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A short story inspired by http://boomgts.deviantart.com/art/Lost-In-the-Big-City-594376113
David had just landed the promotion that he had always dreamed of. Having finished his degree in civil engineering a year ago, David had landed a job as an adviser for Boom industries. After submitting numerous plans and drawings the higher ups decided to make him the lead designer for their new headquarters. David pulled out his cellphone and decided to make this night special. David scrolled through the numbers until he found the one he wanted.

David: Hey babe, do you have plains tonight?

Kim: Not really, just finished shopping

David: Just got that big promotion, let’s celebrate

Kim: That’s great, what do you have planned?

David: I want a big knight on the town

Kim: Awesome, I just got the perfect dress today.

David couldn’t have been happier with his life right now. He had the perfect job, the perfect apartment, and most important of all, the perfect girlfriend. He had met Kim a month ago at a coffee shop and had been in love ever since.

Kim was a drop dead gorgeous Asian girl with short hair. She stood a foot shorter than David at five feet even, but her height was the only thing small about her. Kim had the perfect hip to waist ratio with a rear end that could stop traffic. Kim also had the biggest boobs that David had seen on any Asian girl.

Kim: So where are we going to meet?

David: A round 7 at my workplace, building size. Also were those high hills I love so much.

Kim: Are you sure, don’t you think that I’ll be too tall?

David: Don’t worry short stuff, you’ll still be looking up to me.

Kim: Haha, very funny. I could always show up bigger

David just laughed at the idea of Kim showing up with stills on. The thought of tonight’s date was still in David’s mind as he began to get ready.

Just a couple minutes till seven and the wait was starting to get to David. Searching through his text messages from earlier he couldn’t help but laugh at all of the spelling mistakes. Luckily Kim knew what he was trying to say despite his phone’s autocorrect trying to mess it up otherwise. Several strangers gave him looks as he continued to wait. It was just odd to see a man about to go on a date standing at a construction site.

Another few minutes had passed as David began to get worried. Usually Kim wasn’t late for anything. He was about to pull out his phone and text her until something caught his attention. The ground underneath him began to shake lightly underneath him in rhythm. David wasn’t the only one who noticed the tremors at they continue to get stronger with each passing second. David was beginning to get worried until his phone began to vibrate.

Kim: rounding the corner now, see you in a bit

David watched as a giant foot clad with a high heel came around a corner, followed by another. Slowly looking upward, David found Kim walking towards him while being careful not to step on any cars or pedestrians as she went. True to her word, Kim was wearing a sexy grey dress with a light blue strip going down the center. It did the perfect job of emphasizing her curves. The only problem that David found was that his once short girlfriend was now heads and shoulders taller than the twelve story building around her.

A giant high heel landed on either side of David as Kim finally came to a stop. Kim looked around and began to tap her heel. David couldn’t do anything but stare upwards at the giant busty Asian girl above him.

“Where in the world is he?”

Kim pulled out a giant cellphone from inside her cleavage and began texting furiously. A second later David felt his pocket vibrate.

Kim: Where are you, people are starting to stare.

David: Below you

It was crude, but it did the job. Kim looked down surprised, but she soon became upset.

“Why are you still tiny?” asked Kim as she bent over to get a better look at David.

“What do you mean still tiny, you’re huge!”

“You’re the one who said building size. Don’t tell me that you can’t grow.” A small grin began to spread across Kim’s face. A giant finger began patting David’s head.

“Of course not, no one can!”

“Except for little old me.”

“That’s beside the point, can you turn back to normal?”

Kim stood back up and placed a hand on her hip as she began to think. “Alright, it would have been impossible to do anything with you at that size.”

A look of relief spread across David’s face as Kim began to shrink down in front of him. The once gigantic woman was only fifty feet tall and still getting smaller. Kim finally came to a stop once she was the perfect size.

“Ah, there we go.” said Kim as she stretched her arms above her head.

“Um, Kim?”

“Yes sweety.” asked Kim

“You’re still a little big.” This wasn’t an understatement on David’s behalf. Kim may have shrunken down, but she was still taller than any person that David had ever seen. Even on his tip toes, the top of David’s head would have been half a foot below the bottom of Kim’s breasts.

“Really, I think that this is the perfect size. Since you know about my secret, there is no more need to hide it.” David couldn’t do anything as Kim grabbed a hold of his hand gently and began to lead him downtown.
Chapter End Notes:
Yeah, just saw that render and I couldn't help myself.
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