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Story Notes:

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Author's Chapter Notes:

My Next project. Because You guys read my last one so much, and I had so much positive comments and legitimately solid criticisms. Hope You guys Like this New Adventure with Two Protagonists now instead of one.

It's the summer, the first day of summer break. School has just ended, with kids and teens going to their cars and busses in the parking lot of Morrow Park High. Our cast of characters are here, with James, a freshman, going to the bus. On the opposite end of campus, we see his older sister Marissa. James is 15, his birthday is in a few days. He is a loner, not to many friends. Short blonde hair, standing no taller than 5’9, and quite skinny. His sister Marissa is quite different however, with black hair, and shimmering blue eyes. She is 17, and gorgeous. She is a Senior, and today was her last day of High School. A few weeks from now, she will be going off to College, ready to face new adventures, and play Division 1 Soccer at Her dream school.

Across town the mother of the teens, Alexa, awaits. She sits with two envelopes addressed to her, with James and Marissas names on them. And here we have the true start to our story. James, dreading his arrival home, Marissa, excited that in two weeks time she will be off on her own, and Alexa, waiting for her children to come home. Some with better terms than others. Let's see how this adventure unfolds.

Marissa is home first, pulling her car up parallel to mine. She has a massive smile on her face, her hair tied back with a ponytail, her eyes hidden behind her sunglasses.

“Hey Mom!”

“Hi sweetheart. How was your last day?”

“It was great. Kinda sad, but hey, it's alright. What’s that?”

“Report cards. Oh and your plane ticket came in. Your flight to California is on the 14th at 9:00”

“Great! So what did I get?”

“Let's see.” I start to open it. And I see just one letter all over the whole thing. A. History, Math, Science, Gym, Spanish and Gym; A. Everything except English, which was an A+.

“Very Good Marissa. 4.3 GPA. You did it.” I lean in and hug her. So proud as a parent, I just hope James does better than I am expecting. That shouldn’t be too hard right?

“Hey, I’m going out with the team for dinner at Mandy's house. It's like a senior sendoff.”

“Ok Honey. Be safe.”

“Oh, and If I sleep over, would you be ok with that?”

“Yeah If it gets too late. Go have fun honey. You earned it.”

“Love You mom. Tell James I said Hi.” And out she went. Backing out, and around the corner. And passing by her, The bus carrying James. Oh boy.

James has almost always been a bit of a troublesome kid. A bit of a goof and a real outsider, he has very rarely had friends. Thats something hard on a mother; to see their kid not have friends. What makes it worse is he tries. He likes to play pranks, especially on Marissa and myself; putting a tack in our shoes, itching powder in our makeup. Mixing the landry on purpose, ruining our clothes. I don’t know how I will handle him without his sister. Who always laughed at him when he did his pranks. When James ruined her clothes in the wash, she would laugh and put the clothes on.

“Thanks James, I like my new shirt!” She would often say. I however was quite upset when he ruined my favorite shirts.

He walks in, and runs right up to his room. I guess he doesn't want to know what he got. I open up and look. What I see doesn't meet my expectations. It blows them out of the water… With how poor they are. All F. And his comments are awful. English- A problem and disruption in class. Math- Lack of homework. History- Failed all tests. This is bad. This is awful. What Am I going to do with him? He refuses to go to tutoring. And any he does, they don't want to work with him. I place my hands on my temples and massage them.

I go up to talk to James.

“Hey Honey. Can we talk about your grades?”

“What about them?”

“Baby, frankly they're awful. You didn't pass any classes, the letter here says…”

“Who gives a shit about what the school says?”

“James you need to do well. Don't you want to go to college someday?”

“No. Not at all.”


“Because. I hate school. I want to work outside.”

“But you need to go to school James. They wont hire a dropout.”

“They hired dad.”

“Yeah, and dad left. James, you don’t want to work all day for you whole life. That’s not what he would want, and that’s not what I want for you.”

“Yeah, but I hate school mom. In class, I can't sit and concentrate. I don’t know how. When I try, I get all confused. But When we do interesting stuff, I like it. And when we have projects, I can get up, and It’s really easy for me to talk.” I see he is starting to well up. To be fair, Every Time James needed help, he always went out and looked for help. His sister, me. He stayed after with tutors and classmates. He was trying very hard. “I just want to be myself. Nobody accepts me wherever I go. Whatever I try. Nobody.”

“Honey. I think you might need to go to summer school. I’ll set up an appointment tomorrow. You might need to take Some medicine that will help you study and pay attention. It’s alright honey. Everything is going to work out.”

I leave and take a seat in the living room. I turn on the television. I hope james is alright.


Mom leaves, And I feel awful. I pick up the report card that she left me. I take a look. And everything is awful. I hate this. I sit down and try to calm down. After a minute I get up. It’s summer, I need to calm down and chill out. Like Mom said, everything will work out. I pick up my Ant-Man comic for the month. And it’s pretty good. In this one, Ant-Man begins to work for the Federal government, and they have him start to work on a heist. Man that’s what I’d like to do. Do some real good.

I pull my phone out and call up Marissa. She denies the call, but shoots me a text.

“Hey what’s up? How were those grades?”

“Not good. F all around.”

“Thats no good :/”

“Mom wants to send me to summer school.”

“You should probably go. Even if you don’t want to go to college James, you should get your diploma.”

“Your right. I just hate school Marissa. Nobody likes me, and I try to be nice and friendly to everyone.”

“It’s alright James. Hey, what say you come over. The girls and I would really like one of your comedy shows.”

“I don't feel really up to It Marissa.”

“Please? I leave in two weeks, And I won't see you for a long LONG time after this.”

“Ehh… You have anything else to convince me?”

“You’re telling me you don’t want to spend the night with a houseful of beautiful girls? Some of whom I know you may or may not have a crush on, and (I won't say whom) may have a crush on you? Your loss.”

I smile. I know she is trying to cheer me up. I also know she is kidding when she says some of the girls have a crush on me. Most girls don’t like to talk to me. Everything likes to laugh at my jokes in school, but never talk to me. It sucks, but what can I do. This last April, I took part in the talent show. I was doing good, everyone in the crowd was laughing. But someone threw a tomato at me. No Really. I slowed down and took it in stride, but after that, nobody is laughing at my jokes anymore, but now at me. I lost. Some girl did some circus tricks, and they picked her.

“I’ll be there in a little.” I get my shoes on, and go downstairs.

“Hey mom, I’m going to Mandy’s house. They invited me over. Ok.?”

“Yeah honey. Stay safe please ok?”

“Yeah mom. I will.”

“Ok. Have fun.”

“I will.” And off I go.

Chapter End Notes:

YAY! New Story! Goal on this one is 20+ chapters. I know this chapter doesn't say much, but setting the table is an important thing. James will shrink soon (Yeah. Fun Fact, i'm not a fan of Giant men, nor shrinking women.) Leave comments, criticisms, ideas, concerns, all that stuff in the reviews. I'll be happy to reply as always. Have a Great Day!

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