never exactly a looker to begin with. Blonde nerd basically summed up her whole life: quiet, socially awkward, and not much to look at.

Her parents always assured her that she’d blossom into something beautiful, but Tina sure didn’t see it. Now her sister, that was a girl who was going to grow up to be something else. The awkward girl bit her lip just thinking about it. Speaking of the girl, Tina’s eyes wandered around the house. Judging by the silence she was the only one here. Meaning her parents were still at work, and her sister was more than likely with her friends.

Oh well, that just gave her a moment to herself. Tina shrugged and ventured deeper into the house, into the living room where a cozy couch awaited her. She promptly plopped herself down and let out another deep sigh. Nothing to do now apart from wait for someone to come home. Well, that or homework. But she wasn’t really in much of a mood for that either. Man, she needed a hobby. For now though, all she had was a TV.

A good hour or so passed before the front door opened again, and with it Tina shot up to her feet. She glanced at the door, drawing in a sharp breath. Ashley, her sister.

To put it simply, Ashley was everything she wasn’t. Outgoing, cute, charming, smart. She was a sight to behold, stepping into the house in a pair of stylish ripped jeans and a black tank top. While a good couple years younger than Tina and definitely a good foot shorter, Ashley was still a pretty cute young lady. Her blonde hair was cut short with bangs dangling by her eyebrows. Given a few years she would easily grow into a beautiful woman. Right now however, she was just an unfairly cute younger sister.

“I’m home.” Ashley lazily called out as she pulled a skateboard from behind her and set it along the wall by the door. Her gaze briefly went to her older sister standing awkwardly near the couch. “Oh, hey Sis.”

Tina’s heart skipped a beat. “Hey Ashley, how was school?”

“S’alright.” She shrugged shrugged and tossed her backpack by the skateboard before walking towards Tina. “Just hung out with everyone at the skate park for a bit. What’d you do?” She was polite enough to ask, but not enough to sound like she cared.

“Oh, nothing much. Just TV.” Tina said, gesturing to the documentary playing on the flat screen.

“Again? You really gotta get some nerdy friends or something Sis. This ain’t cool.” The younger sister frowned, walking right by Tina and plopping herself where her sister was sitting previously. “At least make yourself useful if you’re gonna just sit here. My feet hurt after skating.”

“O-Of course Sis. What else is family for?”

“I dunno, food?” Ashley shrugged and kicked her shoes off, not caring where they went flying. Her bare toes wiggled in the exposed air. The young skater leaned back in the couch with her feet held out expectantly.

Without any hesitation on her part, Tina knelt down in front of her younger sister. When seated like this her face was directly in front of the awaiting soles. She drew in a sharp breath and bit her lip as her hand grabbed a foot by the heel. Tina’s eyes scanned over the familiar surface of her sister’s sole. She could feel her cheeks flush as the faintest vestiges of her foot scent wafted into her nostrils. Thank goodness Ashley wasn’t paying any attention.

With a skillful waggle of her fingers Tina pressed her thumbs against the ball of Ashley’s foot, already familiar with her sister’s favorite spots. The digits squished into the soft flesh, feeling the damp sweat that still clung to her sibling’s sole.

Like the rest of Ashley, her feet were petite yet surprisingly well kept. Each foot was no bigger than one of Tina’s hands with a set of small toes to match. They were perfectly shaped, rounded with just the right balance of soft but firm skin. They were just so…so damned enticing. Tina couldn’t help but be mesmerized by them as she worked.

How many times had she rubbed her sister’s feet like this? Honestly, she had long since lost count. At this point it was practically a daily thing; just something to be expected of her. Not like Tina was doing anything anyway. If she could be of use to her vastly superior sister, why wouldn’t she? Of course, that…wasn’t the only reason.

At some point Tina began to look at her sister in a different light. Or rather, at her feet. Maybe it was just one massage too many, or just the way they looked in her hands; but one day Tina looked at Ashley’s feet and realized they were actually rather attractive. Sadly, It only spiraled downhill from there. What at first began as her sister soon spread to others. Tina just couldn’t help herself. Her eyes would always travel down people’s legs to the pair of feet below, usually not coming back up either. At some point she had simply developed an adoration for people’s feet, and none were better than her sister’s as far as she was concerned. When she first realized it she was disgusted at herself, but now? Tina could sit there and massage these soles for hours on end.

“Ahhh~ That’s the stuff.” Ashley whispered in an elated tone. “You’re a loser sis, but you give good foot rubs.”

“I try.” Tina blushed, switching over to the other foot. Ashley was right of course. She was a loser. A shy, geeky loser whose only talent was massaging her sister’s feet. Still, if she could make her sister feel even the slightest bit better it was absolutely worth it.

Just as a lustful glaze overcame Tina’s eyes she yelped in surprise. Out of nowhere Ashley’s feet came in and pressed against her face. In that instant all her senses were assaulted. The intense smell of her sister’s feet. The feeling of damp sweat being rubbed against her face. The salty taste that teased her lips. All of it. It lasted but a second before Tina reeled back.

“Ah, sorry Sis. Stretching and I forgot you were down there.” Ashley grinned mischievously as her feet dangled around Tina’s face. “You don’t mind right?”

“O-Of course not.” The elder sister shuddered. It took all of her self-control not to stare longingly at the feet before her.

“Cool. Thanks for the foot rub by the way. They feel way better.” The younger blonde smiled and lowered a foot onto the top of her elder sister’s head, petting her as one would a dog. “Good girl.” She laughed playfully.

Tina merely blushed. “Anytime.” She rose to her feet awkwardly.

“I step on your head and you smile. Weirdo.” Ashley shook her head. “If I didn’t know better I’d think you liked it.”

Tina could feel a small panic attack setting in. “Of course not. I just like helping my sister.” She coughed. “So is there anything else you need Ashley?”

“Nah.” The younger blonde clambered up to her feet and yawned. “Think I’ll take a shower.” Without bothering to say anything else on the matter Ashley walked out of the room.

“Oh God…” Finally alone, Tina was free to rub her face. The sweat was still there. She could pull her hand back and see it on her palm. Without thinking she leaned forward with her tongue outstretched and licked her palm. The faintly salty taste made her heart pound.

Man, she needed help.



An hour passed and with it the brief moment of time Tina spent at her sister’s feet seemed like a distant memory. Already, her life went back to its usual monotony with the nerdy girl sitting back on the couch with her eyes mindlessly on the TV. Tina could hear the freshly wet footsteps of her sister as she left the shower and tried not to think twice on it. Not even a moment later she caught a touch of movement in the corner of her vision, quickly turning.

Of course it was Ashley, fresh from the shower. Her youthful form was still visibly damp, making her tank top cling to her torso. Loose gym-shorts dangled just above her knees as she walked and took a seat beside Tina. Without saying a word, she grabbed the remote and changed the channel.

“I was watching that.” Tina mumbled.

“Was.” Ashley lazily replied.

Just like that the issue was settled. Tina didn’t have the heart to say no to her perfect little sister. Especially after taking one look at her feet. They were still wet, shining with the water that clung to them. It almost looked like sweat. How would it taste she wondered? Without realizing it her mouth watered.


Tina snapped back to reality. Oh God, how long was she staring at Ashley’s feet? Now her sister was looking at her oddly. “Y-Yes Ashley?”

“Why’re you staring at my feet?”

Tina laughed nervously. “I wasn’t silly. I was just…staring at the floor.”

“Uh huh…” The younger blonde didn’t sound convinced. As if to test her, Ashley moved a foot down below. Tina’s eyes darted to it like a hawk before she could catch herself. “Neato.” She moved her foot again and watched Tina’s eyes track it.

“W-What’re you doing Ashley?” Tina could feel a flush coming to her face.

“I think the better question here is what’re you doing Sis.” Ashley’s eyes bore down on Tina. The young skater pulled back and set her feet on Tina’s lap without warning. “Do you…like my feet?”

Tina stammered her words and laughed nervously. “Y-Your feet? Of course not! What makes you say that?” Nervous sweat began to permeate her brow.

“Cause it looks like you’re about to drool all over them.” Ashley grinned. “You do don’tcha?” Her feet dug into her older sister’s lap. “That’s why you’re always rubbing ‘em. You like feet you little dweeb.”

This was Tina’s worst nightmare come true. All her words failed her as she stuttered stupidly, unable to look away from Ashley’s feet or even defend herself. “Don’t call me that…” She gulped. “So what if I do?”

“Oh my God.” Ashley reeled back with laughter. “This is great. I always knew you were a dork sis, but really? Feet?” She glanced down at her toes. “I mean; I guess they’re cute. But I’m your sister!” The mocking laughter only grew more intense. “So you like it when I do stuff like this?” Grinning, the blonde lifted a foot and smacked it against Tina’s cheek.

Tina shuddered. The only answer Ashley needed.

“This is great!” The young blonde continued to smack her foot against her sister’s cheeks. With each blow the elder sister could feel her shame growing. “So do you like getting stepped on and stuff too?”

Again, no response. Tina wrapped her arms around herself, too embarrassed to even speak. Let alone admit her sister was a hundred percent right.

Ashley laughed. “Relax! Who am I gonna tell? Not like you have any friends.” She tapped her chin for a moment. “Hmm…Tell ya what Sis. Sit on the floor.”

“…What?” Tina finally turned to face her sister.

“You heard me.” Ashley snapped her fingers impatiently. “On your knees, on the floor. Right in front of me.”

What brought this about? Tina could never live with herself if she played along with this any further; and yet…and yet, she couldn’t resist the temptation. She slid off the couch and took her spot in front of Ashley, on her knees. Her sister turned to face her, crossing her legs and swaying a foot before Tina. She could feel her younger sister’s eyes boring down her, taking in every little subtle movement she made. It was almost as though she were kneeling before a queen.

As a test Ashley flashed her sole to her sister and Tina couldn’t help but look at it. The next moment the foot pressed against Tina’s face. She yelped, muffled by the damp foot covering her mouth. Ashley’s toes wiggled against her eyes. “So you like this?” The foot pressed harder, forcing Tina to lean back.

“Oh God.” The blonde’s muffled voice cried out. Goosebumps broke out along her skin while she fought every urge to throw herself at her younger sister’s sole. The temptation was very real, and too much to bear. The secret was out anyway. One little lick couldn’t hurt…right?

At least that was what Tina thought. However, the second her tongue reached out she was met by a fierce kick. Not enough to hurt. Just enough to knock her flat on her back. “Did I say you could lick my feet?!” Ashley fumed. “God, you really are sad huh?” The blonde shook her head. Her eyes gazed upon her elder sister with mirth. Tina could feel her sister’s respect for her go down in that gaze.

Whimpering, she sat back up. “S-Sorry Ashley.”

Ashley frowned. “So…what, you wanna get stepped on? Kiss my feet? Stuff like that?”

Tina huddled into herself. “…Y-Yes…”

There was a pause. Tina managed to look up to see her sister’s face hadn’t budged. She was glaring down at her, judging her. Then before she knew it the foot swung back in her face.

“Kiss it.”

What? Tina couldn’t have heard that right.

As she hesitated the foot pressed against her face again. “I said kiss it! If you wanna be a little foot dweeb then who am I to judge? I’ll make ya happy Sis. That’s what family is for.” A wicked grin spread across Ashley’s youthful face. “So get to kissing foot perv!”

Tina’s eyes bulged, growing vacant as they stared at the foot Ashley presented. This was wrong. This had to be wrong. So why? Why did she want to do it so much? Dammit, she was the older sister here! She couldn’t let herself do this. Even someone as pathetic as her still had at least some dignity. Yet, even as these thoughts flooded her mind her body acted on its own. She leaned forward, lips pursed and reverence overcoming her visage.

Just like that she kissed her sister’s foot. There was no going back now.

Ashley howled with more laughter. “Gross! You actually did it! Haha, now lay down flat.” The blonde leaned forward with a maniacal stare. Reluctantly, Tina obeyed and the younger girl hopped to her feet. With her hands resting confidently on her hips, Ashley planted her feet on either side of her sister’s head. “Do you want me to step on you Sis?”

Oh no, was she really doing this? Dread filled Tina’s heart, but so too did titillation. Titillation that her secret desire was finally coming true. “…Yes…” She gasped. Her own admission surprised even her, but it made Ashley grin.


Time had frozen. Seconds felt like hours as one of Ashley’s feet rose up. Tina drew a sharp breath, watching as it touched down onto her stomach. This pressure, this crushing weight on her torso. This was real. Oh God, it was real. Carefully maintaining her balance, Ashley brought the other foot up and onto her sister’s chest.

“Wow…” Ashley whispered under her breath. Somehow she was now trampling her own sister. A simple look at Tina’s face showed that the nerdy girl was loving it too. She took a tentative step on her sister’s face. Tina yelped but accepted it. Even kissing the sole as it pressed against her. After all, since she was already this deep she may as well just accept her shameful fate right?

It all started off awkwardly, but Ashley slowly grew more into it. Her steps grew more confident, more balanced; and with it her punishment she delivered upon her sister intensified. Her freshly washed feet were merciless in crushing Tina’s face in. Tina often had to gasp for air whenever she could between smotherings and having her nose pinched by Ashley’s toes. Her sister was relentless.

And it was wonderful.

Much as it hurt. As disgusting as it was. As sick as it had to be to be getting off on being trampled by her own sister. Tina was elated. Happier than she had been in years. For the first time in ages, she felt at peace. Yet even that feeling brought with it a sick degree of degradation. To hell with it she figured. If her sister was kind enough to trample on her than the least she could do was be a good girl and play along.


Alas, her pure, unfiltered bliss was interrupted by the sudden sound of a camera. Tina opened her eyes and gasped. Up above Ashley was holding her phone over her head and posing. She was taking a selfie!

“Ashley please!”

“Now gotta tag it. How’s #FootSlave sound eh?” The blonde flashed a particularly bratty smile at Tina before laying her foot down over her face again. She went back to tapping away at her phone without a care.

“No! Stop!” Tine cried out against her foot.

“Excuse me?” Ashley frowned. “Who’re you to boss me around huh? I’m the one stepping on you Sis. That means I’m in charge. Know what that makes you? My little plaything.” She giggled, but that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was that she was right.

Against her sister’s foot Tina could only resign herself to her sister’s whims.

“Relax, I’m not actually posting it. I just wanted something to remember tonight by.” Ashley grinned. “From now on you’re my foot slave Sis.”




Ever since then Tina and Ashley’s relationship had changed. By day they were just sisters; but behind closed doors things were very, very different. They had already started something of a process. Tina would return fresh from school and wait in the living room. Once Ashley arrived she would take her spot on her knees in front of her sister. From there it was whatever Ashley wanted really.

If she wanted Tina to be her footstool that was what she was for the next few hours. If she wanted her sweaty feet licked, then that was what her sister did. Sometimes it was as simple as just making Tina sit there and smell her feet for hours on end. If she wanted to trample her sister, it happened; and of course she still got her daily foot massages.

Strange how such a sick thing could bring such tranquility to Tina’s life. It felt as though she had finally gained a purpose in her day to day activities. Sad as it was. But if it made Ashley happy, and if it made herself happy. Then why wouldn’t she do it? And it most certainly made Ashley happy. Over the days the younger blonde had really come into her own with her newfound role, embracing her self-proclaimed foot slave of a sister’s place beneath her. As Tina did with accepting her place under her sister’s feet.

Over a week had passed since that fateful night. Currently, Tina was waiting dutifully in their home, eyes on the screen but not really watching. Every so often she would glance at the door eagerly. It took some time, but eventually the familiar sound of footsteps came from the doorway. With it Tina shot off her feet and took her rightful place on the floor before the couch.

In stepped her little mistress, every bit as perfect as ever. Her current outfit was as lazy as it got for her. A t-shirt with a pair of sweat pants and some Uggs for her feet. Literally just random clothing plucked from her room in the morning, but to Tina she looked absolutely stunning.

“Welcome home Mistress!” She greeted Ashley with her new pet name for her.

Ashley didn’t so much as bat an eye at her. Completely silent, she walked to the couch and took her spot atop it, tossing her book bag beside her without care. She grabbed the TV remote and changed the channel before stretching a foot out for her sister.

The past week had trained Tina well enough that she instinctively knew what to do. Her hands held the heel of her sister’s shoe while the other grabbed her pant leg and skillfully rolled it up, exposing the slender leg beneath. Only then did Tina dare to slide her sister’s Ugg from her foot. She repeated the process for the other foot and looked up for an approving nod from her Mistress. Ashley did no such thing, merely pressing her foot against Tina’s face while she watched her shows.

God it turned her on how nonchalant her sister could be while dominating her. The fresh scent of Ashley’s sweaty feet violated her nostrils. Foul, and yet all too enticing. She took deep, audible breaths. “Thank you Ashley.”

That finally warranted a look from her sister, as well as a smack across the cheer with her toes. “What did you call me Slave?”

“S-Sorry Mistress!” Tina squeaked out. Her mistake. She was still getting used to this.

A mistake Ashley was more than happy to punish her for. In a surprisingly fast movement the sole crashed against her face, nearly knocking Tina back with how brutal it was. The foot was laden with sweat from a long day, and it was rubbing all of it against Tina’s face. The blonde shuddered, making no efforts to do anything but accept her punishment. In truth it hurt. It hurt a lot actually. Sometimes Tina was genuinely scared her face would be bruised whenever her Mistress got like this. The added risk of it just brought more sick thrills from her person.

Don’t let it happen again. Only people can call me that. Got it Slave?” She was answered by meek kisses along her sole. Ashley shrugged and eased her foot, still not pulling it off of Tina’s face however. “Ya know, I’ve been thinking Tina. You love my feet right?”

“More than anything.” The pathetic girl shuddered in her own little twisted bliss and proceeded to lick away at her sister’s foot.

“And God knows I love you at my feet. But you know what?” A faint smile crept onto Ashley’s petite lips. “I don’t think you’re quite pathetic enough…”

Tina tilted her head, a fresh line of saliva still connecting her to her younger sister’s foot. “Mistress…?”

“I mean don’t get me wrong. You’re pathetic. Instead of making friends you’d rather sit here and lick my feet. But I dunno…It’s just missing something, and I think I have just the thing.” The blonde began to chuckle as she reached for her backpack. Her hand delved inside, pulling out with it…A gun. But it was no gun Tina had ever seen in any show or picture. “Friend of mine recently got one of these from her parents as a birthday gift. You wanna guess what it does?”

Before Tina knew it the gun was pointed at her. “M-Mistress what’re you doing?!”

Ashley only laughed, pulling the trigger. “It shrinks things.”

It wasn’t a hard thing to grasp. But Tina’s mind was metaphorically blown as a thin ray of light escaped from the gun and enveloped her. Sure enough, the world around her was beginning to grow. No, she was the one getting smaller. Everything around her was starting to expand into the heavens, most of all her sister.

Ashley was a petite girl for her age. Not especially tall or short. As it were she was easily a full head shorter than Tina, perhaps even more. Heck, even on her knees Tina was about as tall as her on the couch. But now? Now things had changed. Her sister started to tower over her; and she only grew bigger by the second. She was helpless to do anything but stare at Ashley’s face as she grew larger and larger before her. In less than a minute she found herself on the floor before Ashley’s feet, each toe on her sister’s foot came up to her knees.

“Oh man it worked! Yes!” Ashley laughed, her voice now a magnified boom hailing from the sky. “Look at you down there! Tiny Tina, my little foot slave!” Her heels danced around the floor, each shift of her feet making the ground shake for the shrunken sister.

“A-Ashley what did you do?!” Contrary to her sister’s joy, Tina was mortified. Sure, she loved feet. But this? This was too much. “Change me back!”

“Excuse me?” The blonde leaned forward. “I don’t think so Slave. You don’t get to boss me around. I’m in charge here. Got it?” Her foot rose up, heel never even leaving the ground but still utterly dwarfing Tina. “Now you see this here foot?”

Tina nodded. Of course she could see it. It damn near filled her vision. The same tiny little foot that fit in just one of her hands. Now it completely dominated her as a monolith. A single toe could pin her down and she’d be helpless to do anything against it. To say nothing of the foot in its entirety. To be utterly frank it was terrifying, yet also so very thrilling. The same dark part of Tina that brought her into this life as a foot servant called out to her. It called out eagerly for Ashley to continue.

“I want you to get on all fours and lick it. Like the little bug that you are.” The pre-teen Mistress boomed. “Now.”

The shameless shudder Tina had brought forth a whole new cavalcade of complicated feelings. Even moreso than the night she let her younger sister trample on her. They were irrelevant however. The bottom line was her Mistress had given her an order, and she wouldn’t dare to disobey her.

She could feel the intense humiliation as she got on all fours. It was nothing new for her at this point, but with her new stature it made her feel…lesser. Like she truly was less than a human. The realization brought forth a deep pang of arousal from Tina’s loins as she crawled forward. Ashley’s foot awaited her. Looming, dripping with a long day’s worth of sweat from her humid Uggs. The familiar scent assaulted her, more powerful than ever. It wasn’t just some small whiff that permeated her nostrils. No, the scent enveloped her. Her entire person basked in her sister’s foot odor. Tina ignored it as best she could, pressing her lips against Ashley’s sole to begin her reverent licking.

Ashley simply watched with the brightest grin to ever grace her cute face. A person, her sister no less, was willingly licking away at her feet like they were nothing. If she so wanted all it would take is a slight nudge of her foot and…

“M-Mistress…? Mistress!” And just like that Ashley had her sister pinned underfoot. Were it not for the squirming she wouldn’t have even known. Tina simply vanished from sight, lost beneath the thick sole of her younger sister. Even now Tina licked. The poor girl was scared at first but all her apprehension was lost to her intense lust. Ashley didn’t even need to give any more commands. Kisses were mixed with the licks, and soon she could feel Tina’s shrunken hands trying their best to appease her smooth foot in a massage. Her reward for her endeavors was Ashley grinding her foot into the floor.

The blonde pulled her foot back, laughing at how disheveled her foot made Tina look in just the few minutes of idle crushing. “This is just perfect. You having fun too Slave?”

She was winded, but Tina managed to nod. “Yes Mistress!” And that was the truth too.

“Good girl.” Her toe came down to pet her foot toy, effectively smothering Tina even further. Ashley only eased up to clench her toes around the poor girl and squeeze her in a vice grip. “Now whaddaya say…?”

“T-Thank you…” Tina winced, feeling like her body was caving in on itself.

“Good thing that size ray makes you more durable or I’d almost feel bad. I mean, I’d consider it. If you were anything more than a bug between my toes.” Ashley turned her gaze to her Uggs, an idea quickly forming. Her foot swung over the pair and carefully held her sister over the opening before releasing her.

“Ahhh!” The shrill scream Tina had just from falling six inches into a shoe was just the icing on an already pathetic cake. Ashley’s foot swooped in on the shoe opening, blotting out the light from the outside world.

“You know how this works Slave! Lay flat on your back so I can walk all over ya!” The bratty girl giggled, to which Tina naturally complied. After all, her Mistress was someone she could never disobey.

Ashley gave her about ten seconds before sliding her foot in. An action she had done countless times, yet totally different with the knowledge that an actual, living, breathing person was inside of it. Her toes brushed against Tina’s prone form, effortlessly grinding her against the sweaty insole of the Ugg as more of Ashley’s foot came in. Hundreds of pounds of foot flesh squished against the smaller girl. There was no escape; she was simply smothered from every conceivable angle. The sweat and musk of her sister’s foot had grown inescapable.

Tina lost herself in it. It truly was everything she loved about her Mistress’s feet magnified by a thousand. She could hear herself squealing in delight. Her tongue danced around Ashley’s sole and savored every modicum of salty foot sweat she could.

Outside Ashley barely felt the worship, but she had a feeling. The blonde stood up and tapped her foot a couple times, relishing how nicely her sister squished against her sole. “Not bad at all if I do say so myself.” For fun she stomped a few times to see if Tina would stop trying to appease her. She didn’t. “You know; I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship Slave. My friend said she’ll let me borrow that size gun as much as I want. So you better get used to looking up at me.” She said at length with a chuckle.

Ashley’s gaze wandered back to the door. Particularly her skateboard. She wouldn’t be that mean to her foot slave would she? Oh who was she kidding? She was already walking towards the door. “You better not stop Tina, we got a long day ahead of us!” Maybe after she got some skating she’d grow her back until next time. Maybe. Something told Ashley that making Tina spend a night in her Uggs would be a fun idea too.

Oh well, whatever happened Tina would certainly eat it up. After all, she was her foot slave.


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