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Author's Chapter Notes:
Another one shot I wrote up in my spare time. Hope you guys enjoy it.
The two kingdoms of Bustalia and Titsalvania have been allies for centuries because of their common cultures and beliefs. A decade ago the two kings decided to have a yearly competition as to which kingdom had the bustiest maiden throughout the land. For the past four years the kingdom of Bustalia had won this friendly competition, but this year Titsalvania had some tricks up their sleeve.

The two kings had just finished a rather large banquet and were setting across from each other in the courtyard waiting for the other king to make their move. Beside each king stood ten busty maiden’s waiting for any command that their master issued. The maidens were evenly matched size wise with the maidens from the opposite kingdom. Of course all of the maids from Titsalvania had a smug look across their face as they took in the impressive racks of the maids from Bustalia. The King of Bustalia, King George, sat quite happily by his only daughter Princess Maria. Though Maria was an exceedingly beautiful girl, she was never once interested in these competitions that her father hosted each year. This was probably due to the fact that Princess Maria was the smallest girl in the boob department in the courtyard with a modest C cup. This year however she had nothing better to do than to watch the competition.

“It seems my dear friend that one of us will have to make the first move.” said King George as he waved his hand behind him. King Fred, ruler of Titsalvania, looked behind his friend as a maid stepped forward.

“I present to you my head maid, and champion for the past four years, mistress Bella.” King George smiled as the maid stood showing off her abundant bust.

Most people would have considered it sorcery for such a skinny woman to have such a large rack. Thick bands could be seen through the stretched out white outfit that Bella wore that belonged to the massive bra that held up her assets. Each of her breasts was easily bigger than her head. It took a second for her breasts to stop jiggling around once she came to a stop. Usually Bella had a happy look on her face, but not this year. The other maids from Bustalia looked at her in pity.

“It brings me great joy to announce that Bella’s bosom has grown yet again compared to last year’s competition.” said King George as he looked over at his rival. King Fred didn’t have the face of a man who was beaten just yet.

“I will admit that your made is quite big, but I’m afraid that she will not win you this competition this year my friend. Stacy will you escort my daughter here?”

Maria couldn’t believe her eyes as she watched her longtime friend, Princess Eve, step out from behind a doorway followed by an overly excited made. What had shocked Maria the most was the change that Princess Eve had gone through since she last saw her a couple of months ago. Eve could have been Maria’s body double, but not this new woman. Princess Eve took a seat right beside her father as she gave Maria a smile before placing a hand on top of her chest.

“As you can see, my youngest daughter is easily an equal if not superior in size to your maid.” said King Fred as he motioned to his daughter, and Maria couldn’t help but agree. If the two were chest to chest, Eve was easily the bigger of the two. “But I did not bring my daughter out to challenge your champion, but my maid Stacy.”

King George had a puzzled look on his face as he eyed the petite women standing in front of him. Flat would be the best word to describe Stacy’s chest. They watched as Stacy stood before Bella to compare their chest sizes, and it was easy to see that Stacy didn’t stand a chance.

“I’m afraid that you have forgotten the rules of this competition my dear friend.” replied King George. King Fred just smiled as he went on to explain.

“Stacy, will you give Bella’s rack a good squeeze?”

Stacy was delighted as she placed a hand on either side of Bella’s rack and began to press them together. Bella gave out a moan as two dark wet spots began to form underneath of her outfit.

“I was tired of always losing out to your maid here for the past few years so I came up with an idea. What if I could find a way to make my maids boobs even bigger by filling them up with milk? Of course it took a small fortune and my court mages help, but I have finally succeeded.”

King George was about to question his friend until he noticed Stacy take in a deep breath causing her chest to thrust outwards. As soon as her lungs were full she breathed out, but her chest stayed the same size. The King watched on in amazement as Stacy continued to grow larger with every breath that she took. Bella could do nothing but watch as the petite girl grew a chest that soon matched then surpassed her own. What had taken her a lifetime to grow, this girl had done in under a minute. Stacy finally quit as it became apparent that her chest was quite a bit bigger than Bella’s.

“I think that we have a clear winner here.” smirked King Fred.

“I am sorry to say that we do not for I have yet to show you my champion.” King George signaled behind him as a large figure stepped out of the doorway and entered the courtyard. “Let me introduce you to Olga, a member of the Hugo tribe to the north.”

Olga stood behind Bella and it was plain to see that this woman was huge. The Hugo tribe was a group of fierce warriors from the north famous for their size and strength and Olga wasn’t an exception. Olga easily towered over every woman their at an impressive 9’ tall. Between her insanely ripped arms and above her chiseled stomach was a massive set of boobs that seemed to defy gravity. The clothing she wore was only for show because she didn’t need the support whatsoever. If Olga was normal size then her chest would be just as big as Bella’s, but the extra few feet meant that it was massive.

“I wouldn’t thing that you would stoop so low as to hire help from outside of your kingdom, but I will not hold this against you. Stacy would you be a dear and continue.”

King George sat quietly as Stacy continued to breathe in and out, causing her massive bust to grow bigger. The weight of them was beginning to get to the smaller girl as she rested her hands on the table before her. It soon became apparent that Stacy’s maid outfit was made to stretch to accommodate her growing rack. Stacy soon finished with what looked like two very large watermelons attached to her chest. The small girl had to struggle a little to withstand the weight of them, but she would be find.

“This is most impressive!” exclaimed King George as he stood to examine the busty maid.

“And it is not just her. I have made it to where every woman in my kingdom can do the exact same thing. Ladies if you would.”

At his command the maids from Titsalvania, and the Princess, began to breathe in deeply as their busts began to grow outwards. After a few seconds the growing stopped as each girl from Titsalvania were easily three times bigger than what Bella could ever hope to be.

“So as you can tell, my kingdom has won not only this competition, but every competition that will ever happen from this day forth. Also they won’t leak when you give them a good squeeze.” The look on King Fred’s face was one of triumph until he heard the laughter from King George.

“I am afraid that you have misunderstood me yet again. I must first present my champion, but first let me explain.”

King George went on to explain how he was fascinated with how big the Hugo tribe were so he invited one of them to come over to his castle for further research. After spending a small fortune of his own and his court mage, King George had discovered the secret to Olga’s excessive growth. Not only had he learned the secret, but he was also able to perfect it.

“You see my dear old friend because of this research Bella technically has the smallest set of breasts inside of the entire kingdom. Not proportionally, but because she was the only woman to not respond to the special treatment. If you would ladies.”

Maria took this chance to stand to her feet and stand with the Bustalia maids. All at once the maids, and Princess, began growing skywards. In seconds they had matched Olga in size and soon surpassed it. The maids from Titsalvania had to back up as they had to make way for the feet of the growing girls. The courtyard soon became overcrowded as the growth finally came to an end as the ten maids now stood side to side looking down at the tiny women beneath their feet. Not surprisingly, the person most unhappy with the entire situation was Bella as she became the smallest chested girl inside of the entire courtyard and potentially two kingdoms.

“If you were wondering there doesn’t seem to be a limit on how big these girls can grow. They only stopped as to not destroy my castle walls.”

King Fred, his daughter Eve, and his maids were all surprised as they stared up at the sixty foot women standing far above them. Stacy no longer had the same smile on her face as she knew that she was nearly at her size limit as is. The giant women then each proceeded to pick up a tiny maid of their own and press them gently against their chest. It was utterly humiliating for them to be so easily outmatched. A wide smile spread across Maria’s face as she looked down at the tiny Princess in her hand.

“Is that the biggest you girls can get?”
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