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My wife angie and I had been married for over 6 years now. After building our carriers for many years, we had spent alot of our time working. She had just recently gotten a promotion in which she will be making a hefty 6 figure salary. This promotion had also changed her postition from office work to the oppourtunity to manage her workplace online.


She had always been on the tall side, but still a few inches shorter than my 5'10 frame. She was 5'7, and had blond shoulder lenghth hair. She had always had a nice figure however entering her later 30's she had began putting on more weight. She had become more chubby since we've been together but not over weight by any means.


We played the typical gender rolls throughout most of our relationship. I figured that she prefered dominance out of me so I always played the agressive role while she would go with the submission.


It wasn't until she had her new promotion and spent less time at work where she began exploring her sexual fantasies. After becoming a district manager, she found herself aroused while having power over people, and she decided she wanted to try some of this in the bedroom.


One night I returned home about an hour late from work. I had to finish a project and completely forgot to call, and I just hoped angie would not be upset



As I entered I saw my wife standing in the front hallway. She was dressed in a black latex skirt and a corset.


"Where have you been." She said sternly


"I'm sorry baby, I wanted to finish my project and lost track of time."


Her face seemed to show no emotion, only a stern glare into my soul. This was unusual as she was never normally the dominant type in the relationship.


"come to me, now" she said in the same stern tone. Along with her outfit, she was wearing 6 inch heels, which brought her to 6'1. I was staring directly into her red lips, which was also unusual as she never normally wore heels because she would usually be my hight or taller, which made me feel odd, being with a taller woman.


"Tonight, you are my property" She said.


With that she attached a dog leash to my neck and dragged me into the bedroom.


That night we had some of the most incredible sex in our marriage.


The next morning I was awoken by a kiss from my wife.


"good morning baby, last night was incredible, did you enjoy it?"


"Actually yes I did, very much. You were so sexy, You've never acted like that before"


"So you liked it? say babe, would you mind if we did stuff like this more often?"


I thought for a moment, It was sexy, but not something I would want to do alot. I normally prefer being the agressor and the dominant one. I enjoy my wife obeying what I say in the bedroom. However, I didn't want to dissapoint her new interest. I figured it would be something that would eventually blow over and she would get bored with. Within a month this wouldn't even be a thing anymore.


"Sure babe, I wouldn't mind" I said. It probably won't be alot anyway, it'll go back and forth and we'll both get our turn at this dominance thing, I thought to myself.

"Great! I really do enjoy having this sort of power, she said with a sly smile."


After that I got up and left for work. While I was at work, angie began looking through sites and chatrooms on femdom ideas and all sorts of different styles, techniques and things you could buy. She eventually found a strange website with "submission" formulas. She laughed and thought about what a waste of money that was. Then thought about her 6 figure income and decided it wouldn't hurt her budget

Chapter End Notes:

My first story after reading just about every story on this website

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