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Story Notes:
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Author's Chapter Notes:

I had a dream the other day. This is roughly it. I have no character description because I dont remeber, and this is just... sorta here... Sorry if this sint as good as my other story. But I'm working on that! This is just here because I wanted to put it out there. So read and enjoy. 

That dream. I had it again. So Small. Everything around me, so large and big. Dark, I can’t see. Then the light floods in from the top. A face obscured by darkness.

“Oh My; look how small you are!” I never get past that. Each time I wake up. I sit up in a sweat, panting. From downstairs I hear my mother call me.

“Wake up Joe. Today’s the day. You have two big interviews today. You need to get going.” My mom Alyssa. A nice woman by all accounts. A forty something with a kid. I get up and get ready like she says. I don't know why she’s bugging me, these aren't even that big either, the Dinner and the hardware store. I want to do so much more, but I don’t know how, or even what. Whatever, no time to really think about that.

Going Downstairs, my mom is reading a magazine with her feet up on her favorite chair. It’s the first week of Summer Vacation, so she is enjoying herself.

“Good luck honey. Hope everything goes well today.”

“Thanks Mom.” I grab my keys and run out the door.


Joe run’s out of the door. I sigh softly to myself. That damn kid. 19, no job, no college, nothing. I don’t know where I went wrong. He was a good kid, and had good grades, he played sports, but when it came time to go to school, he didn’t pick. He just stayed home. I thought he’d get a job, but that never materialized. For a year now, he has done absolutely nothing. I Just want him to do something, anything.

Summer used to be great. But now not so much. I used to go on vacation, me, Joe and his father. But when he passed, and now Joe is like a leaf in the wind. It’s not as fun.

To break my sadness, I get a call. I see on the ID it’s my best friend Mary. Mary and I have been friends for over ten years now. She and I are neighbors in school, I teach english, she teaches math.

“Hey Al, what’s up?”

“Oh not much Mary. Joe just left for his job interviews.”

“Oh I hope he gets it. Boy needs something to do.”

“He really does.”

“Something sounds up. You ok?”

“It’s nothing. I just… It’s Joe. I feel like he’s going to come back tonight, without having done a thing, those places won't accept him. And he’ll just… I don't know. I want him to have a future.”

“You sound like you want a drink tonight.”

“Oh God yes.”

“How’s tonight sound. I need one too.”

“That actually sounds alright. What time?”

“Hmm… Maybe 7:30.”

“Ok. I’ll grab some wine.”

“Sounds great.”

And we just talk for a while. When she say’s goodbye, I feel better. But I still wish Joe the best of luck. I look at the clock, and he should be coming back soonish. Those interviews couldn't have taken that long right?


As I turn my car off, It’s 4:00. And I do not want to face my mother.

“You have nothing on this resume that would ever want to make us hire you. I’m sorry.” The Diner guy said.

“Sorry Son, nothing’s open.” from the hardware store. I almost don’t want to go inside. I hate my life. I don't know what’s wrong with me. I am nowhere. No friends, they all went away to school, no relationships, none of the girls back in school were interested in me. No school, no work. I wish I was dead.

I get inside, and Mom is smiling, my guilt grows.

“How was it.”

“Bad. Nobody is hiring.”

“Aww, I’m sorry baby.”

I go upstairs, and shut my door. I can't stand to face my mom right now.


At 7:30, I knock on Mary’s door. She is looking somewhat glum. I get in quick, we pour ourselves some wine and go out back.

“He didn’t get anything. I can’t belive him.”

“It’s tough out there Alyssa.”

“I know. But he does nothing all day. He came back, told me nothing happened, and went to his room. And he has not come out since. That was at 4.”


“I don’t know what to do with him.”

“Well maybe I do.” Alyssa looks at me questioningly.

“You know my husband left me last year. Piece of shit right.”

“Yeah. And then like a day later, there was a missing person alert for him.”

“And he hasn’t been found since then right?”


“Well, what would you say if I told you, I maybe sort of had something to do with that.” I start to grin. Ally however starts to look worried.

“I would say maybe we should tell the police. What did you do to him?”

I pull out a small vile. “This here is what I did to him.”

“Wow. You made him a bottle haha!”

“I wish. No. Here, Let me show you.” We get up and go to Jon’s car. I place three drops on it, and in a moment, it shrinks, to the size of a toy car. I look to see Ally's face. And it is priceless.

“I have had way too much wine.” She said.

“Go on. See for yourself.” She goes up to it and picks it up.

“This is crazy. What is that stuff?”

“This is a family recipe. My great great great grandmother made this. And as you see, it shrinks people.”

“Why do you have it?”

“It's Jon.”

“You would shrink him?”

“No, of course. Unless you want me to.”

And Alyssa thinks. We walk back inside and we sit. We have only had a glass, and we have done this for almost ten years. She isn't drunk, not even close. And neither am I. She said she wanted Jon to have a future. Jon doesn't have a job. So this is a way to give him one.

“What would we do with him?”

“Well, the idea I have is we shrink him, and we share him. Do what we want with him.”

“I mean if we shrink him, I couldn’t look at him.”

“What do you mean?”

“Mary. What did you do to your husband?”

“I ate him.”

“You would kill him?”

“No! Before my grandmother passed away, she told me, there is one trick. If you want the shrunken to live, through anything; You need to have the mother kiss him.”

“What would you do to him?”

“Not really sure. Just play around with him, have some fun with him ya know?”

Alyssa thinks for a while. She leaves the room. When she comes back she has a smile.

“You know what. I think it’s a good idea.”

“Really? You know when we do this, we cant undo it right?”

“Yes. I have to face it. Jon is going nowhere. No job, no relationship. Nothing.”

“You know, I have an idea. When We shink him, Im going to make him date my toes.” I start to smile, and now Alyssa does too.

“Yeah! Oh I know, and his job will be a foot massager!”

“Are you sure you wouldn’t want to see him anymore?”

“No. I’ve changed my mind. We can share him.” And she starts to walk to Jon’s room. “Come on, let’s do this.” I get up, and follow my friend so we can make her son our foot toy.


I wake up. I have no idea where I am. Nothing feels right. I can’t see. No window, my clock is gone. What is this? Where am I?

As if to answer, Light floods in. I look up. And I see it. My nightmare. A giant person. But now, I see the face. It’s Mary, my mom’s friend. She is looking down on me and smiling.

“Oh My; Look how small you are!” I wait to wake up. Nothing. No way. This can't be real.

I hear feel the ground begin to shake. I fall down. I notice here that I am nude. Looking up Mary is smiling, beaming. She can barely contain herself. I look to see where the thunder is coming from. And I can;t belive it. This is my mother. She sits, and hands Mary a glass of wine.

“Hey Jon. So listen, your preformance since you graduated last year has been.. How to say... “

“Awful.” Said Mary finishing the sentence. “So, we decided to give you a future. You now have a job.”

“But you might not like it to much. See sometimes, my feet hurt after a long day.” Says my mother.

“And I like having a little massage once in awhile.”

“So you’ll be a foot toy now for me and Mary.”

I look up in distress. I fall and begin to cry. This can’t be real.

“Oh look Mary he’s sad.”

“Aww, how about we give him some comfort? He can pick his new girlfriend.”

“Good idea.”

Looking up, I see both of their feet facing me. All twenty toes. They are blank. WHat do they mean? I try to ask. But nothing happens. WHAT?

“Oh, look, he wants to say something!”

“To bad. No more protests for you little guy. We don't want to hear anything from you. Now go on, pick a toe from Alyssa, and from me. This will be your new girlfriend.” From Mary.

“Kiss the one you want. Chop Chop, you have much to do, for the night is young.” From my mother.

I walk up and kiss Marys big right toe, and my mom’s big left one. They smile and start to laugh. I want to cry, but I can't. This is wrong. All of this. Why is this happening. Why me?

“Ok Jon. Now, time to get to work.” My mom picks up a large red and blue jar. They are placed in front of me. They are about as large as I am. Nail Polish.

“We want our nails painted. Red blue starting from my right pinky toe, all the way, alternating as you go.” From Alyssa. This woman can't be my mom.

“I advise you not to mess up. For every toe you screw up, that will be how many days you have to go in our gym shoes. And believe me, They will stink.Worse than anything you can imagine.” From Mary. I walk over and start. I can't fight them like this. From above I hear them laugh, talk, watch television. I Work and work without mistake. As I get to my mom’s foot, she picks me up. I come face to face close to her. Her lips take up my whole field of view.

“You know what Mary. This is going to be great. I love this. You're ours now Jon. Forever.” She kisses me, and I feel my body tighten. Strengthen. I don’t understand.

“Oh good Alyssa. Guess what Jon. Your invincible now. You will never die.EVER. Old age, pain, starvation, thirst, asphyxiation. Never. Go on Mary, try it.”

My mother drops me, and I fall. WHen I hit the ground, I have no clue what Mary meant by I won't die. My back has to be broken from this high. But to my horror, my back is fine. I can stand. Looking up I see my mother's colossal foot coming down upon me. I am entranced. Mary is crazy, this has to kill me.

But again, no. Mary is not crazy. It hurts, but I am not dead. This is not a nightmare, this is a terror. My life is terror.

“You know what Mary, this worked out really well. I think Jon has a Nice New Job. At our feet. Come here slave.” She picks me up and puts me back to work. I am doomed.
Chapter End Notes:

Its sooooooo bad. Im sorry. Hope you liked it.

Hey dont pick up those pitchforks. And is that a torch?

Im really sorry. hoped you liked it. If you did, thanks; but maybe get some help because this is trash.

Have a good one!

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