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Author's Chapter Notes:
Just a very short story from a concept that I had. It'll have one maybe two more chapters at most depending on how popular it gets.
“Say girls are better than boys!” shouted my ‘little’ step sister Brooke.


I was currently trying my best to fight off her foot as she continued to rub it into my face. She knew that there wasn’t much I could do against her because she was a woman. Thirty years ago a mysterious virus had caused a massive shift in human genetics. Men had lost the ability to build any sort of serious muscle. They could lift weights for days and yet not gain very much benefit from it. If this wasn’t enough to change the roles between men and women already then what the virus did to women definitely would. The virus had caused women all around the world to basically double in size. Whereas women would range from 5-6 feet tall thirty years ago, they now stood at 12-16 feet nowadays. The health benefits were also ridiculous because it now meant that an 80 year old woman had the same body that she did when she was in her early twenties. It had become impossible to tell a woman’s age without looking at their id.

“My friend Becky says that boys should do what we say because we are bigger!”

The smug look on her face was annoying the crap out of me, but what could I possibly do to an eight foot tall six year old. I wasn’t much older myself at only thirteen, but I knew that her reasoning was wrong. The smell of her foot was becoming unbearable so I did the only thing that I could possibly think of. I bit her toe.


My bite had done enough to allow me to escape from underneath of my step sister, but she wouldn’t be distracted long. I fled the hallway we were in, running as fast as my little legs could take me to the nearest room I could find. I could hear the loud thuds of my sister’s feet as they chased after me.

“Get back here!” shouted Brooke.

A slight ringing sound was filling my left ear, but I ignored it as I opened the closest door to me, the closet door. I was able to pull it shut and latch it just in time before I heard my sister pounding on the other side. I knew that the door wouldn’t hold long, especially since it was made before women turned into sixteen foot amazons. You would think that our babysitter would hear all of this, but she was still outside on her cell phone talking to who knows.

“Open the door or you’ll regret it!”

“I’m telling mom,” I threatened back. I was really scared now as I felt my heart beating faster with each passing second. The ringing in my left ear had now changed to become something akined to someone scratching a chalk board. Mom and Dad told me to calm down when something like this happened, but they never told me why. The sound of the door beginning to come off of the hinges brought me back to my current situation. I could feel my legs beginning to buckle underneath me, another symptom, as light from the hallway entered into the tiny space. Within seconds my sister now stood where the door use to be.

“You’re going to regret that you bit me.” I was shaking now as Brooke grabbed me roughly around the collar and hoisted me up into the air. A large hand made contact with my face causing it to explode in pain. It hurt like hell and I’m sure that Brooke didn’t recognize her own strength. She slapped me again causing tears to roll down my face.

“Say you’re sorry!” demanded Brooke as she shook me violently.

“N-n-no!” I stammered back.

I use to have a great relationship with my step sister until a few months ago. She had entered kindergarten and had come home one day with a superiority complex. After than she would bully me with her size at every chance she got. In front of our parents she was the obedient little angel, but I knew differently.

Another blow hit the side of my face causing me to whimper. I was now crying like a baby in the hands of this little girl. Before my sister could slap me again I saw the world around me fade away as the sound of a glass breaking filled my ears and the world turned dark around me.

My story didn’t end that night. Other than all of the physical changes that the virus had caused, there was one very special effect that it had on men. Whether it was a curse or a blessing was still up to debate. Some women were down right evil to the men around them, inflicting physical and mental harm at every opportunity. Law enforcement tried everything within their power to protect men, but they can’t be everywhere. In order to protect their minds, a man would ‘crack’ if put under enough pressure.

‘Cracking’ was when a man would lose all of their emotions and become a mindless puppet. They would follow any order given to them without question. If one wasn’t given an order then they would just stand in place until they collapsed from exhaustion. Recovering from a ‘crack’ was the exact same as coming out of a coma. Men would have no recollection of what happened, and most would re-crack because of the shock of how much time had passed.

Needless to say that my sister was happy as I apologized to her profusely. She took advantage of my state and made me do a lot of demeaning things until my parents got home. They couldn’t stop crying after finding me and my sister didn’t understand how serious this was until she was older. Of course my life while I was cracked is a mystery to me, but I’m sure that you all wouldn’t mind if I skipped ahead. My real life began once again the day that I woke up.

I found myself standing in the middle of a hallway that I did not recognize holding onto a broom and dustpan. There was nothing I could do as I fell to the ground, my muscles refusing to heed my commands for that instant. I just felt so weak for some reason.

“Get in here Jason.” A mysterious female voice had called me forward into what I could only guess was the kitchen. Gathering myself up I slowly walked forward, my feet dragging with each step. The window ahead of me told me that it was daytime which didn’t seem right. Wasn’t it nighttime a second ago?

I finally came to a stop in the entrance of a magnificent kitchen. My legs wanted to give way to me yet again so I leaned against the doorway for support. The source of the voice soon became apparent to me. Standing at the counter with her back turned to me was by far the prettiest girl that I had ever seen before. My eyes traced her body from the bottom of her feet to the back of her head. To call her perfect was an understatement. She was currently washing dishes humming a small tune.

The woman took a quick glance over her shoulder at me before continuing her work. “Go get a broom and dustpan.” I could feel my heart racing for the moment that I caught a glimpse of her face. Everything around me was strange, but it wasn’t so bad having a woman like this around. My throat felt a little funny but after clearing it I said the first word that came to me.


The dish that the woman was holding fell to the floor and shattered to a million pieces. I could see her trembling now and I was afraid that I had done something terribly wrong. Ever so slowly the beautiful woman turned around and looked me dead in the eye. It was difficult to look at someone so gorgeous so I naturally broke eye contact first. Out the corner of my eye I could see her hands covering her mouth.

“Jason?” she asked quietly as she took a small step towards me. I would have told her to be careful because of all the glass that was on the floor, but once again my legs gave out on me.


I wasn’t on the ground long as a pair of huge hands lifted me upwards and pressed me into the biggest chest that I had ever seen in my life. Her scent was intoxicating and if it wasn’t for the fact that I was so tired I would have probably been turned on right now. The softness and warmness of this girl reminded me of my ever growing exhaustion. I slowly began to drift off to sleep for the first time in what felt like ages. Before I was completely gone I could hear this woman whispering three words into my ear.

“I missed you.”
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