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Richard had a pretty good life. All day he could hang out with those from either the underworld or heaven. He could just escape reality and hang out with women who were easily over one hundred feet in terms of height. It might not seem like the greatest thing in the world when said being could easily crush you at a moment's notice, but nothing beats getting sleep on the hand that seems about the size of your average bedroom.

To make things even better, not only was relaxing on their hands soft, but they were interesting to just chat with. Their existences were far different than any human experience. Some days you could hear of how they relaxed in the most beautiful of heavenly created rivers or just hear of how relaxing the lakes of hell were. Sure, most places might seem either a little excessive or horrifying to the regular person, but Richard was up to such a challenge. He absolutely adored hanging out with Angel and Demon alike. Though they seemed like such opposites, both were somewhat similar. When the Demons weren’t exactly acting evil, they were pretty entertaining to be around, albeit a little manipulative, but still interesting nonetheless.

Of course, his actions had displeased both leaders of these realms. From Heaven, he had displeased Generva, whom constantly advised him never to speak with the mischievous Demons, and Satena, who was constantly bothered with Richard distracting her ladies from doing their job and tormenting the souls of the underworld.

Of course, as Richard would soon find out, his constant angering of both of these women would come to backfire on him. It all started after he decided to hang out with one of his favorite Demons after being bored.

Richard sprawled out across the soft, warm flesh of the Demon. “You know, they say hell is a pretty bad place, but you make it seem pretty okay”

The Demon giggled lightly “Yeah, it’s definately a lot better when you have someone to talk with. She poked Richard lightly with her somewhat sharp nails. As the two chatted, footsteps could be heard off into the distance. Of course, the Demon knew all too well whom was walking in such a direction. It was Satena, and she knew Satena didn’t really get along with Richard. “Richard, you might wish to leave soon, someone’s coming”

Richard, oblivious to the footsteps and too relaxed on the palm of the Demon waived away any sort of concerns “Aw, you worry too much, I’m fine. I’m sure it’s just another Demon looking to hang out and have a good time”

Of course, the footsteps turned out to be none other than the Queen of the Underworld herself, and she was not pleased to see her Demon gingerly holding the boy in her palm. “Get back to work” Satena whispered as the Demon happily gave up Richard to her, leaving Richard in a less than desirable situation.

“Well, well, look what I have here, a tiny little pest that refuses to leave my sight” Satena comments with a devilishly good grin.

“Why hello Satena” Richard remarked “The lovely glow of lava just enhances your Demonic beauty”

“Nice try, but your sweet talk won’t work on me” Satena replied “Now, I told you about not bugging my ladies anymore, why do you continue to ignore my requests?”

“Sorry, but your Demons are just so fun to hang around with, I just like to hang around with them” Richard answered honestly.

“Well, I suppose you can hang with me then” Satena began

“Oh really now?” Richard interrupted

“As a personal servant, that is” Satena finished, snapping her fingers lightly. Before Richard could come back with a witty remark, he let out a scream of pain as a rather distinct burning mark appeared on his chest and to an extent, his arms. She sat down Richard on the hot floor. “Now get to work puny bug, I demand you kiss and massage my feet to acknowledge your eternal servitude.

“And what if I don’t?” He asked in a bold move of defiance that could probably get him killed.

“Then I shall have to swallow you up like a tiny snack and you’ll digest into nothing, respawn as a wandering soul and then I’ll torture you for the rest of your eternity here” Satena replied with a smile

Richard wanted to escape, but unfortunately it seemed Satena’s little trick seemed to halt the progress of his abilities. He could feel the recharge kicking in, but it was slow. “Fine, I’ll work”

“Good choice, now get to it!” Satena practically shouted.

Richard nodded his head and got to work, massaging the Demon’s bright red right foot as hard as he could. For good measure, he even kissed the foot several times as Satena asked. He knew Satena could easily crush him, she practically towered over him. She was approximately one hundred feet tall, Richard was only about six feet tall. Richard knew he’d have a difficult time satisfying the giantess, but he knew it was his only hope to buy enough time to teleport away from here. The threat himself, he believed, he had seen that when Satena was displeased, she would sometimes get out of hand. He had seen her devour not only the souls of those unlucky enough to end up here after death, but even some of her more rebellious or lazy employees.

Richard continued to work as hard as possible, patiently awaiting when his powers would recharge. Satena smiled at him “Hmm, perhaps you aren’t as useless as I first thought. You might be able to serve me as a personal foot toy. Satena then knocked him over with her foot, rolling him around lightly to amuse herself. “I could get used to doing this” She teased, though Richard was not exactly amused. The disorienting effect was just too much for him to handle.

Richard could feel his power returning to him, but the disorientation that was provided by Satena was too distracting for him to actually do anything. Suddenly, that all came to an end as Satena’s foot came down upon his body and stopped him from moving any longer. Trapped under the foot, all Richard could do was struggle. Slowly, the foot slid back and left him enough room to breathe. Satena grinned in an evil fashion “I hoped you enjoyed that, because I was just getting warmed up” She then lifts her foot and turns around, preparing to sit down right on top of Richard.

“Sorry Satena, you’ll have to find me sometime else” He comments before teleporting away. Satena’s butt slams onto the empty floor, which likely would have injured him.

“He’ll be back, he always is, and when he comes back, he’ll be in for quite the surprise” Satena remarked with a smile.

Richard then landed in the Angelic, heavenly realm. He knew that if things weren’t going well down below, in terms of realm location that is, that he could always turn to the kind-hearted angels to relax. Something didn’t exactly feel right, however, as with every step his chest insignia burned.

The ground shook as a massive figure loomed in the distance, Richard walked closer. As he saw the face of the beautiful angel, he smiled “Hello Generva, how goes being the leader of Heaven and all?”

“Richard, I’m going to need you to leave unless you’d prefer to be crushed instead” Generva answered

“Woah! You’re not one for violence…” Richard ponders “What did I do to anger you?”

Generva lightly picked up the boy, holding him with only two fingers. With a finger from her other hand, she sliced open his shirt, revealing the burning insignia. “This should explain exactly why I’m displeased”

“I mean, it’s not like I wanted to get branded like this” Richard answered

“Well, you know how I feel about Demons, we don’t exactly tend to get along.” Generva answered

“I’m not a Demon! I’m a regular human being!” Richard answered “You know this information Generva!” He thought the hostility was rather unfair, never before had Generva exactly cared of what he did with the Demons, yet now she seemed quite adamant about keeping him as far away from them as possible.

Generva frowned at him “The Demons branded you, like their personal little plaything.” She then added “I warned you what they would do to you, and you never listened to me”.

Richard looked down “I’m sorry alright, I’ll figure out a way to get this stupid insignia removed”

“You better, because until then, you’re not allowed back” Generva answered

“What!?” Richard cried before being tossed back into the real world. “Freaking Angels, they can be a pain sometimes” Richard muttered as he got up and dusted himself off. He had woken up in an alleyway, not exactly the greatest of places for him to teleport back to, but that was Generva’s fault for doing that.

Richard began to make his way back home “Guess, I’ll just be living a normal, boring life for a while” He then smiled to himself “Then again, maybe hanging out with Satena wouldn’t be so bad” He then shook his head “Actually, nevermind, though Generva isn’t exactly my favorite right now, she does have a point.” He recalled an earlier conversation where Generva expressed concern for his affiliation with the underworld, noting that all of them weren’t exactly the greatest gals to be around in terms of letting one escape their clutches.

As he opened the door, he was faced with quite a surprise. Two women had found their way into his home. A black haired woman with slightly tanned skin, and another with blonde hair and blue eyes. The last one was typical of an Angel. He walked in right in the middle of an argument.

“Listen here Angel girl, I’m taking him back to Satena, and you will have no say in this” The black haired girl shouted.

“I will not let you drag him back down into the underworld” The blonde haired girl responded.

“The last thing I need is an Angel and Demon at my house!” Richard exclaimed as he closed the door. The girls immediately looked to him, and he knew that he was in for a bit of trouble. Both stood right in front of him, blocking his way to do anything. Richard sighed slightly, he’d had enough hell for the day.


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