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Story Notes:

Keep your mind open. you never know what it is your mind will make you think is about to happen.

"It's and amazing feeling you know." The voice of a young woman could be heard, but she was no where to be seen. Erik looked around with a puzzled expression on his face. "What is?" He quickly responded as he continued to move around the office cubicles looking for the women the voice belonged to. "The complete power over someone, the knowledge that you have someone so wrapped around your finger that they would do or say anything just to get you to make them feel so tiny." She was moving around now as he spoke. Who was this strange woman? What did she mean as she walked around him, forcing him to do laps around the office. "I don't think anyone enjoys the feeling of being so completely over powered." She laughed and in that moment a woman appeared from behind one of the temporary walls. "No?" She questioned him curiously. With in that moment the once tiny woman began to grow. With each step she became larger in height. At first it wasn't so recognizable, but it soon became apparent that she had grown some, and by some, it had been at least a foot by the time she had reached him. "H...How did you. Weren't you??" He had no idea what was happening. Maybe it was just a trick. An illusion it wouldn't have been the first time that an illusion had been pulled on him.

In that moment she began to grow more and more until he was the size of her leg from head to toe. Backing away slowly he tried to make a break for it. What was going on? He had to be dreaming, right? The woman laughed this time her laughter was loud and booming. He covered his ears. "How do you feel now?" Her hand came down scooping him up from where he stood. "How do you feel knowing that I'm going to shrink you down and use you as my own personal play toy?" Horror filled his eyes as he pushed upon her hand to get her to let go. But it dint seem like that was going to happen. "Please..." He had started to beg before she laid down knocking all the tiny walls down under her.

She still had him gripped tightly in her massive hand. "Now" she began "clean my shoes when your done there we will talk about the next thing that you can do to please me" she placed him down at the sole of her shoes and watched what he would do. For a moment he panicked and next he was trying to run. She smiled and placed her foot on top of him. Pinning him to the floor. In that moment he could feel himself shrinking. "I told you not to run" her tone was harsh and had changed completely. "I said clean my shoes. Now it will take you longer to do because you were being stubborn" her foot added more and more pressure to his tiny body before he could feel the blood pumping in his head and groin. "I shouldn't be getting turned on by this" he whimpered under the pressure. But before he knew it he could feel his pants soaked with the hot warm cum.

she laughed at him with such a cruel tone. But he craved it, he wanted more. Needed more.

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