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Author's Chapter Notes:

This will probably be short, but if you guys want more leave me some feedback. It’s way easier to write when I feel like people are actually reading this stuff. 


I slump into my chair as Ms. Carolyn glances up and gives me a sympathetic smile. Of course of all days to get detention, it had to be Friday. I glance around and frown when I realize I’m the only one here. How on Earth did I manage to be the only one to get detention today? Or am I just the only one dumb enough to actually show up?


I groan and slump even lower.


“Relax Jacob, we can go early today. It’s not your fault your phone rang in class. I’m sure that old bird’s had to take her fair share of calls during class.” Ms. Carolyn pushed her glasses back up her nose. They always seemed to be sliding off, it’s pretty cute honestly.


I look up and smile appreciatively. “Thanks Ms. Carolyn…” She’s probably the coolest teacher at this school, prettiest too. By far. She’s still young, late 20s so she actually remembers what it’s like to be a teenager. Sometimes I forget she isn’t still a teenager. She’s a little awkward, but kind, and a pretty solid teacher.


I sit up again and stare out the window, hoping to zone out until she decides she’s tired of the classroom she just spent the last 10 hours in.


It’s deafeningly quiet. I guess everyone cleared out pretty quickly. Ms. Carolyn decides to break the silence.


“Is it true?”




Ms. Carolyn is looking at me with an embarrassed expression.


“Do you work at a Pet Store? You know, with Minis?”


I blinked. “Uh, yeah… Who told you that?”


“Oh, just rumors… It’s just I’m thinking about getting one…Are… Are there any boys at the store you work in?”


“Like, miniboys? Nope. Not a single one. If you want a boy then you’ll have to either find one or get one at auction. They’re really friggin’ rare, so they go for a lot of money.”


“Oh…” She looks crestfallen, and a little ashamed.


I don’t really think anything of her questions, nothing I haven’t said before after all. I glance at her again and she looks as though she’s about to beg me not to tell anyone about her little inquiry.


“Relax Ms. Carolyn,” I say with a smirk. “Lots of people have Minis.”


She smiles sheepishly. “I know, but I grew up in a time when lots of people were still trying to make ownership illegal. It’s just, they’re so cute you know… What’s it like to hold one?”


I think for a moment.


“They’re smooth, like silk. I guess shrinking means any skin imperfections or roughness kinda get too small to notice. A lot of them squirm a lot, it’s kinda weird at first, feeling all their muscles moving and shifting… They’re really warm, and just a little heavier than you’d expect. Still pretty light though.”


I glance over and see that Ms. Carolyn looks kind of uncomfortable.


“Ms. Carolyn? Are you okay?”


“Umm, yes I’m just fine. I think you’ve had enough detention for today.” She avoids looking me in the eyes as she speaks.


“If you ever wanna hold one just come on by…” I suggest, and for a moment I swear she bit her lower lip.

“I, Uh… I’ll think about it. Thank you Jacob.”


I stand up, thrilled that I’m finally free. As I begin walking I find that my feet are having trouble walking in a straight line. My vision gets cloudy.


“Wha- Ms. Caro-”




I hadn’t even realized I had fallen unconscious when I woke up. I was surrounded by fabric, Denim? And what’s this? wait, this is my shirt… Oh god…


I couldn’t believe it. I had shrunk. I’m… a Miniboy. I struggled my way through the fabric, when it occurred to me that Ms. Carolyn was in the room when it happened. Where is she now?


I finally see some light and I make my way out. My tiny head peaks out to see a gigantic Ms. Carolyn standing above my pile of clothing. She looks panicked, and.... Conflicted?


“Ms. Carolyn!” I yell up to her. “Help me!”


It seems she heard me, and she glances down and covers her mouth with her hands, as though she’s shocked.


“Oh god, you really did shrink! Oh god… What do I do…” She kneeled down and hesitantly plucked my shrunken body out of my clothes. Suddenly very aware of my nudity I covered myself up as she examined me.


“Oh god… Jacob…” She gave me a look that I had a hard time reading. She seemed genuinely sorrowful, but at the same time there was... something else.


She bit her lower lip, and her cheeks flushed. I could smell her minty breath as she began breathing a little heavier.


“You are really smooth…” She says as she begins gently stroking my chest.


“Wha-Hey! What the hell are you doing?”


“I’m sorry Jacob…” She muttered before placing her thumb and forefinger under my arms, forcing my hands away from my cock. My cheeks are redder than hers now that my cock is in plain view.


“I… I can’t help it. I’m sorry… You’re so warm…” She breathed before licking her forefinger and sliding it across my cock.


I squirm uselessly in her grip. Memories of holding various girls in my hands come back to me.


“H-hey! You can’t just-” I have to resist moaning as my cock begins to harden at her touch.


“I’m sorry…” She repeated. “But… I think… I think I’m going to keep you…”


“What?” I respond, dumbfounded that the unassuming Ms. Carolyn would kidnap her own student.


“It’s just… I’ve had fantasies like this… A student shrinks down in front me me, helpless, completely dependent on me… This is a dream come true. You understand right? I mean, would you be any different if I shrank down in front of you?”


I try to respond, but I can’t find the words. I’m not entirely sure she’s wrong.


“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll like living with me… Eventually.”


“N-No! Please!” I choke out just before she drops me into her purse.


Ms. Carolyn couldn’t believe herself. In the back of her mind a voice that was becoming increasingly quiet was telling her this was wrong.


It told her it was wrong to kidnap a student as she grabbed his clothing and disposed of it.


It told her it was wrong to touch him like that as she stepped into her car with a captive in her purse.


It told her that it was wrong to keep this boy as her own personal plaything.

But then she realized something. If it was wrong, then she didn’t want to be right.


As she drove away that little voice grew more and more silent until it completely stopped.

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Chapter End Notes:

If you’re interested in reading more about the experiences of these two let me know.

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