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My first day on Earth was the best I'd ever had, and I've lived ten times longer than any human could. Stepping out of my ship to meet my husband to be, I knew, I finally had exactly what I wanted.

I stepped onto the soft grass of his backyard and took my little veteran in my, to him, enormous arms for the first time.

"I'm so happy to finally be with you, Justin."

His response was muffled by my breasts, which squeezed gently around his face as I embraced him tightly. The way his body fit against mine, the excitement shuddering through him; his love for me was obvious.

"I have something for you."

I brought our rings out from my skirt pocket and showed him. As he realized what was happening, I took his little hand in both of mine.

"Let's get married, right now!"

He laughed and nodded, feeling every perfect wavelength I was. I slipped the smaller ring onto his finger and the intelligent alloy from my planet reshaped it to fit perfectly on his tiny human digit.

"This ring will protect you from anything, and it'll allow me to know where you are, always."

I gave him the other ring, and he reached for my hand. I smiled and shook my head gently, pointing down."

"This one goes on my toe, dear. It'll make me indestructible."

He blushed, adorably, and knelt before me. I lifted my foot and watched as he carefully slid the ring onto one of my left toes. I cooed, as he then gently kissed the top of my foot.

"What a charmer my little hubby is!" I scooped him up into my arms and kissed him passionately. Even his tongue was so puny compared to mine, and I couldn't wait to show him how much bigger I could become.

"Justin, I'm hungry, love. How about you get your new wife some dinner?"

I knew exactly what human food would do to my form. Justin knew as well. I followed him inside, my red hair brushing against the ceiling of his little kitchen, giggling with excitement. He eagerly gathered every bit of food from his refrigeration unit and pantry and laid it out on the dining room table for me.

"Stand back now, sweetie," I chided as I opened the top of the container to some opaque white liquid. It spilled creamily down my throat as I emptied it, and I felt my breasts burst right through my shirt before the rest of my clothes shredded from my expansion and fell away.

My groom stared in awe as I winked at him and swatted the remains of my clothes out of the way in favor of more sustenance.  

As I  gulped down multiple bags of frozen vegetables, I pulled Justin to my body and held him in place as I grew.

"Do you feel my body expanding? Can you feel my power growing, love?" I asked as I felt him trembling against me, smaller and smaller, as I stooped further and began filling his house.

I released him and was on my hands and knees as I shoveled the remains of his food supplies into my ever-widening mouth.

It seems I underestimated the potency of human food, because I began growing faster than I was prepared for. My body blossomed upwards rapidly, and I felt the ceiling cracking against my enormous buttocks within seconds.

As amazing as it felt to be effortlessly destroying this structure, I knew it might become quickly too dangerous for my love.

Instinctively, I grabbed Justin in one hand and pushed him to my breasts with the other. Crouched over him, I protected his tiny body as the house began collapsing and tumbling apart around my growing form.

"Alright down there, li'l hubby?"

I lifted him up and placed him safely on the grass in his back yard before I carefully stood up out of the rubble. Feeling the remains of his house bounce and topple helplessly down my body, seeing the world bow down into view as I stood, I'd never felt so powerful. I was instantly addicted. I needed more.

It was then that I stepped out onto the street and saw more clearly the terrified faces of the neighborhood onlookers. Though, people further away were beginning to notice as well.

"Stay there, Justin. It's time for me to introduce myself to the neighbors."

I blew my dearest a kiss and pulled up his mailbox to devour it.  Substances like metal and wood stood little chance against my superior mouth and teeth in the first place. At fifty feet tall, it was like eating a candy bar.

I surged upward, and grabbed a young tree to uproot on my way, and gobbled it down. I never wanted to stop growing. Considering the plethora of humans and their cumbersome infrastructure at my disposal, I realized I might never have to.

"Mmm, what a nutritious neighborhood my darling has.."

I turned around to scoop up two awed and gawking dog walkers. (Trying saying that five times fast.)

"Greetings, folks. Just getting to know the area."

Their startled cries were annoying, and thus were instantly doused as I sent one thrashing down my throat, then the other before I even had the legs of the first one fully in my lips. Their doggies scurried away.

Pleasure surged through me as I shot up another several feet. I snatched up a motorcycle and gulped it down rapidly.  I craved more, more matter to convert into height, I needed everything I could get my hands on.

A couple of proselytizers were hidden behind a garden fence, hoping to elude me no doubt. I laughed and grabbed them both before they could run.

"I'm the only deity you need to worry about now, little humans."

They had only a few seconds to try pleading for their pathetic little lives before I swallowed them down. I was nearing a hundred feet now, and there was so much more to be devoured.

I began grabbing up fistfuls of houses. There were people cowering in many of them, much to my amusement. Did they think they could escape me? How cute.

"Sorry to intrude on your evening, little ones. Don't worry, you'll be getting plenty of privacy where you're going."

I scarfed them all down, along with their furniture and belongings. I scooped up every car along the street and began popping them into my mouth like small candies. All the while, I was growing, and the concrete beneath me was cracking and breaking. Nothing could sound sweeter.

I began wandering idly through the neighborhoods. Every house whose design I found appealing, every car in a color I liked, every cute gazebo and guest house, I plucked from the shrinking Earth and sent tumbling down my throat.

The growing continued. At five hundred feet tall, I stopped to admire myself, running my hands across my house-sized breasts and moaning.

"My, my.. This human food goes straight to my, well, everything.. I see you little guys watching from your houses, don't think I don't know what some of you are doing.."

As I turned, gazing lovingly at my massive arms and hands, I spotted them. Within what was now my walking distance lay the city, with skyscrapers nearing three times my current height.

"Now that just won't do."

How dare anything be taller than me?

I immediately made my way towards the downtown area. Cars, houses, people, everything was crushed beneath my feet as I forged my path of destruction towards the domination of this planet.

"Get ready, big city. You're about to make me one happy goddess."

My bare feet were soaking from the dozens of fire hydrants I was destroying in my idle strides. It felt lovely, like walking through sprinklers in the summertime.

Standing between me and the skyscrapers, as I reached the downtown area, was a raised road bringing the interstate over the city streets.

"How convenient," I mused aloud as I broke off a section of the road and lifted it to my mouth. "Fast food." I tipped the slab of cement and sighed in pleasure as countless helpless citizens and their automobiles went tumbling down my throat.

I felt the expanding sensation again throughout my entire body, the rush of power coursing through my veins. I continued to grow.

By the time I reached my first building, I was already surging up to overtake it in height. Laughing, I turned my body, shoulders back, to swing my massive breasts into the side of the structure.

Glass, metal, office workers and supplies went flying. I swiped my hand through the debris like playing a game of jacks, and captured several workers, two desks, and a photo copier.

"How's the rat race going, dears? Guess what? I just won."

I gobbled them down and watched with glee as I soared above the building I'd attacked.

"That's right. There's certainly not enough room in this city for more than one titanic being, and I'm going to make sure that's emphasized."

With both arms, I tore away the top of the building and held it above my head to allow the rubble and panicked, tumbling victims to fall straight into my mouth. I swallowed greedily, drinking in their mass, rapidly digesting it all as I grew and grew.

When the top of the building was the size of a cheeseburger to me, I held it as such and took my time taking mammoth bites.

There was a loud sound suddenly. Word of my power had gotten out, it seems. All around me, the city panicked and attempted to flee to the sound of their emergency sirens.

"How pointless. There's nowhere for any of you to run," I laughed and tossed the final bite of the skyscraper into my mouth like a grape before rising even taller.

"Go ahead, sound your sirens. Just who do you think could defeat me now?"

As if on cue, the blast of a military grade missile rang through the air and I felt what could've been a bee stinging my backside. Indignation filled me. I turned and spotted the little toy tanks in the street.

"Ridiculous bugs. Time to get squashed."

I must have been over a thousand feet tall then. My soles, larger than train cars, crashed down on the incoming military forces and ground their annoying artillery into the street.

More were coming, and the irritating buzz of helicopters was becoming audible. I rolled my eyes.

"Really now?" I slapped at the air, swatting several of them out of the sky like flies "Is this the best this planet's got to offer? Pitiful."

Their pathetic efforts continued in the forms of missiles and bullets. Jets began to whiz by overhead.

I sighed.

"Looks like I'll just have to be the bigger person here."

There was plenty more city left to fuel my growth. I ripped up a parking garage and gulped down every level, chewing up the cars and their frightened little owners.

The larger I grew, the less I felt those pesky projectiles. They were still firing away, but my skin was just too thick.

"What a waste of effort, and absolutely no way to welcome your new queen. That's right, Earthlings! No need to take me to your leader, I'm claiming the job for myself."

I crouched and dug my fingertips into the ground to scoop up a dozen or so city blocks. I'd grown so huge, it was like lifting a pizza box.

Bringing the handfuls of neighborhoods to my face, I watched with amusement as the teeny little humans went fleeing in all directions. Cars drove off of the edges and fell onto my hands and chest. I giggled as they bounced down my body.

"Your queen appreciates your sacrifice, loves. You'll all be absorbed into my awesome form. I'm going to be the biggest thing your planet has ever seen."

Crunching into the mass of land was as easy as biting into a cookie, but so much more satisfying. I continued to swell as I ate, and I wondered if my dear Justin could even make out the body of his wife by now. How long until my body was the very sky to these tiny creatures?

I pried up the rest of the city and wolfed it down, greedy for more height. The feeling was total addiction; the world shrinking beneath my feet and churning away in my stomach, the amazing rush of power with every foot gained, and the knowledge that my sweet little husband was safely watching me in total adoration.

"What a lucky lady I am.." I moaned as I knelt, still swelling to more greatness, over the spread of unsuspecting counties beneath me.

Thinking about my love watching me, I decided to put on a show. I must've been a thousand miles tall then, give or take, spreading my miles and miles of goddess vagina above the helpless cities. My juices were already flowing, dripping out of me to crash like viscous meteors on the states below.

I was moaning, somehow incredibly satisfied yet insatiable at once. My mind was racing. As I slipped my fingers in and out of my monumental pussy, I looked down and could barely make out the weaker buildings crumbling from the quakes my masturbation was causing.

I was delighted.

I stuffed another handful of the planet into my mouth and chewed furiously as I worked myself into a frenzy. My fluids were drowning people by the thousands, gushing mercilessly through their little streets, engulfing their towns, claiming their lives for the sake of my pleasure.

It wasn't long before I came so hard I felt myself ejaculate a spray of hot cum across half the country. I was nearing two thousand miles in height, and finally beginning to tire.

With a contented sigh, I lay down across the continent and slipped my lower body into the ocean to relax. I lay on my stomach and giggled as I swirled my fingertip through my colossal lake of cum, stirring up the cities and populace stuck inside. I could feel the remaining survivors struggle their last against my fingertip, just barely.

"Take a good look, everyone. Your alien queen has claimed her place, and I'm not going anywhere."

My earthling husband and his beautiful little planet were marked as mine forever now. I absolutely couldn't be happier.  

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