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Author's Chapter Notes:
This was a story that I found in my backlog and I decided to finish it. As always I hope you guys enjoy this.
“Is the surprise ready?” asked Nick as he listened for his wife’s response.

“Just a few more minutes.” Came Rachel’s reply from out in the back yard.

“You do realize that your sister is supposed to be here soon.” replied Nick.

“Don’t worry we’ll be done by the time she shows up.”

Nick continued to browse through Netflix as he waited for his wife to finish. For the last two hours he had been confined to the living room because of some ‘big’ surprise that Rachel had in store for him. Rachel always liked to try out new things, but the majority of the things she tried out ended up badly for Nick.

“Alright honey, everything is ready!” yelled Rachel from the back yard.

Nick gave out a sign as he stood up from the couch to make his way outside. Before he could even take a step outside he felt the body of his wife crash into him and began to kiss him passionately. Rachel had the perfect body in Nick’s opinion. She stood at 5’7” tall compared to his height of 6’1”. Her long blonde hair was in perfect contrast to his short black hair. Nick couldn’t help but squeeze Rachel’s massive left breast as Rachel continued to kiss him. After a few seconds Rachel broke contact as she stepped to the side to show Nick what she had been working on.

“So, what do you think?” asked Rachel as she walked around her handy work.

“It’s…just a really long tube.” replied Nick as he walked up next to Rachel.

In the middle of Nick’s back yard was a single dark grey pipe that ran for about twenty feet and was cut up into six sections. Every section was smaller than the one before it. The entrance stood a little over six feet high while the ending was only about ten inches tall. A secondary tube was laid at the very end of the bigger tube. This tube looked like it connected with the bigger one. Nick wanted to say something to Rachel but decided against it. The strangest thing about the pipe was the fact that it was pitch black on the inside.

“Now the only thing that you got to do is walk through it.” said Rachel as she tried to push Nick towards the opening.

“Why, I can only go in like 10 feet before I get stuck.” said Nick as he resisted his wife’s movements.

“Come on Nick,” pleaded Rachel, “just walk through it for me.”

“I’m good.” replied Nick as he turned to go back inside.

“How about we make a deal.” Came his wife’s voice from behind him. “If you can catch me then I’ll let you do anything you want to me.”

A smile crept across Nick’s face as he turned around to look back at his wife. Rachel blew him a kiss before disappearing through the tube. The least that Nick could do was to humor his wife as he walked towards the opening. A ringing sound came from inside the house that Nick considered answering, but Rachel’s offer was too tempting. Taking a careful step inside, Nick was surprised as the world turned black. Turning around, Nick found that he couldn’t even see the outside anymore. Taking a step back brought the entire world back into view.

“What are you waiting for?” came Rachel’s voice from inside the tube.

Nick wasn’t going to let some weird tube get in his way of getting his way with his wife. Placing one hand on the top of the tube and the other out in front of him, Nick slowly made his way towards his wife’s voice.

“Hurry up sweety, I’m so lonely over here.” said Rachel’s voice from somewhere in front of him.

This only caused Nick to double his walking speed. It was strange that Nick had been walking for the last minute without hitting the first section of the tube. His left hand had never left the top which must have meant that he was still in the first section. Nick started to wonder what all this tube could do until he finally stepped out into his back yard. This normally wouldn’t be an issue if it wasn’t for the fact that the grass came all the way up to his knees. Nick was about to panic until two giant pink shoes landed on either side of him.

“Bout time you got here shorty!” exclaimed Rachel as she bent over to look at Nick. Nick had to place one hand against Rachel’s thigh to steady himself as he tried to take in what was happening.

“H-h-how is this,” began Nick before Rachel placed one finger on his lips to silence him.

“The only thing that you need to know is that this is all reversible,” said Rachel as she lifted Nick to her eye level effortlessly.

“How are you so big?” asked Nick as he tried to make himself more comfortable in his wife’s embrace. He jumped a little as Rachel’s massive hand gave his backside a squeeze.

“I’m not big sweety, you’re just tiny!” giggled Rachel. Rachel took Nick’s hand in hers and pressed it into her right breast. “Though I could understand how you could mistake some things as being big.”

Nick was able to enjoy the sensation for a few seconds before Rachel sat him back on the ground. He watched as Rachel struggled to pull the secondary tube away from the bigger one. It would have been impossible for him to move anything that big, but Rachel’s size advantage helped her out a lot. Once Rachel had pulled the smaller tube a couple of inches away she turned around to face Nick.

“Wow that was heavy!” said Rachel as she placed her hands on her hips. Rachel could see the confused look on Nick’s face and decided to explain things to him.

“The reason that you’re so much smaller than me is because I attached this smaller tube before you could make your way out. In order to reverse it the only thing that you have to do is walk through the tube again.”

Rachel went onto demonstrate as she walked through the smaller tube only to come out the other side the same size as Nick. Nick was beginning to understand what was happening. Rachel gave him a quick peck on the cheek before walking back through the tube to return to her taller self again. Rachel then proceeded to stand directly over top of her smaller husband.

“Go ahead sweety, do anything that you want to me.” Nick stood there waiting for Rachel to bend over, but she just stood there smiling down at him. “Come on Nick, the girls,” said Rachel as she began to rub her huge rack, “really need some attention.”

Nick tried jumping a couple times, but ultimately failed to reach anything except for her belly button. Rachel still had that same smug look on her face as she enjoyed Nick’s attempts. Nick then decided to change tactics as he walked around Rachel’s back side and slapped her ass.

“Hey!” exclaimed Rachel as she rubbed the spot that Nick had just slapped playfully. It didn’t hurt, but Rachel decided to play along anyway.

“It was the only thing that I could reach.” Replied Nick.

“We’ll see about that!”

Nick watched as Rachel got on all fours and began to crawl through the smaller half of the tube. A second later Rachel came out the other end again and slowly got back up to her feet. Rachel made it a point to stretch as she raised her arms above her head and thrust out her chest.

“So ‘little’ guy, do you want to try that again?” asked Rachel as she bent at the waist to look down at her husband. Nick on the other hand was completely frozen at the size of his newly grown wife. She used to be twelve feet tall compared to him, but now she had doubled in size. He was eye level with the lower part of Rachel’s knee. The gigantic foot tapping the ground beside of him caused vibrations that Nick could actually feel.

“Cat got your tongue short stuff?” asked Rachel. “You’re not afraid of little old me?”

Nick was finally able to snap out of it as he took a step back to get a better look at his wife. She was absolutely massive compared to him so reaching anything was out of the question. He had to find a way to even out the playing field and the answer came to him. How could he have been so stupid as to have forgotten about the tube beside of him. Nick began to walk towards the smaller opening, but was soon stopped as a giant leg blocked his path.

“I don’t think so sweety.” said Rachel as she grabbed the end of the tube and began lifting it off the ground. A few seconds later Rachel had the tube standing upright. Nick tried to tip it over but eventually quit after seeing how heavy it was. Rachel just giggled at his endeavors. “Awe, is my little man tired? Alright, let’s return back to normal and then have some fun.”

Nick was a little surprised as Rachel used one finger to begin rubbing against the front side of his pants. “I don’t think that little, I mean tiny Nick is quite up to task.”

Nick was a little offended, but decided to show her what he was capable of once they were back to normal. It was interesting to have a giant wife, but he wanted to be the bigger one again. Rachel had begun walking towards the larger tube causing Nick to jog to try and keep up.

“See you on the other side.” said Rachel as she ducked down to walk through the tube.

The tube seemed a lot bigger to Nick, but he realized that it was because he was still shrunken. Stepping up into the tube, Nick began walking forward. His walk soon turned into a run as his wife called out to him from the other side. A little over a minute later Nick came sprinting out of the front of the tube only to collide into a gigantic pair of legs. Nick quickly looked up only to find himself looking into the bottom of a gigantic set of tits.

“I can’t believe that you guys didn’t answer by phone call!” huffed Sarah as she took a step back to look down at Nick.

Sarah was Rachel’s younger. They looked strikingly similar except for two differences. Sarah was definitely the shorter of the two, standing at 5’1” tall. Though what Sarah lacked in height she more than made up for in boobs. Rachel was easily considered big in the breast compartment, but Sarah was positively massive. She was easily three times bigger than Rachel was, and to top it off it was all natural. Nick had always made it a point to point out how short she was. At this moment, however, Sarah didn’t seem too happy.

“We were a little busy.” said Rachel from behind Nick. Turning around, Nick was surprise to find Sarah bent over to look down at the two people below her. Nick’s best estimate was that Sarah was somewhere between 12-14 feet tall.

“And now you two are stuck at this size forever! If you would have just waited till I got here.” Sarah crossed her arms underneath of her massive bust as she began to tap her foot repeatedly.

“Why are you upset?” asked Rachel as she got on her knees. “Is it because my boobs are bigger than yours?” Rachel emphasized her point by pulling Sarah into a half hug. This caused Sarah to be smashed against a breast that was the size of her torso.

“It’s only because you now have eight times the volume!” exclaimed Sarah as she tried her best to push Rachel away.

“Well, I am the BIG sister after all.”

Nick was still in shock at the turn of events, but this didn’t stop him from noticing Sarah’s grin as she stared down at him. Walking over, Sarah bent over till she was face to face with Nick.

“Maybe I could get use to this, isn’t that right shorty?”
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