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Ahri was not sure how she here, but everything was different than from the usual battles she had on the rift. She knew that Piltover had a lot of weird technology but this did not seem like the sort of steampunk-ish stuff that they had. She was standing in the middle of some sort of stone pathway with marks painted all over it, as a car was driving towards her it had to stop with a rather loud sounding screech as to not run the poor confused looking woman with nine fluffy foxtails in the middle of the road. A woman peeking out through the window of the car and yelling at Ahri in a strange language that she had never heard before either, of course the yelling was mostly about why the hell she was in the middle of the road and the likes.

Without much care or even trying to understand what the woman was saying, Ahri started walking away from the car and the yelling person to explore more around in this place. People around her staring in both amazement and fear, her tails moving by itself which could be some sort of very well made cosplay, though there did not seem to be any sort of mechanic that could do so on that short and tight outfit of hers.

Though for Ahri, the weirdness did not stop there, she had to stand still for a moment holding her head, and after reopening eyes things seemed different again. The building she had been standing close to before, that was towering over her, well it was still tall but now the foxgirl was also about half the height of it. Staring down at the small humans below her she smirked, getting a fun and naughty idea.

She turned around and walked back over to the car and the woman that had been yelling at her, at her current height she could easily rip open the door before the woman was able to drive away. Two large fingers pulling the woman out of her vehicle and lifting her up in front of her face. Parting her lips so her large tongue could slather over them and cover them in saliva.

“You look tasty, I wonder if I am able to acquire more souls through this method.” Giving it little thought before actually doing it, she opened her mouth up wide, sticking out the tongue and throwing the tiny woman on top of it. She was able to fit the little human just perfectly in her mouth, without much toying, because such a thing was not in her mind. She tilted her head backwards and allowed the tiny human to simply slide right down to the back of her throat.

All Ahri had to do was close her mouth around the tiny human and flick her tongue ever so softly, the rest was done by itself as the tiny human found herself now sliding down the large throat of this new foxgirl giantess that had invaded their city. Ahri placed a couple of fingers against the bulge on her throat as it was going down, disappearing near her chest.

The tiny human was eventually deposited inside the giant stomach of the foxgirl. Being pitch black she fiddled around to get her phone out of her pocket, holding it up she shrieked out in fear when she saw were she was. Digested and half-digested food all around her on the inside, slime and acids dripping around and of course thundering gurgling noises as the foxgirl seemed to still be hungry.

Which she of course was, placing a finger up against her lips she looked around to see if she could find some more of these tasty people, just like the tiny human girl that she had eaten moments before. She was in luck as well, seeing a bus full of people coming towards her.

Reaching down she wrapped her hand around the bus, seemingly having grown a little more without even noticing it before. She pinched her fingers around the back end of it and started tugging against it. The tiny people inside, all of them of various ages and both male and female screaming and crying for help as this gigantic foxgirl was planning on devouring them.

With a little bit of struggling and fiddling she managed to pull off the back of the bus there, and as if she was sucking candy out of a tube she placed the open back end of the bus against her lips and closed them around it, her tongue flicking against the opening as she tilted her head with it.

The tiny people tried their best to hold onto the seats or anything else that they were able to inside of the bus, staring down at the giant tongue moving around underneath them and of course that dark throat further back just waiting for swallow them down. With their size compared to hers they could easily just slip right down without any effort from the foxgirl.

Some of the smaller humans, mostly the children were not strong enough to hold on for too long, being the first ones to let go and fall right down. A short scream could be heard echoing in her throat as they slid down all the way to meet their end as the girl before had done. The elderly of course going as well being in the same weak state as the small children.
Ahri did make a couple of gulping sounds just to make sure that the tiny people actually went down her throat, and with the mouth being wrapped around the bus the gulps echoed through the bus as well just like the scream had done before. The foxgirl even letting out a little blast of air, basically a burp that she had released right into the bus there.

The smell coming from her stomach was kind of sickening, especially since it seemed to be stomach acids mixed with the remains of the tiny people that it had digested. Some of the tiny people inside the bus let go to hold their noses, not being able to handle the smell. This of course leading them to the same fate that the young and elderly had experienced before.

“Gulp…Aaah…” She decided to make more noise out of it, knowing how loud it was to the smaller people. She started tapping her finger on the tip of the bus now as well however, wanting to do other things than just waiting for these little snacks to fall down into her throat so she decided to help them out a bit. The loud banging noises easily shaking the metal tube she was sucking these people out of.

She kept banging, harder and harder and even if it was only with one finger it was quite the ride in there. The remainder of the people in the bus ending up letting go just from the shaking. These ones were not as lucky as the previous though, as soon as she felt them fall into her mouth she smashed her teeth together. Only allowing them to let out a short-lived scream before being crushed by her molars.

The more unfortunate got cut in half by her front teeth. One poor man ending up with his legs falling down her throat while his upper body, still barely alive laying on top of her front teeth. The giant foxgirl moving the bus away now, letting him get fresh air for the last time, though as the tongue went over her teeth to clean away the mess the rest of the body was pulled away and swallowed, to be reunited with his legs.

Seeing as the bus was empty and she no longer had much need for it she threw it away, it ended up crashing into one of the nearby buildings, right through the wall and breaking quite a bit of stuff on the inside of there as well, a couple of people even being smothered by it or forced through the windows on the other side to not get crushed.

Ahri grinned now, her tongue moving across her lips this time as a way to show satisfaction with her little meal there, it’s not like those tiny people gave her too much to work with but it was better than nothing, and looking down she could see a lot more of those little ones running away from her, so it was not like she was gonna run out that fast.

She took notice that these large buildings made out of stone seemed to have quite a bit of those people in them as well, she was used to buildings and such, although they were normally not made in the same way where she came from, walking over to one of the buildings she leaned in a little closer and stared through the window, her nine large tails moving around behind her. Her feet were blocking the whole street by now and one of the tails smacked into the building behind her as well, even if fluffy and soft, the strength of her tail was enough to pretty much make the whole thing fall apart when enough of it had been hit.

On the inside of the building people were watching the commotion of the giant foxgirl happening outside, though as the red of her outfit blocked their view, followed by one heck of a gigantic eye suddenly peeking inside, the pupil moving from side to side every now and then to see what was around there. Soon it disappeared though and instead her large finger started poking the window, easily breaking the glass.

Leaning in she moved her mouth right in front of the window now, she knew there was glass around there so she didn’t wanna stick her tongue in just yet, instead she was gonna try and get the people to run outside instead.

“Helloooooooooo????!!!” She said loudly right through the window, her voice thundering quite a bit considering how she was going it, and it was even worse for the people inside of the building, having to hold their ears. The ones who had moves closer to the window again to see the giantess more clearly ended up having their ears pretty much blown out from the noise. Even the soundwave coming from her voice managed to send them flying a little backwards, crashing into the nearby desks.

Chaos happened as expected, the people wanted to get right the hell out of there knowing what this giant sized foxgirl could do just with her voice. She was not done though, parting her lips once more she actually screamed right into the building, and while her former action had not broken the windows she now broke every window through the building, and the ones from all of the buildings around her. People having to hold their ears for a radius of at least 1-2 kilometers just to not lose their hearing temporarily. Even worse for those actually right near the girl.

Ahri just giggled afterwards, seeing the damage caused by her scream and seeing the tiny people come scrambling out through the door, falling over each other even, some of them bleeding from their ears, actually quite a lot of them were doing that. As they laid on the ground she simply reached down with her hand, wrapping it around the bunch of them and moved them up to her mouth.

“Aaaaah…” Her giant lips parted and she stuck that long wet tongue out, saliva dripping from the roof of her mouth and without much of a show out of it she threw all of them right onto it, pulling the tongue right in and closing her lips behind them. She didn’t chew this time though, instead just tilted her head backwards and swallowed them all whole.
She did not seem to have noticed that she had actually grown a little more through the whole ordeal. Standing back up to her full height she noticed that she was about two heads taller than the building she had just been standing next to, before that she was actually a little bit shorter than it even. She clapped her hands together, resulting in another thundering sound and raised her foot in the air.

“Here I goooooo!” She stated in an excited manner, stomping into the ground, cars parked around her foot went flying into the air, the people in close proximity went flying as well and those a little further away fell straight over like they had just been hit by a massive earthquake, which was pretty much how it would feel whenever Ahri stomped into the ground.
This was just the first out of many however, she wanted to see what other things she could do while at this since, and her idea now was to try and ram through as many of the buildings as possible. With several thundering and quaking stomps through the streets she soon crashed into the building at the end of it. The people inside not able to do anything as the large mass of Ahri’s body easily crumbled the whole thing, and it didn’t even stop her properly.

She did trip and fall after the first building however, falling over she crashed into a couple of other buildings and tore those down as well, her breasts landing rather heavily on the ground, leaving two nicely shaped craters in the streets below, and a couple of red smears from the people that had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Though at least they went out being crushed by the softest part of a quite sexy foxgirl.

As Ahri laid on the ground with her arms through the debris of the buildings surrounding her she let out a soft sigh. Blowing warm air straight forwards and having a nearby bus tip right over on its side. She opened her eyes now, those giant yellow pupils taking a good look where she had ended up. She knew, well kind of knew what this was, it was a school. It was different from the schools where she came from but she recognized the uniforms and the likes, and she knew that schools had a lot of people, which just meant even more food for her, or perhaps a little bit of young pleasure.

At her current size she could easily grab the school in one hand, tearing it from its foundation. Debris and a couple of the students falling out from holes appearing in the floor of the school. Ahri rolled over onto her back, her body easily destroying the buildings surrounding her. “I have always wanted to try this.” She said in a rather innocent sounding way, followed by a soft giggle. The school was kind of strangely shaped but one part of it could be used for the purpose she wanted it to.

Reaching down under her skirt she grabbed onto the hem of her panties, pulling them down some until they were around her knees. She moved the school building down between her legs, gently rubbing it against her wet pussy lips. Gently at first just to get the gist of the feeling, though it did not take long before she started pushing it further inside of herself, a soft moan escaping her lips, although to the smaller people it’d be quite more thundering in comparison.

She turned her head to see if she could find that bus she had blown over before, upon finding it she reached over with her other hand to pick it up between her large fingers. The sounds of the school building going in and out of her pussy could be heard through the streets for sure, squishy and wet noises. Fluids drooling down to the ground as well and people who had finally been able to get out from the debris of the ruined buildings ended up drowning in the sexual juices of the giant fox instead.

For the students inside of the school this was more of a living hell. The walls cracking up and being pressed closer and closer to each other from the walls of the giant pussy tightening around the building, clamping onto it quite a bit. The windows breaking and fluids starting to flood inside, the panic was strong and a lot of the students tried to find places where the fluids could not drown them and concrete from the walls could not fall over them as well.

Not to say all of them were finding this to be a terrible experience, quite a few of the boys and even some of the girls seemed to love the experience of being inside of a giant pussy. They even tried to crawl out through the broken windows to get an even closer experience of the wet and warm pulsating flesh of the foxgirl that was using their school for her own pleasure.

A couple landed on the floor of the pussy, watching the school being moved in and out above them. They did their best to dodge the falling debris from the school, running towards the deepest parts of Ahri’s pussy to see what it was like to be in there. Using their cellphones for light considering how dark it was inside of there as well.

Upon reaching the cervix of the giantess they seemed to have hit a dead end however, and with the juices of the girl filling up the place the closer she got to her climax they did not have enough to actually get back to the school, and not like they would have been able to get inside of there anyways considering how high up it was.

On the outside Ahri was indeed enjoying herself a lot, her eyes closed and her back arching upwards a little bit from the pleasure of masturbating with the use of a school full of people. The bus that she had picked up had been dropped on top of her right breast, right next to her nipple. It seemed she was still growing as the bus was now about the size of her nipple, the students inside of the bus had started walking outside as well to explore the massive soft surface they seemed to be on top of.

The nipple was like a small hill for now, and bigger it got, fully stiffened of course by now from the enjoyment of having wrecked the city for a while already. Some of the students attempted to climb up to the tip of the nipple, and even though they were currently rather speck sized to the foxgirl she could still feel the tingling of them climbing her.

As she had grown the school wasn’t as pleasuring as it had been when she first started, before it was filling her up with just one part of it, though now she had pretty much shoved the whole darn thing inside of her cavern pussy. She had to finish herself off with the help of one of her tails, gently stroking the tip of that fluffy goodness against her lips just to end it all.

As the climax happened the students inside of the school screamed out when the pussy walls clamped together as tightly as possible, fluids rushing past them and destroying anything in its path without even stopping for a second, the foxgirl moaning loudly on the outside as well. At her size windows from several cities over broke from the loud moan, and people who had no idea this giant foxgirl even existed got to experience what this poor city had been going through. Well, at least parts of it.

With her climax she did not stop growing for even a second, the flood coming out from her pussy splashing down on the ground. She must have been reaching the 2 kilometer size mark by now, her fluids destroying the buildings below as they landed on the ground, people unable to escape in time because of how huge the globs were.

The little people on her breast almost had their own place to live by now, though their only house was the bus they had been sitting in when the foxgirl had taken them with her. Those who had been climbing her nipple and had reached the top before she grew to such a massive height got quite the view as well, even though the view was not that high.

Ahri laid on the ground breathing softly now, her eyes closed as she took in the pleasure she had just experience from her orgasm, allowing herself to relax a little bit before continuing her fun. She did reopen them not too long after though just to see how big she was by now, and being able to see the other cities only a few steps away made her grin.

“Oooh…More of them…And they are even smaller. I hope you guys are ready for round 2…Because I know I am. Well I am soon at least.” She said with a little giggle, rolling over to lay on her stomach while relaxing. Her massive breasts crashing into the ground and making craters that fit them, with an even deeper hole where her stiff nipples had crashed down.

“Hope you little people enjoy.” She had no idea what she had crushed, she had probably crushed a single tiny town underneath one of her breasts just from this. Even by just relaxing like this she had gone from 2 kilometers in height to around 7 kilometers in height. Though for now she seemed to have stopped growing.            

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