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The goddess Nike was walking down the sidewalk fuming over the current turn of events. The god of war Ares had just defeated her, the goddess of victory, in a wrestling match. Nike was satisfied placing her loss because Ares was a ‘major’ god, but Ares had to rub it in even further. The sexist pig claimed that it was because he was a man and that men were superior in every way to women. This caused Nike to storm out of Mount Olympus and land in some random city in the US.

“I’ll show that pig what women can do!” grumbled Nike from clinched teeth.

Taking a quick left, the goddess walked through the closed doors of an apartment complex where the spirit of competition was strongest. The mortals that Nike passed could not see her, unless she wanted them too, but the feeling of adrenaline added a little kick to their step. Walking through a wall to her right Nike found herself looking down upon a couple setting up a game of chess. The aura of ferociousness was coming from the man, no doubt Ares’ work, but he did not stand a chance with the goddess of victory present.

“Alright the rules are simple,” said Mark as he finished setting up the board, “we have only five minutes each to play a game of chess, plus an additional three seconds per move. If you run out of time then you lose.”

“I know how to play chess, I’ve been practicing all week to kick your ass!” said Stacy as she looked down upon the board not knowing that a goddess was sitting right beside her.

“Just remember our deal, the loser has to do whatever the winner says.” Mark calmly grabbed ahold of his pawn and moved it forward to start the game.

A few moves in and Nike could tell that the girl had no chance of winning this game normally. A god or goddess wasn’t allowed to directly interfere with any sort of competition, but this didn’t stop them by changing some circumstances. Since this was a time limited game, Nike decided that a distraction was in order.

Mark laughed as Stacy moved her rook out of the way of his bishop, but she only fell into his trap. Grabbing ahold of his knight, Mark began to move it forward until his hand ran into a huge soft mass before stopping. Mark’s eyes nearly shot out of their sockets as he looked up at Stacy’s top.

“Can you stop looking at my boobs for one second and get serious?” asked Stacy as she slapped Mark’s hand away. She took a second to rearrange the t shirt that was hopelessly stretched across her chess. The phrase ‘Got Milk’ was printed in big bold letter on the front. Like all men, and some women, Mark just couldn’t take his eyes off of her boobs. Stacy knew that you didn’t see a girl as small as her with J cup knockers every day, but Mark should be used to it by now.

Mark was brought back to reality as his timer beeped signaling that thirty seconds had just passed. If he wanted to win then he would just have to try and ignore the two behemoth’s lying underneath of his girlfriend’s shirt.

Nike sat back pleased with herself as the two mortals continued playing. Stacy was originally a B cup at best, but with a little reality bending the short blonde would be turning a lot of heads from now on. Unfortunately Nike’s ‘little’ distraction didn’t seem to be enough as Mark soon retook control of the game again.

“Just so you know, I’m only eight moves away from winning this game.” Mark leaned forward with the smuggest of looks on his face as he watched Stacy decide on what move she was going to do next. He was already thinking of what he was going to have her do with that insanely hot body of hers once the game was finished. Stacy moved her remaining knight forward nervously to protect her king.

Mark had to reach across the table to grab ahold of his queen as he moved it over to take the night. Mark just couldn’t get his mind off of his girlfriend’s rack. To a normal guy they were big, but to his three foot frame they were huge. He enjoyed using them as a pillow when they would watch a movie together. Stacy took the exact move that Mark had predicted as she placed her queen to put his king in check.

The stacks of books underneath him were of no use as Mark stood up to grab ahold of his bishop. The glass piece nearly fell out of his hand as he tried to get used to the weight. Hoping up on the table, Mark quickly captured Stacy’s queen. Stacy leaned forward to think of her next move allowing Mark a quick glance inside of her shirt. Just the small peek reminded him of how Stacy teased him that she had lost ‘lil Mark’ in between her boobs the first time she had given him a titfuck. What did she expect when her boobs were nearly bigger than his eighteen inch frame.

Stacy moved her pawn forward to block Mark’s queen from a frontal assault. Mark just responded by walking to the center of the board, careful not to knock over any of the waist high pieces. Making sure he had a good grip, Mark slowly carried the heavy glass figure across the board to cut of Stacy’s escape route. Stacy was starting to feel the heat as she stared down at her nine inch boyfriend. She wanted nothing more than to wipe off that smug look plastered across his face. Normally she would just stuff him in her cleavage leaving his head exposed when he annoyed her, but she made a deal with him.

Mark watched Stacey’s giant fingers move her last bishop right into his trap. It took a second, but Mark was able to get to his knight. The piece was just as tall as he was and weight a little bit heavier so carrying it was out of the question. Giving it a good push, Mark took out Stacy’s bishop. The trip had taken a little out of him, but nothing that he couldn’t handle. Luckily Stacy didn’t waste time in removing the piece from the board giving Mark a chance to rest. It was a wonder that a four and a half inch guy like him could land such a busty babe like Stacy. Just one of her boobs weighed more than ten of him.

The black king retreated back one more space bringing Mark’s victory just one step closer. Stacy watch as her tiny boyfriend began to struggle to move his rook towards her side of the board. It was comical to see him moving a chess piece that was twice his height. Her huge chest soon blocked him from view. Despite being a little over two inches tall, Mark did have a lot of stamina when it counts. The thought of his little feet exploring her body was already exciting her. Stacy could feel her nipple stiffen as she moved her king over one place.

Mark looked up at the towering behemoth of a chess piece in front of him. It was a little over four times his height and weight god knows how much more. Placing both hands against the cool glass, Mark began to push with all of his strength. Every muscle in his body screamed at him, but ever so slowly he was able to push the piece forward one space. He heard a loud applause above him as Stacy cheered on the one inch tall guy in front of her. Stacy knew her defeat was close at hand, but Mark really did play a great game. Moving her King forward, Stacy looked down to see Mark’s next move.

Mark on the other hand was looking up at his giant queen, trying to figure out a way for his tiny half inch frame to move the giant piece. Stacy was staring down at him with a smile on her face as she saw Mark’s dilemma, but she didn’t offer to help him just yet. Mark needed this game to be over with so that he could claim his reward. Putting his back against the his queen, Mark tried to push the queen forward to no avail. To him the piece seemed to have weighed a couple ton. Mark was about to collapse from exhaustion until a fingertip that was as big as he was effortlessly pushed the towering piece forward.

“Check” panted Mark. Sweat was sliding down his face as Stacy pushed her King back to the every last spot available on the board.

“I’m not helping you with this one little guy.” said Stacy as she leaned back in her chair. The little guy looked up at her in disbelief as he noticed the time left on his clock. Mark still had two minutes left to move his piece, but that was impossible for him to do now. Stacy had gotten together with Mark because of his personality and not his physical qualities. Of course there are set backs to dating a guy that could never hope to reach the quarter inch mark on a ruler, but the advantages were numerous as well. It was still a puzzle to Stacy that Mark was able to get this far in the game given his tiny size.

She could have sworn that he had made the majority of his moves, but that was impossible. The little guy was just begging her to help him move his piece but Stacy wasn’t going to listen. She wanted to win the game after all. If Mark was lucky, Stacy wouldn’t tucker him out too quickly. She had all night to play with him.

Nike slowly got up from the table with a smile on her face. The little guy on the table was still trying valiantly to win the game, but it was hopeless for him. The time was soon going to run out and he would be at the mercy of his now titanic girlfriend. Nike left the apartment in search for more competitions between men and women. Hopefully the next one would be just as fun to watch as this one.
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