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Author's Chapter Notes:

Happy Belated New Year!

Lately I've been in a serious mood for a southern gts story, but there's a serious lack of those in the community as far as I'm aware so I opted to write my own. I hope you guys enjoy this brief little glimpse into the life of a brother and sister, with a smidge of size antics thrown in.

And to be safe I probably should throw a quick little disclaimer. None of the stereotypes or jokes in this story reflect any of my views or anything of the sort. I just wanted to have some fun writing about a girl with an accent and some outlandish similes and catchphrases.




Waking up at the crack of dawn. Fightin’ the good ol’ pickup truck to get it running. Cursing the summer heat from dawn ‘til the sun set. A long, but worthwhile day of menial labor. Then the drive home at the hottest part of the day so she could rest up and start it all again the next day.


Yep, just another beautiful day in Texas.


The rickety truck well past its prime pulled into the familiar driveway, quickly powering down as a visibly weary blonde exited and made for her home.


“Whoo-wee! What a day.” Daisy let out an exasperated sigh as she stepped inside, closing the door behind her. All at once a wave of brisk, air-conditioned air washed over her, saving her from the stifling Texan heat. It didn’t matter how long she’d lived there, Daisy just could never get used to that merciless sun.


“You won’t believe the day I had l’il bro.” She called out, knowing her lovable sibling could hear her wherever he was.  “Just you wait ‘til I tell ya what Jessie tried to pull at work this mornin’. Was real riot I tell ya what.”


There was no reply, not that Daisy expected one. She stepped further into their home and looked about intently. “Where ya hidin’ bro?” Her playful question went unanswered.


Figures. Just like him to be too lazy to greet her at the door. Ah well. Daisy shrugged, continuing deeper inside. Maybe he was napping in the living room like usual. She stepped into the next room, scanning about for her brother.


No such luck it seemed. Not a speck to be found. Where was that confounded boy? Daisy lazily rubbed her head and began to think. The faintest of movements flickered in the corner of her eye, enough to make her jump in its direction.


She was met with a beautiful person. Tall, fair skin bronzed from countless hours under the sweltering sun, a carefully maintained  yet nonetheless curvy figure, all leading up to a pair of bright, dazzling blue eyes and a head of messy blonde hair set into a ponytail. All of it coated in the sweat that came with coming home fresh from work.


“Oh, just the mirror.” She remarked lazily, far too used to the sight to be even remotely intrigued by it. “Hmm…” Still, while she was looking she figured she may as well fix her outfit. The flannel crop top she’d been wearing was threatening to let the girls out, and she wasn’t going to have any of that. After some quick and careful adjusting her noteworthy chest was safe and secure. She dreaded to think what would’ve happened if her chest broke free in front of her brother.


Daisy took a few steps back and reexamined the mirror. It was a cute enough look for her she supposed, but the moment she turned around her lips twisted into a frown. Her ass looked huge in those skinny jeans. Why on Earth did she buy them again? Aside from getting the oh so wonderful pleasure of listening to creeps whistle any time she walked by? She honestly couldn’t remember. Her face scrunched as she kept staring at herself.


Ah well. She shrugged. At least the jeans were comfortable. It beat all those fancy hundred dollar skirts that those insanely rich city girls wore. Besides, she had to admit they looked good with her boots. Call it a bit clichéd, but Daisy was a sucker for old school cowgirl boots. The closer they came to her thighs the better, and these brown boots she had come pret-ty darn close.


Anyway, back to looking for her brother. Daisy took one step forward.




“Oh for the love of…” She sighed and looked down to her feet. The faint pressure beneath her right boot was a dead giveaway. Sure enough. Once she raised her foot there it was: a small toy truck. Or rather, what was a toy truck. Now it was more like a plastic truck body over a mess of flattened tires and cheap metal that clung like roadkill to the bottom of her boot.


“Dang nabbit Jojo!” Daisy groaned. “What’d I tell ya ‘bout leavin’ yer stuff lyin’ ‘round the house?” Her southern drawl grew more intense with her annoyance, echoing across the house as she wiped the sole of her boot clean and scooped up her brother’s mess. “Sometimes that boy ain’t right. I swear.” She grumbled her way into the kitchen and tossed the mess into the trash can.


Where the heck was he? There was no way he left the house. Not even he was that dense. So where? Normally he’d have wheeled around the corner by now, going all “Welcome home Sis!” and such.


“Oh shit, did I leave him in his room again?” Daisy suddenly wondered aloud. Come to think of it she couldn’t remember letting him out that morning. She was too busy dolling herself up and rushed right for the door when she got a look at the time. If that was the case then that’d mean… “Whoops.”


The blonde hurried her skinny jean wearing self up to her bedroom in a flash. None of her quaint little furnishings mattered at the moment. What she wanted was the jewelry box situated at the top of her dresser. It was a modest sized little thing, maybe half a foot by nine inches or so. Very carefully, Daisy lifted the lid from the container. Inside sat a small bed, a small desk, even a few clipped out pieces of books and newspapers for light reading, and there atop the bed laid her brother.


As fresh light filtered into his jewelry box room for the first time that day the young man began to stir, slowly stretching his arms and yawning. “Welcome home Sis.” He greeted, his voice surprisingly loud despite his inch-high frame. He could thank the years of him being at this size for that.


Daisy’s oceanic eyes softened at the hopeless sight.  She lowered her head apologetically. “Sorry ‘bout that Jojo. I was in such a hurry I must’a forgot to let you out. My bad.” Her fingers descended into the box for her little brother, the young man accepting being plucked between her fingers without issue.


“I’m used to it.” Jojo dismissed. “Besides, I got to sleep in.” He said with a laugh.


“Well that’s something I s’pose.” Daisy smiled and held the young man over her palm, gently releasing him over the expanse of soft skin. She snickered as he landed flat on his bum and rolled back. “At least you some shut eye then.  I’ll betcha you’re hungry huh?”


He yawned, reaching up to rub the sleep from one of his eyes. “Yup. I’m so hungry I can eat a cow right ‘bout now.”


“A few years back and you probably could.” She grinned. “I remember back when Ma was always gettin’ mad cause you could put down like four or five plates.” Daisy laughed fondly at the memory. “Come on, I’ll make ya a little somethin’ somethin’ before you get to work on your chores. Mmkay?”


Jojo rolled his eyes and groaned. “Chores already? Come on Sis! I only just woke up. I haven’t had breakfast or nuthin’ yet!”


His sister was quick to refute him with a flick of her finger, knocking him flat on his back once again. “Don’t ya go giving me any of those there excuses! You’ve had it nice and easy today l’il bro. It’s only right thatcha return the favor to me right? Remember what Pa used to say?”


She was right of course. Jojo sighed and nodded. “Yeah, I remember.” He cleared his throat and reached for his chin, stroking the air under it like an imaginary beard was there. ‘I don’t want you kids growin’ up to be as useless as a screen door on a submarine. So whenever ya can, be sure to make yerself useful. ‘Member to always be there for friends an’ family.’” He said in a gruff, fatherly voice, laughing shortly thereafter. “He always said it when we complained about chores.” Jojo smiled nostalgically.   


Daisy nodded. “That’s right.” Maybe the boy had some hope after all. If he could remember their parents’ lessons then somewhere in that slouch there was a chance. “Remember how he always used to get really red when he got mad? Like the time I took Judy’s car out fer a ride and got pulled over on the interstate.” Daisy giggled to herself as she headed back down to the kitchen, reliving the fond memories with her brother.


It must’ve been five years by this point. Five whole years since their lives changed.


The Downsizing, The Shrinking Epidemic, Microsis. There were a lot of names for it, but the bottom line was that five years ago people just shrank. A lot of them. Overnight almost a hundred million people vanished, shrunken down to the size of a bug seemingly instantly. People panicked, unaware of the truth at first. They filed millions of missing people reports across the globe, but eventually the shrunken victims began to be found. Or likely as not their crushed corpses were found, and from there the world managed to slowly piece together the truth. In response, the government officially requested people turn in any and all shrunken people they found for safety. Citing they’d work with them to find a cure. In spite of that the news ran countless stories of people being found enslaved or crushed by their much larger peers. It was a crazy few months, and in that pandemonium Daisy found him. It was like it only happened yesterday.


She woke up one morning and there he was: her twelve year old brother, helpless, naked, and alone, pleading for the attention of his sixteen year old sister.  He’d been missing for over a week at that point, leading to much distress in the family. Honestly, it was a miracle. It would’ve been far too easy for Daisy to roll over in her sleep and crush him, never realizing what befell her brother. But thankfully, she noticed him. From there the rest was history. Five years later they still lived together and relied on one another. Even when Daisy moved out and onto her own Jojo came with her, her little secret even back then. To this day she still looked over and raised him, doing her best to make sure he didn’t grow up to be a deadbeat like some of the other guys out there.


After a series of swift steps they entered the living room. “Stay here for a sec Jojo. I’ll whip up something real quick, ya hear?” The blonde slid her younger brother onto a nearby table and quickly left for the kitchen, her leather boots smacking along the wooden floors in a series of deafening tremors. About half an hour later her towering figure returned with a steaming plate and drink in hand. A powerful aroma began to permeate the room, bringing a smile to Daisy’s visage as she took a closer whiff.


“You’re lookin’ awfully exited there l’il Bro. I betcha know what this is.” She grinned, setting the plate down. Nothing fancy given how tired she was, just some eggs and bacon with a small piece of toast, and some sweet tea on the side. The plate stood well over her brother’s head, though he seemed to recognize the meal from scent alone. Already, Daisy spied him trying to sneak along towards the sizzling bacon strips. It was cute how he thought being small made him sneaky. He was small, not invisible.


“Hold yer horses Tiny. I’ll break ya off a piece in a sec.” Daisy laughed lightly as she sat on the adjacent couch, leaning forward over her plate and brother. She wasted little time in tearing off a small morsel and setting it aside near the young man.


“Thanks Sis!” Jojo was already on the move to take part in his modest feast. His sister quickly rolled her eyes and pulled a finger back, flicking the young man back a few inches with ease.


Daisy’s finger wagged overhead with a disapproving frown on her lips. “Da’ hell’s wrong with you boy? We haven’t said grace yet and yer sittin’ here tryin’ to eat already? I raised you better than that!”


Jojo grumbled something or other under his breath, but she chose to ignore it. She began once they were both back in place with their heads lowered. “Dear Lord, thank you tonight for blessing us with this here meal. Thank you for stickin’ with us no matter what, the good, the bad, when my little brother shrunk, when I moved out on my own. You’ve always been there for us, and for that we thank you. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.”


“Amen.” Barely a moment later Jojo was eagerly digging into his piece of bacon like it was a grand feast.


Daisy couldn’t exactly blame him, being pretty starved herself. She took the first forkful of scrambled eggs and happily took a bite. She didn’t like to brag, but her cooking was some of the best in the state as far as she was concerned. Her taste buds were elated with every bite.


The first few minutes were spent in silence, with both of them too busy enjoying their food to so much as bat an eye at one another.  Even so, Daisy had to take great care not to accidentally drop any boulder sized food chunks or the like. One time she’d made that mistake and nearly ended up eating Jojo when he got stuck inside of it. Thank goodness she’d noticed his squirms along her tongue. Otherwise he’d have been deader than a rat on the wrong side of the road.


“Taste good?” She asked, bringing a strip of bacon to her plush lips.


“Mm!” Jojo’s cheeks were too full for anything other than an eager nod. Even after all this time he wasn’t even close to finishing his piece. After a few more moments he managed to swallow what he had in his mouth, sweating from the effort. “It tastes great Sis. Thanks for cooking.”


“It’s the least I can do after accidentally leaving ya in your room.” The towering blonde shrugged. It wasn’t like her brother could cook in his condition anyway.


“How was work?” Jojo asked as he took another bite of his body-sized piece of food.


“Same old same old.” Daisy yawned. “Creeps hollerin’ at me. Trying to stare down my shirt or grab my ass.” She sighed. “At least they tip well I guess. Even if half the time they try to shove it down my boobs.”


“Being a waitress is rough huh?”


The woman wiped her lips and gave an affirming nod. “Could be worse I s’pose. Manager’s a sweet little thing. Pays nice too.” Her fork went back for the last of her eggs and carefully piled it atop her remaining toast. “It’s just a job. I gotta do my part just like any other grown woman. Just like how you gotta do yours.” She plucked the toast and tossed it up to her mouth, humming happily to herself.


Jojo grimaced at that. He always did get a little temperamental whenever she mentioned work. Daisy simply smiled and rubbed the top of the young man’s head with her finger, taking care not to press too hard with her soft digit. He barely batted an eye, seemingly more interested in his meal than his gigantic bombshell of a sister.


Eventually the meal came to a crawl. Daisy had long since finished her plate, and try as he might Jojo was not eating all of that bacon in one sitting. Soon, he set the meat strip on the plate, signaling he was done.


“Wow, you ate a lot this time.” Daisy remarked after appraising the damage. It was almost one whole nibble’s worth he’d eaten. Jojo patted his stomach and let out a remarkable belch, earning a headshake from his sister. Her large fingers descended onto the morsel that remained of his meal. It was almost as large as he was, and yet not even the size of one of Daisy’s fingernails. She tossed the piece in with ease, swallowing it whole as she took the plate back to the kitchen.


A few moments later she returned, footsteps thundering across the ground. Now, with dinner done, came her favorite part of the day. The southern lass flashed her brother the sweetest smile she could as she took a seat back on the couch. “Ready bro?” Daisy was already reaching under the table.


Her brother, bless his heart, didn’t say a word. However nothing escaped his big sister’s blue gaze. Tiny as it was, his expression conveyed his distaste plenty enough on its own. Though thankfully he had the sense to not voice these feelings, lest he earn his giant sibling’s ire.


Daisy began to hum softly, each sound no doubt a deep rumble in the sky to her brother. She held her boot by the sides nice and tight as her foot began to slip from within. This was the best. After a long, hard day of work nothing beat that sweet moment when cool air could finally hit her toes.


“Get back Jojo, I don’t wanna accidentally hit ya again.”


Jojo knew better than ignore that warning. One of Daisy’s legs rose high into the air, hundreds of feet to him, and then her heel set itself along the edge of the table. The next moment her other foot did the same. Daisy leaned back with a satisfied smile. She could see Jojo’s expression worsening from between her toes.


Contrary to popular belief, Daisy wasn’t some hillbilly blonde with a pair of tits for brains. She knew what she was asking of him. Her feet absolutely dwarfed her brother, going well over a dozen times his size. They weren’t silky soft like some posh rich girl’s feet either, they were a woman’s feet. Soft, but with a lot of tension hiding just beneath the surface. Well cared for and groomed, but still a bit rough around the edges. It was a tough job, but it was his job to do. With her pulling double shifts every chance she could just to make ends meet, dealing with countless perverts smacking her ass, and handling basically everything for the both of them. She couldn’t be blamed for wanting to get a little something when she came home; and really, what else could Jojo do? It wasn’t like he could clean the house while she was gone or make dinner. Rubbing her feet seemed kind of…natural.


Okay, it was a grueling job. What wasn’t? Sure, maybe her feet smelled a little. Maybe they were a little bit bigger than most, and rubbing them always took a lot of time. But d’ems the breaks when you’re little.  She needed to keep Jojo from turning into a slouch. So if she could get a decent massage and teach her little brother about the importance of hard work that was a double win as far as she was concerned.


 “Get to it!” Daisy bellowed gleefully.


“But…” Her brother hadn’t moved. “They’re look so sweaty…”


He was just being lazy. Daisy knew better than to pay the complaint much mind. “You think that makes a lick ‘a difference boy?” Her feet parted so she could look directly at him with her best stern parent face. “So what if my feet are a l’il sweaty? Whatcha expect when I’m sittin’ here, bustin’ my bum all day so we have a place to eat and sleep? Not like you gotta pay rent or nothin’! All I ask for is a little chore every now ‘n then. The least you can do is help your big sis out when you can.  I didn’t raise you so you could grow up to be some kinda freeloadin’, lazy-boned, yellow bellied slacker!” She punctuated the statement with a click of her tongue.


Okay, maybe she laid it on a bit thick, but Daisy couldn’t let any regrets show now. Every so often Jojo liked to push. If she let him win now he’d walk all over her. First it’d be not giving her a massage. Next he’d whine about being woken up too early, or his food being too hard. Yeah no. Big Sis wasn’t having any of that.


Like in the western movies she loved to watch she stared that little brother of hers down; She was the sheriff of this household, and she wasn’t about to let herself get bossed around. Least of all by a runt the size of her pinky toe. Sure enough. Under her intense gaze Jojo eventually began to falter, and then he looked away. “Sorry Sis…” Defeated, he began to step over to the awaiting pair of feet. Her toes wiggled in gleeful victory.


Daisy grabbed the back of her head and leaned back. “Tryin’ to get out of your chores…Think I was born yesterday?” She exhaled; the whole affair left her more wound than a spring in a spring trap. Now she definitely needed that massage. It wasn’t even her brother’s first time giving her a foot rub and he tried to pull that nonsense. Sometimes that boy just ain’t right. She thought wearily.


She never had any patience when he pulled this shit, but damn if he didn’t do a good foot rub. He might’ve had some laziness issues, but when Jojo got to work. He got to work.


All the complaints that rested on the edge of Daisy’s tongue vanished once Jojo finally got started. She couldn’t explain it, but the boy had the magic touch. Years of being small had left him in great shape, giving him plenty of strength to pound away at the stress that built in her soles after a long day. The blonde woman could feel the aches of her feet melt with each of Jojo’s punches against her heel. It was amazing really. After enough massages over the years her brother knew just where to hit and how hard to hit it. His tiny fists dug into her callused sole at just the right spots. The result was pure bliss.


Daisy moaned, relaxing into the couch as the massage went into full swing. One eye batted open to watch him work. For all his little complaints and whines Jojo was into it, giving everything he had to do his chore and make his sister proud. His arms were covered to the brim in her foot sweat, but he ignored it and focused only on his task. It was the little details like that that helped ease Daisy’s worries and tell her that he wasn’t hopeless. He could do good work; he just needed a little persuasion sometimes.


Was this how Ma felt when I always whined about my chores? She mused. After a few moments her foot turned onto its side so Jojo could work on the rest of her sole. Even on its side her foot was twice his size at the heel, even further near her toes. Still, Jojo worked, ceaselessly kneading and pounding away at his sister’s massive sole. The minutes flew by. Five. Ten. Twenty. Before she knew it her brother was done and had begun work on her other foot.


It was seeing her brother so small against her bare foot that reminded her.  “Oh yeah, Jojo. What’d I tell ya about leaving your trucks lying ‘round?” Daisy asked leadingly. The subtle reminder that with a single flick of her foot she could crush him into paste brought back memories of something she actually crushed.


Jojo stopped his work to peek around her heel and give her a blank look. “My trucks? You said don’t leave ‘em laying aro- Oh.” His face sunk as he remembered where he left his truck.


“And guess what I found under my boot when I came home earlier?”


“You crushed it?!” He stepped out from her foot completely. “That was my favorite truck! The one you got me for my birthday! How could you?!” Jojo moved erratically, waving his arms in frustration. Although she didn’t feel it he kicked his sister’s heel too.


Great, he was yelling. Daisy began to wonder if she should’ve saved this for after the massage. “Hey!” Her yell knocked her brother off his feet with its thundering volume. “Don’tcha go gettin’ mad at me cause you couldn’t follow simple instructions! I told you when I bought you that damn thing. What’d I say? Don’t go leavin’ it lying ‘round the damn house cause I’ll accidentally crush it. And what’d you do?”


The fiercesome sight of his giant sister yelling in her full southern drawl clearly intimidated the shrunken young man. On any other day the quick outburst would’ve put him in his place, but for whatever reason today he got ornery. “It’s not my fault you left me in my room all damn day so I couldn’t go an’ get it! Just watch where yer walking! It’s not hard, you been doin’ it since you were two!”


This was the last thing Daisy needed today. She could feel the frustration rise, heat flushing to her face as she snapped. “Have you lost your goddamn mind boy? Act like you got some dang sense. It ain’t rocket science. Keep your damn trucks away from where I might step on ‘em!” Her foot slid back in front of him, completely blocking Jojo from view. “You forget how easy it is for me to accidentally crush ya? It’d be even easier than crushing a bug y’know. Definitely way easier than crushing your truck.”


“Course I didn’t forget!” Jojo yelled back, unyieldingly stubborn.


He was testing her again, pushing to see how far he could go. She was not going to put up with this, least of all when he was clearly in the wrong. Perhaps it was time for some…gentle reminders of who was in charge here. “Oh, I think you did. Here, let big sis remind ya.” The blonde had a playful smile on her lips as she let the sentence hang in the air. Then, slowly, her foot lowered onto her brother. Caught off guard, Jojo let out a surprised yelp, helpless as he suddenly found himself pinned beneath the ball of the blonde’s foot.


“How’s that feel eh? Go ahead. Yell some more Jojo!” She could only feel muffled vibrations and squirms underfoot, which simply made Daisy laugh. “I ain’t even tryin’ right now and you can’t even get out can ya? Imagine if I actually put a bit of pressure on? You’d pop faster than you can say ‘I’m sorry Sis’!” Daisy gently ground her foot into her brother. Not enough to hurt him, but enough to remind him who was in charge here.


 His little form squished against her sole rather nicely. She could feel him embedded in the ball of her foot, barely able to move unless she eased up on the pressure. Her foot raised ever so slightly, Jojo adhered to her sole like unwanted dirt. A couple clenches of Daisy’s foot were enough to dislodge him though. She wasted no time in swooping in again. Before he could let out another defiant word a pair of bare soles slammed on either side of him. Right as he stood up they closed in again, pinning him up to his neck between both of Daisy’s big toes.


“I didn’t have to take you in you know.” His sister frowned. “I could’ve just given ya to Ma and Pa like you wanted.” The toes began to slowly rub against one another, casually grinding her brother between them like a toy. All his struggles and embarrassed groans meant nothing against her slightest movements. “Lord knows they were lookin’ for ya too! But I didn’t, because I love ya you idiot. Lazy bones and all.” Daisy eased up for a moment, briefly letting Jojo collect himself before her toe knocked him over and pinned him. “Momma didn’t raise no fool. I watched the news. I saw those reports about what happened to little people if they were found. Some sickos turning them into their personal little slaves or crushing them like a bugs. That shit ain’t right. I protected you from that!”


At this point Jojo didn’t even struggle, or rather he couldn’t. Daisy’s toe held him tightly against the table and forcefully rubbed against his entire body. Right now he was just a plaything under Daisy’s feet, vaulted around with the slightest flex of her toes. Maybe she was going just a touch overboard in getting her message across, but Daisy was in a full on rant and couldn’t be bothered to think about it. “I mean sure, Ma and Pa wouldn’t have hurt ya. But they would’ve wanted to tell someone, and I just couldn’t let that slide. I couldn’t let my l’il bro become some freak’s plaything or end up in some government lab getting experimented on.” Her toe finally pulled off of him, the foot adjusting itself so that it was a couple inches away from his face. “I did that for you Jojo. Broke my dang heart lyin’ to Ma and Pa for all those years, but I couldn’t let anything bad happen to ya. Yer my brother.”


She sighed, her foot pulling back even further so she could look directly at him. “What if you were in that truck huh? I could’a killed you. Ya gotta understand I make these rules for you to keep you safe, even if you are a dumb dumb sometimes and think I’m just being a mean ol’ giant bimbo.” She leaned forward and traced a finger along her sole. “I don’t wanna wake up one day and find a little blood splatter on my foot. You get it?”


No response.


“Eh? Jojo?” Daisy’s look grew concerned. Did she overdo it? He was still breathing, but maybe she got a wee bit too emotional and took it a bit far with the punishment. She made sure not to hurt him with her feet. Just…rough him up a bit. She leaned in close to his body, watching nervously.


After a long while Jojo finally began to slowly blink and sit up again. His movements were stiff. Then again who wouldn’t be stiff after essentially being mauled by a foot? “Sorry sis.” He mumbled meekly.


Whew. Daisy released the breath she’d been holding in, only to quickly yelp as the sudden burst of air knocked her brother over again. “No, I’m sorry too Bro. I’m still learning a lot about this whole caretaker thing and I got a l’il carried away.” She smiled and offered her finger to help him up.


“It’s okay.” He lazily rubbed his head as he grabbed the digit and lifted himself. “I just…I really liked that truck ya know? It’s not like I get to go out much, so when you got that for me for Christmas I was like ‘Yeah! Now I got my own truck like Dad has!’ and was so happy. It’s my fault you crushed it, but I went and got mad anyway. Sorry.”


“Hey, we’re both at fault here. I didn’t have to go and grind ya like a cigarette under my sweaty feet either.”


“Yeah seriously.”


Daisy laughed. “Let’s just forget it ever happened okay?”


Jojo nodded and silently went back to the foot he was massaging, much to the surprise of his giant sister. Daisy’s eyes widened as she watched him get back to work like nothing ever happened. “Hey, you don’t gotta finish my foot after all that. I did kinda rough ya up a bit.”


Jojo ignored her, only focusing on his massage.


“Good grief.” Daisy chuckled. If her brother wanted to finish what he started who was she to stop him? Honestly, a post argument massage was just the thing her mood needed at this point. After a few minutes their little spat was already a distant memory. Hm? The woman set her eyes back to her feet after over ten minutes. Right where her brother was there was now this ticklish feeling, different from a massage. In fact, Daisy had no idea what it was. Nor would she have ever guessed.




Her brother was licking her heel.


“Hey Jojo! The heck are ya doing?”


The young man stepped back with a quizzical look. “Your feet were sweaty, and I wanted to help. So…”


Daisy stared blankly at him. This was…not expected. How was she supposed to react to that? Trying to clean her feet with his tongue was easily one of the dumbest, most single minded ideas Jojo had ever come up with. And yet, he said it was such blanket sincerity she couldn’t help but smile. “You don’t gotta go that far for little ol’ me Jojo. I’ll just take a bath and be good as new. Don’t need to go drinking any of my nasty foot sweat.” She giggled.


Jojo looked away, his cheeks blushing red. “I mean, it doesn’t taste bad really. And I was kind of a jerk just now. The least I can do is own up to it right?”


That warranted another giggle. “C’mere you.” Daisy said, reaching over her foot to pluck the young man. He hung precariously between her fingers as he was brought up, stopping just before her titanic face. Up close Daisy could see he was more embarrassed than ever. “I don’t say this enough, but you’re a good kid Jojo. The best brother I ever had.”


Before he could respond in some curmudgeon, lazy way Daisy brought him to her lips and gave him a kiss. He went stiff almost immediately, embarrassed to be enveloped in the plush pink lips of his sister. She pressed him against her, both lips puckering against his entire body. Her breath washed over him and basked him in her warmth. It was a brief, but loving kiss.


“G-Gross!” The petulant young man yelled once he was pulled back to the open air.


“Hey! I know a buncha guys who’d kill to get a kiss from me. A buncha girls too.” Daisy grinned. Her foot pushed the edge of the table away, giving her space to stand from the couch. “After all that drama I’m thinkin’ a bath. I’m still all sweaty from work, and you gotta get all my foot dirt off of ya. Afterwards we’ll head up to the store and get you a new truck. How’s that sound?”


All of a sudden Jojo was all ears. “Really? Oh, can we get a Silverado?!” He asked excitedly, his face lit up like a child’s.


Daisy rolled her eyes. “Let’s stick to the toy aisle for now. Kay?”


“Okay.” He pouted playfully.


“Hey, if it makes you feel any better I’ll let you lick my feet in the bath.”


“S-Shut up!”


“Jojo likes feet~ Jojo likes feet~” Daisy teased, laughing jovially as she began walking.


“I do not!”


“Wanna sleep in my boots tonight? They’re awfully sweaty~”


“You’re the worst! I hate you!”


“I love you too Jojo.” Daisy grinned, exiting the room.


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