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Summary: Two neighboring kingdoms have had a friendly competition every year to see who has the maiden with the biggest breasts. Will Bustalia hold their title or does Titsalvania have a trick up their sleeve.
Rated: PG
Categories: Slow Size Change, Giantess, Breasts, Breast Enlargement Characters: None
Growth: Amazon (7 ft. to 15 ft.), Brobdnignagian (51 ft. to 100 ft.)
Shrink: None
Size Roles: F/f
Warnings: This story is for entertainment purposes only.
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Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 1761 Read: 3969
Published: February 18 2016 Updated: February 18 2016

1. Chapter 1 by lancealot501 [Reviews - 0] (1761 words)
Another one shot I wrote up in my spare time. Hope you guys enjoy it.